Review: A 3,4-Star Rating – Not A Sign of High-Trust

Self-Introduction of

big mountain drugs logo is an online drug distributor dispensing either brand or generic drugs delivered from Canadian legal centers as well as from other worldwide countries: Mauritius, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey, and United Kingdom. This online pharmacy is located in British Columbia, Canada. The main aim of Big Mountain Drugs is to provide customers with high-quality and inexpensive drugs. Remember: you have to upload or send a prescription to get access to any kind of medications. But to tell you the truth, we are going to conduct a search of this online pharmacy website to get to know the most important aspects making people sure of getting the most outstanding service ever.

Assortment Availablity on

Big Mountain Drugs offer customers to buy the brand or generic medications or various categories. It becomes possible to find, for example, such categories as acne medication, Alzheimer’s disease medication, erectile dysfunction drugs, birth control pills, dermatology, hair loss treatment, kidney disorders, pain medications and etc. The overall number of categories is 105 arranged in an alphabetic way:

drug categories

Each category is supplied with medications devoted to treating this or that disorders. All the medications have near a label “Rx” or “OTC”. It means that people will almost immediately realize whether he should upload a prescription or not.

Big Mountain Drugs organizes special offers. Today this section is comprised of the following medications:

  • Motilium;
  • Levitra;
  • Cialis;
  • Lipitor;
  • Crestor;
  • Viagra.special offers

If to speak about whether all people are able to find what they have been searching for a long – the answer is “YES”. We believe this online pharmacy deserves 5 points.

Price Policy on

The prices on vary depending on whether you buy a brand or a generic medication. We are going to compare prices for brand Viagra and Cialis and then look at the price for the same drugs but of a generic origin.

Drug Name Price per item Quantity
brand Viagra 25 mg $18.60 8 pills per package
generic Viagra 25 mg $2.10 88 pills per package
brand Cialis 2.5 mg $7.10 28 pills per package
generic Cialis 2.5 mg $1.11 90 pills in a package

When looking at such prices we understand that either brand or generic Viagra prices are considerably overestimated. It is not acceptable to buy generic Viagra for $2.10 when there are online pharmacies offering this ED drug at a much more lower price. As to speak about Cialis, both prices look attractive. There is a practice that Cialis price is greater in comparison with Viagra but Big Mountain Drugs provides vice versa situation. Moreover, if comparing the section “Quantity” in the table, we understand that number of pills changes as well – it is more affordable to buy 28 pills for $199.00 than 8 pills for $149.00. Of course, it is up to decide every person themselves but we may level down the mark – only 3 points is deserved by

Shipping Options

We cannot find the confirmation to the fact whether provides an international delivery or not. But we are sure, this online pharmacy sends drugs to the United States of America. The delivery is charged – $10.00. The shipping may take from 10 – 18 business days. It is unknown what services are used to deliver parcels with drugs but we may easily get only 2 points for such not a comprehensive shipping information.

Payment Options accepts Visa, MasterCard, Personal Checks and International Money Orders. If you cannot utilize any of these mentioned payment options, you are welcome to use check or money orders, but please write Candrug for completing a transaction. doesn’t accept money orders that are US only and state “Negotiable only in the US”.

payment options

Such a diversity of payment options may satisfy all customers having no access to this or that payment option. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data

mobile and destop versionMobile speed indicator is high but optimization leaves much to be desired. When looking at desktop data people may be absolutely satisfied. Moreover, Google Page Speed gives some recommendations how to improve data. Analyzing all this by means of special formula we come a conclusion that deserves high mark – 4,05. This mark is higher than average that’s why you may be sure you won’t come across with any technical problems.

Mobile Version

Mobile version of is user-friendly. People may arrange orders from different mobile devices. There is no scrolling, the text doesn’t run one on another. There are no visible drawbacks which can prevent customers from making orders online via smartphones. Everything you need is to visit and arrange an order online. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

mobile version

Is Connection Secure on

The connection and all the transactions are secured by 256-bit encryption. The security certificate is verified by GeoTrust. Unfortunately, the company owner information is hidden but it has no influence on people security during any operation on All your personal data is fully protected from unlegalized access. Moreover, site administration doesn’t disclose or trade any customers’ personal data. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

secure connection

Antivirus Presence on Big Mountain Drugs

Regretfully, there is no antivirus on the website. There is a high risk to “catch” viruses and some other online threats. Be attentive trying to apply some external methods to protect your device from online threats. Our mark is 1 point.

How To Make Orders?

For making an order online, all customers have to undergo a registration. The registration takes several minutes containing not only mandatory personal information but additional questions like “do you have any known allergies and etc”.


After the registration is complete, you have to fill in billing and shipping information. Moreover, you have to upload or send a prescription because if your credit card is accepted, you won’t be sent your parcel until you upload your prescription given by a licensed specialist. As to speak about the time you spend on ordering, it is not great, several minutes and your medication will be packed. When dispatching away from Big Mountain Drugs dispensing center, you will get a confirmation e-mail. If taking into account a registration request, we may grant 4 points to Big Mountain Drugs online pharmacy.

Is Safe and Legit? Estimation of Big Mountain Drugs Security

According to, is safe for 46-% only. This online pharmacy website is posed as suspicious. In the majority of cases, people should check all the information given twice to avoid some illegal cooperation. hesitates website origin. Probable website origin is the United States (58-%) or Barbados (36-%), or even Canada (6-%). It is proved that owner country is Barbados. As a result, the operation of is carried out from different countries of the world.


The phone number is USA based. Email is related to two other websites. Domain age is 9 years and 92 days but website popularity is low, it is a rarely visited online pharmacy according to Before ordering online, be sure your personal data especially credit card number will be safe and sound. Our mark for this unit is 2 points. We are inclined to believe this website has a suspicious reputation.

Prescription Request is a legal online pharmacy selling prescription and OTC drugs. There are several ways to make site administration get acquainted with your prescription. You may upload it using special online form, you may send it via email or fax it. There is one more way is to use a mailing address:

Unit #202A,
8322 130th Street, Surrey,
British Columbia, Canada, V3W 8J9

Choose the proper option for you and complete your order of drugs online. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is Legit? gives an estimation of the legitimacy of various online eCommerce websites. So that is legit or not let’s find the answer. Unfortunately, is not legit. This online pharmacy has a rough status meaning your rights may be broken while commanding this service. For going shopping online customers should be assured their personal data will be protected and the product you have bought will be sent to you successfully at the stated periods of time. If some these points are broken, the pharmacy may gain the status “Rough” – the most unreliable one. Our mark for website legitimacy is 1 point.

legitscript Reviews

Reviews about

Unfortunately, reviews are not present on the website. Almost 10 years of existence according to and none reviews are a signal that something wrong happens with online pharmacy performance. People cannot estimate the level of personal satisfaction taken from the previous website using. It is better to provide people with an opportunity to leave comments right on the website. Reviews may make a contribution to the reputation. But now our mark is 1 point.

External Reviews about

When surfing the Internet, we have found several websites where people may read and leave reviews about One of them is with a negative review about performance. The user who left a review told that his credit card number was utilized several times.

negative review

One more resource with reviews about is This website has almost the same name as the very examined online pharmacy. It is very odd, isn’t it? Big Mountain Drugs online pharmacy has a 3,7-star rating there. The overall number of reviews is 12. Among them, there are not only positive but negative reviews as well. If you like to read them all attentively, we leave a link for you.

The reviews are written 2016-2017 and they may really contribute to making choice for people who have some hesitations whether to buy or not. Moreover, the reviews about is left by people leaving in the USA predominantly.

positive review

We have a suspicion that this website is created by Big Mountain Drugs administration but we cannot prove 100-%. As a result, our overall mark for this unit is 4 points. Coupon Code

big mountain drugs discount grants a 5-% discount on the next order. When you log in, you will see that your account is added $5 as a discount on the next purchase. Unfortunately, the first order should be paid as a whole, there is no discount at all. There is the greatest plus as posed by site administration, there is minimum order total for getting such a discount.

When examining the checkout page we have seen the field Coupon Code on but we have found no coupon code at all. Maybe they send it to your e-mail. But we cannot confirm this information. A 5-% discount is better than nothing that’s why our mark for coupon code is 5.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information on

“Contact Us” page is supplied with everything required by standards. People may find operation hours not only in the “Contact Us” section but on the front page as well. Grapple with the time when you may contact customer support group:

operation hours

A toll-free phone number is a chance to contact site administration a the time given in the operation hours section. The phone number is also present on the front page. Here you may an e-mail address as well. Various means to contact support group are given.

phone number and email

A mailing address is also revealed. The office of Big Mountain Drugs is located in British Columbia, Surrey. Write your letter and they will be processed.


We are absolutely satisfied with contact data and our overall mark for this section is 5 points.

Customer Support Group Performance

Customer Support group is a universal option for helping customers cope with difficult situations. Unfortunately, there is no live chat with an immediate response. One more way to contact is phone number. But we try to contact customer support group by means of e-mail. Unfortunately, we have no response from them within 24 hours. And our problems are left unsolved. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Conclusion: A 3,4-Star Rating – Not A Sign of High-Trust is a legal brand and generic medications distributor. The main office is located in Canada, British Columbia. The assortment of this great enough to make even pretentious customers satisfied. The prices are overestimated a little but Cialis may be bought at an affordable price. The medications are subdivided into prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The prescription may be sent by several means which are described in the FAQ’s section.

There are some problems with website legitimacy and security. gives only 46-% of security level hesitating website location. believes is not legit but rough. Reviews are controversial: 50/50. But during 10 years existence according to, we failed in finding a great number of external reviews.

The contact information is given in full except the problem with customer support group performance. We have elicited no response from them even within 24 hours. When examining all this data we come to a conclusion that deserves a 3,4-star rating out of 5. But customers should remember that there was present a confusing information. Check everything twice no to get into a scrape.