Review: A 2,9-Star Rating – Unreliable Pharmacy with Prescription and Over-the-counter Meds Self-Introduction


Blue Sky Drugs is a legitimate online pharmacy administering medications from Candrug located in British Columbia, Canada by the College of Pharmacists of BC. is a distributor of prescription as well as over-the-counter drugs to almost every country in the world. This online pharmacy deals with some countries worldwide making them a kind of dispensing centers which are much more preferable when speaking about the location. Blue Sky Drugs claims they have verified certificates of CIPA, but we will try to reveal all the aspects about this online pharmacy legitimacy.

Assortment Available at Blue Sky Drugs

Blue Sky Drugs online pharmacy offers either prescription or over-the-counter drugs. The drugs are subdivided into categories. The categories are arranged in an alphabetic way. Each letter has the correlation with a drug category.

drug category

When you press any category you need, you will see the following picture: the available drugs, with the fact whether you need a prescription or not, and then you may check the price.

erectile dysfunction drugs

There is one more way to find medications you need. The front page is supplied with search bar option which may help you fast and conveniently find the required for treatment drug.
In general, we cannot estimate the real number of items available in stock but when looking at the categories’ number (105), we may come to a conclusion that people are able to be satisfied after this online pharmacy dealing. Our mark for a diversity of assortment is 5 points.

The Prices on

If to speak about the price, we should understand that too much-lowered prices may be a sign of illegal business. As a result, we should see reasonable prices which a sign of a legitimate online pharmacy. As telling an example we will get Viagra – brand and generic. The price for Viagra is different depending on the country-manufacture as well as on the origin. Brand Viagra 25 mg produced at Canada price per pills is $18.62 if your pills quantity is 8.

But if you decide to buy generic Viagra 25 mg you have to pay $2.10 when your package contains 88 pills. This price for generic Viagra is overestimated. There are online pharmacies where you will find the price considerably lower in comparison with this one.

generic and brand viagra price

Note: Viagra as an ED drug is sold with prescription only.

Cialis is one more medication devoted to eliminating any erectile dysfunction symptoms. If you prefer buying this ED pill, you should pay $7.10 for brand Cialis 2,5 mg. Generic Cialis 2,5 mg price per one item (the package – 90 pills) is $0.83. This is a reasonable price, moreover, it is underestimated price. As a result, it becomes more profitable to buy Cialis that Viagra.

brand and generic Cialis price

When looking at these prices we may come to a conclusion that Viagra: brand and generic price is overestimated considerably. Cialis is more profitable. Customers should decide by themselves what is more suitable for them. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Shipping Options

Unfortunately, we have failed in finding shipping options offered. The delivery is international and charged. The fee for the US delivery is $10.00 when the international delivery fee is $25.00. The delivery is carried out within 10-18 days. As pointed in the FAQ’s section, customers should call an operator to gain more information. Our mark for such a confusing information is 3 points.

Payment Options accepts now only Personal checks and money orders. Your personal check should be written for Candrug data.  Blue Sky Drugs doesn’t accept money orders that are US only and state “Negotiable only in the US”. Two payment options are not enough to meet all customers’ needs. Moreover, people may not use credit cards, the most popular option, for paying an order. In the majority of cases, people going shopping online pay for their purchases by Visa or MasterCard. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data has considerably high indicators of Speed for mobile and desktop version. There are some problems with optimization on mobile version but it doesn’t play a major role for providing customers with high-quality customer service. When analyzing all these data we get the following point: 3,75. This indicator is high enough to operate on the level.

desktop and mobile version

Mobile Version of is supplied with a mobile version. Mobile version is user-friendly. People may come across with only one problem: slow page loading. There are no problems with text reading. There is no scrolling which would prevent customers with orders making. Our mark for a mobile version of Blue Sky Drugs is 5 point.

Is Connection Secure On Blue Sky Drugs?

The connection on Blue Sky Drugs is secure. This online pharmacy utilizes 256-bit encryption to hide your personal data. The certificate is verified by GeoTrust. Unfortunately, the data about company owner is hidden. But we believe that Blue Sky Drugs makes everything possible to protect customers’ personal data from hackers and some other unlegalized access to them. Blue Sky Drugs deserve 4 points for this unit.

secure connection

Antivirus Presence

There is no antivirus on Blue Sky Drugs. Warn: you may catch any virus or some other online threats spread on the Internet. It is better to install this additional option for people feel more secure. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

How to Make Orders Online? requires a registration for arranging orders online. The registration process includes 5 steps and it takes much time to fill in all the necessary field. The first step of registration looks in the following way:


After filling in all the fields, you will gain access to complete the order. In such a way your registration transforms into data enrollment for the order including:

  • shipping details;
  • payment details.

In general, this is not convenient. People may disagree to leave their personal data in such a way. It is better to undergo a registration if required and then to leave personal data when trying to complete the order. A registration demand makes you waste time, as a result, we may give you only 3 points for this unit.

Is Blue Sky Drugs Legitimate and Secure? with Estimation of Blue Sky Drugs Security gives 51-% of security for Blue Sky Drugs. Probable website location is the United States, but there is a suspicion that it is hidden. Domain company owner is also unknown. The domain age is 10 years 148 days but during all this period the domain doesn’t find a great popularity among customers. The server utilized for Blue Sky Drugs performance is used by some other websites. It means that this service is not “pure”. In general, we cannot say that it is unsafe to make orders via Blue Sky Drugs but such a low rating should be a signal of incorrect business running. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.


Prescription Request requires a prescription. In the assortment, there are drugs sold with or without a prescription. There are different ways to upload the prescription:

  • e-mail;
  • fax;
  • mail to call center;
  • upload online.

When looking at medications, you will see the indicator – RX or OTC. Be attentive in choosing medications online because an absence of a prescription sometimes shorten the ordering procedure but it is better to be sure that medications are sold in a legal way. For such a demand we may give 5 points to Blue Sky Drugs. about Blue Sky Drugs Legitimacy gives “Rough” status to Blue Sky Drugs. It means this online pharmacy may carry out illegal activities and business. The rights of customers may be violated. In the majority of cases, people should get to know more about such pharmacies. Answering the question whether Blue Sky Drugs is legitimate, we may surely answer – NO. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.


Quality Certificates

Blue Sky Drugs administration claims they have the quality certificates of:

  • CIPA;
  • International Pharmacy Association.

quality certificates

But in general, they are not valid because when clicking on them you are transferred on the same page as you are now. It means that this pharmacy just uploads these icons. Our mark for this unit is equivocal – 2 points. Reviews

Reviews on

Unfortunately, provides no reviews on the site itself. In fact, for such a great existence – more than 10 years it is very strange that people have no desire to share their opinion. We cannot estimate the experience of other people who prefer this online service among many other different Internet pharmacies. Site administration should do something to improve this situation – our mark is 1 point.

Foreign Reviews about

We have found some reviews about They are not enormous and written 2012. It means that for almost 6 years no one writes any word about The character of reviews are mixed, some people are pleased to command the service of Blue Sky Drugs.

positive review

Then you may read some other reviews where people do not recommend such an online pharmacy as They say that this online pharmacy tries to gain more profit but doesn’t try to meet customers’ demands. Read them attentively. Though they are not “fresh” you may understand how people cope with such problems.

negative review

Our mark for the reviews are 3 point – not fresh but may help draw a picture of performance. Coupon

Unfortunately, Blue Sky Drugs coupon code is unavailable. There is no possibility to save except generic medications ordering. coupon is absent, maybe they offer some seasonal discounts but we do not find any confirmation to this. for attracting more customers may work out some special offers. The mark is 1 point. Customer Support Service Contact Information

The contact information looks in the following way:

contact information

The phone numbers of blue sky drugs are available and people with any kind of questions may contact this online company. The mailing address is also present but it is very rare when people write letters to any online company. Grapple with operation hours very attentive. Contact data is rich, everything is given. We believe this contact information is comprehensive – 5 points.

Customer Support Service

There is no live chat – the fastest and the most convenient way to contact customer support. In general, you may call customer support and get all the responses. The phone numbers of blue sky drugs are given on the front page as well. We try to send an e-mail for getting the answer on bothering us questions but we have still been waiting for the answer. Our mark for customer support is 1 point.

Conclusion: A 2,9-Star Rating – Unreliable Pharmacy with Prescription and Over-the-counter Meds is a Canadian online pharmacy selling generic as well as brand medications. The assortment is diverse but the prices are overestimated a little. Shipping details are unknown except it is charged: $10.00 – the USA and $25.00 – international. Only two payment options are available – Personal checks and money orders.

Technical data is satisfactory except antivirus. The registration process is not convenient taking too much time. Customer support group is not working fast enough to become a “close friend” of every customer. But contact data is comprehensive.

Legitimacy seems not so attractive. gives only 51-% of security while Legitscript.сom assumes a Rough status to this online pharmacy. The prescription is required with different ways for sending or uploading online available. No reviews on the Blue Sky Drugs but some of them have been found on the Internet – confusing and of mix character.

In general, even with a rating higher than average, we cannot guarantee you are safe with Please re-check this information one more time if you finally decide to order via this online pharmacy –