Book Review ♥ Classic Bible Storybook by Kenneth N Taylor

I remember as a child having a friend who didnt know the story of Noahs ark. I was flabbergasted! How could anyone not have heard about Noahs ark? I told my friend the story as best I knew how, and telling it to someone who didnt know it really brought it to life in a fresh new way for me. I remember watching my friends eyes and the wonder, even at my simple storytelling, really made an impression on me. Its so important to make sure that the Bible comes to life in different ways for our children. To make sure they understand and can picture what theyre reading.

This is all coming to mind since receiving the Classic Bible Storybook by Kenneth N. Taylor (translator of The Living Bible) to review. This treasury presents the stories of the Bible in a simple and straightforward way for young readers while staying scripturally accurate. With its richly illustrated pages and not-too-long chapters, its perfect for reading together as a family. Questions at the end of each chapter encourage children to really think about what theyre reading and discuss the stories as a family.

A short excerpt:

Sick people werent the only ones who wanted to see Jesus. Some parents knew how special he was, so they brought their little children to him. They wanted Jesus to put his hands on them and bless them. But his disciples tried to send them away.
Jesus was upset with his disciples. Let the little children come to me, he said. Dont send them away, for the Kingdom of God belongs to everyone who is like these children. Jesus meant that the only way to get into Gods Kingdom is to love him and trust him the way children do.

Sample questions:

Who brought their children to Jesus?
Who tried to send the children away?

I think its important to have books like these for children to read and learn about God for themselves. I look forward to reading this book to my daughter as she grows!