Review: Not Credible Pharmacy With Overpriced Medications

What is

The online pharmacy claims to be the first class online pharmacy and provide “the best medical services online”. According to the information provided on the website, the company sells only brand FDA approved medications produced in and shipped from Europe. The pharmacy advertises that is has in stock virtually all medicines available on the European market.

The company states that their website is unique: they sell only branded medicines produced by the brand owners, do not sell generic drugs from Asia or Africa, the products are manufactured in the United States and Western Europe only.

The interface of the website is quite intuitive. The home page does not contain any distracting unnecessary information, advertisement or links. The main page contains all the important information: product categories, search line, best-sellers, payment options, delivery terms. Also, there is warning on the main page, informing the customers of the recent numerous attempts from hijackers to steal the customers. So, the website does not look safe from the very first look at the main page.

Assortment of the Online Pharmacy is quite wide. Here you can buy the products from such categories: Allergies, Anti-bacterial, Anti-cancer, Anti-depressant, Anti-psychotic, Weight Loss, Women’s Health, Antibiotics, Blood Pressure, Men’s Health, Birth Control, Headache, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Leukemia, Nausea, Prostate, Stomach, Asthma and many others. assortment

This pharmacy has all the name brand erectile dysfunction drugs patented in the United States: Cialis (Tadalafil); Levitra (Vardenafil); Viagra (Sildenafil). However, there are no generic versions of these drugs available. But not every customer can buy original medicine. So, we can’t say the medication is affordable here. Besides, many drugs proved to be not available in stock.

The pharmacy gets 3* for this unit of the review. Prices

The pharmacy guarantees the lowest prices available on the net:

brandmedicines prices

We decided to check out the prices related to the category Men’s Health and discovered medicines for erectile dysfunction treatment. Brand Viagra is available here in different dosage options. The minimal price for Brand Viagra is $12.15 per tablet here. However, the same med is available for $3.8 in other online pharmacies. Brand Cialis (10 mg) is available for $19.65 per tablet, but other pharmacies offer Viagra at the price $4.18. Brand Levitra minimal price is $12.78 per unit, but you may save a lot buying Levitra in other pharmacies at the price $4.34 per tablet.

So, the prices for products in this pharmacy can’t be determined as “low”. They are much more expensive than those offered by other online pharmacies.

We didn’t manage to find any special offers, discounts, bonuses, day’s products on the site, so obviously there is no way to make a beneficial purchase here. So, the pharmacy deserves 1* for this unit of the review.

Delivery of the Goods delivers medications to all countries, which allow purchase of drugs over the Internet.

The company offers FREE delivery but one delivery method available – via Registered Priority Mail, all orders need to be signed for upon arrival. shipping

The packages have a tracking number so customers can track where their order is and when to expect it. If the customer did not receive the order, he may contact the pharmacy via email provided on the website. The average delivery time makes 7-10 days depending on the destination country. If orders are not received within 20 days the company guarantees to resend the product or make money refund. According to the information given on the website, the pharmacy also offers money back guarantee if a customer isn’t satisfied with his order, will accept returns of unwrapped products for exchange or and will re-ship any incorrect or damaged orders for free.

So, the pharmacy definitely has some advantages: tracking available, free delivery, money refund possibility, but also have sufficient drawbacks: only one delivery method, no express delivery, quite long delivery time. The pharmacy gets 3,5* for this unit of the review. Payment Options

The pharmacy offers several payment options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bank transfer.

brandmedicines delivery options

The company gets 5* for a variety of payment methods.

Technical Characteristics of the Online Pharmacy

Website Loading Speed

Having analyzed Brandmedicines page loading speed via Google Page Speed service, we got the following results:

Brandmedicines Google Page

These numbers are not so high and indicate that the website needs further development. So, the pharmacy gets only 2.4 for this point of review. Mobile Version

The pharmacy offers a mobile version of the site. But the mobile version is inconvenient, looks very bad, almost unusable in smart phones. The version is just a smaller version of the original website size. The text looks very tiny and almost visible on a mobile phone. Thus, the mobile version of the site is estimated at 2*.

Secure Connection Availability does not use encrypted connection, that is, your personal data is not protected and there is a certain risk when entering your login / password and credit card information.

brandmedicines security

The security of the website is valued in 1* for lack of the appropriate protection which is required when making payments online.

Antivirus Availability

In addition to unencrypted connection, the website has no antivirus, which makes ordering in this online pharmacy even more insecure. This item of the review also gets 1*.

Convenience of Placing Orders

The website offers two options for searching the medicines:

  1. Enter the name of the product in the search bar and get a list of the required product in different dosages. The customer can choose the necessary currency, which is convenient. But we did not find any product description, no information about side effects, contraindications, interactions, and that is a sufficient drawback;brandmedicines search bar
  2. Choose the medication from the categories presented on the website.brandmedicines categories

The products are arranged in a not quite clear manner – every dosage of a drug is considered a new separate product and that is why the product list is so large.
Brandmedicines convenience of ordering

Moreover, to place an order, the customer have to log in. But registration turned out to be problematic – we waited for an hour but did’t receive any e-mail confirmation to proceed with the order. The status “brandmedicines approval pending” was preserved even 2 days later.

We consider that convenience of placing an order on this website can be estimated at 1*.

Is Legitimate?

Checking Website Safety via ScamAdvisor indicated Brandmedicines as a site which involves a high risk country which is characterized by the high percentage of online fraud or tendency to send fake/replica items. The website determined website location – Bulgaria and the domain age – 7 years. The online service doesn’t call scam, everything may be as you expect, but customers should take care when ordering products from this pharmacy.

brandmedicines scamadviser

The company gets only 3* for this item due to the quite low rating on ScamAdvisor.

Prescription Request

You can buy medicines without prescription at, which, of course, saves time of the customer, but also suggests that the attitude to the medicine is not so strict as it is in regular pharmacies. Besides, a valid prescription should compulsory for some drug categories presented at the website (such as Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Antibiotics). Thus, the online pharmacy gets 1* for this item of review due to inadequately responsible approach to the sale of serious medicines.

Checking Website Safety via LegitScript

LegitScript is also against this online pharmacy, defining it as ROGUE. According to the online service, Brandmedicines does not comply with Internet pharmacy verification standards.

Brandmedicines LegitScript

Thus, the buyer can not be sure of the legibility of the website. So, the online pharmacy gets only 1* for this item of the review. Reviews

Customer Reviews about

We didn’t find a separate customer reviews section at the website. There are NO customers reviews that are either positive or negative given by any of its customers, which looks quite suspicious. So we can’t say for sure whether the pharmacy if to be trusted or not. We would strongly recommend the website’s administration pay more attention to reviews & suggestions of the users to meet their high expectations. This point of the review is given 1*. Reviews on Other Websites

We decided to check if there were some customers who had shared their experiences about the pharmacy on social networks, forums and review sites related to pharmacies and products. We found a few reddit reviews – both positive and negative. Some customers were greatly disappointed with the service and payment system of the pharmacy, also they warn of “illicit drugs”. Some users wondered “Is legit?”, which means the customers doubt its legitimacy.

Brandmedicines Review 1Brandmedicines Review 2

However, there were a few reddit positive reviews: the customers received their orders though the pharmacy is not so fast with the reply.

Brandmedicines Review 3Brandmedicines Review 4

Not numerous reviews may mean that the domain is not popular enough though exists for 7 years already. So, basing of the customer reviews we can’t say for sure that this online pharmacy is a safe place to order your meds from. For these reasons, our review gives 3 out of 5 stars rating for this unit. Coupon Code

We found no discount codes or coupons available on the website. There are no coupons available for this website on other websites either.

Thus, the customer does not have the opportunity to receive an additional discount. The pharmacy receives 1 for this item. Customer Support

Contact information

The pharmacy is said to be based in Europe, but there is no information as to where precisely is located. The year when the company started operating isn’t also mentioned, its copyright just indicates 2017, which may be a clue that the website is rather new. The only information they provide iis email: But it’s just not enough. Lack of contact data can complicate the official appeal of the buyer to the website administration and looks quite suspicious. Considering this, the online pharmacy deserves only 2 stars for this unit of the review. Online Customer Support

The means of contacting the website administration are extremely poor with no available contact number. No live chat could be found on the website either. The only way to contact is via email or contact form.

brandmedicines contact form

They claim to reply within 48 hours. We tried to contact a consultant via email and find out the origin of the products they sell. The response from the online pharmacy never came – even 3 days later.

The pharmacy receives 1 star out of 5 for its poor customer support – lack of the live chat and no response of the specialist.


The only advantages of

  • Google has not reported this website as unsafe;
  • this website has been working for more than three years;
  • the pharmacy guarantees money back guarantee and return policy;
  • free delivery.

Among the drawbacks of the pharmacy:

  • Very high prices;
  • Owner of this domain uses a free email, it is not very professional;
  • Company provides no information about itself;
  • No contact address, no phone number;
  • ScamAdvisor and LegitScript have identified the pharmacy as Low Trust and Rogue;
  • Poor customers’ security;
  • The website is hosted in a country where scammers usually base their online businesses;
  • The online pharmacy has been reported several times as an online scam;
  • reviews are mixed and not-numerous;
  • The website need further development;
  • Lack of any kind of discount, promo or coupon.

So, doesn’t seem very trustworthy. The customers take a high risk by ordering medicines in this pharmacy. For these reasons, our review gives them a 1,9 out of 5 stars rating. Buying online here is not advised.