Review: Shop Which Lacks Information and Reviews

What is BuyAntibiotics24h? claims to be a full-functional pharmacy an online pharmacy and that’s it. We didn’t find anything about its geographic location. However, the front page contains information that they sell medications from an Indian pharmacological plant, which meets FDA and WHO standards and have all the necessary certificates of quality guarantee. Unfortunately, the name of this Indian pharmacological plant wasn’t listed.
The online pharmacy specializes on different types of antibiotics.

What Can You Buy Here?

The pharmacy sells both brand-name and generic antibiotics. The assortment includes well-known antibiotics, such as Amoxil, Zithromax, Noroxin, Augmentin, Flagyl, Erythromycin, Doxycycline, Tinidazole and others. BuyAntibiotics24h offer antibiotics of different pharmaceutical forms: pills, salves, solutions, capsules, syrups, drops, suppositories, gas dispersoids.

All in all, they have 42 antibiotics available. You can see all of them on the front page of the website. The administration of the site provides a short guidance on what antibiotic to choose.

We can say that BuyAntibiotics24h has a wide range of antibiotics. You can hardly find such numerous items in other online pharmacies. Every user can select the best variant of treatment for himself. Considering this, the company receives 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking the Prices

Low prices is what customers want to get when ordering drugs from an online pharmacy. We decided to check whether they can enjoy such prices at

  1. Starting price for Generic Amoxil (250 mg) is $0.44 per pill ;
  2. Starting price for Generic Augmentin (250 mg) is $2.62 per pill;
  3. Starting price for Generic Erythromycin (250 mg) is $0.55 per pill;
  4. Starting price for Generic Flagyl (200 mg) is $0.61 per pill.

We see that antibiotics are really inexpensive here, even more – they are probably the lowest on the net. BuyAntibiotics24h can easily attract customers with such “tasty prices”.

An important point: buying more tablets would ensure more savings. For example, ordering Generic Zithromax 100 mg 270 pills, you will save $75.60. This is a big sum, but the thing is that many customers do not want to buy in bulk the very first time.

BuyAntibiotics24h prices

Besides, the pharmacy promises to give repeat customers 10% discount on all orders.

Considering low prices and discount available to repeat customers, we grant the company 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

What Shipping Options Do They Offer?

Power Pills ship to most worldwide countries and guarantee quick, reliable and discreet delivery service. The orders are shipped within 1-2 business days and not processed on Saturday and Sunday.

BuyAntibiotics24h offers 2 shipping options at the moment:

  1. EMS delivery (Express with Online Tracking) (takes 5 – 9 days and costs $30.00 ). This is the fastest way to get your medicines. Tracking option is available;
  2. Standard (Registered AirMail delivery) (takes 14 – 21 days and costs $10.00). The package can NOT be tracked.

BuyAntibiotics24h delivery options

Customers can enjoy FREE Free Airmail Shipping only for orders starting from $200 and more.

The Order Tracking option could have been an advantage if it hadn’t been so costly. The final price for the drug won’t be so beneficial if you have to pay additional $30 for its delivery.

BuyAntibiotics24h tracking

The online pharmacy also offers Delivery Guarantee and Refund Guarantee: they will reship your order free of charge if you receive damaged / wrong products or offer money refund.

Even though the company offers several shipping options available and short delivery terms, we can give it 4 stars only, since some online pharmacies offer free delivery on all orders worldwide. Payment Options

According to the information listed on the website, BuyAntibiotics24h accepts the following payment methods: VISA, Master Card, Diners Club, American Express and JCB card.

BuyAntibiotics24h payment methods

Five payment options is enough to select at least one suitable for yourself, so the pharmacy gets 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Checking Page Loading Speed

Google Page Speed helped us analyze page loading speed:

BuyAntibiotics24h google page

We see that the mobile version is poorly optimized and may cause a slow user experience, though the indicators are above the average level. It has some relevant drawbacks and needs improvement. The desktop version is better optimized, but still needs some changes. We can’t neglect the fact that the website has some problems in functioning, so we give them 2,9 stars out of 5 for this unit. Mobile Version

BuyAntibiotics24h has a mobile version of the website. However, this version if far from perfect and also requires optimization. In general, the ordering process is the same as with the original version, but when customers visit the website from their mobile devices, they may disappointed: the front page contains too much secondary information and the users need to scroll a large text to see the products offered by the store. Besides, we noticed that the website contains some cut off images, which may also confuse a customer. So, we suggest customers are likely to have problems when ordering drugs from a smartphone. BuyAntibiotics24h deserves only 2 stars out of 5 for this unit. They have to do something about their mobile version to attract more customers.

Customers’ Data Protection

Customers data security is a necessary point in shopping online. Everyone wants to be sure that his credit card details won’t be stolen. We checked whether this online pharmacy made any efforts to secure its users. When we clicked “Checkout”, we found yourselves at a secure server for making order payments online. They use a 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software and guarantee that our identifiable information is safe. The secure connection is verified by thawte, Inc.:

secure checkout

Regretfully, we found no information about the owner of the website, so we give 4 stars

Protection from Viruses

In addition to the highest encryption level, the pharmacy uses McAfee antivirus protection on its website. So customers can feel calm when surfing the site: their computer won’t catch viruses or other online threats. This fact improves reputation. Probably, it could be considered a safe place to order antibiotics from. We give 5 stars out of 5 for this unit. It’s good to know that your data is protected.


Convenience of Ordering from

We checked convenience of ordering from BuyAntibiotics24h, as this is one of the most important factors when choosing a pharmacy.

Customers do not need registration to place an order on this website. Of course, this may accelerate the process of ordering meds.

What we especially like is that all antibiotics are listed on the main page and we can find the necessary item in an instant. Besides, the company indicates the starting price for every antibiotic just near its name, so customers can easily orient themselves in prices and choose the most suitable variant.

Though all available drugs are presented on the front page, the pharmacy provides a search bar to find the necessary drug even sooner:

BuyAntibiotics24h search

In general, the ordering process is very easy here. To place an order on this website, you just need to select an antibiotic by clicking its name, choose the dosage and the amount of tablets you want to order and proceed to “Checkout”. After that they transfer you to a Secure Checkout Page , where you need to fill in the information required such as Billing Address, Shipping Address, Payment Info, and click on “Submit Order” button. If your order is accepted they will sent the confirmation message to your e-mail.

We also appreciate that they post a short guidelines on choosing antibiotics for different conditions on the front page. Thus, the client can choose the drug which suits him in every way.

When choosing the product, the user will see all details about the drug and the order, including active ingredient, delivery time, medical form, payment methods available and some more:

BuyAntibiotics24h products

Since they deliver products worldwide, they make it possible to choose the language and currency before placing an order – the customers will surely appreciate this option, as many online pharmacies do not have such one, and this usually causes troubles.

BuyAntibiotics24h currency

We have already mentioned about the possibility to track the order. It’s good to know you can monitor the shipment process and be fully informed about the status of the delivery.

Considering all points described above, we can say that ordering drugs at is very easy and fast. We could not ask for more. The online pharmacy has done their best to accelerate the process of ordering. For this, we give them 5 stars out of 5.

Is BuyAntibiotics24h Legit?

Website Reputation on

The quickest way to check whether the online pharmacy is legit or not is to look at its rating at That’s what we did:


The report provided by ScamAdviser rated this pharmacy as a “High Trust Rating” pharmacy. BuyAntibiotics24h has 79% rating, what is a very good indicator and a rarity. According to ScamAdviser, the domain age of this website is 3 years. However, it was indicated that the owner of this website is using a software to hide his actual location.

ScamAdviser suggests that the website maybe Denmark, the USA or Netherlands based, but since its location is hidden, it may be risky to order drugs from this place. Therefore, ScamAdviser warns that we should exercise caution in ordering from here. Despite this warning, the online service gives a very high rating to BuyAntibiotics24h, and that is why we give the pharmacy 4 stars for this unit.

Prescription requirement

At this e-store, you can buy antibiotics without prescription, while the majority of online pharmacies will not sell these medicines to you without it.

no prescription

However, they strongly recommend to consult a doctor before taking any drug from the website. Perhaps, because antibiotics is a serious medication and can cause severe consequences if you don’t know how and when to use them? Though at BuyAntibiotics24h customers can purchase drugs very quickly, we are skeptical about a non-prescription basis. The pharmacy seems to have an irresponsible approach to selling drugs online, and for this, we give BuyAntibiotics24h 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Using LegitScript

Unlike ScamAdviser, LegitScript rated as a “Rogue” pharmacy, since it does not meet some Internet pharmacy verification standards:

BuyAntibiotics24h LegitScript

We can say for sure which standards the pharmacy failed to meet, since LegitScript gives no explanation. The bad reputation of the pharmacy on LegitScript confuses us and allows to give them only 1 star for this item.

Buy Antibiotics 24h Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customer reviews of any online pharmacy are important to check because they indicate whether a pharmacy is reliable or not. Positive reviews testify that the pharmacy provides a good service and customers are likely to have a positive experience. On the other hand, negative customer reviews are a warning to the users not to trust the pharmacy as it is probably fake and involves some kind of spam.

Unfortunately, BuyAntibiotics24h does not have any customer testimonials on the website. The administration did not pay attention to this point, but customers should have a possibility to share their experience with the store, whatever they are: positive or negative.

We can’t assess the reliability of, as not a single customer shared his personal experience with this pharmacy. Lack of customer reviews do not allow us to say whether the it’s a good place to order antibiotics from or not. We have to give the pharmacy 1 star out of 5 for this unit of our review. Reviews on Outside Websites

What is more alarming for us is that we did not find any comments about BuyAntibiotics24h anywhere else on the internet, considering the fact that they operate for 3 years. Probably, the online pharmacy has not managed to gain reputation.

The only one comment we found is on the site of ScamAdviser. The user shares a positive experience of ordering antibiotics from this store. He appreciates on-time delivery and legit packaging and suggests the pharmacy delivers drugs from India. He also mentions that he will surely return to BuyAntibiotics24h for more items:

BuyAntibiotics24h review

This comment was left in 2016, so we suggest the pharmacy was operating that year. Nothing was found about 2017. These reviews would have been important to us as they show the most recent performance of a pharmacy.

The presence of at least one customer review allows us to give them 1,5 stars out of 5 for this unit Coupon Codes

Every customer want to get coupon codes, bonuses and discounts to save as more as possible. The presence of such options improve the rating of any online pharmacy and makes it more popular. Unfortunately, we did not manage to find any current coupon codes or discounts.
Customers have only one option to save when ordering from this website: by buying antibiotics in a bulk amount (500 mg x 180 pills or more). In this case, they will enjoy FREE airmail shipping.

BuyAntibiotics24h free shipping

We are not actually sure how many customers will benefit from this discount offer, because not every customer wants to order a particular antibiotic in bulk. Therefore, this special offer is likely to be useless for the majority of the clients. For this reason, we give BuyAntibiotics24h only 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

BuyAntibiotics24h Customer Support Service

Contact information

The online pharmacy provides the following contact information: 2 toll free phone numbers (for the USA and the United Kingdom):

BuyAntibiotics24h phone numbers

That’s all that we found.

Since we did not find any information about actual location of, we asked the representative of the company to specify it. We were puzzled by the answer since it turned out that the pharmacy was operating neither from the USA nor the UK. They were geographically located on Cyprus, Greece, they said. We can’t rely on this statement, as we know that Cyprus is not a part of Greece. What is the chance they do not know in what country they are located? We can BuyAntibiotics24h only 1 star for this unit, as the online pharmacy should be as transparent as possible to attract more customers. They provided a weird contact information, which can’t be trusted.

Trying to Get a Consultation

Buy Antibiotics 24h provided two toll free contact numbers for contacting them: +1 877 888 9761 which was a number for US customers and +44 2036081340 – for the UK customers. They also provided contact form a live chat to its customers. The presence of a live chat can be considered a big advantage, as it is the quickest way to check things out. We decided to use this very tool to find out whether they deliver antibiotics to the UK. We were pleasantly surprised that they replied in a few seconds. Impressive! Look at the screen shot below:

BuyAntibiotics24h live chat

We conclude that BuyAntibiotics24h has a perfectly functioning customer support service – every client can get the answer to his question in the shortest time, while in other pharmacies you have to wait sometimes for several hours and even days. We give this pharmacy 5 stars out of 5.

Conclusion is specified to selling generic and brand antibiotics only. Any other drugs were not found in their catalog. The pharmacy can be praised for a wide range of products, low prices and usability ease.

However, we could not find independent reviews from other customers regarding the effectiveness of generic antibiotics and the services provided by BuyAntibiotics24h. One comment is just not enough. Besides, we don’t like the fact that the real location of the pharmacy is hidden. Why are they doing this? Many customers would be hesitant to buy antibiotics from here.

Besides, we are very skeptical about the fact that BuyAntibiotics24h does not require valid prescription. Unlike erectile dysfunction medication, antibiotics are used for serious and often life threatening diseases, so the prescription is compulsory in this case.

Even though the pharmacy has a high trust rating on ScamAdviser, they still face some problems regarding its legitimacy according to LegitScript. We would give this online pharmacy 3,1 stars out of 5. can’t be considered 100% safe for buying antibiotics online, however you may try this pharmacy if your condition really requires antibiotics and you know how to take them correctly.