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BuyGenericViagraPill.net Review: The Orders Are Carried out via Canadian-Quality-Drugs.com

Self-Introduction of Buygenericviagrapill.net


BuyGenericViagraPill.net is located in Chech Republic, Praha. It is an online pharmacy with a 7-year of experience. This company has in its assortment either brand or generic drugs with guaranteed delivery within 48 hours in case if the payment is successfully accepted. The products they sell are produced and shipped from India. All of them are approved by Indian FDA. This company doesn’t sell medication for persons under 18 years old. When carrying out a purchase via BuyGenericViagraPill.net you are transferred to another online pharmacy – canadian-quality-drugs.com. We are going to check the legitimacy and security of BuyGenericViagraPill.net.

Assortment Diversity

When making an order online via BuyGenericViagraPill.net you will be transferred to canadian-quality-drugs.com. The assortment coincides with both websites. The only difference lies in bestsellers list. Canadian-quality-drugs.com has a greater number of bestsellers. They include Viagra, Cialis, Propecia, Meldonium, Dapoxetine, Viagra Professional, Levitra, Viagra Super Active, Cialis Professional, Kamagra, Cialis Super Active, Brand Viagra, Cialis Soft and others.


There are 30 drug categories shown on both websites. They have no difference between each other. The most popular among them are erectile dysfunction, antibiotics, blood pressure, depression, women’s health and others. Each category contains the raw number of medications of different dosage and quantity.

drug category

There are 2 other ways to find the medication prescribed for treatment. You may use alphabetic search or search by drug name. Both variants are detected on the front page of both websites. You may arrange an order using both online pharmacies.

alphabetic searchsearch by name

Unfortunately, it is not so convenient when you are transferred to another website. It will be better to arrange an order online on one and the same website. But in fact, the assortment is diverse enough. This online pharmacy obtains more than 650 items in its assortment. Such a number of medications may help people find everything required for treatment. We may get 4 points for the assortment diversity.

Prices Affordability

Since the most popular drug category on BuyGenericViagraPill.net is men’s health and erectile dysfunction we are going to compare the prices for generic and brand Viagra and Cialis.

Note: The prices on BuyGenericViagraPill.net and Canadian-quality-drugs.com are identical. You may choose one of these websites for buying medications online.

As to speak about the price for generic Viagra it is low. A client should pay $0.35 per Viagra 25 mg pill. The overall quantity in a package is 360 pills.

generic viagra price

Brand Viagra price is greater – $3.92 per pill. The overall quantity is 120 pills. This price looks attractive and affordable as well in comparison with other online pharmacies or conventional drugstores.

brand viagra price

Cialis price is greater in comparison with Sildenafil. The generic version cost per pill is $0.77. The dosage is 2.5 mg. The quantity in the package is 360 pills. Such a price is nor overestimated. It looks affordable to buy Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction treatment.

generic cialis price

Brand version price per a 20 mg pill is $4.03. The overall quantity is 120 pills. Such a price is lower with an average brand Cialis price. You may afford to buy such an ED drug.

brand cialis price

If you still have a desire to command the service of this online pharmacy you won’t become bankrupt. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Shipping Options

This online pharmacy offers its customers worldwide delivery. There are 2 main delivery types:

  • Airmail (US Postal Service for USA customers);
  • Courier Delivery.

shipping options

The ordinary Airmail delivery timeframe is 2-3 weeks (package may be delivered earlier). The EMS Courier Delivery takes 5-7 business days.

The fee for Airmail delivery is $14.95. The express delivery fee is $24.95. There is a possibility to get free Regular delivery if your total is greater than $200.00. The express delivery will be free if your total is over $300.00.

free shipping

You may examine the order status if you sign in into your personal account. Also, we provide tracking information for all packages delivered via Courier. You will receive your tracking number within several days after delivery, the package and the link to check the order status online.

As it is claimed on the website there is a 100-% delivery. If your order is damaged or doesn’t arrive at all you may count for the money back guarantee or reshipment of the parcel.

There is a notice that Buy Generic Viagra Pill may provide the delivery within 48 hours after the successful payment transaction. But we do not find the confirmation after this fact.

In fact, there are 2 main types of delivery option considered the main and the most popular. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Payment Options

The FAQs’ page provides us with the possible payment options. They are: Visa, AmEX (American Express) and e-Checks. But the front page contains one more icon – Bitcoin.

payment options

When entering the checkout page you will be transferred to the secure billing page. This page contains some other payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin and AmEx.

payment methods

Such a mass may confuse people when they try to find the way to pay for an order. We cannot highly estimate this unit. The overall mark is 2 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data about the Website Loading

desktop and mobile version

Unfortunately, the speed data of both versions are unavailable. The optimization data is indicated as medium. In fact, there may appear some technical problems when commanding this service. We have checked the data of canadian-quality-drugs.com but the data of Buy Generic Viagra Pill looks also unsatisfactory. Using a special formula we have calculated the overall rating – 1.5.

Mobile Version

Buygenericviagrapill.net has a user-friendly mobile version. There may not appear problems if any customer prefers to order drugs online via any mobile gadget.

mobile version of Buy Generic Viagra Pill

But here there is a problem because the site by means of which you will carry out the further ordering procedure has no mobile version. People cannot be able to complete the ordering. Such an inconvenience may lead the customers’ denial to command this service. The mobile version of Canadian-quality-drugs.com cannot be reached by Google, unfortunately.

mobile version of Canadian Quality Drugs

As a result, we have given 2 points for the mobile versions of these online stores.

Secure Connection

The connection is insecure on both pharmacies. It means that they may appear problems with the personal data security. Be sure not to enter your personal data without SSL-protocol.

insecure connection

When you submit a checkout button you will be transferred in a secure billing page. This page is protected by 256-bit encryption. The certificate is verified by COMODO CA Limited. Your data will be encrypted and protected from unlegalized access from online hackers.

secure connection

But the company owner information is hidden. In fact, we cannot give a high mark for this unit. Exactly our mark is 2 points.

Antivirus Presence

The secure billing page is supplied with 2 icons of antiviruses: GeoTrust and McAfee. But unfortunately, they are not clickable. We cannot examine its validity. Maybe, it is just a fake. Antiviruses should be installed to protect customers’ gadgets from the risk to be infected with viruses and other online threats. Since that be attentive. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.


Convenience of Ordering

There is no registration. People may order medication freely. There is no need to provide a prescription. Unfortunately, there is a confusion because of 2 different domains. When you choose the medication you need you will be transferred to another online pharmacy. There is no great difference between assortment and prices.

In fact, the design is the same. The ordering procedure has no difference in comparison with other pharmacies. You choose the right medication. Add it to the shopping cart, go to the checkout and submit an order.

For the customers’ convenience, the website is multilingual. It may be translated to German, French, Italian, Spanish. The currency may be also chosen. This option is given on the front page in the right corner. You are welcome to grapple with the possible currencies and start the ordering procedure.

Our mark for the convenience of ordering online is 4 points.

Is BuyGenericViagraPill.net Legit and Secure?

ScamAdviser.com about the Website Security Rate

ScamAdviser.com gives 74% of security. This website is proved to be new but with hidden information. The probable website location is the United States of America but in fact, it is hidden from Google. The services for hiding information may be used to protect itself from spam. But in fact, all the eCommerce websites should provide a free access to the contact information.

The domain age is 1 year 105 days. It was refreshed 22 days ago. As given by this security service it is rarely visited. There are not so many customers preferring to command this service.

In fact, such a high rate cannot be fairly explained. The presence of the hidden information should alert ScamAdviser.com. We cannot understand why the overall rating is so high. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.


Prescription Request

There is no need to send a prescription to this online pharmacy. The ordering procedure is as hassle-free as possible. It is a kind of illegal business. If the medication is mandatory sold with the prescription any pharmacy either conventional or online cannot break this regulation. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

LegitScript about Buygenericviagrapill.net Legitimacy

Unfortunately, this online pharmacy is proved to be rough. They may carry out a kind of illegal business. Be attentive and check all the information twice before paying for an order. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.


Reviews about BuyGenericViagraPill.net

Reviews on BuyGenericViagraPill.net

There is a separate page with reviews left by customers. They are not enormous and informative. Moreover, they are non-unique. We have found the same reviews on many others websites on the Internet.

internal reviews

This online pharmacy provides a feedback form. We have tried to leave a review. Unfortunately, our happiness was untimeless. In fact, the feedback doesn’t perform its function. We cannot even send a review because the mandatory field with the rating is not working. After some time, we have successfully sent a message. It turns out, the review will be published after some moderation. We cannot believe in the uniqueness of this online service.

Such reviews cannot help people make any decision whether this online pharmacy a reliable or not. In fact, their non-uniqueness confirms the fact about an illegal business of buygenericviagrapill.net. Be attentive while commanding this service. Our mark for this unit is 1.

External Reviews about BuyGenericViagraPill.net

There are no reviews about buygenericviagrapill.net on the Internet. We have spent a lot of time in attempts to find any word about both online pharmacies but wasted time. Such a reputation cannot be a sign for people to command this service. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Discount Code of Buygenericviagrapill.net

There is no discount code as it is. There is a discount on the second order – 5%. The third and further ordering will provide every customer with a 7-% discount.


Unfortunately, there is no discount for the first order. But there is a possibility to get free pills for every order: 2 pills of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Every customer may choose by themselves the pills you like the most.

free pills

As you remember there is an opportunity to get free delivery. If your total is over $200.00 you get free Regular Airmail delivery. If you buy for more than $300.00 your parcel will be delivered by express system absolutely free.

free shipping

Our mark is 5 points for this unit.

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Information

Contact information contains the mailing address and phone numbers. It is claimed this pharmacy’ mailing address is Chech Republic, Praha. The phone numbers are 1-800-715-5341 and 44-203-318-5981. These phone numbers are related to the USA and UK. There is no connection with the Chech Republic.

contact information

There is no information about operating hours. This contact information cannot be fair because ScamAdviser.com provides the hidden information about the company probable location. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Customer Support Service

There is only one way to contact customer support group. There is a contact form similar to a review feedback form. We have asked the question about the exact website location but get no answer. The waiting period was 24 hours. We cannot get a high mark for this unit. A customer won’t get a professional assistance as fast as possible. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

contact form

Conclusion: The Meds from Canadian-quality-drugs.com, not BuyGenericViagraPill.net

Buygenericviagrapill.net is an online pharmacy. But the exact ordering is carried out on another website – Canadian-quality-drugs.com. The assortment is diverse, the prices are reasonable. There are some technical problems. The non-unique reviews may provoke an anxiety for ordering via this service.

ScamAdviser.com gives 74% of security instead of hidden information. LegitScript.com gives the rough status. There is no need to provide a prescription. In fact, it is better to contact customer support group and ask all the question which may clear out the controversial questions. The rating of this online pharmacy is given above. Check it and decide whether it is appropriate for you or not.