Review: The Risk of Getting Fake Drugs

What is Buy Low Drugs?

logo is a licensed pharmacy from Canada which sells prescription medications online. They guarantee top quality drugs at huge discounts. The company claims to have a team of licensed and professional pharmacists. They also sell safe and effective generics of prescription drugs at the lowest possible prices. The pharmacy has been operating for over years and during this time it has served over 150,000 customers – this allowed the store to gain much experience. The company’s goal is to improve the online pharmaceutical industry of Canada. The store claims to have achieved the highest rating from PharmacyChecker. They also comply with all standards set by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. The pharmacy tries to make your life simpler. They promise that the health of customers is their number one priority.

What Can You Buy Here?

BuyLowDrugs claims to offer thousands of basic and rare medications, both original and generic that contain the same active component and medicinal effect. All health products are manufactured in Canada and meet all quality requirements set by the Therapeutic Products Directorate (the Canadian version of the American FDA). According to them, some drugs are even produced in the USA but repackaged in Canada.

Regretfully, the website does not divide medications into drug categories according to the health conditions they treat. To find the desired remedy, you need to use a search by letter or a search by name. So we cannot say for sure how rich the assortment of this company is.

The pharmacy mentioned that it sells drugs for the following health conditions: Acne, Chickenpox, Depression, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Eczema, Glaucoma, Heart Disease, Hepatitis C, Impotence, Menopause.

The list of drugs available on the website includes Lipitor, Zocor, Fosamax, Metformin, Diovan, Flovent, Flonase, Prozac, Paxil, Effexor – these are the most popular prescription products of this pharmacy. Some of them are placed on the main page:

special deals

For customers’ convenience, the store has selected all drugs that require a prescription:


Popular non-prescription drugs from Buy Low Drugs are Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, Prodiem, and others.

According to BuyLowDrugs, they have a much broader range of prescription products than those presented on the website. If customers don’t find the desired medication, they may please call the customer service using toll-free phone number 1-866-596-4364 m, and the store will try to include the necessary medication on the list.

Since I am interested mostly in drugs for erectile dysfunction, I wanted to check which options are available on the site. I managed to find only 3 basic treatment: Levitra (brand-name and generic), Cialis (brand-name only), Viagra (brand-name and generic).

Since the pharmacy sells drugs for too limited health conditions and each drug category has a rather poor selection of goods. I give this store 3 stars for this unit. Other online pharmacies offer a much broader selection of medicines.


According to the website, customers living in the USA can save up to 75% when ordering medications through this online pharmacy. They claim that all prices are very competitive.

The pharmacy presents all prices are in terms of US dollars.

Buy Low Drugs have made a table-comparison of 25 most popular drugs you can buy online:


The table demonstrates that drugs offered by this pharmacy are really lower. As per table, customers can save up to 37% on these medications if they buy them from Buy Low Drugs.

Since I was interested in prices for erectile dysfunction drugs, I decided to check them. prices. I found out that the pharmacy offers not very beneficial prices for generic ED pills — generic Viagra is sold for a starting price of $1.56 per tablet, and generic Levitra is sold for at least $1.40 per tablet. Prices for brand-name ED tablets are somewhat better: brand Viagra costs $9.55 per tablet, brand Cialis is sold for at least $3.93, and the cheapest option of original Levitra is $5.50. The pharmacy offers 2 dosages available, so customers can choose the best variant. However, bear in mind that these prices are for pills ordered in bulk, If you order a minimum amount of tablets, the price will be higher.

So, the prices for brand Levitra and brand Cialis were really cheap but prices for all other ED treatment options were average. I know websites where you can buy cheaper ED tablets. I give 3.5 stars for this unit.

Shipping policy offers FREE shipping on all orders placed online. If you make an order by phone or fax, then you will have to pay an additional $9.95 for delivery. According to the website, an average delivery takes 2-3 weeks. For an additional $10 fee, you can opt for an Express Shipping. In this case, you will be given a tracking number, and the parcel will arrive at your address faster (in about 1-2 weeks).

The online pharmacy sends orders via Canada Post, to be exact, Xpresspost USA Shipping Service. They guarantee that this service is the most reliable and always delivers orders in time. For tracking information customers need to contact the customer support.

The store also guarantees that if the products were lost or damaged during delivery, they will reship them free of charge. If customers do not receive their medications within 2 weeks of shipping, they also need to contact the customer support.

Bear in mind that you cannot return your prescription drugs under any circumstances. The pharmacy’s regulation states that once a drug has left the drugstore, it cannot be returned for any reason. The pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit.

Payment Options

The pharmacy accepts VISA and MasterCard credit cards only (as mentioned on the FAQ page). However, the front page of the site advertises 2 more payment methods available – Bitcoin and American Express so probably the information in the FAQ section is outdated.

payment options

The pharmacy also mentions that if you pay with VISA or MasterCard, you will be charged in Canadian dollars and the final price will change, depending on the exchange rate and additional charges that may apply in as a fee a foreign currency transaction. And if you pay with American Express you will be charged in US dollars. Customers may mail an international money order received from their local post office in USD.

Regretfully, the pharmacy does not accept any other payment options such as E-Check, bank transfer, cash, Western Union, WebMoney. The pharmacy receives 3 stars mostly due to a confusing information.

Technical Characteristics of

Website’s Loading Speed

Page loading speed is very important for users. They always expect a fast loading of all blocks of information. If the website is loaded slowly, you will probably not wait and will leave the online pharmacy’s site. Of course, page loading speed is not the only relevant indicator for a user but it must be on the level.

Loading indicators for a mobile version are also important. More and more customers order drugs using smartphones.

I checked the loading speed of with the help of a useful online service – Google PageSpeed Insights, which allows analyzing the loading speed of both desktop and mobile versions. See the analysis results below:


As you see, the speed indicators for mobile and desktop versions remained unknown, and the optimization indicators are far from perfect. This site seems to have serious technical problems with speed and optimization. For this reason, the pharmacy receives only 1,2 stars.

Mobile Version

A mobile version is very important nowadays since more and more users prefer to buy medications online using smartphones and tablets. A bad mobile version or its absence will make you search for another pharmacy. A mobile version should also load quickly and be optimized for different devices.

I checked mobile version with the help of Google online service and was disappointed since the website was not adapted for mobile users.


According to the analysis, the site has the following problems: the text is too small to read, clickable elements are too close together, the viewport is not set. For these reasons, I give this online pharmacy only 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Personal Data Protection

The pharmacy claims that latest SSL and advanced security technologies make user experience completely safe. However. I found out that the website uses the minimal encryption technology – a 128-bit SSL. The security is verified by COMODO CA Limited:


I’d recommend this website to upgrade its security measures and give 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Antivirus

The website does not use any antivirus programs, which means that is a risky place to order drugs from. The website’s administration should pay attention to this issue and make this store safer for customers. After all, on this website clients have to enter very sensitive financial and personal details, so the risk of hacking must be excluded. I give 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

The convenience of ordering from

I decided to check whether the website of Buy Low Drugs is convenient to use.

First of all, I noticed that customers need to register before placing an order. I think this takes too much extra time but many people want to order drugs as soon as possible. If you are a return customer, you just need to log in into your account.


The pharmacy offers several options on how to order medication: online, over the phone, by fax, by mail.

I like that the store has a special electronic service that helps check potentially dangerous drug interactions. But it will only work for drugs that you have ordered at this online pharmacy.

At this website, you can place an order by phone, still, the pharmacy must receive a valid prescription for your drugs before processing and shipping the order. The store offers several ways to send a prescription.


Using this website, you can find the desired drug by letter or by name – there is no complete list of all products available, also there is no division on drug categories, which is not very convenient.


I also noticed that the website does not offer an opportunity to select the desired currency and language. However, they indicated the price per pill, which helps to compare prices and select the cheapest option.

Buy Low Drugs receives 2 stars for this unit. Let’s resume what I figured out: registration is required, limited ways of searching for drugs, no opportunity to select a language and currency.

Is Legit?

Rating on

I checked the website’s reputation using Scam Adviser – a useful online verification service. Regretfully, Scam Adviser gave Buy Low Drugs only a 51%-trust rating. See the results below:


ScamAdviser found suspicious aspects about this pharmacy. First of all, this website has been listed as an UNAPPROVED pharmacy. Besides, the owner of the website is using a service to hide its identity – the website is Canada based but its real location is hidden. In addition, a malware report has been detected for this online pharmacy. According to Scam Adviser, the pharmacy is rarely visited.but has an impressive history – over 14 years. For all these reasons, I give 2 stars for this unit and recommend you to verify the store’s location before placing orders online.

Do We Need a Prescription?

Buy Low Drugs requires a valid prescription for all RX drugs available on the website. They say that the best way to send the prescription is to fax to 1-866-352-4988 together with the order number and name. The pharmacy operates according to the policies of The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia will do not allow selling any RX drugs without a prescription. The store will mail your prescription to anywhere in the world as soon as possible. Besides, the pharmacy will fill a prescription from a customer’s pharmacy of choice. Customs allow Buy Low Drugs to mail a customer a 3 month supply only but the number of RX drugs you can order from this website is not limited. Besides, the online pharmacy is able to fill a US prescription. They send it to a licensed Canadian physician for approval and checking drug interactions – this service is free of charge. Later, the prescription is filled at the pharmacy. For a responsible approach to selling RX drugs, I give 5 stars for this unit.

Checking Status on LegitScript

Legit Script gave the pharmacy an “UNAPPROVED” status since it does not meet some Internet pharmacy verification standards:

legit script

There was not any detailed description below. However, this is not the worst status an Internet pharmacy can get. Most online pharmacies are given a “ROGUE” status which means that the pharmacy violates the existing laws regulating pharmaceutical business. I give 3 stars for this unit.


I noticed that Buy Low Drugs is verified by Pharmacy Checker – an online service which helps to find the lowest prices on RX drugs among licensed U.S. and other pharmacies. The front page of the website has a corresponding icon:


Being a valid member of is a good sign, For this reason, the online pharmacy receives 5 stars for this unit. Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customer reviews are reliable signs of a pharmacy’s reputation and real performance. Good feedback proves that this store can be trusted. Regretfully, the website does not have a page with testimonials. The online pharmacy provided no evidence that customers were satisfied with the services and the medications received. I give 1 star for this unit. Reviews on Third-Party Websites

I needed more information about Buy Low Drugs, and I searched for reviews on other websites. There are no testimonials on the net except a few in Here I found some positive reviews. Customers wrote good things about this pharmacy. According to them, Buy Low Drugs is a perfect company to buy cheap drugs. Some clients recommended the pharmacy for top quality generic drugs. Some customers were satisfied with the way the customer support helped them over the phone.

However, few customers were not happy with the services provided. One client said that the company was not consistent in its services. Other customers complained about late delivery or non-delivery of medications. One user said that the drugs were of bad quality and seemed to be sugar pills. They advised never to buy goods in this store since it may be risky for your health. They say the pharmacy may be selling not approved medications.

You can follow this link to read what people say about Buy Low Drugs:

Since the pharmacy has mixed reviews on the net, I cannot give it more than 2 stars for this unit. Coupon Codes

The company offers affordable prices on medicines. However, it does not have any coupon codes or discount deals for its clients. Maybe the pharmacy offers special discounts directly to the buyers. At least, I have not found any. For this reason, I give 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

The Contact Us section of the website contains the legal name of the pharmacy: “Medicine Shoppe”, legal address, phone number and fax number. They even mention the license number of the store. However, I did not find an email address which might complicate contacting the pharmacy.


In general, I was happy to see a detailed information about the pharmacy, however, I give 4 stars for this unit due to the absence of an email address.

Trying to Get a Consultation

According to the website, Buy Low Drugs staff has been trained in Canada. Their top priority is the health of its customers so they try to answer any questions as soon as possible.

Buy Low Drugs offers to get a consultation over the phone. I found no information about operating hours of the customer support.

I would prefer to send an email inquiry to the pharmacy but I turned to be impossible since the store offered too limited ways of communication customers. I give this pharmacy 1 star for this unit.

Conclusion offers brand-name and generic medications at affordable prices and with free delivery. However, I found many complaints about drug quality and delivery, that’s why this pharmacy appears to be a scam. LegitScript has given this store an unapproved status, Scamadviser gave it only a 51% trust rating which makes this website risky. Even though the pharmacy requires a prescription and claims to have a license for the pharmaceutical business, I found no evidence that this store can be trusted. The rating of is only 2,5 stars out of 5.