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BuyViagra2013USA.com Review: Not Recommended Pharmacy With A Low Trust Rating

What is Buy Viagra 2013 USA?

BuyViagra2013USABuyViagra2013USA.com is an online pharmacy offering drugs for men’s health. They promise to do their best to make shopping even more advantageous and claim that customers can buy Viagra at the best price ever. They guarantee to offer both high-quality products and excellent service. This web public service was established 4 years ago to support consumers to feel assured in the world of online pharmacies, escape scam and rogue drugstores and finally find a reliable pharmacy. According to the information placed on the website, Buy Viagra 2013 USA has key advantages: high-quality medications, products are manufactured in proper conditions, favorable prices, discounts and bonuses, and confidentiality.

What Can You Buy Here?

BuyViagra2013USA sells both brand and generic pills for erectile dysfunction. They assure customers that all these pills are FDA approved. The pharmacy offers a wide selection of medications: the most popular ED drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, Stendra and numerous generic pills: Viagra Professional, Kamagra Jelly, Cialis Super Active, Propecia, Cialis Soft, Viagra Super Active, Stendra, Female Viagra and many others. The main website’s page lists all drugs available to customers:

BuyViagra2013USA drugs

We may conclude that in this online pharmacy customers can find a drug that fits them in all respects: both composition and price. Here you will also find rare and specific drugs for erectile dysfunction, including well-known brand ED medications. For these reasons, we give Buy Viagra 2013 USA 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Price Policy

BuyViagra2013USA guarantees the lowest possible prices for ED medications, allowing customers to save up to 50%. The pharmacy only charges the cost of the drug and a flat shipping rate (unless the order qualifies for free standard airmail shipping).

We decided the take a look at the prices for the most popular pills for erectile dysfunction available in the catalog, both brand and generic:

  • Brand Viagra (100mg) for $3.37 per pill;
  • Brand Cialis (20mg) for $3.32 per pill;
  • Brand Levitra (10mg) for $3.46 per pill;
  • Generic Viagra (25mg) for $0.53 per pill;
  • Generic Cialis (10mg) for $0.91 per pill;
  • Generic Levitra (10mg) for $1.03 per pill.

It turned out that Buy Viagra 2013 USA is able to offer the lowest prices for ED pills online. All deals are really beneficial – it’s difficult to find a better offer in the Internet. Like with any other online pharmacy, customers will benefit when ordering a particular drug in bulk. You can see how it works for Viagra:

BuyViagra2013USA prices

In addition to low prices, the company provides all regular customers with a 10% discount.

Let’s sum up: BuyViagra2013USA offers good prices for both brand and generic medications for erectile dysfunction. These are probably one of the lowest prices on the net. Considering all facts above, the company receives 5 stars out of 5.

Shipping Terms

Buy Viagra 2013 USA guarantees a fast, reliable and anonymous delivery service to any country specified by their customers. All orders will be shipped within 1 -2 business days. The company ships to most worldwide countries. Foreign customers can contact Customer Service or check the order form to find out the available delivery options for their country.

The pharmacy offers 2 shipping methods at the moment:

  1. EMS delivery (Express Trackable Courier Service) usually it takes 5-9 days from the date that the parcel is sent out.  The packages sent by this service can be tracked online by the tracking number and will take maximum of 14 days to deliver;
  2. Standard (Registered AirMail delivery) delivery usually takes 14-21 days from the date that the parcel is sent out and will take a maximum of 30 days to deliver. The packages sent by this service can NOT be tracked.

BuyViagra2013USA delivery

The company wants us to know that all weekend orders will be processed on Monday. The customer will be automatically notified via e-mail when his order is approved and shipped.

What is more important is that all orders won’t be processed on Saturday or Sunday.

What we did not like about Buy Viagra 2013 USA is that they ship generic and brand name medications separately, which means they will not arrive on the same day.

The shipping rates vary depending on the shipping option the customer chooses. To find out the shipping fee, the customer should add the selected products to shopping cart, and proceed to checkout. It turned out that Standard Airmail service costs $10 and EMS delivery costs $30:

BuyViagra2013USA delivery fee

Customers should bear in mind that free standard airmail shipping is available for all orders exceeding $200.

If the medication was damaged during delivery or something is missing, Buy Viagra 2013 USA guarantee to reship the product free of charge or refund the payment.

Let’s sum up: the pharmacy offers 2 shipping options available, a fast EMS delivery, free delivery for orders over $200. Regretfully, free delivery is not available for all orders and they can not be shipped on weekends, which may delay the delivery. Many online pharmacies offer much more advantageous shipping terms. Considering this, Buy Viagra 2013 USA receives 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Payment Options

The pharmacy accepts the credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard:

BuyViagra2013USA payment

Customers should make sure they are ready to use these options before ordering from Buy Viagra 2013 USA.

Considering the fact that many other websites accept much more payment methods, this pharmacy receives 2 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of BuyViagra2013USA.com

Checking Loading Speed

Page loading speed is one of the most important technical characteristics of the website, which influences the number of customers and can improve the website’s usability. BuyViagra2013USA.com pages are loaded quickly, so users will not experience any discomfort and can quickly move from one page to another with no problems.

Here are the website’s loading speed indicators:

BuyViagra2013USA speed

Both website’s mobile and desktop versions have a very good loading speed. BuyViagra2013USA receives 4,1 stars for this unit.

BuyViagra2013USA.com Mobile Version

BuyViagra2013USA.com has a mobile version of the website, which is a great advantage since now people prefer to visit online pharmacies using their smartphones or tablets. The website is adapted for mobile users though looks a bit different. The aspect we did not like is that the main page of the mobile website’s version contains too many unnecessary information. We would rather prefer to see all those facts about generic drugs on other pages.

However, the website has successfully passed a Mobile-Friendly test:

BuyViagra2013USA mobile
We noticed no errors in the functioning of BuyViagra2013USA.com mobile version, but for some reasons mentioned above. the website receives 4 stars for this unit.

Checking Encryption

The website uses a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software and encrypts the data customers input, that is why your personally identifiable information will be safe. The encryption is provided by COMODO CA Limited:

BuyViagra2013USA encryption

However, a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer provides customers with the minimal encryption level. For better protection, other websites use 256-bit SSL encryption. Another frustrating aspect is that we could see no information about the website’s owner in the address bar of our browser. Considering this, we give only 3 stars for this unit. BuyViagra2013USA.com’s owner needs to improve the security of the website to deserve a better score.

Protection from Viruses

BuyViagra2013USA.com does not use antivirus, which makes buying drugs online through this website less secure. All trusted Internet pharmacies use antivirus programs, but when you visit the website of this pharmacy you risk to catch “something unpleasant” on your computer. For this reason, the pharmacy gets only 1 star for this unit. Ordering drugs online should be as secure as possible, and this drugstore has to work on it.

Convenience of Ordering from BuyViagra2013USA.com

To make an order through BuyViagra2013USA.com you do not need to register on the website, and this can save you much time. To place an order, you only have to choose the product you want to buy by clicking a “Buy now” button. Then you need to choose the dosage and the amount of ED pills you want to purchase and click a “Checkout” button. Fill in the order information required, check all the fields carefully, and press on “a Submit transaction” button. If the pharmacy accepts the order, you will see the notification on the screen and get the order confirmation message automatically via e-mail.

With Buy Viagra 2013 USA, you can easily track your order status. To do this, you have 2 options: to contact the pharmacy’s support team or to check the status on the website through the option “Order Status”.

We like the way Buy Viagra 2013 USA organized the information about each drug. Here is the example of a table for generic Strattera: customers can see the dosage, the total price, the price per unit, savings and shipping fee in one place:

BuyViagra2013USA order

In general, BuyViagra2013USA.com website looks user-friendly. All ED drugs available are presented on the front page of the website, which allows you to find the needed item as soon as possible.

Another positive aspect is that customers can choose the necessary currency on the website:

BuyViagra2013USA currency

We were also glad to see the photos of all ED medicines presented in the catalog. All customers like a representative demonstration of products.

The ordering process at BuyViagra2013USA.com seems very simple and does not take much time. We give 5 stars for this unit.

BuyViagra2013USA.com Legitimate?

Checking Buy Viagra 2013 USA Rating on ScamAdviser

Scam Adviser does not trust BuyViagra2013USA.com and gives it a 0% safe rating out of 100, which is a frustrating indicator. Even though the site has lots of visitors and is popular with Alexa, it has been listed as a ROGUE pharmacy on some sources, involves countries known to be high risk and is likely to be operating from a high-risk country – Russian Federation:

BuyViagra2013USA scamadviser

According to Scam Advisor, the website is owned by Russian Federation and located in Sweden. The domain age is about 5 years. Since the website may be related to a high percentage of online fraud or tendency to send fake/replica items, we have to give 1 star for this unit.

Do We Need a Prescription?

Buy Viagra 2013 USA does not require any prescription for anything customers can order on this website, but they strongly recommend patients to consult a doctor before ordering any ED pills. So, customers can freely buy any drug here, no matter prescription or not. This approach to selling potent medicines can’t be considered responsible since a prescription should be actually required for ED medications. Considering this, we can’t 100% trust this company. A non-prescription basis is a prerogative of illegal pharmacies. Buy Viagra 2013 USA receives 1 star for this unit.

Checking Buy Viagra 2013 USA using Legit Script

As indicated by ScamAdviser, Buy Viagra 2013 USA has a “ROGUE” status on LegitScript.com – the company does not meet Legit Script Internet pharmacy verification standards:

BuyViagra2013USA legit script

This status may indicate that this store violates the laws and regulations of dispensing prescription drugs or is not licensed. For this reason, we can give this drugstore only 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

BuyViagra2013USA.com Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customer reviews often have a great influence on people. Therefore, we are interested not only in positive but also negative reviews and complaints.

Unfortunately, there is no special section on the website, where customers could post BuyViagra2013USA.com reviews and describe their experience with this store and its services. Since there are no testimonials, people have to order drugs online at their own risk. We failed to assess the pharmacy’s credibility based on users’ feedback. The company should pay more attention to their clients – probably, some of them probably have something to say. The pharmacy receives 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

BuyViagra2013USA.com Reviews on Outside Websites

Since we found no BuyViagra2013USA reviews on its own website, we had to search for any comments on independent websites and medical forums.
Unfortunately, the online pharmacy has no rating reputation on outside websites. It seems suspicious that the store has not received any customer feedback over the past 4 years. This indicates that this company is not popular among customers, though ScamAdviser evidenced to the contrary. As BuyViagra2013USA lacks customer reviews, we can’t judge its credibility and say whether the website is a reliable place to buy medications online or not. For this reason, the store receives 1 star out of 5.

BuyViagra2013USA.com Coupon Code

Most online stores offer beneficial discounts, promo and coupon codes, bonuses, or free shipping on orders reaching a certain amount. BuyViagra2013USA.com offers only two bonuses: free delivery on all orders exceeding $200 and free ED pills for every order. Customers can choose between additional pills of Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or ED trial pack:

BuyViagra2013USA bonus

There are no current BuyViagra2013USA.com coupon codes that allow saving on medications. Considering all the facts above, we give this online store 2 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Service

BuyViagra2013USA.com Contact Information

The company has the following contact information on its website: AU toll-free phone number and USA toll-free fax number:

BuyViagra2013USA phones
However, for some reason, the pharmacy did not mention its legal address, mailing address, email. Lack of this important information can alert potential clients since legitimate pharmacies have nothing to hide. Every customer wants to know the contact details of a store. The pharmacy gets 2 stars for this unit.

Ways to Get a Consultation

According to the website, customers are welcome to contact Buy Viagra 2013 USA 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. by phone, Live Chat and contact form. They promise to answer all questions customers may have and guarantee to respond immediately.

We decided to contact the pharmacy’s customer support team by using the quickest option – Live Chat, which was active. We wanted to find out why they have a certificate of quality for brand Viagra:

BuyViagra2013USA live chat

The feedback came immediately. It turned out that, regretfully, they do not provide quality certificates. Though we were disappointed with the answer, we have to score 5 stars for this unit, since we are interested in the speed of response, which this was excellent in this case.


While ordering at BuyViagra2013USA.com you need to take some security measures to organize your order carefully and confidently. We extremely recommend you to learn the complete background of this pharmacy to make sure it`s running in honest mode and there are no complaints about Buy Viagra 2013 USA or it’s medications. We are skeptical about the legal address of the company, but we suggest it’s operating from Russian Federation and can be rogue. Everyone needs to be careful since we were not able to find any proof of the website’s legitimacy and reputation. The rating of 2,7 stars out of 5 is a reasonable rating for this store.