Review: Negative Feedback – Feedback of Insecurity

Canada Drug Center about Itself

logo is online pharmacy based in Canada. This online store claims that they are not direct online pharmacy, they are international pharmacy intermediate and administration service developed to assist you come in contact with certified international online pharmacies and confirmed fulfillment centers from all over the world that can satisfy your needs at attractively low prices. But it is odd that this online pharmacy possesses drugs and checkout on its own website –, there is no redirect to some other online pharmacy. We decide to understand everything about reputation. Assortment

Assortment plays an important role in online pharmacy popularity that’s why this aspects should be examined carefully. It turned out here is no complete list of categories and medications available on this site. You may find remedy only in case if you use search bar. We are not able to estimate this point as we desire because we have no data at all. We use search bar and find different medications but it is very important to see complete list of medications available. So we decide to get 2 stars for this point because of so many inconveniences met on


Prices of Canada Drug Center

To estimate prices on we decide to examine just several medications – Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) and Cialis (Tadalafil). We observe the following picture: Viagra per pill costs $9,6 and Cialis per pill – only $5,3 but here there is one remark – it is not understandable from checkout whether you but Viagra and Cialis of generic origin or not.


So if you buy generic Viagra or Cialis, these prices are unreasonably high because average price for generic Viagra in online pharmacies $0,41 but if we are speaking about brand Viagra then price is lower than in other online pharmacies. But it is controversial point – brand or generic – we recommend administration to distinguish or somehow define this aspect. We are able to level down mark according to aspect that there is no currency change option, you may see price only in US dollars. Sometimes it is very inconvenient that’s why this option should be present on any online pharmacy website. There is one more “attractive” option for examining here – price beat. Site administration offers customers to find price higher that there is on their website and they will beat this price. As a result, our mark is 3,5 points for such an ambivalence.

Delivery Terms

Delivery terms on is not diverse. Canada Drug Center online pharmacy charges shipping fee – $10 per package delivered to you. All parcels are brought by regular Postal Service mail. Delivery will take 8 to 12 business days for Canadian orders and 14 to 18 business days for international orders from the time you send us your order and prescriptions. More over this online store provides people with delivery taking 48-72 hours.

All parcels are fully protected from damage. If something wrong happens with your parcel, we will reship your order free of charge. If you have any questions relating to your order shipping, you may contact toll-free customer support center at 1-877-270-3784 at 5 am-10 pm PST, Monday – Friday, and 8 am-3 pm PST on Saturday-Sunday.
We believe that deserves 3,5 stars for delivery terms. We level down the mark because there is only one method of delivery and chargeable. But the mark is improved due to the aspect of immediate delivery.

Payment Options available on

Payment options are not depicted on There is information written after checkout that operator will call you and explain payment methods but it sounds very suspicious because you cannot estimate immediately before making an order whether you are able to pay for it or not. It is very important to understand what kind of credit card you may apply as payment. Our mark is 1 point – try to change the situation.

payment options

Technical Requirements for

Every website should follow several technical characteristics to meet customers needs. We decide to examine points relating to page speed loading, mobile version condition, http-protocol, antivirus presence and convenience of making an order. We will set a mark after each point and see how advanced technically is.

Google Page Speed Indications

desktop - canada drug centermobile - canada drug center

Mobile and desktop loading has average indicators showing that each version loads fast enough not to make people wait for long. We believe that if takes more efforts, indications will be coloured in green. Our mark here is 3,1.

Mobile Version

As it turns out there is no mobile version of As mobile version they use just fixed site version. It is not adaptive to any kind of smartphones. Only 1 point is deserved by

Secure Connection

secure connectionhttps-protocol is present only on page when you start ordering. Such transactions are protected by 128-bit encrypting server. It is their advantage but there are more secure types of encrypting available nowadays. As a result we decide to get only 3 points for https-protocol on

Antivirus Presence

Really speaking, there are two different antiviruses on McAfee and Norton. It means you are protected from everything while you are present on Canada Drug Center online pharmacy. It is deserved 5 points.


Convenience of Making an Order

It is logic question whether it is convenient to order medications via We should point out that for making orders via Canada Drug Center, you should register on site. To register you are to fill in your personal data but they do not ask your credit card number – it is plus. They do not ask about pills are taking now and about diseases you are sick with – it is minus. Site administration provides you with the same information when you log in and log out – there is no difference. Of course, from one point of view, it takes some time to undergo registration but sometimes it gives us more assurance that everything is legal on this online pharmacy.

One more point in making order convenience is that there is no opportunity to change currency – you may see prices only in US dollars – one more minus. It may be unprofitable to buy remedies in US dollars for you.

We cannot overestimate mark in this point that’s why we get only 3 points for

Is Legal for Drugs Trade? Data tells us that is not reliable enough to make orders via this service. Only 28% of security – high risk follows you when you are ordering via Canada Drug Center. There is no coincidence in online pharmacy location – main office (as written on website) is in Canada but scamadviser believes it is located in the United States. It is the greatest flaw. Moreover scamadviser claims that this site has negative feedback. Everything goes wrong with that’s why we give you only 2 points.

Prescription Request administration claims that they have prescription and over the counter drugs but there is no distinct difference between these medications arrangement. One more point when we were making an order, no one asked prescription. We do not understand at what step it is necessary to provide prescription list. Canada Drugs Center claims that they may even fill your prescription – we also find no evidence to it. There are so many drawbacks in this unit that we cannot get high mark – only 3 points. Statistics service examines websites according to its legitimacy. As a result of this analyses, has status “Rough”. “Rough” means that website has unreliable reputation. There is the greatest possibility of been cheated while making orders via Canada Drugs Center. Be attentive and do not believe in everything you see – status “Rough” speaks for itself – only 1 star is available here.

legit - canada drugs center

Certificate of Quality


Certified Canadian International Pharmacy (CIPA) and International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC) get approval for This online pharmacy is considered to be licensed and reliable for making orders via. These certificates are not fake that’s why we give 5 points to Canada Drug Center. Review

Each website to become trustworthy should contain reviews or reviews should be found on foreign websites. We decide to analyze reviews about and see what about its trustability and reliability.

Reviews on

Reviews about on site itself look look showed on printscreen. You cannot estimate credibility of this reviews because there is no understanding from what criteria these starts are formed. Of course, it is plus that there are reviews on but they seem to be rated by site administration itself.

reviews canada drugs center

There are not so positive reviews about performance of but all Canada Drugs Center customers will recommend this online pharmacy to friends – what is this?

review negative about Canada Drugs Center

It seems this customer wants to get his friends in wrong – it sounds like: “I do not like but you may try”. Of course, negative experience is also experience but not for all. deserves for reviews present on online pharmacy 3 points.

Reviews about on Foreign Resources

We found not so many reviews about but found. This reviews has negative character. There is great difference between reviews on site itself and foreign resources. We may come to a conclusion that everything is not in order with Our score for reviews are 3 points.

reviews about Canada Drugs Center on foreign Discount Code

discount Canada drugs center

There is promotional offer on known as discount code but here there is one drawback – there is no discount coupon on site itself. You may get to know promo code from the Internet (as we’ve done) or get at checkout step. 10-% discount is the greatest opportunity to attract more customers.
There is one more attractive promotion on, exactly you may earn $35 by inviting friends to make orders via Canada Drugs Center. This is profound benefit for all customers worldwide.

One more option available on is price beat. We speak about it in section “Payment options”. So, for so many interesting offers we get 4 scores to Canada Drugs Center online pharmacy.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information Available on Site

Contact information available on the website is:

  • phone number;
  • fax;
  • e-mail support address;
  • mailing address;
  • customer service hours of operation.

contact - drugs center

But we remember that doubts about pharmacy location. So we should consider it as well. Location should be identical otherwise it is not trustworthy for making orders at. So our mark is 4 points.

Customer Support Service Online via E-mail

Customer support service is the greatest advantage but we get no response from We were waiting for twenty four hours for answer but as a result we get only 1 score for this aspect. It is necessary to give a boost to customer service. This online pharmacy also has call center but phone numbers were invalid.

Sum up: Is 2,8 Rating Enough for Making Orders via

Canada Drugs Center is online pharmacy providing people with medications: prescription and non-prescription. International delivery is available but chargeable ($10). There are promo code on available for registered customers, one more option is to earn $35 for inviting friends and price beat opportunity. possesses two antiviruses on site that assures us it is secure to make orders but there are so many drawbacks which were revealed while this examination.

First of all, gives only 26 – % of security and doubts about its location: site location defined on website is Canada, scamadviser – the USA. believes has “Rough” reputation. People should think properly whether to order via Canada Drugs Center because of such a reputation.

Secondly, we may speak about ambivalent reviews about available on site and foreign resources. Foreign resources show us negative reviews but site itself – positive. The picture is rather ambivalent.

Thirdly, there is no information related to available payment methods, you may know how to pay an order only after you have arranged an order. Moreover you cannot grapple with all medications list available. You may use only search bar field to understand whether they have such a preparation or not.

Fourthly, claims that they sell either prescription drugs or over the counter drugs, but there is no distinct division between them. And if you buy prescription drugs you won’t be asked to send prescription.

We come to a conclusion that this mark is deserved by – Canada Drugs Center Online – 2,8 stars.