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Canadadrugstop.com Review: Risky Site With Controversial Reviews

What is Canada Drug Stop?

Founded in 2003, Canada Drug Stop is said to be one of the most trusted Canadian online pharmacies. Their website offers “safe, effective, and reasonably-priced brand and generic medications”. The company has 10 years of experience in the industry and managed to help thousands of consumers all over the world save money on their medications. The company is proud to offer medications at very affordable rates.

canadadrugstop logo

Canada Drug Stop assortment

In canadadrugstop.com, you can find both generic and branded medications. The online pharmacy claims to offer the full assortment of high-quality drugs for all health conditions, prescription and over the prescription (OTP), which are said to be approved by the various pharmacy associations. Unfortunately, the company provides no full list of medications divided into categories. The only way to find medicines here is through the search bar, which means we can not evaluate the assortment of the pharmacy to the full extent. However, we managed to find a list of bestsellers on the front page, such as Nexium, Abilify, Zetia, Diovan, Celebrex, Viagra, Effexor, Levitra, Lexapro, Neurontin, Norvasc, Paxil, Allegra and some others.

canadadrugstop drugs

So we can suggest the pharmacy surely sells the products from the following categories: hypertension, antidepressants, diuretics, anti-allergy, asthma, cancer, antibiotics, pain relief medication, men’s health. We consider that a lack of full list of medicines is a big drawback, as not all customers visit the site knowing exactly what they want to buy, but would like to check all drugs from one category, compare their prices. We decided to search for products from men’s health category: Viagra (Sildenafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and we managed to find all of these PDE5 inhibitors in the online catalog, brand-name drugs and their generics in different dosages. Considering this, we can suggest that Canada Drug Stop offers a pretty large assortment of drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. Basing on the all items mentions above, the pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit of the review.

Canadadrugstop.com pricing policy

The company claims to be a pharmacy of low prices and guarantees that the customer can save up to 90% on brand-name and generic medications. The company sells generic drugs, which means you can really save on your medication. We decided to check the prices for tablets used for erectile dysfunction treatment: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra (both the brand-names and generic medicines). The pharmacy offers the following prices for these products:

  • The minimal price for Brand Viagra starts from $8,4 per tablet (while some other pharmacies offer $3.8 per tablet);
  • The minimal price for Generic Viagra starts from $2.2 per tablet (while some other pharmacies offer $0.36 per tablet);
  • The minimal price for Brand Cialis 10mg starts from $5.2 per tablet (while some other pharmacies offer $4.18 per tablet);
  • The minimal price for Generic Cialis starts from $1.4 per tablet (while some other pharmacies offer $0.76 per tablet).
  • The minimal price for Brand Levitra starts from $9.8 per tablet (while some other pharmacies offer $4.34 per tablet);
  • The minimal price for Generic Levitra starts from $2.7 per tablet (while some other pharmacies offer $1.2 per tablet).

The pharmacy has one more shortage: they indicate neither prices per unit nor the cheapest variant of the medicine, so it will take you pretty much time to find the most beneficial offer in this pharmacy.

Besides, we can see that Canada Drug Stop prices are definitely not the cheapest ones on the net as it was promised. Moreover, we did not manage to find any special offers or sales on the website.

However, the online pharmacy offers Price Beating option: the customer finds a better price advertised on another website. He can simply click on the “Price Beat” button, enter the pricing details, and they promise to beat the competing price difference by 10% of the price difference.

price beat

Even in this case, the price remains not the cheapest on the internet. Still, the presence of such an opportunity allows giving Canada Drug 3 stars out of 5 for pricing policy.

Delivery Options and Terms

The pharmacy ships medications all around the world, for example to Canada, Turkey, Mauritius, India, Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, the United States. They promise to deliver medications directly to the customer’s doorstep in the manufacturer’s original package. The drugs are shipped only from approved fulfillment centers.

According to the information placed on the website, any package is shipped within 48 to 72 hours after receiving an order. Canadian customers will receive the drugs in 8 – 12 business days, and all international customers will have to wait for 16 – 18 business days. We consider this term very protracted.

To get on order, you will have to pay a standard shipping fee $10 per package, so the final cost of the drug turns out to be even higher. Besides, this shipping fee applies only to packages shipped in the United States. Delivery price to other countries is not indicated.

Besides, they inform that the package is fully insured from any kind of damage or loss, but the loss of package due to incorrect shipping information given by the customer is not covered by the return and shipping policies.

They also claim that the medication cannot be returned for any reason as soon as it has left the pharmacy, which means you will not have an opportunity to get money refund even for low-quality or incorrect medication.

We consider Canada Drug Stop has a lot of drawbacks in terms of delivery, as many other online stores offer different delivery options and ship free worldwide; besides we found no information about delivery methods. Considering this, the online store gets only 2 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review.

Canada Drug Stop Payment Options

Neither front page, no secondary pages contain any information about payment options available at Canada Drug Stop. In our opinion, the online pharmacy should place such an important information on the front page for customers’ convenience. Every customer would like to be sure that the e-store offers his preferable payment method before he starts shopping procedure. Obviously, the customer can see payment options only after he submits the order. However, we had some difficulties with placing an order here, as the website freezed up and then returned us on the main page. Thus we have a question: Can we even buy anything from this store?? Considering this, the online pharmacy receives only 1 star for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Checking Page Load Time

We checked Canada Drug Stop page loading speed via Google Page Speed – the online service – and got the following results:

Canada Drug Stop Page Load

This loading speed is considered low and means that the website needs much work: optimize images, minify JavaScript and some other fixing.

We consider the page loading speed an important factor for choosing an online pharmacy, as not every customer will wait for the page to finally load. This website is loading too slowly. Web customers may have difficulties with Canada Drug Stop performance and they will never return to the website. For this reason, we give this e-store only 2.1 for this point of the review.

Canadadrugstop.com Mobile Version

Customers can buy from canadadrugstop.com using mobile phones. But this website mobile version can’t be considered convenient. The pharmacy offer just a smaller version of the original website size. The pages are almost unusable, the text is almost unreadable on a smartphone. Interface elements are very small, word count is too big, secondary information remains on the main page.

So, we suggest customers will definitely have some troubles when using this website from their mobile phones. For this reason, the website gets 1 star for this point of the review.

Is canadadrugstop.com safe?

Encrypted connection on the website is a compulsory condition for a reliable online-pharmacy. Canada Drug Stop website uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which guarantees at least the minimal security level when ordering online. It helps protect your credit card and personal information. SSL security is provided by GeoTrust, which is considered an industry leader in online security and trust services.

secure connection

The pharmacy gets only 3 stars out of 5, as 128-bit SSL encryption doesn’t guarantee the maximum level of protection to the customers when they are ordering online. We suggest the pharmacy requires to make some fixing in terms of security.

Checking Antivirus

Canadadrugstop.com seems to take care of customer safety and uses Norton and McAfee antivirus (information in the left corner of the main page), which guarantees the security of the digital transactions. Norton is considered one of the best antivirus tools. It’s to feel safe while surfing this website without fearing of catch something unpleasant on your computer.


The presence of Norton antivirus protection confirms that Canada Drug Stop has a strict protection policy, takes care of its customers’ security, meets the online pharmacy safety standards – and that is a relevant merit. Considering this, the pharmacy website gets 5 stars for this unit of the review.

Convenience of ordering at canadadrugstop.com

The pharmacy claims that it’s very easy to place an order on the website. Orders can be placed directly on the website or buyers can order medications by telephone, mail, or email. We found a separate section which describes all steps of the customers.

Canada Drug Stop Placing Orders

However, we could not but notice the sufficient drawbacks of the website in the terms of placing orders:

To order products, customers must create a personal account which asks for many details, including your address and phone number. This might be inconvenient when you purchase some OTC medicine and not going to visit the website again.


Customers can search for drugs on the website only via Drug Search Bar. As we have already mentioned, there is no subdivision on categories on the website, which may impede the search for medications.

search bar

Canada Drug Stop welcomes calls on any issues, including help in creating a personal account for the new clients of the pharmacy. Ordering prescription medication, patients need to complete order forms provided on the website and send a valid prescription.

order forms

All in all, we estimate the online pharmacy at 3 stars out of 5 in terms of convenience of placing orders online.

Is Canadadrugstop.com Legitimate?

Checking canadadrugstop.com Reputation via ScamAdvisor

We checked the reputation of the website on ScamAdvisor.com. The online service indicated that Canada Drug Stop website has been threat listed, however gives a high-trust rating to the company – 73% out of 100%.


According to the service, the pharmacy operates most probably from Canada, but the website is based in the USA. There may be other countries involved in the business and customers should review this information carefully before ordering medicines here. There are lots of visitors coming to the website, so the company seems to be popular. Domain age is 13 years, which is a worthy period for a pharmacy – it has not been not banned within this period.  The reason why the website is threat listed may be because it can relate to virus/malware issues – this spoils Canada Drug Stop reputation a bit, though does not prove the site is a scam. For this reason, the online company receives 4 stars for this point.

Prescription or Non-Prescription Medicine?

To get a prescription drug from Canada Drug Stop, you needs to provide a valid prescription written by a qualified licensed physician along with a copy of the driver’s license.


Upon receipt, the order will be processed and shipped directly to the customer. Customers can submit a prescription via fax or mail. Customers can also place prescription refill orders toll-free at 1-877-210-3784. This fact that the pharmacy asks for a prescription confirms that their approach to selling medicines is as strict as in regular pharmacies.

Besides, the company claims to be an independent pharmacy affiliate which is actually not an online pharmacy, and they do they have the ability to take prescription orders. They simply link or refer customers to actual pharmacies or intermediary websites. But, in fact, the website doesn’t refer the customers to the outside websites for a final checkout, which means he buys medications at Canada Drug Stop website. This fact may alert the customer and make him doubt the reliability of the company. Considering this, the pharmacy gets only 4 stars for this unit.

Checking Canada Drug Stop rating at LegitScript

LegitScript considers canadadrugstop.com a ROGUE pharmacy, since it does not meet LegitScript Internet Pharmacy verification standards. We did not find any detailed explanation below about this status. Again, this does not prove that the website is rogue, but that there is a definite risk.

Canada Drug Stop LegitScript

A rogue status has tarnished the reputation of the pharmacy. For this reason, we give only 1 point for this item.

Certification & Trust

Canada Drug Stop is an approved member of CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association), which means the online pharmacy is ethical, professional, and meets the highest standards of practice, and IPABC (International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia), which confirms that the pharmacy delivers best quality and affordable medications to clients all around the world.  The website provides the badges for Valid Verification Information:canadianpharmacymeds certificates

As you see, Canada Drug Stop meets and exceeds the standards of the largest pharmacy accreditation organizations. For this reason, the drugstore gets 5 stars.

Canadadrugstop.com Reviews

Customer Reviews on the Website

We decided to check what customers say about canadadrugstop.com reputation. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t not offer any section to share your personal experience with the pharmacy services. And this is definitely a drawback. Every customer would like to read some feedback before starting shopping. We can’t assess the reputation of Canada Drug Stop due to lack of the reviews. This unit of the review gets 1 star out of 5.

Canadadrugstop.com Reviews on Outside Websites

We found mixed canadadrugstop.com reviews on the outside websites and forums. There is a number of customers who were not satisfied by the medicines and the services offered by this company.

Customer who used the services of the pharmacy complain that they take your money and do not sell medication, provide incorrect information about the products, process the orders for several weeks, deliver medicines very slowly, sell medicines with short expiration dates, provide no invoice, never respond to calls or even reply to emails, constantly change the prices for medicines.

Canada Drug Stop reviewsCanada Drug Stop reviews2

All these canadadrugstop.com complaints have marred the reputation of Canada Drug Stop to a very large extent. The site is considered a real scam and buyers ask to stay away from it.

However, we found some customers who were completely satisfied and pleased with the services and quality of the online pharmacy. They also appreciate an excellent customer service and shipping:

Canada Drug Stop reviews3

Read more reviews here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Canadadrugstop/reviews.

Looking for more reviews, we came across the BBB site where canadadrugstop.com was listed among the not recommended websites. BBB has suggested that the company appears to be no longer in business, as the phone numbers are constantly disconnected.

Canada Drug Stop reviews4

Though there were some positive comments from the clients, the majority of the feedback was negative, and this fact has tarnished the reputation of the pharmacy to a very large extent. Since the reviews are very contradictory, it is difficult for us to judge the pharmacy. We suggest the customers should verify all the important details of the company to avoid a bad experience with the website. We give 2 stars for this unit of our review for the numerous complaints of the customers.

Canadadrugstop.com Coupon Code

We did not find any canadadrugstop.com promo codes or coupons for their medications. Perhaps, they consider there is no need to offer some additional coupon codes, as their prices are already low. But they are really not. The pharmacy gets 1 star for this unit.

Canadadrugstop.com Customer Support

Contact information

Canada Drug Stop provided the following contact information: a mailing address (Canada), several toll free phone number, toll free fax number, a contact form, e-mail).

CanadaDrugStop contacts

However, the pharmacy doesn’t mention the actual address of the pharmacy. This fact makes us wonder why they hide their location. That’s why the pharmacy gets only 4 stars for not comprehensive contact information provided.

Online Consulation Availability

Canada Drug Stop claims to provide all the customers with world-class customer support. However , there is no Live Chat on the website. The only ways to contact them is to call 1-877-210-3784 or email at info@canadadrugstop.com. They promise to provide a pharmacist consultation, if necessary.

We decided to check the quality of their customer service and tried to contact the pharmacy representative via email – we made an enquiry about the origin of generic Viagra they sell.

We received an autoreply from them 24 hours later: they wrote that our enquiry requires more time to be processed.

Canada Drug Stop response

We consider their customer service inappropriate. Obviously, it will take an eternity to get an answer to the simplest question. Some other pharmacies offer 24/7 live chat or answer the customers’ questions at least within a few hours. We estimate the customer service at 1 star out of 5.


Canadadrugstop.com seems to have only two positive sides: it’s approved by Canadian International Pharmacy Association and other Pharmacy Checkers, meaning that it corresponds to all the quality standards; ScamAdviser gives a pretty good rating to the pharmacy.

However, negative sides of the website overweight the positive ones: they do not have FDA approval for the products. There are bad rumours that the website can include some scams and even be out of business. Customers can hardly save their money by ordering from Canada Drug Stop, since their prices can’t be considered low. Delivery options are not beneficial, while payment options are not indicated at all. The website usability and technical characteristics require further development. Besides, there is a lot of negative feedback from the customers which spoils its reputation. And what is more important, the company doesn’t call itself a pharmacy, but an independent pharmacy affiliate – it seems like they try to escape responsibility for the quality of products offered.

Considering all these points, we would rate canadadrugstop.com 2.6 out of 5 due to the numerous irregularities, and we would not recommend adding them to your list of reliable online pharmacies.

We can only ask you to verify all the information about this online company: talking to their executives or sending e-mails before placing any orders.