Review – A Promising Service with Quality Medications

The Essence of is an online company providing people with high-quality medications at low price. The company is engaged in selling drugs on prescription written by a licensed physician. Bur there is a confusing information – the company claims to be not a pharmacy but a third party between customers and pharmacies. This fact can be considered true as checkout page of this website is located on the same URL address as the website itself, which means that the purchase is made on this website, not on any other pharmacy. To better know what this company is, we need to analyze each issue in details.

Variety of Items in the Catalog

The pharmacy doesn’t provide any detailed catalog on its website. There is no opportunity to look through the whole list and compare prices. The only way to find necessary medication is to use the search bar, which means that you must beforehand know the name of the drug. If we assume that the pharmacy sells drugs on prescription, than customers would surely know the name.assortment

Besides there is one very convenient option on the website – when you open the page of the drug you are offered generic version of the drug in addition to the original. Generics are much cheaper than branded drugs and not all customers are aware that branded medications can be replaced by generics which are the same in effectiveness and safety but cheaper in price.

Each page contains description of the drugs and instruction for its use. Also here you can choose necessary dosage of the drug, its quantity in the pack and add it to your shopping cart. This is all information you can fin on the website. We consider this is not enough for average customer. We cannot estimate the number of items in the catalog and compare prices and their availability on the website, that’s why we give 2 stars for this point.

Cost of Medications

It is difficult to estimate prices on this website, as there is no product list with prices. We are forced to look for different drugs via search bar and compare prices this way. This is very inconvenient and time consuming, so most customer would prefer to leave the website.

The company claims to offer the lowest prices which will allow saving up to 80% on you prescriptions. In reality the prices are indeed very low, but still you can find more attractive prices on other websites. But we believe that you would prefer to stay here, not wasting your time, because the difference in not that big. So branded Viagra here costs about $8 per pill – this is the minimal price. Its generic cost is $0.8 minimal – not the lowest offer in the Internet. The same thing is with Cialis – original pill costs about $3, generic – $0.7. Levitra – almost $9 for original, $1 – for generic (20 mg).viagra pricesildenafil price

As you can see, prices for branded medications are much lower that in regular pharmacies, and will attract anybody’s attention, but generics are a little too expensive in comparison with other online pharmacies. Yet, prices here are very attractive and will really help to save a lot of money, so we give 4 stars to the pharmacy in this point.

Shipping Option on the Website

There is a special page on the website devoted to shipping options for customers. Delivery will cost you about $10 for orders within North America. For order over $300 within North America the delivery will be free. The pharmacy offers no international delivery.shipping options

So in turns out that the delivery can cost more that $10 if you live in some other location, and if you live in another country you won’t be able to purchase medications from this website. Average terms of delivery are 10 – 18 days, and there is no opportunity to get Express or Courier timeIn out opinion these options are insufficient and the main disadvantage is absence of international delivery. Many customers would have to choose another company because they simply won’t be able to get medications from here. That’s why our score to is only 2 stars.

Ways to Pay for Orders

Unlike shipping options, payment options are not listed in some special section. The only way to get information about variants of payment is to visit «FAQ» page. This very inconvenient for many people, if they can’t find essential information at quick access.

So the options for paying for order are the following:

  • Personal Checks;
  • Money orders;
  • E-checks;
  • International money orders;
  • Bank certified checks.

As we can see, no credit cards are listed, but there is information, that after you pay for your order no credit card data are stores in the pharmacy. Confusing information, and we ourselves do not really know what to think and how to understand this. Still during checkout process there is no payment details that you should provide, so there is nothing left to do, but contact the support group and clarify this question.payment options

The pharmacy accepts payment and provides prices in US dollars only, so everything you see is the end price for products. In general information provided on the website is insufficient and controversial. There is no clear list of all methods of payment available on the website, so the only score can get is 3 stars.

Technical Details of

Google Page Speed Test

After the test by Google Page Speed we got quite positive results. The report shows not the best but quite normal indicators which could be improved after some work. The desktop and mobile indicators are almost equal and in the average zone, but of course they should be as high as possible. The website offers some measure to be taken by administration to improve work of the website, and if they are taken, that the results will even more positive than they are. But for now we can give only 2.9 stars to in this point.desktopmobile for Mobile Devices

The website provide mobile version for customers but it is completely impossible to use. The text is too small to read it, so the website is not adapted to the mobile phone screen, so customers won’t be able to make a purchase on the website from their mobile devices. We think that this a very big disadvantage for the company, considering that in our time everyone is using smartphones and tablets more often than computers and laptops. That’s why it is very important to provide comfortable website interface, with readable text and pictures. Otherwise the company will lose many possible clients in future. That’s why now the company gets only 1 star for this point.

Secure Connection

When people decide to buy something online they are always concerned about their data safety. Nobody wants to entrust personal information to some scam organizations. That’s why it is necessary to make sure that the website you are visiting is reliable and safe. For this purpose most responsible organizations use secure connection to protect their customers from data theft. They use https:// protocol to provide comfortable and secure shopping top all visitors of their website. To check is the website is safe you need to look at its address – if it starts with https (not http) and has a green lock near it, than you can be calm about your personal information safety.https protocol

As we can see, provides secure connection on all its pages, not only on «Checkout» page, as most websites do. This means that you can visit any page of the website and not worry that you will be attacked by some hackers. No matter which data you enter on the website, it will be safe. To get more information about secure connection on this website you can view details of the certificate of safety.certificatecertificateThe pharmacy uses 256-bit encryption which is the highest level of data protection – this is undoubtedly a great plus in favor of the pharmacy but unfortunately information about certificate owner is hidden, so there is no proof of its reliability. In general level of safety is satisfactory on this website that’ why we give 4 stars for this point.

Program for Antivirus Protection

We can see that there is antivirus protection on the website, which shows high level of responsibility of the administration. The customers can be completely calm about their safety. Even if people do not have any antivirus protection on their devices, the website took measures to provide secure shopping for all customers.antivirus

Also the pharmacy provides protection for checkout procedure by using GeoTrust company service. There is information on the website with certificate, which you can read at any time.geotrust

The fact that the company takes responsibility for customers safety from any malware programs while being on the website allows us giving the highest score to the pharmacy – 5 stars for this point.

Simplicity of Placing Orders

Making orders here is simple. The whole process will take you 5 to 10 minutes. Of course, to make an order you have to register on the website, an this is a disadvantage because takes additional time, but on the other hand this step takes 1 minute of your time, and there is nothing else that you have to do.ordering

The whole procedure is the following: you find necessary products, add them to cart and proceed to checkout. Then you have to register on the website; after that review your order again and it’s done. Your order is placed and you get a message on the screen showing you details of the order again. You don’t need to choose delivery method, as there is only 1 option for all orders. And payment details will be provided after the order is confirmed by the company.ordering On the mail you also get a confirmation letter, that your order has been placed. But further step require prescription from you. You won’t be able to pay for the order and get it shipped until you send valid prescription to the pharmacy. This step will take more of your time, but in general it is a good thing that the pharmacy sells medications on prescription.confirmation letter So to get your order dispatched it will take some time, which I some situations is unacceptable, so considering all time-consuming steps in ordering process here, we give 3.5 stars for this point.

Is Legit?

Reliability of the Pharmacy

According to the website is quite reliable, but you should consider some facts about it and make sure that it is really safe before ordering products there. First of all, the company uses programs to hide its real location. So you can’t see, where it is really based. Usually scam company do this, but maybe the pharmacy only tries to avoid spam mailing. The safety rating of the company is quite high – 46% and the domain age is really impressive – more than 12 years. This shows that the website is proved by many years of working.scamadviser

But the address on the website and in this report do not coincide, and this speaks not in favor of pharmacy reputation. Such confusing fact means that the company is trying to hide something. Besides there were malware report on this website, which means that antivirus protection is completely ineffective, though it is said on the website, that level of protection is very high.

Considering everything said above we can conclude that the website has some serious problems with safety and reliability. The administration must immediately take measures to eliminate them as soon as possible, but for now we can give only 2.5 stars.

Prescription Requirement

The pharmacy claims that medications are sold only on valid prescription. Without the prescription your order will not be completed and sent to you. And after we submitted then we really got a requirement for prescription, before any payment was proceeded. This speaks about responsible attitude of the pharmacy to its job.prescription requirement

There are several ways to send your prescription: mail, e-mail, fax. You will have to provide a real prescription written by a licensed doctor, no other methods will work for the pharmacy. After they get you prescription, you will make payment and your order will be sent to you. Such measure will prevent people from engaging in self-medication, which is fraught with consequences. That’s why in this point we give 5 stars. Legitimacy

According to the pharmacy is included in the list of UNAPPROVED pharmacies, which is not a bad sign. The fact that the report for this company is present on this website tells that there were some problems and somebody files for it, but the organization is not listed as rogue, which means that there are some issues that do not allow the pharmacy to get APPROVED status, but the company can be considered legit. We do not know all the criteria used to estimate organizations but we believe that with some work and improvements the pharmacy will get a better status. But for now our score to is 2.5 stars.legitimacy

Certificates of Products Quality

On the website you can find information that the pharmacy provides only high-quality medications. Most online store write this to earn trust of customer, but few can prove that the quality is really high and you won’t get chalk-filled pills instead of medications. But has certificates proving that the quality of products is high and that the pharmacy legally leads its activity. The pharmacy is an active member of CIPA and also verified by This facts cannot but add some point to pharmacy reputation and trust. So this point earns 5 stars.cipa pharmacychecker certificates Reviews

Reviews on the Website

Sadly, but the website doesn’t have any page with comments of customers that have already estimated work of the service. There is no possibility to check if what pharmacy speaks about itself is true. It looks like no one ever wanted to share his/her opinion with other customers in the Internet. Considering that the pharmacy claims to be reliable and trusted, it seems very strange that the administration didn’t think about creating special page for comments. Or they just want to hide their poor performance.

As we can see, the pharmacy didn’t even provide such opportunity to clients, and even if you want to share your experience, you won’t be able to do this on this website. So absence of customers’ testimonials doesn’t allow us to see true picture of website’s work, that why for this point gets 1 star.

Testimonials on Other Websites

Like with testimonials on the main page, there is no comments on other websites and forums, so we have no possibility to see what people really think about the company. Probably the company just doesn’t have enough customers, and there is no one to leave feedback, but in this case we are curious why the website exists for such a long time. For such a long period there must be some positive or negative opinions, but we managed to find none.

We hope that this is just some flaw that can be eliminated with the help of customers themselves, but for now we can’t give a high score to the pharmacy for this point. The only way to improve the situation is to encourage customers to leave feedback on different websites, which will positively effect overall situation. Our score to is 1 star. Coupon Code

Unfortunately the pharmacy doesn’t offer any discounts for their products. No special offers and coupon codes for new or regular clients. The only offer they provide is FREE delivery for all orders over $300 within North America, but this offer seems insignificant, while many other companies provide some bonuses to their visitors.

In the Internet there is also nothing to find. The only website we could find provides no coupon codes, but general information about low prices on the website. Anyway the website even doesn’t have a field for coupon code, so there is no opportunity to get a

For this point we give only 1 star, advising to create some special offers for customers. This step will attract more clients and will improve the situation with attractiveness of the service. We hope to see some interesting changes on the website in future, but for now there is nothing to be happy about.

Support Service for Clients

«Contacxt Us» on the Website

The company provides a very detailed information about contact details to customers. This is a great advantage for the pharmacy. Special page with contact details provides phone numbers, mail, e-mail and fax. So you can choose which way is the most convenient for information

On the top of the page you may see an «ad» advising to call the support group to get qualified consultation and answers to your question. But the main drawback of the company in this point is absence of contact form or live chat. It turns out that you have no opportunity to contact the support group if you can’t call them. Also there is no information about operating hours of the support group, so we can assume that they are available 24/7. So for this point we can give only 3 stars for absence of online form for contacting managers.

Contacting the Support Group

The biggest disadvantage of the pharmacy in general, not counting all the previous facts, is that there is no online contact form or live chat. We have no opportunity to contact the support group and ask a question. For those clients who do not want to or have no opportunity this is a great problem – how to get a consultation? This situation must be fixed as soon as possible, as we can’t estimate the work of the support service.

As there is no contact form, we can’t send a message to them, which means that we don’t get any help and information. That’ why we can give only 1 stars to the pharmacy in this point. We hope that in future customers will be able to contact them online.

To Sum Up…

Concluding everything said above it should be said that the pharmacy deserves the right to exist on the market. It can be trusted but still we advise to treat this service with caution. There are some serious drawbacks in the company but also there are many positive points if consider the work of the pharmacy in general.

It is really important to provide connection with the support group, but in this company you only can contact them by phone. Also it is very inconvenient that we can’t see the whole list of products and have to look for medications by search. But the pharmacy also provides true information about itself – it requires prescription, quality of products is proved by reliable organizations, and transactions on this website are secure. These facts must be considered when estimation performance of the service. That’s why we give 2.6 out of a 5 star rating, hoping that in future its work will only be better.