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Canadian Health and Care Mall Review: A 3,3-Star Rating with Low Security and Legitimacy Data

Self-Introduction of AcanadianHealthCareMall.com

logoAcanadianHealthCareMall.com is a well-known Canadian drug distributor. This online pharmacy specializes in generic medications sale at a considerably low price. This online pharmacy administration points out its main aim is to make buying drugs online more affordable due to price lowering down. AcanadianHealthCareMall.com claims they are not a rough pharmacy but we are going to examine this aspect carefully by means of special services online. We will describe all the information found in-depth to prove or object the reliability of AcanadianHealthCareMall.com.

Assortment Diversity

Assortment diversity is an option able to provide customers an opportunity to find the required medication as fast as possible. AcanadianHealthCareMall.com offers 20 drug categories including men’s health, women’s health, pain relief, antibiotics, antidepressants, mental health/epilepsy, anxiety/sleep aid, blood pressure/heart, cholesterol, anti-allergic/asthma, weight loss, skin care, eye care, stomach, antidiabetic, antiviral, cancer, stop smoking, general health, vitamins/herbal supplements. Each drug category on the front page looks like this:

drug categories

Moreover, each category contains the raw number of medications sold without a prescription. When clicking on this or that drug category, you will see the following picture:

medicationsEach medication is supplied with an image, short description, price per pill, order now button by means of which a customer may arrange an order online. When clicking on medication you choose you will see the table with prices and dosages plus greater medication description.

One more way to find a medication is search bar where you may enter medication name and carry out searching. This is a very useful option if you do not want to scroll a great number of medications in a category. Such an option makes searching as fast and convenient as possible.


In general, we may highly estimate this unit because assortment is really diverse. It may satisfy even the most exacting customer. Even rare medications for cancer treatment are in-stock in AcanadianHealthCareMall.com. As a result, our mark is 5 points for this unit.

Prices Accessibility on AcanadianHealthCareMall.com

Price is the major element when people go shopping online. Future customers believe they will find prices much more affordable in comparison with conventional drugstores. As a result, this unit will be carefully examined and fairly estimated. We are going, for example, Viagra and Cialis prices in Canada.

Generic Viagra 25 mg price per pill if you buy 40 pills is $1.67. This price is high, especially for Viagra of generic origin. There are online pharmacies which offer considerably low price for the same number of pills and dosage.

Viagra price

In fact, AcanadianHealthCareMall.com is some kind of wholesaler: the more you buy the more you save. If you decide to buy Viagra 50 mg 360 pills, you will pay $0.77 per pill. But sometimes it is inconvenient because it is rather odd for a person to buy such a great number of Viagra pills.

It means that people may have no such a demand to buy so many pills. But in fact, a wholesaler is not able to meet all customers’ demands.

As to speak about Cialis as well of generic origin, you have to pay $1.43 per pill if you buy Cialis 2,5 mg 80 pills. As to compare with Viagra, Cialis in this dosage costs less but in fact, in other online pharmacies the situation is opposite – Cialis price is higher than Viagra.

Cialis price

Such a situation makes people confused and disappointed sometimes because there is a great number of men preferring to buy Viagra. Viagra price + its checked effectiveness turn this medication in a NUMBER 1 among ED drugs. But here there is one more interesting and attractive aspect, AcanadianHealthCareMall.com offers 10-% off every purchase what makes shopping online is really more affordable. There is one more option – it is possible to change the currency.


This option works on the level to make shopping affordable. Considering all mentioned above our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Shipping Options

AcanadianHealthCareMall.com offers two main shipping options with an international delivery. They are:

  • Regular Airmail (10-21 days);
  • Express Courier System (8-14 days).

shipping options

The delivery is charged. If your order is brought by Regular Airmail, you have to pay for delivery $15.00, but if Express Courier System is carried out delivery, your charge is $25.00. NOTE: Express Courier System is available for the US customers only!

Shipping may become free if a customer meets main requirements. If your order total is starting with $150.00 you will be granted free Regular Airmail delivery. If your total exceeds $300.00 and if you live in the USA, Express Courier System will bring your parcel freely.

shippingAcanadianHealthCareMall.com offers shipping insurance. If your order total is over $200.00, your insurance is free. If you do not buy so many pills, you should pay $4.95 to get shipping guarantee. Our overall mark for this unit is 3 points.

Payment Options

AcanadianHealthCareMall.com payment options are:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • eChecks;
  • Bitcoin.

payment options

The best payment option is proved to be MasterCard. As you can see in the image, you may pay for an order by means of Bitcoin and get an additional 10-% discount. Canadian Health and Care Mall offers the most popular payment methods which are up to you to choose. When entering a checkout page you will have the right to choose the most convenient for you payment option. Our overall mark for this unit is 5 points.

Technical Data

Google Page Speedy Data about AcanadianHealthCareMall.com Loading

Google Page Speed estimates websites’ performance according to two indicators: speed and optimization. AcanadianHealthCareMall.com optimization indicators are high enough to provide high-quality performance – mobile version has 97 out of 100 and desktop 71 out of 100. Such data let us get high mark but the division “Speed”, data is unavailable. It means that site administration tries to hide this data from Google Page Speed service. The hidden information is a sign that something wrong is present on the website.

google page speedWhen analyzing all these indicators, we come to a conclusion that AcanadianHealthCareMall.com deserves 2,7 for both mobile and desktop versions.

Mobile Version of AcanadianHealthCareMall.com

Mobile version of any eCommerce website is an option to get access to an online pharmacy in no time. Mobile version of AcanadianHealthCareMall.com is user-friendly adjusted to different smartphones. There are no problems with readability, the text doesn’t run one on another. In general, you may easily command the service of mobile version to arrange an order online by means of any mobile device. Accounting Google Page Speed with a high indicator of mobile version our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is Connection Secure on Canadian Health and Care Mall Website?

When entering the front page of Canadian Health and Care Mall website you will understand that the connection is insecure. The following information is confirmed.

insecure connection

But when you put any medication into a shopping cart and go to it immediately the connection becomes secure. Your personal data is encrypted by 128-bit server, the certificate is verified by thawte.Inc. But unfortunately, the company owner information is hidden. There are more effective means for customers’ personal data protection. It means that site administration doesn’t make all the efforts to provide high-quality and absolute protection of personal data. Our common mark for this unit is 2 points. Try to optimize this unit!

secure connection

Antivirus Presence

AcanadianHealthCareMall.com installs the antivirus to protect customers devices from “catching” viruses and other online threats. This eCommerce website utilizes McAfee as the most effective means to defeat viruses. In general, there are so many websites what neglect the necessity to install an antivirus, no matter what kind of. But AcanadianHealthCareMall.com understands they bare responsibility for customers’ protection. Great job – 5 points for this unit!


Is It Convenient to Make Order via AcanadianHealthCareMall.com?

ordering procedureWhen we enter any website for making orders, we look at the aspect whether the registration is required or not. In fact, AcanadianHealthCareMall doesn’t require any kind of registration for any kind of customers. It means that you may save time while buying online via this online source. For making an order online, customers should follow step-by-step instruction:

  1. Select the medication or other items you need by browsing drug categories or using the search field.
  2. Define the quantity and put it to a shopping cart by means of ‘Order Now’ button pressing.
  3. When reaching this step you are still able to go back to shopping and select any other items.
  4. When you are sure that everything is in your shopping cart, proceed to checkout page. Then you can choose the shipping method mentioned above in the review.
  5. You will be required to enroll the form with your personal data, such as name, shipping address and billing information.
  6. After your credit card is accepted you will get a confirmation e-mail about your order details and the way it is proceeded by online pharmacy staff.

After following all the recommendations, you won’t waste time in vain and arrange an order as fast as possible. If you still have any question you may read “How To Order” page on AcanadianHealthCareMall.com to fill any gaps. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

AcanadianHealthCareMall.com Security and Legitimacy

Is AcanadianHealthCareMall.com Secure According to ScamAdviser.com?

According to ScamAdviser.com, security service checker, only 48-% of security is granted to AcanadianHealthCareMall.com. The status sounds in the following way: “This Site Has Been Threat Listed”. ScamAdviser.com hesitates website origin and company owner location. The site administration tries to use special services to hide location. As a result, website origin and company owner are probably based in France but more likely – the Russian Federation. 85-% speaks for the Russian Federation as speaking about website location. This domain location involves countries which are introduced in the list of high-risk countries.


Such a hidden information make people hesitate in reliability or even existence such an eCommerce website. Moreover, there were detected cases of blackmailing. Sometimes, eCommerce resources utilize hidden services to avoid the problem of blackmailing but it is not the reason to make the same with other websites.

Domain age 3 years 214 days but website popularity is unknown during all this period. Again, it may be a sign of hidden services performance. Such a great amount hidden information gives us an opportunity to reduce the mark to 2 points.

Prescription Request

AcanadianHealthCareMall.com requires no prescription for getting access to medications they sell. Such an absence may imply the problem with legitimacy. The legal online pharmacies have no right to sell medication over-the-counter if they are intended for prescription sale. We cannot give a high mark for such a serious mistake, only 1 point is deserved by AcanadianHealthCareMall.com.

Is AcanadianHealthCareMall.com Legit?

LegitScript.com defines AcanadianHealthCareMall.com as “Rough” pharmacy. This means that pharmacy carries out some illegal business which violates the rights of customers when they arrange orders online. The first case scenario is you won’t be delivered any kind of medications, the second one is you will get your medications but of poor quality. We cannot highly estimate this unit that’s why our mark is only 1 point.


Reviews about AcanadianHealthCareMall.com

Reviews on AcanadianHealthCareMall.com

There are reviews on Canadian Health and Care Mall. There is a separate page with reviews left by almost 100-% satisfied customers. The latest review was left dated 2016, January. It seems that people from different cities and even countries leave a feedback about Canadian Health and Care Mall performance. But unfortunately, we cannot believe in these reviews because there is no way for this reviews to appear on this website because there is no contact form by means of which people may leave a review. One more aspect is the absence of photos, all the picture seems to be fake.


Here you see the review from the response of Canadian Health and Care Mall support group. But we cannot examine its originality. We cannot ignore the presence of reviews on AcanadianHealthCareMall.com but our mark is 3 points for absence of “fresh” reviews and contact form for leaving a feedback.

Reviews about Canadian Health and Care Mall on Foreign Resources

Having surfed the Internet, we found the only one foreign website where there are 7 reviews left. This website is TrustedSite. These 7 reviews give AcanadianHealthCareMall.com an opportunity to gain high rating – 4,5 out of 5. There are 5 excellent marks and 2 – negative.

foreign reviews

During 3 years of website existence, only 7 reviews appear on the Internet. Moreover, all the reviews are left at one and the same time – 269 days ago. This cannot be a coincidence. We do not believe in such reviews of inevitable origin.


Such an unpleasant situation encourages us to level down the mark to 3 points. Few reviews together with one day of their appearance have done its business.

Coupon Code on AcanadianHealthCareMall.com

coupon code
Canadian Health and Care Mall offers coupon code located on the front page of AcanadianHealthCareMall.com. This coupon code grants a 10-% discount for all customers. The valid code is HEALTHCARE10. When making an order, during the checkout page you will see an empty field for coupon code filling in. Moreover, the price is already counted with the account of a 10-% discount. It is the greatest opportunity for many to save money and spend them in another way.

your discount coupon

There are also special offers with attractive prices for combo orders. One more option is the possibility to get free delivery and shipping insurance. We are glad to claim overall mark for this unit is 5 points.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Page

“Contact Us” section is rich in addresses:

  • the main office;
  • the US branch office;
  • warehouse.

contact dataThe main office is located in Canada, Mississauga, ON. The US branch office is located in Dallas, TX. The warehouse is located in India. Unfortunately, there is no phone number by means of which customers may get professional assistance immediately. The information about contact addresses is comprehensive, which allow us to grant 4 points for this unit.

Customer Support Service

There is no live chat to get the immense response from Canadian Health and Care Mall customer support group. But there is a contact form which is the only option able to connect you with customer support service. When entering the necessary information, press the Submit button. After some time you should get the answer but there are cases when such contact forms are made in order to distract the attention. We have asked the question about whether this online pharmacy has all documents for sale generic medications without a prescription online but unfortunately, we have failed. Customer support group cannot realize they bare responsibility for improper functioning. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

contact form

Conclusion: A 3,3-Star Rating with Low Security and Legitimacy Data

AcanadianHealthCareMall.com is an online drug distributor which the main specialization is proved to be generic medications. There are 20 drug categories devoted to eliminating various disorders symptoms. The price policy is organized in such a way to make shopping affordable. The wholesale system is applied but sometimes you have to buy more to save money.

Technical data is satisfactory. There is either mobile version or antivirus. There are some problems with a secure connection but personal data is encrypted though not to the full extent. The ordering procedure is convenient, the registration is not required. The prescription is not the main demand for buying online via AcanadianHealthCareMall.com. This condition doesn’t satisfy us in a full because an absence of prescription may mean you will buy medicine of poor quality.

Scamadviser.com gives only 48-% of security when LegitScript.com confirm this online pharmacy to be rough. There is a confusion of website origin and owner location – ScamAdviser.com doubts between France and the Russian Federation. Reviews are present on the website but of suspicious origin. There is no a feedback form. Reviews on foreign resources about AcanadianHealthCareMall.com are not enormous and cannot prove 100-% the reliability and high-quality of Canadian Health and Care Mall performance.

We believe that this online pharmacy may attract customers by means of discounts and bonuses but be attentive – check the gained information twice to become sure – a 3,3-Star rating is not a limit. There is some space for further development.