Review: A High Rated Online Pharmacy with Conflicting Outside Reviews

What is Canadian Pharmacy Meds?

Canadian Pharmacy Meds claims to be the best online pharmacy offering high quality prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines at affordable prices. So far, the company has fulfilled more than 250000 prescription orders since 2004. The online pharmacy serves customers all around the world including but not limited to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, the United States, India, Singapore Turkey and other countries. The pharmacy website advertises the lowest prices and discounts up to 90% off. The company also guarantees the savings up to 90%.


Canadian Pharmacy Meds guarantees the best customer service, quality and safety. The company is proud to have earned the trust and devotion of customers from all over the world. The company pays attention that is takes care of the risk involved in providing medicines to its patients – all drugs are said to be insured and carry no risk.

What Can You Buy Here?

The company offers prescription and OTC drugs, both brand and generic. At first, we though there was only one option to find the required drug on the website – to enter his name in the search line. Even the guidelines “How to Order” indicated this option only. We managed to study a catalog of the pharmacy and evaluate its variety only after we screened the whole site. We didn’t hope to find any, buy finally saw a tiny Site Map inscription in the bottom of the page. Here we found the full list of medications arranged alphabetically – more than 500 medications in its assortment, such as Ablify, Actonel, Lipitor, Plavix, Evista. We could also see a few products on the front page which were considered best-sellers: Actos, Advair, Celebrex, Flomax, Nexium, Premarin, Prevacid. Considering this, we can suggest that the online pharmacy offers medications from such categories as Osteoarthritis, Paget’s disease of bone, Diabetes, Asthma, Heart Attack, Stroke, Postmenopause, Enlarged Prostate, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, GERD.

Canadian Pharmacy Meds assortment

We tried to enter some drugs for Erectile Dysfunction in the search line, though none of such drugs was considered a best-seller at this pharmacy. We managed to find in the catalog such drugs for men’s health: Viagra, Sidenafil (Generic), Cialis, Tadalafil (Generic), Levitra, Vardenafil (Generic), Sildenafil Soft Tabs (Generic), Stendra (Avanafil). We may suggest the online pharmacy has a pretty good choice of ED medications. They say they list not all available medications on the website. However, the customers can call or email the pharmacy team if they can’t find the necessary drug online, and the consultants will help to find out whether an equivalent substitute is available. We consider this option not very convenient – it takes much time and effort. The customers want to see all options in the catalog.  For this reason, the pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit of our review. Prices

The company claims to fix the lowest prices for all products, as we have already mentioned above, and explains such policy as follows: drugs from Canada and some other countries are significantly cheaper than those offered in the United States.

CanadianPharmacyMeds prices

Also, the pharmacy offers many generic drugs, which are much more affordable but not available in the USA. To confirm this statement, we decided to check out the prices for some meds used for erectile dysfunction treatment: namely, Viagra, Sildenafil (Generic), Cialis, Tadalafil (Generic), Levitra, Vardenafil (Generic). We found the following offers:

  • Price for Brand Viagra 100mg starts from $18 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $9.11 per tablet);
  • Price for Sildenafil Generic 25mg starts from $7.75 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $2.55 per tablet);
  • Price for Brand Cialis 10mg starts from $21.25 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $4.03 per tablet);
  • Price for Tadalafil Generic 20mg starts from $9.75 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $1.65 per tablet).
  • Price for Brand Levitra 20mg starts from $17.5 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $4.16 per tablet);
  • Price for Vardenafil Generic 10mg starts from $4.1 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $2.10 per tablet).

We consider the website has one more drawback: they indicate neither prices per tablet nor the cheapest variant of the drug. The dosage subdivision is also not very convenient, so it took pretty much time for us to orient in the prices offered at this pharmacy. No doubts the prices are definitely not the lowest ones in the Internet.

However, Canadian Pharmacy Meds claims to do everything possible to help their customers save money and promises to beat a competitor’s price by 10% of the difference, if a customer find a lower price advertised, though there may be some exceptions. The website administration places the link to this information on the front page (so every customer may notice this interesting offer) and provides a detailed information on how to get better prices for products:

Canadian Pharmacy Meds price beat
Thus, the online pharmacy prices are not the cheapest one we can find in the Internet, but the interesting offer of beating a competitor’s price by 10% allows us to give them 3 stars out of 5 for this point of our review.

Shipping Terms

Canadian Pharmacy Meds claims that all their medications are shipped from trusted and licensed pharmacies or approved international centers that guarantee the highest safety and service. Orders are delivered to almost all countries of the world via Regular Airmail. Delivery time may vary, depending on the destination. The pharmacy claims to deliver orders within 48 – 72 hours locally, and within 16 – 18 working days internationally.

The company offers NO free delivery of the products. The shipping cost makes $10 and international shipments cost is about $25. We consider this price extremely high – some other online pharmacies offer free delivery worldwide, so customers can find much more interesting drug supplier.

The pharmacy guarantees to resend medication if it was damaged during transportation, but offers NO money refund. Besides, you can’t return the medication even it was not used: once a drug has left the pharmacy office, it cannot be returned for any reason.

So, we can’t but notice the sufficient drawbacks of this online pharmacy in terms of delivery: no free delivery options available, quite long delivery time, no tracking available, no express delivery. The pharmacy gets 2 stars star out of 5 for this unit of our review. Payment Options

The front page of Canadian Pharmacy Meds contained no information about payment options available. We managed to find this information only after we registered as a new client and started placing an order. We found out that customers can pay for their orders via Visa, MasterCard and E-Check. From our point of view, the website should place such information on the front page for customers’ convenience. It would be such a disappointment to find out they offer no payment method you’d like to use after passing a registration. Considering this, the company gets only 3 stars for this unit of the review.

Technical Characteristics of the Site

Checking Website Load Time via Google Page Speed

We analyzed page loading speed of Canadian Pharmacy Meds website via Google Page Speed and here are the results:

Canadian Pharmacy Meds Google Page

These indicators are considered low and the website needs to consider fixing: optimize images, minify HTML, prioritize visible content and some other things.

We suggest this is a sufficient disadvantage of the online pharmacy. How can it allow their website to be bogged down by unoptimized images and files? This means they may easily lose their current visitors, as clients expect the pages to load quickly and they won’t wait if they don’t. For this reason, we give the pharmacy only 2 for this point of our review. Mobile Version

The pharmacy has made their website mobile-friendly, which is a great advantage, as many people use their smartphones to ordering products online – and medication Is not an exception. The mobile version of Canadian Pharmacy Meds website is readable, immediately usable and organized in a mobile-friendly design pattern. Interface elements are enlarged, word count is reduced, unimportant information is transferred to secondary pages. The front page contains the video “How to Order”, bestsellers, registration field, links to My Account and My Cart, link to the latest news placed on the website.

So, the mobile site satisfies almost all the mobile users’ needs. We suggest visitors can have a good experience on this website site when they’re visiting it from their mobile devices. For this reason, the website gets 5 stars.

Encrypted Connection

Encrypted connection is always a guarantee of secure online ordering. uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to provide the security of online ordering. 128-bit SSL encryption gives customers the minimal level of protection possible when they place an online order at the website – SSL security is verified by GeoTrust. security

That is, your personal data will be protected and information you enter will not get to the third parties (your login / password, credit card details). We give 3 stars for this unit, as this security level is considered decent but not best. However, we suggest users will not have any problems when making payment online.

Website Security

The administration of the website provided Norton and McAfee antivirus protection (information in the bottom of the main page), which makes ordering in this online pharmacy more secure. Norton is among the best antivirus protection of 2017. Thus, the user can be calm while surfing the website without fearing of catch viruses, worms, spyware, unwanted adware, Trojans.

virus protection

This indicates that the online pharmacy takes care of customers protection, and that is an advantage and. Considering this, the pharmacy receives 5 stars for this unit of our review.

Convenience of Placing Orders at

To place an order at Canadian Pharmacy Meds, customers need to log in or create a new account:

The website contains a special section “How to Order Prescription Drugs Online”, where the customer can read all the options available and even see a video, and this is a great advantage.

canadianpharmacymeds ordering

The website administration introduces Drug Search Tool to find prescription medication. To place an order, you need to create an account: on the one hand, this may facilitate the next orders, but on the other – can prolong the process of ordering.

All in all, customers can 4 ordering options available:

  1. Using Drug Search Tool;canadianpharmacymeds search bar
  2. Orders by Phone;
  3. Orders via Fax;
  4. Sending Email.

The pharmacy team promises to help create an account for a new client and help place the order. Ordering by fax or email, users need to download and complete order forms offered on the site. The website administration asks not to hesitate and contact them is customers have any difficulties with placing orders online using Canadian Prescription Service Customer Care Center:

need helpFor customers’ convenience, the pharmacy divides all drugs on RX (a valid prescription needed) and OTC (medicine is available over the counter). has some drawbacks we can’t neglect:

  • no possibility to choose the currency;
  • no price indicated per unit.

For these reasons, we consider that convenience of placing orders on this website can be valued at 4 stars out of 5.

Is Canadian Pharmacy Meds Legitimate?

Checking Website Rating via ScamAdvisor indicates that has been threat listed, however gives a 85% trust rating to the pharmacy.

canadianpharmacymeds scamadviser

The online service helped us determine that the pharmacy seems to operate most probably from the United States of America or Barbados, and in any case has nothing to do with Canada, where many of the scam pharmacies are operating from. This means the company hides its real location for some reason, which may alert the customers. There are lots of visitors coming to the website, so the company seems to be popular. Domain age is 14 years, which is a relevant period and a good indicator – the pharmacy was not banned during this term. The online service advises to consider this information carefully and decide if you want to take risks. ScamAdvisor also mentions that Canadian Pharmacy Meds website can relate to virus/malware issues.

The online company gets 4 stars for this item due to high trust rating on ScamAdvisor but discrepant website origin.

Prescription Requirement

The company sells both prescription and non-prescription drugs.


Customers of the online pharmacy have to send a valid prescription written by a doctor for all RX products along with a copy of the Driver’s License. Users may send prescription via fax, email or upload a scanned copy.


Once received, your order will be processed and shipped directly to you.  Customers can also place online prescription refill orders toll-free at 1-877-278-5387. Prescription requirement suggests that the attitude to the medicine is as strict there as in regular pharmacies. Over the counter medications do not require a prescription.

Thus, Canadian Pharmacy Meds gets 5 stars for this item of review due to responsible approach to the sale of medicines.

Checking Website Legitimacy via LegitScript

Canadian Pharmacy Meds was given a “Rogue” pharmacy status, as it meets its definition of a Rogue internet pharmacy, according to the LegitScript analysis. We found no explanation below concerning the status awarded to this website. Legit Script

For this reason, we can give the website only 1 star for this item of the review.

Certification & Trust

Canadian Pharmacy Meds stands out the majority of online pharmacies by being an approved and valid member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association – CIPA (the only National Association of international pharmacies in Canada), which seal certifiies that the pharmacy is ethical, professional, and carries out the highest standards of practice, and International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia – IPABC, which  ensures that the pharmacy delivers high quality and affordable medications to customers around the world.  The online pharmacy provides the badges to click for Valid Verification Information:

canadianpharmacymeds certificates

This means, Canadian Pharmacy Meds meets and exceeds the standards of 2 leading pharmacy accreditation organizations. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 5 stars. Reviews

Customer Reviews about

For more information about the company legibility, we searched but found NO reviews on the website itself. There is not even a field where you can share your experience, so you won’t be able to leave a comment even if you want to. So we can’t say for sure whether this pharmacy is reliable or not. This is a great disadvantage of the website, as many customers would like to read what other buyers say about the service and quality of the medicines before placing orders online, and they will not stick around if they do not find any. We would strongly recommend the website’s administration pay attention to customers reviews & suggestions. This point of the review is given 1 star. Reviews on Independent Websites and Medical Forums

As we did not find any customer reviews on the pharmacy website, we decided to search for reviews on outside websites, and found mixed reviews on the pharmacy services – both negative and positive. The pharmacy received not a massive response from customers. Take a look: review review 2

Customers have reviewed many aspects of the website. Some customers seem satisfied with the products and services offered by the pharmacy. According to Kim St-Yves, the pharmacy offers good prices, convenient website, quick delivery.

Another customer appreciates fast and polite service and offers a great possibility to save money. review review 4
However, some customers had negative experience when ordering from Canadian Pharmacy Meds:

A few customers were disappointed by a long delivery and slow customer service, though they finally got their medication.

Other reviews showed that the pharmacy shipped inferior medication and would not take it back.

We found very few customer reviews, so we can’t say for sure whether it’s safe to order from this drugstore or not. Of course, every online shop has a definite percentage of failures. Obviously, everything can be as you expect, but there is also a certain risk. Considering this, we can give the pharmacy only 3 stars out of 5 for customer reviews. Promo Code

We found no coupon codes or discounts available at the moment. However, Canadian Pharmacy Meds offers some saving options: customers can subscribe to the news to receive new special offers andcoupons via email: offers

Customers can also enjoy free shipping on their orders.

So only regular customers can save money buying from this drugstore. For this reason, we give 2 stars for this unit.

Canadian Pharmacy Meds Customer Support

Contact information

The online pharmacy provides the detailed contact information (including address, several phone numbers – for local and international calls, fax number), which indicates transparency of the company. contact information

The website operates from Richmond, Canada, and started its operation on 2004, which is a great advantage. The pharmacy gets 5 stars for the full information provided.

How Can You Get Consultation at Canadian Pharmacy Meds?

Unfortunately, the site has no Live Chat for instant messaging. However, the website team mentions that the customer can get in touch with a customer center representative easily via phone numbers indicated on the site. phone

Their customer service is available from 5am-10pm from Monday to Friday, and 8am – 3pm from Saturday to Sunday. Users can also email the pharmacy on

If customers won’t be able to reach the manager by telephone, they can use the messaging service, which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They promise to answer within 24-48 hours.

We decided to check customer service personally and tried to contact the pharmacy using Contact Form – we asked to specify whether their medications are FDA-approved or not.

canadianpharmacymeds contact form

Unfortunately, we never received an answer. Besides, not every customer will be ready to wait 48 hours to get a reply, probably, we will just find another website with instant feedback from a customer center representative.

The pharmacy gets 1 star out of 5 for poor customer support.

To sum up offers a good variety of medication. The website provides an appropriate security level required when ordering online, has a high trust rating on ScamAdvisor and certified by Canadian International Pharmacy Association. However, the store has sufficient disadvantages that may alert the customer: not the cheapest prices in the Internet, no free delivery, delayed shipping, only one delivery option available, poor customer service, no coupon codes available. Negative reviews suggest that customers run a certain risk to get inferior products, however some customers claim to use the pharmacy services without any problems. For these reasons, we can give Canadian Pharmacy Meds only get 3,2 out of 5 stars, as the company needs to fix some things for customer convenience. You can try ordering from this online store, but we suggest you should thoroughly verify the reliability of the company by talking to their administration or sending emails before ordering any drugs.