Celebrate Halloween With Charlie and Lola ♥ DVD Review

Much to my delight, recently I was given the opportunity to review the special Halloween Charlie and LolaDVD, What Can I Wear for Halloween? prepare for raving, because I adore these characters!

Are you new to Charlie and Lola? I hadnt ever heard of them before being introduced by another mom blogger just last month! Its one of the only cartoons that I dont mind watching over and over (and over and OVER) with my daughter because:

1) It features a brother and sister who actually love each other and make an effort to be kind and thoughtful just the sort of people you would want hanging around your children!

2) The English accents. So. Awesome. I did think at one time that my daughter might learn to speak with that lovely accent, but alas, it has not happened as of yet. My husband and I speak like Charlie and Lola now, though. 😉

3) My husband actually loves them. Thats saying something.

4) The illustrations are simple but so sweet.

5) Lola is extreeeemely cute and she calls Charlie Chah-ley. She looks up to him. And her giggle makes me smile.

Each Charlie and Lola DVD contains about 9 or 10 episodes what a value! In Volume Nines Halloween episode, What Can I Wear For Halloween?, Lola finds herself without a costume just before Halloween. Charlie tries to help, but Lola doesnt want to be a spider or a witch (Everyone is going to be a witch, Charlie.) or anything brilliant Charlie can think of. It seems that everyone else knows what they want to be, and time is passing fast! Will Lola think of a special costume in time?

Episode List:

1. What Can I Wear for Halloween?
2. Everything is Different and not the Same
3. I am Goody the Good
4. But We Always do it Like This
5. I am Going to Save a Panda
6. I Slightly Want to go Home
7. Do Not Ever Never Let Go
8. I Would Actually Like to Keep It
9. But I Dont Really Like This Present

All of these episodes are equally wonderful I really dont have a favorite! Though But I Dont Really Like This Present is so funny and oh so true

I cant recommend Charlie and Lola enough! This DVD is a gem and since it features a Halloween episode, you have a wonderful reason to gift it right now! This volume is great for anytime, too not just Halloween. Theyre all great anytime episodes. Im totally hooked and cant wait to celebrate Christmas with Charlie and Lola as well!

You can buy Charlie and Lola, Volume 9: What Can I Wear For Halloween? at Amazon.com for $11.99 right now!

Barnes and Noble has it for $9.99, or $8.99 if youre a member!

Disclaimer: I was sent the Charlie and Lola DVD for review purposes only. This in no way sways my opinion or my post. This review is 100% my own opinion and my own content.

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