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Cheap-Pharma.com Review: Not Legitimate Online Pharmacy

Self-Introduction of Cheap-Pharma.com


Cheap-Pharma.com ensures international service. This store offers brand and generic medications of various conditions’ treatment. This domain belongs to Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. The international license number is 49451121 issued 17 Aug 2017. This company provides verification certificates of CIPA, MIPA. Unfortunately, they are not clickable. As a result, we are going to assess its validity. This online pharmacy is devoted to a high-quality service by selling the medications meeting all standards of production.

Assortment Diversity

Cheap-Pharma offers 27 drug categories. The most popular medication condition is erectile dysfunction. The majority of bestsellers’ list is composed of this category. If you suffer from one of these disorders as allergies, asthma, erectile dysfunction, anti fungal, anti viral, anxiety, arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, depression, diabetes, hair loss, heart disease, weight loss, women’s health you are welcome to find meds in these categories suitable for you. There are also birth control, herbals, weight loss, skincare, pain relief, muscle relaxant products and antibiotics.

drug categories

The list of bestsellers contains the following preparations: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Clomid, ED sample pack1, Brand viagra, Doxycycline, Propecia, Amoxil, Viagra Professional, Prednisone, Brand Cialis, Dapoxetine, Zithromax, Nolvadex, Cytotec, Cialis Professional, Viagra Super Active, Extra Super Viagra, Cialis Extra Dosage, Cialis Soft, Viagra Soft, Kamagra, Cipro, Female, Lasix, Zoloft, Tadapox, Xenical, Sildalis.


There is one more option which may reduce the time of searching. You may use alphabetic search or search by name options.

alphabetic searchsearch by name

The in-stock assortment of this company is diverse. The overall number of items is impossible for calculation. Finally, our mark is 5 points.

Prices Affordability

Generic Viagra price per pill is $0.27. The dosage is 25 mg. The package contains 360 pills. The total is $97.74. The savings are $390.96. This price is reasonable and attractive.

generic viagra price

If you want to test Tadalafil you will pay $0.68 per pill. The dosage is 2.5 mg with the package containing 360 pills. The total is $246.48. The savings are $251.47.

generic cialis price

The price per generic Levitra pill is $1.00. The dosage is 10 mg. The package includes 360 pills. The total is $360.22. The savings are $881.92.

generic levitra price

In fact, we may not believe in so great savings offered by this online pharmacy. There is an additional option which allows changing the currency from US dollar to EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, CZK, PLN, BGN, HUF, DKK, NOK, SEK, CHF, JPY, RON, CNY.

Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Shipping Options

Cheap-Pharma.com offers an international delivery. The delivery is carried out by 2 main systems:

  • Airmail delivery;
  • Express Courier System.

shipping options

An airmail delivery timeframe is 2-3 business weeks. The fee is $9.95. Free Airmail delivery is available if your order total exceeds $200.00. Unfortunately, the tracking is not optional when using this system.

Express delivery takes 3-8 business days. The fee is $19.95. The delivery may also be free if your total is over $300.00. The tracking is available by means of ID number.

There is no next day delivery but the possibility to get free international delivery may attract more and more customers from all over the world. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Payment Options

This online pharmacy accepts Visa and MasterCard. Credit cards are the only way to pay for an order online. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

payment options

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

desktop and mobile version

Regretfully, desktop and mobile versions according to Goole Page Speed have unsatisfactory data. Page speed indications are hidden. Optimization is low – 57 and 55 out of 100. Having seen such unsatisfactory indicators, users may definitely suppose the problems with the website loading may easily occur. You may face the problems with the completing an order online. Having used a special formula, we give only 1.3 points for this unit.

Mobile Version

mobile version

Unfortunately, there are some technical drawbacks of the mobile version. Google cannot reach this page. It means that customers cannot be able to complete and pay for an order by means of this online mobile version. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Is the Connection Secure?

Regretfully, the connection is insecure. You won’t be protected while commanding this service. There is no “green lock” in the address line.

insecure connection

When you are redirected to secure billing page you are protected by COMODO CA Limited. The encryption key is 256 bit. There is no ownership information. It is the reason for declining the overall rating.

secure connection

We are glad that even this page is supplied with the secure connection. The data provided by customers and considered private, personal information will be properly encrypted. It will prevent the hackers from gaining access to this data. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Antivirus Presence

There is no antivirus. This website may be full of viruses and other online threats which may infect your gadget or computer with the spread on the web viruses. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

How to Make an Order?

There is no consultation, there is no registration. In fact, the ordering procedure is not burdened by anything. You should choose the medication you need means of one of the most convenient methods. Then, you should choose the right dosage and number of pills. Check the shopping cart details and grapple with the shipping information.

shopping cart

There should be done nothing special for ordering. You won’t waste time on getting an access to the medical products.

The only inconvenience is that you are redirected after pressing the checkout page to the secure billing page. The billing page contains all the order details and personal data for completing an order online.

Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Is Cheap-Pharma.com Legit and Secure?

ScamAdviser.com about the Website Security Rate

Cheap-Pharma.com is a low-trust rating company. ScamAdviser.com gives 0% of security. The owner country is hidden. The website location is Lithuania. Ukraine may also be involved in the performance of this online service. The organization is Internet Invest, Ltd. dba Imena.ua. The owner city is Kyiv. The phone number and email are registered in Ukraine.

This website uses the service for hiding location. It is not possible for the eCommerce website. All the information should be available for Google and users. The server contains 5 other domains registered in Ukraine and Lithuania.

Moreover, the website is 121 days old. This is not enough for gaining a high-trust pharmacy reputation. There is a chance of the performance improvement if the website will exist for a longer period of time.

This pharmacy, according to this service, has lots of visitors. It means that it is popular instead of the information given on the website is controversial. Moreover, the website speed is low.


The overall rating is 1 point.

Prescription Request

Regretfully, this online service doesn’t require a prescription. All the medications, even those intended for dispensing with a prescription, are sold without its mandatory demand. In fact, in such a way, this pharmacy breaks the rights of customers of getting high-quality medications because there is a suspicion of improper quality of items sold. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Is Cheap-Pharma.com Legit?

According to LegitScript.com, Cheap-Pharma.com is not legit. It has assessed as a rough pharmacy. This pharmacy may break the legal laws and regulations intended to be met. There is a high risk to buy counterfeit products sold under brand names. As a result, we cannot give anything but 1 point for the legitimacy of this domain.


Verification Certificates

This pharmacy provides the certificates of CIPA and MIPA. After a proper examination, we have come to a conclusion that they are not invalid. These are just icons misinforming people they may be sure when commanding this service. These icons are not clickable. It is the first sign in confirming this idea. Finally, we give only 1 point for this unit.


Reviews about Cheap-Pharma.com

Reviews on Cheap-Pharma.com

There is a separate page with reviews. Unfortunately, they are non-unique. These reviews are used on other various online pharmacies. We have found almost 5 websites with the same reviews. Moreover, the reviews are non-informative. They contain, in the majority of cases, one-two sentences boosting this online pharmacy as a great one. You may read these reviews but in fact, it won’t help you understand the essence of Cheap-Pharma.com performance. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.


Reviews about Cheap-Pharma.com on the Foreign Resources

Regretfully, we have not found any word about this online pharmacy. There is no feedback left anywhere on the web. People won’t be able to gain any opinion of people who have already commanded this service. As a result, our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Discount Code on Cheap-Pharma.com

Cheap-Pharma.com has a special field for a discount code but we have not found any promo code. But there is an option to get free sample pills to every order. You may choose the following combinations:

  • Viagra 100 mg × 2 pills;
  • Cialis 20 mg × 2 pills;
  • Levitra 20 mg × 2 pills;
  • No bonus.

free sample pills

Moreover, there is a free shipping. The regular delivery becomes free if your order is over $200.00. If your order exceeds $300.00 you are welcome to get free express delivery.

free shipping

We use a contact form to ask the customer support service about the possibility to get a discount code. Unfortunately, we have not got an answer yet. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

The contact section includes only a contact form. The only given information is phone numbers. There are 2 phone numbers: 1-718-487-9792 and 4420-3239-7092. There are no hours of operation specified when you will be able to call this online pharmacy. There is no physical address. You won’t be able to send any letter to Cheap-Pharm.com. Considering all this, we give only 2 points for this unit.

phone numbers

Customer Support Service

We have used a contact form to get to know how to get a discount code. Finally, we have not achieved a response from the customer support service. The waiting period is 46 hours. It is not appropriate to make people wait for such a long period of time. Unsatisfactory mark – 1 point.

contact form

Conclusion: Not Legitimate Online Pharmacy

Cheap-Pharma.com is an international drug distributor. This company provides brand and generic medications. The prices are reasonable and shipping options are accessible. There are some drawbacks to technical characteristics. There are some technical problems with a mobile version. There is no antivirus.

The legitimacy is poor. ScamAdviser.com gives only 0% of security. LegitScript.com considers the pharmacy rough. The prescription is not required what contradicts the legal law. The reviews are non-unique at Cheap-Pharma. The foreign reviews are even absent.

In fact, we cannot recommend this service. The composed review is the way to understand it is not reliable to visit this website and start ordering. There are much more reliable services offering this or that products online.