Review: Online Pharmacy without Contact Information

Self-Introduction of Cialis Bitcoins Online Pharmacy

cialisbit-bitcoin-logoCialis Bitcoins is an online pharmacy specializing in erectile dysfunction generic medications sale. This pharmacy makes it possible to buy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Priligy and other combo drugs without a prescription. This online pharmacy sells generics produced in India but the company operates from another country, unfortunately, the company origin is unknown. Cialis Bitcoins Online Pharmacy ships parcels to the United States of America only. This pharmacy provides no physical address which may help understand where this company locates. Cialis Bitcoins claims they have the most affordable prices, but we are going to examine this and many other aspects. It is very important to understand whether is legit and secure enough to ensure customers with the most outstanding service ever.

Assortment of’s assortment includes only ED drugs. It means that you are eligible to buy Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Priligy and combo drugs in this online pharmacy without a required prescription. In general, there are 30 drug categories containing ED drugs of different dosages and number of pills available. Each category medications differ in the number of pills only. Drug categories have the same names as medications: Viagra category with a definite dosage.


Each category looks like the raw of medication, for example, Cialis with different pills number. People may choose “Cialis 5 mg” drug category and see the following picture:


As you can see, you are offered Cialis 5 mg starting from 500 pills and then the number of pills decreases. It is possible to make sorting by several aspects:

sort by

So that, the drug categories are organized in such a way to make it more and more convenient for people to make orders of Cialis and other ED drugs online. If you have a desire to arrange an order on Cialis Bitcoins, you are welcome to make it as fast as possible because right now you may get a benefit of discounts offered. A prescription is not required that’s why you have nothing to prevent you from ordering online. For such a diversity of ED drugs categories and drug’ dosages together with a number of pills available deserve 5 points.

Prices’ Affordability on

As to examine prices affordability on, we may point out almost “unreal” discounts which help reduce prices as much as possible. For example, Cialis 5 mg 500 pills previous price was $ 1 500, but when accounting a discount the price becomes $ 399.00. We cannot believe in the fact that Cialis Bitcoins reduces the price in the prejudice of itself. But if analyzing the price, customers will pay only $ 0.79 for 1 pill if deciding to buy 500 pills of Cialis 5mg.

But if you desire to look at the real Cialis 5 mg price, you should examine the price for 10 pills. In general, a customer should pay $ 2,99 for 1 pill. This price is a little overestimated that’s why this aspect is controversial.

cialis priceWhen speaking about Viagra, we get the following results:

  • 500 pills of Viagra 25 mg previous cost was the same when comparing with Cialis 5 mg 500 pills – $ 1 500, and the actual price is $ 399.00;
  • 1 pill of Viagra 25 mg when buying 500 pills – $ 0.79;
  • the price for Viagra 25 mg but 10 pills is identical to Cialis, as well – $ 2,99.

viagra price

We cannot believe in such identical date provided by because when comparing prices in an overall pharmaceutical market, we will see that Viagra of generic origin price is less when Cialis price is higher. It looks very strange that people should pay $ 2,99 for both Viagra and Cialis. We look at Levitra 20 mg category and see the same price for 500 pills with the account of 50-% discount – $ 399.00. The price for 10 Levitra pills is the same with Cialis and Viagra. Such picture makes people confused deciding not to arrange an order via

levitra price

Moreover, all Levitra 20 mg is out of stock. But when looking attentively at Levitra price, you will see the same picture – $ 399.00 with $ 0.79 per pills in a package with 500 pills and $ 2.99 when buying 10 pills of Levitra 10 pills.

We are very confused by the fact that all prices are indentical to each other independently what you prefer to buy – generic Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. You should not overpay for generic Viagra when there are pharmacies with lower prices. Our overall mark for this unit is 3 points. Prices for a lesser number of pills are overestimated. Moreover, the prices are identical.

Shipping Options in Cialis Bitcoins

Cialis Bitcoins delivers parcels to the United States only. This online pharmacy offers 2 main shipping options, they are:

  • Express shipping with tracking (7-10 days) – $39 – FREE over $150;
  • Regular shipping (10-18 days) – $29 – FREE over $80.


It is advantageous that a customer may get FREE delivery. The total order amount is not high that’s why almost every customer may arrange an order for $ 80.00 and get free regular shipping. Customer’s order will be sent within 2 hours after the moment this online pharmacy gets the payment.

One more attractive opportunity given by Cialis Bitcoins is a possibility to track an order. You will be sent an e-mail with tracking code which will help you track your parcels alongside the all delivery process. Cialis Bitcoins online pharmacy has section “Help” division “Tracking” where you may read the details about this option and as a result, visit USPS website:

order trackingWhen pressing the button “Visit USPS Website”, you will be transferred to where you will be able to enter your code and check the status of your parcel:


In general, to estimate shipping option we do not need to think twice because everything looks attractive and convenient for many people who are eager to order via Cialis Bitcoins. Our overall mark is 4 because if you do not reach Free delivery you have to pay a little more in comparison with other online pharmacies.

Payment Options

There are three main payment options:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a very popular means of paying order online. By paying with Bitcoin, a client has an opportunity to save 35-% from every purchase. If you do not even envision how Bitcoin works, you are welcome to visit Cialis Bitcoins special page with the detailed explanation of how to apply Bitcoin and gain such a great discount.


As to speak about other available payment means, Visa and MasterCard are the most popular among online shoppers. Our mark for this unit is 4 points. There are some other effective payment options except Visa, MasterCard and Bitcoin.

Technical Data

Google Page Speed Data

google page speed

Google Page Speed data is not propitiatory because mobile version indicator seems to be poor – only 46 out of 100. As a result, people may face some problems with trying to arrange an order via mobile version. From the other point of view, desktop version needs work, but the indicator is higher than average – 86 out of 100. It means that when ordering via computer, nothing will prevent you from completing an order. Google Page Speed gives recommendations and means for optimization which you may realize and get the better results in website performance. But unfortunately, overall mark is 1,5.

Mobile Version

Mobile version is user-friendly. It is arranged to make it comfortable for people ordering online. But page loading is low and it takes some time to load pages. But remember, that optimization may help get rid of these problems. But in general, the mobile version is a means for getting faster access to shopping online. It is very important to have speed loading on the level not to arrest users’ desire to order via Cialis Bitcoins. Other visual drawbacks were not defined by us that’s why our overall mark for this unit is 4 points.

mobile version

Is Connection Secure on

secure connectionThe connection is secure. The security certificate is issued and verified by Comodo CA Limited. 128-bit encryption is used to provide secure connection and protect customers’ personal data from unlegalized access. Online shopping is highly demanded but people should care about the security provided by this or that website. There are more effective means to provide almost 100-% protection. Moreover, this pharmacy hides company owner name that’s why we cannot give a high mark for this unit – only 3 points.

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus on Customers may “catch” viruses or other online threats. Antivirus is one more means of protecting customers and sustaining in them a desire to return buying from time to time in this online pharmacy. should understand how it is serious for feeling secured for all the ordering procedure. It is better to install antivirus and doesn’t bear any responsibility for viruses’ distribution from computer to computer. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

How to Make Order via

Ordering procedure on Cialis Bitcoins Online Pharmacy takes not much time. It is not required to undergo registration to arrange an order online, it can shorten the ordering procedure considerably. The first step in ordering procedure is choosing a medication and adding it to the shopping cart:

add to cartAfter realizing this step, you will be transferred to a shopping cart where you will see all chosen medications for ordering. As a result, you may continue shopping or proceed to checkout page.

shopping cart

Shopping cart contains also free samples of Viagra, Cialis and Cialis Soft. In the left corner of your shopping cart, you will see Cart Subtotal, order fee and final total for all the order.

cart totals

Here you may also insert coupon code if you have, to get an additional discount. After all, this is done, you should press the button “Proceed to Checkout”. Check out page is the stage during which you have to fill in billing details. Remember, Cialis Bitcoins guarantees 100-% refund policy. If something wrong happens with your parcel, you are welcome to contact customer support service to regulate this issue.

Ordering procedure is not complicated by anything. People may easily arrange an order online spending not so much time. If you have a desire to order Cialis or some other ED drug in Cialis Bitcoins, you are welcome because there is no necessity to undergo registration and provide a prescription. In general, our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Is Legit and Secure? about Cialis Bitcoins Online Pharmacy estimates Cialis Bitcoins Online Pharmacy for 86-%. But it stresses out that this website has no feedback given by customers. This security service doesn’t hesitate website and company owner location – it is the United States of America based. This eCommerce website expected life is 1 year and 89 days but it cannot make it suspicious. The popularity of Cialis Bitcoin is unknown but such a long period of time may play a major role in this aspect. People may not know this company even exists.

But server which is used contains 25 other websites installed. It should make people confused and think properly before arranging an order online. Remember that eCommerce websites should be as transparent as possible because their benefit depends on it. If a customer has some hesitations, he will refuse to make orders. Since that we cannot understand why there is such a high-security rating. Our overall mark after analyzing this date is 3 points.


Prescription Request

Cialis Bitcoins doesn’t require any prescription lists to buy ED drugs online via its service. Prescription sending takes too much time that’s why this online pharmacy decides to shorten it as much as possible. Remember that it is better to consult a doctor before starting application of this or that medication. A prescription can be sent by means of fax or e-mail. But Cialis Bitcoins avoids this procedure. Our overall mark for this unit is 5 points – great job! Data gives “Rough” status to Cialis Bitcoins. It means that there is some suspicion that violates the legal law or personal rights. There is a possibility that people may come across with illegal business. Status “Rough” implies that people face some problems when commanding this service. As a result, Cialis Bitcoins online pharmacy deserves 1 point.


Reviews about

Reviews on

We have found reviews but they describe not the performance of but the performance of Cialis, ED medication. Probably, this online pharmacy writes them by itself and as a result, we cannot trust them 100-%. All the reviews on are not dated, we cannot define when they were written and how they were added to the website because there is no feedback form. It is written these reviews are taken from different forums but there is no source reference. We face the problem of how to estimate this unit. But we have found no word about Cialis Bitcoins Online Pharmacy being a place where people order Cialis or some other ED drugs. Our mark for this unit is 1 point, unfortunately.

The reviews on look like:

reviews about Cialis

Reviews about on Foreign Resources

In the bottom of the website, we have found the link with 1,242 reviews left on YOTPO. People may read them immediately without leaving the website. But we cannot prove them 100-% because the site administration provides them by itself. It will be better to find them on the Internet without the help of this online pharmacy administration. As you can guess, the predominant number of reviews on is positive but we have found one interesting aspect – exactly there are reviews left by customers who seem to buy medications in another online pharmacy:


We do not know how to estimate such reviews. We have also met the following abbreviation “VBB”.


There is such an online pharmacy Via Best Buy that sells generic ED drugs as well. All the reviews are “fresh” but how to estimate its value – it is still unknown. Maybe this online pharmacy is cooperating together with VBestBuy. It is very strange that people buy free samples – how can it be real? So in general, we have found reviews about and we should estimate it high but we cannot – only 2 points.

Discount Coupon Code on

Coupon code on CialisBit is available only for returning customers. When your order has been delivered to you, you will get an e-mail with a promo code which you may use at the moment of further ordering – $ 25.00. In the shopping cart, there is a field for coupon code filling in. If you write a review, you will get $ 30.00 discount. It doesn’t mean you should leave a review on our website, you may leave it anywhere on the Internet.

One more opportunity to save money is to pay for an order by means of Bitcoin. You may get a 35-% discount if you pay your order with Bitcoin on This payment procedure is as simple as ABC that’s why you may either save time or money.


There are also special offers which may help save money as well. The first offer is to buy combo pack including:

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Viagra for women;
  • Cialis Soft;
  • Viagra Soft.

Each pill will cost $ 0.89 if you buy 200 pills. Total of such an order is $ 179.00.

special offer - comboOne more special offer is an opportunity to get Free delivery. We have mentioned it above in the unit “Shipping Options”. If taking together all these issues, we may get 5 points for coupon, discounts and special offers.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

Unfortunately, “contact us” section is comprised of contact form only. There is no phone number, no physical address. No operation hours are defined. Such information should be determined because it is a sign of legal online pharmacy. We remember that defined website location – the United States but we cannot check it that’ s why for us, this information is skipped absolutely. You should provide even phone number because customers should have an opportunity to contact customer support group over the phone. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Customer Support Service

The only way to contact customer support service is to utilize contact form. We have sent them an e-mail with the question relating to reviews and abbreviation – VBB. We are still waiting for the answer. Unfortunately, there is no live chart which may provide an immediate response. Waiting for several hours, we have no response from Cialis Bitcoins Online Pharmacy. As a result, we cannot give them a high mark – 1 point. It is better to optimize this option to become closer to customers.

customer support

Conclusion: Online Pharmacy without Contact Information and Suspicious Reviews is an online pharmacy specializing in ED drug sale. They promote Cialis sale, first of all. There are various drugs devoted to erectile dysfunction treatment. Cialis Bitcoins sells generic analogues produced in India. This online store delivers orders to the USA only. People may order whatever they want because there is no necessity to send prescription and undergo registration.

At first sight, the real picture looks attractive but when we have properly examined this website we clear out:

  • reviews on the are described not website performance but Cialis capabilities to cope with ED problems;
  • reviews on the foreign resources describe sometimes absolutely another online pharmacy – Via Best Buy;
  • contact information is absent;
  • customer support group is not operating on the level;
  • gives “Rough” status.

Of course, this online pharmacy provides an opportunity to pay an order by means of Bitcoin which helps save almost 35-% of every order. There are several special offers but we cannot 100-% trust in Cialis Bitcoins Online Pharmacy. It is better to grapple with this pharmacy chain more attentively and carefully that’s why try to find more information on the Internet which deprives you of making mistakes and being cheated. Our rating is 2,7 out of 5.