Creative Mamas Monday ♥ Crochet Tutorial

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first Creative Mamas Monday!

Im really excited about sharing crafts and tutorials with you all. I think now that the weather is cooling off were going to start thinking more about making things for Christmas and for the cold months.

Today I want to talk about crocheting. Once you learn a few basics, you can do anything! Its a versatile craft and very rewarding. Take a look at some of the things I have made for Emma:

I crocheted this blanket while I was pregnant using multicolored soft baby yarn and a corresponding solid color for the border so easy, its just a giant granny square! Can you say Repetition? lol

These hats are super simple just crochet a rectangle and stitch the sides together! I love this hat with tassles. 🙂

I see glaring errors in these projects lol. See, Im a beginner. But with practice things get easier. 🙂 That right hat should have been done in single crochet, but I was in a hurry and used double crochet, which goes a lot faster. Still, it keeps her head warm and serves its purpose cuteness and warmth!

I found the pattern for the hats in a crochet book I borrowed from the library, I think it was one of the Candy Crochet books (ADORABLE!).

A similar free pattern can be found here at Crochet N More just leave out the ruffled brim.

You can also find many wonderful free patterns at Crochet Pattern Central check out their Baby Hats section!

Need to learn how to crochet first?

For those of you who dont know how but would like to learn, watch the video below to learn some basics I love the womans accent, lol.

Note: Video embedded in post.

Time for sharing!

What creative projects are you working on currently? Have you found any cool tutorials or inspirations lately? Any crafty thoughts you want to share? Feel free to leave a comment or write up a post and add it to MckLinky below!

Note: You do not have to be a mama. 🙂 We welcome everyone!

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