Review – Suspicious Store Selling Overpriced Drugs Speaks of Itself

logotypeDay Night Drugs is a pharmaceutical facility that provides a wide range of low-cost drugs to customers all over the world. The main purpose of the pharmacy to offer clients high-quality prescription and non-prescription drugs at most affordable prices and provide quick and efficient service. Day Night Drugs believes that physical health should not ruin financial health of the customer.


The pharmacy offers quite a big choice of various drugs divided into 52 categories. But such an impressive number of categories doesn’t mean that assortment is very wide. In fact, many of the categories contain only 1 or 2 drugs, such as Obesity, Ischemic stroke, Miscellaneous drugs and so on. Though there are some of them that list more than 40 names of various drugs (Hypertension, Anti-depressants) the fact still is that the whole number of drugs doesn’t impress with its variety. There are numerous drug-stores on the Internet with a wider assortment of medications, where customers can choose from several preparations for one and the same disease. That’s why for assortment variety Day Night Drugs gets only 3.5 stars.assortment

Prices in

The pharmacy claims to offer the lowest prices on the Internet, customers may save up to 90% of what they used to pay usually. They provide cheap prescription and non-prescription drug at much lower prices than in most online pharmacies. But if you look through their products list and compare prices, even without looking for another online pharmacy you can see that prices are too high for generic. So, generic of Viagra here costs $1.28 minimal. Of course, as in many other online stores the main principle here is: buy more – pay less. So if you want to just try a drug and buy few pills, it will cost you almost a fortune.viagra price

Administration tries to trick customers and attract their attention by claiming low prices. So for this point, we can’t give the score higher than 2. Delivery Service

Terms of delivery on the website are quite clear, but still, you first need to find information about them. There is no Shipping Policy section, so to find out what options they offer, you need to search for any information related to this subject. We found it on FAQ page, and it turned out that the company offers no choice of delivery options. They provide only regular shipping service from 7 to 28 days at $9.99. So you won’t get free delivery in any case and you can’t order some express shipping even if you are willing to pay more money for it. Besides, in their «About us» page they claim that their products are shipped for free. That is not true, as we ourselves make sure that their delivery requires charge anyway.shipping options

For this point, the pharmacy can only get 1.5 stars, as the average time of delivery is 21 days, and there is no opportunity to get medications sooner, so you always have to plan shopping in advance, and they trick customers saying that they offer free delivery. However, they at least offer customer’s support to track your order if it still has not come.

Payment Options

Again payment options are not stated in some list or special section on the website. All information you can get is in FAQ section in some 3 sentences. The company only takes Visa credit cards explaining this by the fact that processing fees in most cases are far too great. Of course, Visa payments are the most convenient and popular, but anyway they offer no choice (Discover Card, American Express, Diners, Master Card, etc.) for clients, so can’t have more than 3 stars.payment options

Technical Characteristics of Website

Check Out by Google Page Speed

Test on (mobile and desktop tabs) doesn’t show any optimistic results. All indicators are lower than acceptable and there are lots of issues administration of the website should work at. Such results really can’t speak in favor of pharmacy reputation and basing on these uninspiring figures we can give Day Night Drugs pharmacy only 1 star in this point.desktopmobile

Mobile Version of Day Night Drugs Website

Mobile version is convenient and user-friendly. No logs or errors were noted, and everything seems to be quite functional. All pictures of products are clearly seen and can be enlarged, as well as text on pages, for convenient reading information. The text doesn’t «run one on another». Still according to the previous point, from the technical point of view mobile version is not completely ideal. However, here we mostly look at usability so this point can earn to pharmacy 4.5 stars in the rating.

Secure Connection on the Website

This issue is very important for each buyer on the Internet. What can more important than the security of your data? Nobody wants their money to be stolen from their credit card or their information to be used in some suspicious purposes. On the Internet, there is an option for an online store to protect their customers’ data – https:// protocol, which helps to encrypt all information provided on the website. Customers can be sure that can buy stuff and there will be no unauthorized access to their personal information.

https protocol claim that they use secure connection and 256-bit encryption protect your data. But this protection concerns only Payment page, which means that data of your account and everything on the website is not protected. Of course, it is good to know that at least your money is safe, but it would be much better is the whole website provided such security, and this would ensure more trust of customers to the pharmacy. Considering all this it is possible to grant only 3 stars in this point.

Antivirus Protection

On the bottom of the page, you can find information about antivirus protection of payment procedures on the website. This is a great advantage of the website in front of many other online pharmacies. You can be sure of the security of payment on this website which earns 5 stars to the pharmacy in this point.antivirus

How to Order on

Ordering procedure is complicated on the website. But there is «How to order» page where you can read detailed information on how to place an order. According to this instruction, there are 3 ways to make an order: by phone, e-mail and online. Of course, the most convenient way is the third one.

But there are some drawbacks in the procedure. First of all, after you have chosen products, you have to register on the website, otherwise, you won’t be able to continue. This will take you time, to enter necessary data and complete the procedure.ordering

After you’re done, you have to choose a payment option. To tell the truth we couldn’t understand what to do next at first. Payment options are indicated in the bottom and quite an inconvenient interface confused us a little bit. But after you choose payment variant you need to enter credit card data. You will get a confirmation letter about your order.confirmation

But when you go to your account and want to cancel your order, they don’t give such an opportunity. Probably, you will have to contact them by e-mail or phone to do that.

Concerning prescription medication, we didn’t get any inquiry for prescription itself. The procedure is the same as for non-prescription drugs, which means that they consciously lie telling that you mandatory need a prescription for buying certain drugs, but in fact, they sell any drugs to anyone who wants to buy them.

So taking into account everything said above 2.5 is a fair score for in this point, since there are too many flaws in the procedure, though there are also some good points, such as detailed instruction on each way to place an order.

Is Legit?

Reliability of

According to this pharmacy can be considered quite reliable. 58% of safety is a very good indicator. However, there are some issues that should be known before you place an order on the website. First, the location of the company according to and claimed one do not coincide. shows us that probably the company may be located in Barbados, not in the USA. This is not a point in favor of the pharmacy.scamadviser

Address on the website and in the report by also not the same. You should keep it in mind, such thing is very suspicious in terms of safety of consumers data and money. Also in Contact us section, you may find information about pharmacy license, which proves that this organization runs its activity legally.

In general, the website can be called reliable but should be treated with caution. In this point, we can give only 3.5 stars. Prescription Requirement

As it was said before administration claims that they sell prescription medications only after check presence of prescription. This is undoubtedly a great advantage and earns + 1 point to pharmacy credibility. But only if it really asked for a prescription. It seems that pharmacy employees just want to accent how serious and reliable they are, but in fact, they don’t care what and to whom sell.

Trying to place an order for prescription drugs we didn’t find any requirement for a prescription, so for this point, the pharmacy gets 1 star. Website Legitimacy

We checked Day Night Drugs website via The result we obtained is frustrating – the pharmacy is included in the list of rogue organizations. The report doesn’t give any details about why such status was given to the pharmacy, but we cannot give Day Night Drugs more than 1 star in legitimacy point.legitimacy Reviews

Reviews on the Website has its own page of testimonials from their customers. But when you go to the page you can see only 3 comments from happy customers. There is no proof that these comments are really written by actual customers of the pharmacy, though these comments are unique and can’t be found on any other

There are no negative comments, though any online store has such. And considering so little quantity of testimonials we can grant the pharmacy 3 points in the rating.

Reviews on on Other Websites

There is, unfortunately, no reviews about this pharmacy on the Internet except for those on its own website. This means that either it has few customers, or it is running some suspicious activity. Still, you should remember that if there is no feedback on pharmacy’s work on the Internet at all, you should think first before cooperating with it. That’s why in this point earns 1 star. Coupon Code

The pharmacy offers no discount coupon for their customers. Neither can you find anything on other websites on the Internet. Though there is 10% discount for re-order. Considering that prices here are much higher than in other online stores, the absence of promo code allows us giving 1 star in the rating. Besides administration claims that prices in their catalogs are already lowered, which makes us only wonder why prices for generics are so high on this website.

Customers Support on

Contact Information has special «Contact us» page where you can find all necessary details to contact them. Here you can get their mail address, phone number and e-mails of support groups. Also, they provide information about their license, working hours so that customers knew when they can get advice. In general, this information is provided in full by the administration so customers may always get support via preferable means of contacting so you can give Day Night Drugs 5 out of 5 stars in this information

Support Group Service

Support group service is not very convenient. You have to provide your phone number and e-mail – not all customers are willing to do that. There is no live chat where you can instantly get answers to the questions. This can be considered a disadvantage.

We tried to contact support group to get some information about products by e-mail. We filled in the necessary information and waited for the servise

Surprisingly we got an answer almost immediately. This proves that support group actually works and works effectively. They provide all information they can and ask to specify everything they couldn’t understand your service response

For this point, we definitely can give 5 stars because their support group actually helps people with their questions in the shortest time possible.

To Sum Up…

Considering everything analyzed above it can be concluded that is not a reliable pharmacy. It has many drawbacks and there is no proof in the Internet that may tell that this pharmacy can be trusted. Besides website interface is not attractive and it is inconvenient to use. There are no options for payment and shipping, and information on the website about itself is sometimes controversial. It can be concluded that this pharmacy administration doesn’t mind saying false facts to customers to attract them.

The only great advantage is work of support group – fast and effective. Customers may get a consultation at every time of the day, as the pharmacy works 24/7. But there is one more strange thing about them. On their FAQ page, they claim that they are not a pharmacy. But we can clearly see that they have a list of products, prices for them and ordering form to buy these products right on their website. This and other facts we listed make an activity of this facility suspicious and we would recommend using other pharmacies’ services. So in this rating Day Night Drugs pharmacy gets 2.6 out of a 5-star rating.