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Drugs-365.com Review: A New Website Which Seems to Operate Illegally

What is Drugs-365.com?

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Drugs-365.com claims to be a reliable online pharmacy from Canada which has been active since 2001. They offer customers from all over the world to buy cheap FDA-approved medications. They strive to provide people with effective original and generic products and guarantee that they help clients save money and efforts. The company claims to work with large and well-known drug suppliers and manufacturers and guarantees to deliver the packages promptly. According to the website, the store does its best to provide the best security to its customers and satisfy all their medical needs. You can see the4 priorities of the pharmacy on the front page: non-prescription policy, cheap prices, top quality, quick shipping.


Drugs-365.com seems to sell a huge variety of medications from different drug categories including but not limited to erectile dysfunction, allergies, antibiotics, arthritis, asthma, birth control, blood pressure, depression, diabetes, hair loss, muscle relaxant, pain relief, sleep aid, quit smoking, weight loss.

The pharmacy’s favorite products are ED drugs. They offer various options for men with this unpleasant condition: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Viagra Professional, Dapoxetine, Cialis Professional, Viagra Super Active, Cialis Extra Dosage, Viagra Soft, Kamagra, Cialis Super Active, Extra Super Cialis, Female Viagra, Tadapox, Sildalis, and so on.

Below you can see the best-selling men’s health medications:

ed drugs

The store has it its catalog both generic and original medications so you can choose the remedy to your taste based on your preferences, wishes, and budget.

I conclude that here you can find drugs for almost every condition and 5 stars for this unit.


According to the website, Drugs-365.com offers the cheapest drugs on the Internet, especially when they mostly offer generic medications that are cheaper versions of original drugs. I run through the most popular ED products and found out that here you can purchase brand Viagra for $2.56 per tablet. brand Cialis for $3.72 per tablet, generic Viagra for $0.27, generic Cialis for $0.68, and generic Levitra for $1.00. These prices seem attractive and you can hardly find lower prices in city or online stores. However, if you want to get those low prices, you should be ready to purchase a particular treatment option in bulk.

Besides, you can save some money buying ED sample pack of brand Viagra and Cialis. Currently, this product is offered at a good discount:

special offer

I give 5 stars for this unit because I’m quite satisfied with the prices offered.


Drugs-365.com delivers medications worldwide using 2 shipping options: AirMail ($9.95) and EMS ($19.95).


Orders shipped via AirMail will arrive in 2-3 weeks, and customers can get a free shipping for all orders that are over $200. Orders shipped via EMS will arrive in 3-8 business days, customers can get a free shipping for orders that are over $300. The company seems to have a refund policy. According to the site, you will receive your money back or get your drugs re-shipped if the package was damaged during transportation or some items are missing.

It’s nice that the store delivers drugs all over the globe, offers an express delivery and a free shipping for orders reaching a certain amount. I would like to use stores that offer free shipping for all orders, even with a minimum order amount, so I give 4 stars for this unit.

Payment Options

Customers can pay for medications using Visa and Mastercard credit cards.


These are too limited available methods and many online stores allow you to pay via PayPal, American Express, money order, Bitcoin, and so on. For this reason, I give 2 stars for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of Drugs-365.com

Loading Speed

I analyzed the site’s loading speed using Google PageSpeed Insights to understand how quickly Drugs-365.com is loading. You can see the results on the screen below:


In turned out that both mobile and desktop versions require optimization. All of them are either average or low. The pharmacy gets 2,8 stars for this unit.

Mobile Version

Since modern users prefer to use smartphones for buying medications online, it’s very important for Drugs-365.com to be mobile-friendly. Regretfully, Google was not able to reveal the quality of this website’s mobile version since the page was unavailable or blocked by robots.

mobile version

However, it seems that the website is adapted for mobile devices. The site’s developers have taken into account all the mandatory requirements for a successful mobile version: the screen size is adapted for various mobile devices, the functional restricted, the fonts and images are visible, there is a special adaptive version of the menu, customers do not need to scroll the page.

These elements make Drugs-365.com a convenient website for mobile users. They receive 5 stars for this unit


As I mentioned in the introduction, the pharmacy claims to use the advanced encryption technologies to protect customers’ sensitive data submitted to the website. They claim that it’s 100% safe to submit credit card information and other details. Regretfully, the website proved to be not secure which means that other people can get access to your sensitive details:


However, I felt relieved on seeing that the customers are referred to a secure billing page to finalize their orders. This page is encrypted using a 256-bit SSL technology which guarantees that the user’s personal data are secured. The secure connection is verified by COMODO CA Limited:


It’s nice that the checkout page uses a 256-bit encryption but I would be more satisfied if Drugs-365.com was encrypted too. Since the site’s developers did not make the pharmacy’s official website secure for customers, I give 3 stars for this unit.


In order to control the website, large and reliable online stores use antiviruses. As practice shows, a website may look secure and not cause suspicion but in fact, it may pose a potential threat to customers. Regretfully, there are currently no effective antivirus solutions for drugs-365.com. I give 1 star for this unit and recommend the website’s owner to think over this issue.

The Convenience of Ordering from Drugs-365.com

This company offers a quick and flawless ordering process for its customers. An advantage is that you may skip registration and start ordering drugs immediately. This allows saving time and unnecessary efforts. This will be appreciated by those customers who do not plan to become regular customers of this online pharmacy.

To order a medication, you need to find the desired product (using drug categories or a search by letter), add it to the virtual cart, check whether you qualify for some bonuses and free delivery, and click on the “checkout” button. You will be transferred to the safe billing page where you’ll be required to fill in the required fields.

I like how drugs-365.com presents each of its medications. The most important information about a drug is presented in a table: dosage variants, price per pill, final cost, and savings. Such an arrangement allows seeing the cheapest option immediately. You can see an example below:


It’s also nice that potential customers can select their language and currency.

In general, the whole ordering process seems convenient. You require only about 5 minutes to place an order. 5 stars for this unit.

Is Drugs-365.com Legit?

The Rating from ScamAdvisor

Regretfully, ScamAdviser report undermined my trust in drugs-365.com. The pharmacy has a 0% trust-rating and is not recommended for use.


ScamAdviser is against this online pharmacy because its domain is only 45 days old. Besides, the service is skeptical about the website’s location and origin. According to the report, the site is located in Lithuania but may also be from Ukraine. Another disappointment was that the pharmacy is not popular and has no online reputation. The store gets only 1 star for this unit since it does not seem legit.

Do We Need a Prescription?

Customers can freely buy drugs at this pharmacy, a prescription is not required. They only ask customers to be careful and consult doctors before taking any drugs. This makes me think that drugs-365.com is an illegal seller. They sell serious medical products that can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Some of the meds available in the catalog are sold only used a valid prescription in trusted pharmacies because they take care of their customers’ health. But this is not about this company. I give 1 star for this unit.

The Website’s Status at LegitScript.com

LegitScript was not able to share any information about the reputation of this pharmacy since drugs-365.com is not included in its database. I suspect this is because of the website’s newness. Probably, in a few months, the company will be given a rogue status because it sells potent drugs without a prescription (see the previous unit) which is not appreciated by LegitScript but I cannot be 100% sure. So far, I give 4 stars for this unit.

Drugs-365.com Reviews

Reviews on the Pharmacy’s Own Website

The pharmacy has made many promises and guarantees but I could fully trust them without reading what former customers think about this store. I found 20 testimonials on the official website of drugs-365.com. As I expected, they all were from happy clients:

Simona said it was the first time since ages she was happy since her order was delivered on time. Kaiman mentioned it was easy to place an order and it was quickly processed. Smith also had a great experience with this pharmacy. Dorothy appreciated an excellent service, good prices, and top quality. A comment from Samuel was about a speedy shipping, a great customer support. He concluded it was a very honest website:


Although this feedback is great, I cannot trust these reviews because they proved to be copied from other websites. Besides, it seems suspicious that a store has received 20 comments for 40 days of operating. I conclude that the pharmacy has published fake reviews on its website and give 1 star for this unit.

Reviews on Third-Party Websites

I hoped to find some more reliable comments on third-party sources but not a single customer shared his impressions about drugs-365.com. This may be because the site is very new and has not gained any reputation yet. Som time should pass until we can read any comments left by previous clients of this store. So far, I give 1 star for this unit.

Drugs-365.com Сoupon Сode

All customers want to save money on online medications by using coupon codes. Currently, drugs-365.com does not offer any coupons. However, they offer some good deals that help to get drugs at reduced prices. These are free bonus ED pills for every order.


Besides, all orders over $200 are eligible for a free Airmail shipping. These deals are available without coupon codes.

I noticed that the secure billing page contains a section for a coupon code which means that the company may release it at any time and clients need to follow the updates of this seller:

coupon code

The above deals are nice but are not suitable for every customer so I give 1 star for this unit.

Customer Support

Contact information

Regretfully, the pharmacy did not share any information about itself except for 2 phone numbers for US and UK customers:

phone numbers

They call themselves a Canadian pharmacy but I found no legal address. Moreover, ScamAdviser claims that the website is located either in Ukraine or Lithuania. The store hides its actual location and for this reason, I give only 2 stars for this unit.

How Can We Get a Consultation Here?

According to the website, you can reach the manager of drugs-365.com either using a contact form or by calling at the specified phone numbers. The store promises to answer all questions and resolve any issues as soon as possible since they value long-term cooperation. They also mention that their customer support team is speaking English only.

Since I found no other ways of contacting the pharmacy, I filled out a contact form asking to specify the manufacturers of generic Viagra and generic Cialis available in the catalog. I did not receive any feedback. Many other online pharmacies provide customer support in an online mode and at least send an answer via email without a few hours but this is not the case. I give 1 star for this unit.


Drugs-365.com is a new website which has just started its business. They offer a rich selection of pharmaceuticals and their prices are attractive. However, for obvious reasons, I cannot recommend this store to other customers, first of all, because it has no online reputation and is active for only 45 days. Besides, there is an issue with the actual location of this pharmacy. They call themselves a Canadian pharmacy but ScamAdviser claims that this website does not relate to Canada and it’s more likely from Ukraine or Lithuania. I’m really concerned about this fact because they are considered to be high-risk countries. I think I have found enough evidence to conclude that drugs-365 is an illegal drug seller. You’d better look for other Internet stores that have a good reputation and a long history.