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EdrugSearch.com Review: A 3-Star Rating Enough To Take Use of This Service


eDrugSearch-small-logo-copyeDrugSearch.com is the pioneering prescription drug price comparison recourse for those who try to find safe, low-cost online medication from licensed U.S. and Canadian pharmacies. eDrugSearch.com offers a community, means and resources to assist consumers to make intelligent decisions when buying online medications. Being online pioneering prescription price comparison recourse, eDrugSearch.com transfers you to licensed online pharmacies by means of a comprehensive, easy-to-use drug searching engine. eDrugSearch.com prescription drug search portal currently provides access to more than 100,000 + online prescription drugs.


eDrugSearch.com offers up-to-the-minute drug price searching, detailed drug information, and other advanced features that make it definitive prescription price comparison site for customers with desire to buy medications online. eDrugSearch.com advanced drug searching features enable members to determine pharmacies with specific licensing requirements, third-party accreditations, Better Business Bureau memberships, and more.

eDrugSearch.com is based in San Antonio and led by Cary Byrd, an experienced entrepreneur who has long been an enthusiastic advocate of secure online pharmacies. Neither Byrd nor any other eDrugSearch.com staff is considered to be a medical specialist, and this Website does not offer any kind of medical or healthcare advice, diagnosis or treatment. The eDrugSearch.com prescription drug guide is only comprised of pharmacies that request and verify a doctor’s prescription before filling a consumer’s order.

Assortment of Edrugsearch.com

drug search As you remember, edrugsearch.com is not an online pharmacy as it is, it is a search engine providing customers with the most affordable prices of different online US and Canadian pharmacies. But it is understandable that Edrugsearch.com has a diverse assortment because they cooperate with different licensed online pharmacies.

The front-page of eDrugSearch.com possesses several methods of medications search. The first one is a search bar where a customer should type in medication name and see the results from different certified online pharmacies:


There is also a list of medications on front-page where a customer is able to find medications. The list includes the most popular medications sought after by customers from all over the world:


After you choose the right medication, you will see in what online pharmacies it is in stock and what cost it has. Everything is clear and you will be transferred to another online pharmacy where you will get to know all the details about price, shipping and payment options. As it is we cannot fairly estimate assortment on eDrugSearch.com but we believe working with the vast number of online pharmacies, this online facility is able to provide customers with almost medications existed. As a result, our overall mark for assortment diversity in eDrugSearch.com is 4.

Savings with Edrugsearch.com


Edrugsearch.com is not a direct online pharmacy but by means of this medication engine customers may save much money while making orders of medications online. This online institution ensures customers they will save from 60-% to 90-% depending on medication you decide to buy. For example, if you need Tarceva 100mg – 30 pills which in local US pharmacy costs $6,308.51, you will save almost $ 4,000.

table of savings

Such a great difference lies in the fact that online pharmacies doesn’t need to pay rent or spend money on advertising. They do not have a desire to “wind up” prices to take advantage of customers’ expenses. Accounting such details, we are glad to provide 5 points for this unit for eDrugSearch.com.

Why Should Customers Use Edrugsearch.com?

online pharmacy expert2007 saw millions of Americans who have addressed to eDrugSearch.com for assistance with prescription drug assistance — reducing the costs of their prescription drugs up to 90 percent!

eDrugSearch.com is a free of charge recourse comparing cost for prescription drugs that are sold by licensed online pharmacies as a widely accepted and safe alternative for those searching for cost benefits, enhanced privacy, relative convenience and increased access to generic drugs produced by licensed drug manufacturers.

Over the years eDrugSearch.com health team specialists and online pharmacy experts has gained millions of consumers loyalty — and the praise of the mass media — for our success in creating it safe and easy to purchase prescription drugs online from certified online pharmacies.

eDrugSearch.com president and advocate Cary Byrd was among a select number of online healthcare authorities and journalists who were invited to a special briefing at Consumer Reports headquarters in Yonkers, New York. It gives us a right, after analyzing this information, to give 5 points for reasons why customers should use only this online search engine.

Edrugsearch.com Cooperation with Online Pharmacies

online pharmacies

eDrugSearch.com cooperates with the most popular US and Canadian online pharmacies which are accreditated for brand and generic medications sale. Customers may see eDrugSearch.com partners when visiting “Pharmacy Rating” page. Here you will see:

  • the name of these online pharmacies;
  • drug coupons;
  • pharmacy rating;
  • pharmacy review;
  • visit pharmacy button.

Here you may see whether online pharmacy you choose a medication in have discounts and what rating they have. This information helps customers to decide whether it is preferable to use such an online service or not.

When choosing medication you will see list of pharmacies in which this medication is in-stock. You will its price, dosage at one and the same time which help you compare prices and choose the most affordable one.

compare prices

In general, it help save time, money and energy while making orders online through Edrugsearch.com. People are able to see the real picture and understand what is more preferable for them. Such an innovative idea gives 5 points from us to Edrugsearch.com.

Technical Data

Google Page Speed Data

Google page speed data shows customers how effective the loading of mobile and desktop versions is. The data relating to desktop loading is 65 out of 100 with status “Need Work”, mobile version has the same “unattractive” indicators – 63 out of 100 and status “Poor”. It means that customers and even ordinary users may come across with technical problems when commanding the service of Edrugsearch.com. Pages should be optimized to improve website performance.

google page speed data

The overall mark for this unit is 1,4. The mark is too low which should make site administration change and improve site loading.

Mobile Version of eDrugSearch.com

eDrugSearch.com has a user-friendly mobile version helping people to order medications online by means of mobile devices. Mobile version is adjusted to different smartphones and mobile devices. There is no scrolling and text doesn’t run one on another. We find no drawbacks preventing customers from ordering medications from eDrugSearch.com by means of mobile devices. Mobile shopping online helps people save time because smartphone is always within reach, in pocket or in bag that’s why people may make orders even in public transport. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Secure Connection on eDrugSearch.com

The connection is secure only when choosing this or that medication. This page is protected by 128-bit server encryption, the security certificate for which is verified by COMODO CA Limited.

secure connection

The front-page is not protected at all but customers do not leave any personal data there that’s why they won’t be stolen. But customer may feel insecure because when they see that they are not protected, they may refuse taking use of this online pharmacy service. It is very important to ensure customers with all possible means for security because ecommerce moves into top gear. Our mark for this unit is 2 because the majority of pages on this website are not secure by SSL-protocol.

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus on eDrugSearch.com. It means that there is the greatest possibility for customers to catch “viruses”. Today, the Internet is full of online threats which may damage tour device when trying to take use of online services. Such a negligence may lead to complete system destruction. Our mark for this unit is 1 point, install antivirus to protect customers’ devices from online threats and other viruses.

How to Make an Order

As it is a customer cannot make an order by means of Edrugsearch.com but he is able to find one or another medication. There are several ways to find medication you need by means of search bar and list of medications available. There is also a list of drugs categories in the bottom of website.

medication recourses

Customers do not need to register what may save time when you need medications fast. There is a list of online pharmacies with which eDrugSearch.com cooperates. Everything you need is to choose the correct medication to eDrugSearch.com. You will see prices in all online pharmacies and whether this medication is in-stock or not.

compare drug pricesMoreover by means of this online service, you may find free consumer guide full of recourses important for providing customers with necessary information relating medications or diseases.

free consumer guides

In general, this service is very useful because a customer is able to compare prices in different US and Canadian online pharmacies. Hence, it is possible to get information about medications. It is not possible to get to know more about shipping and payment options but these issues are discussed individually with online pharmacy you are ordering from.

To tell you the truth, we cannot estimate prescription request fairly because eDrugSearch.com is not online pharmacy but intermidiater between online pharmacy and customer. There is a list of online pharmacies eDrugSearch.com cooperates with. These online pharmacies have their own rules of whether they require prescription or not.

Our mark for this unit is 5 points, they deserve because their service is directed to simplify ecommerce as much as possible.

Is eDrugSearch.com Legit and Secure?

ScamAdviser.com Data about eDrugSearch.com Security Rating

According to ScamAdviser.com, eDrugSearch.com is secure on 78-% but has status “This Site Has Been Threat Listed”. There is no hidden information relating to website and company owner origin. eDrugSearch.com is the United States of America based. The owner of this online institution is Cary Byrd (we have found information about him on website itself), owner city is Boerne.

Mobile phone is correlated to San Antonio location, what is considered to be true. We may justify such a high rating but there are cases when eDrugSearch.com was suspected in malware reports in once in their existence. There is also a suspicion that another 19 websites are installed on the same server with eDrugSearch.com. It may include risk of been cheated because such number of websites may become an indicator of swindlers in the Internet.


In general, eDrugSearch.com security rating is high enough but we are confused by incorrect information about server. Moreover domain age is 12 years, 145 days but its cost is too low only $3077.03. Our mark for this unit is 3 points. It is better for site administration to provide more confidence for customers.

LegitScript.com Data about eDrugSearch.com Legitimacy

legitscript data

According to LegitScrip.com data, eDrugSearch.com is prone to have “Unapproved” status. It means that this online facility doesn’t meet some of requirements of LegitScript.com database. But it means that eDrugSearch.com is reliable online institution with license and quality certificates. Customers may examine this information and command the service of this online pharmacy. Our mark for this unit is 3 points. The highest mark of Legitscript.com is “Approved” that’s why eDrugSearch.com should meet this status to get the highest point.

Reviews about EdrugSearch.com

Reviews on EdrugSearch.com

There is no separate page devoted to reviews left by EdrugSearch.com satisfied customers. The front-page is supplied with raw number of reviews but we cannot estimate how many reviews are there, when they were left and whether they are original or not.


Site administration claims the number of happy and satisfied customers is over 1,720,000. We cannot be able to examine this data because there are no 1,720,000 reviews left on EdrugSearch.com confirming this information. The majority of reviews are written by United States residents but they are not dated. It is rather difficult to estimate whether they are left by real customers or written by site administration itself.

happy customers

There is a separate page devoted to mass – media reviews about EdrugSearch.com. This page includes in itself videos and comments about EdrugSearch.com performance (here is the link for you – https://edrugsearch.com/media-praises/).

These reviews show that even well-known people command this service to find the most affordable price for medications.

mass-media reviews

We cannot give the highest point for this unit because we have no opportunity to see all the list of reviews left by EdrugSearch.com satisfied customers. Our mark for this unit is 3 points. It is necessary to ensure customers wiht complete information relating to reviews containing facts about EdrugSearch.com performance.


Reviews about EdrugSearch.com on Third Parties

TrustPilot.com is a third party recourse where people are able to read reviews about EdrugSearch.com. But the number of reviews is 5 which are absolutely positive having 5-star rating.

reviews on trustpilot

People leave reviews about EdrugSearch.com performance, how they satisfied because the titles of such reviews are like this: “Best Drug Pricing Website”, “Safe and Affordable Medication”, “Wow! Incredible Trusted Resource for Prescription Drugs”. Unfortunately we cannot rely upon these online Trustpilot reviews because they are left in 2013-2014. There is no “fresh” 2017 confirmation showing that EdrugSearch.com is not so popular among Internet users. The overall rating of EdrugSearch.com on Trustpilot according to reviews is 8,3 % out of 10 % but it gives us no right to get the highest mark for reviews left on foreign recourses.


Our mark for this unit is 3 points. Presence of reviews is not an indicator of great online service.

EdrugSearch.com Coupon Code

EdrugSearch.com claims they have Free Rx Coupons but in fact, this icon is not clickable that’s why we cannot examine this information carefully.


It means that customers may be confused by such unreliable information. But we should remember that EdrugSearch.com is not an online pharmacy that’s why each pharmacy, being a part of this search engine, should provide customers with coupon codes directed to save money while making orders online. This unit can be estimated for 1 point, unfortunately.

“Contact Us” Information

“Contact Us” Section

There is “Contact Us” page but there a customer is able to find only contact form by means of which a customer is able to address to customer support service. There is no phone number or contact address. We remember that “About Us” page contains information that main office of EdrugSearch.com is located in San Antonio but it doesn’t justify site administration. If they claim they have “Contact Us” page, so that it should contain contact information about this website. Unfortunately, our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Customer Support Service

customer support service

There is only one opportunity to come in contact with EdrugSearch.com customer support service and it is only contact form. Such a form is one of the methods to ask bothering you questions and get the answer. We ask the question relating to discounts and coupon codes but we are still waiting for the answer. Unfortunately, there is no life chat with immediate answer, it is the greatest disadvantage of EdrugSearch.com. Having waited for 24 hours, we don’t get the answer from EdrugSearch.com support group and as a result our mark for this unit is 1.

Conclusion: A 3-Star Rating Enough To Take Use of This Service

statementEdrugSearch.com is not an online pharmacy but an intermediate between online pharmacy and customer. They cooperate with 16 US and Canadian online pharmacies providing vast amount of medications. We cannot able to compare prices but there is a statistical data showing how much a customer may save by means of this online search engine.

EdrugSearch.com has high security rating according to ScamAdviser.com – 78-% but there is some confusion relating to other online websites installed on the same server with EdrugSearch.com. LegitScript.com speaks about EdrugSearch.com as about unapproved online pharmacy which doesn’t meet some of legitscript requirements.

EdrugSearch.com claims they have a lot of satisfied customers what is proved by reviews but we come across with impossibility to read these reviews. There is no separate page showing the real picture of EdrugSearch.com performance. TrustPilot.com gives only 5 reviews about EdrugSearch.com which are dated 2013-2014. For this period of time there may happen a lot of changes that’s why fair estimation is not possible.

In general, analyzing all this information, EdrugSearch.com deserves 3 out of 5 rating. This rating and general characteristics allow people to be sure when commanding this service.