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Eshoprx.com Review: A Non-Prescription Natural Medicine Store with No Reputation

What is Eshoprx.com?

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Eshoprx.com is an online pharmacy that has been operating for over 14 years. The offer cheap natural and organic products. Since 2004, the company has served thousands of customers all over the globe, especially in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and France. The store guarantees the highest quality, lowest prices and speedy delivery. It also claims to be the top online pharmacy. According to the website, customers’ health, security, and shopping experience are very important to Eshoprx. They strive to serve people with top quality health products and make their online shopping experience easier.


Their online catalog differs from those offered by other online pharmacies. Unlike other stores, Eshoprx.com sells only eco-friendly health products and Ayurvedic medications. Here you can buy green & natural products, organic products, ayurvedic products and different kind of braces. The seller also provided details of each product stating its indications, side effects, contraindications, and interactions.


The main page lists the top sellers of the pharmacy: mercury thermometers, soft cervical collar, Mederma scars treatment gel, hot water bottle, aloe vera juice and others:

top sellers

I usually check the assortment of drugs designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but since this store sells only natural organic products, I was able to find only 1 treatment option for weak male and female potency: Pallarywyn Forte 20 tablets.


In general, the company seems to have a good assortment of organic products, however, I would be better if the store were also selling generic medications for various conditions including antidepressants, asthma inhalers, diabetes drugs, blood pressure pills, pain relief drugs, cancer treatments, and so on. Since the range of products available at Eshoprx.com is limited to natural remedies, I give 3 stars for this unit. Many other online pharmacies sell both organic health products and basic medicines and can become a one-stop place for all your medical needs.


According to the website, Eshoprx offers the cheapest prices for their products. I checked the prices for the pharmacy’s bestsellers mentioned in the previous unit. It turned out that the prices are really good but do not differ greatly from those offered by other Internet stores. Just like any other online company, Eshoprx offers customers to get the lowest possible price per unit by ordering a particular product in bulk. Since their prices are good but not cheapest, I give 4 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Shipping Methods and Delivery Time

The seller claims that dealing with Eshoprx you can get a fast international delivery. The pharmacy ships all of its products from India to various parts of the world limited to France, Germany, Canada, the UK, and the USA.

The pharmacy offers two shipping options – registered airmail and courier trackable service. Orders are typically processed within 2 business days and a credit card is charged only when they ready to ship the order. The registered airmail takes about 20 business days, whereas the courier trackable service takes up to 10 business days to deliver the parcel. The store does not mention shipping fees. If you opt for the second option, you will be provided a tracking number. Usually, this option is more expensive.

If the customer doesn’t receive the ordered products within 21 days, Eshoprx promises to provide a 100% refund or a free re-shipment. However, if the goods get damaged during delivery– they will not accept them back. Since I was not able to assess delivery charges, I give only 2 stars for this unit. Such information is extremely important to customers and should be placed in plain sight.

Payment Options

Eshoprx accepts payments made using credit cards, Western Union and Bank Wire. Regretfully, they will not accept payments via Bitcoin, PayPal, money orders, and so on. I give 4 stars for this unit since their payment options are limited.

Technical Characteristics of Eshoprx.com

Loading Speed

I checked Eshoprx.com’s loading speed because this indicator is of a great importance to customers. Not every user is ready to wait until the page is loaded if it takes too much time. All clients expect the pages to be loading fast. You will not get a pleasant shopping experience without this condition. Google PageSpeed Insights reported that this website lacks optimization and has hidden page speed indicators:


The optimization results are very poor for a mobile version and good for a desktop one. This could complicate your ordering process. I give 1.5 stars for this unit and recommend the website’s owner to improve this aspect.

Mobile Version

Modern people prefer to place orders using smartphones or tablets instead of computers. The number of “mobile customers” continues to grow. For this reason, I hoped Eshoprx.com had a mobile version. Fortunately, this site is mobile-friendly:

mobile version

The mobile version does not differ greatly from the desktop. It only has larger images and font. The links are not so close together so you can easily click on the necessary item at once. I noticed no scrolling and the functionality seems to work without errors. However, as mentioned in the previous unit, the mobile version has very poor optimization, which means that this website may be not correctly displayed on all types of mobile devices and has not optimized content. Considering this, I give only 3 stars for this unit.


The seller claims that customers’ credit card information sent over the Internet is fully encrypted using SSL encryption technology, which means that nobody will be able to steal it while it is transferred to Eshoprx.com. They claim that it’s 100% safe from hackers. They also report that all sensitive information submitted to the online pharmacy will be confident and will not be sold to any third-party company.

But the trust is that this website is not secure:


This means that your sensitive data may be vulnerable, viewed by other people or stolen. I conclude that this website cannot provide safe online payments and give 1 star for this unit. I advise the website’s owner to consider this issue.


Another failure is that Eshoprx.com is not protected from viruses, hackers, and malware. This makes this online pharmacy less reliable. I give 1 star for this unit and recommend the website’s owner to fix this problem.

The Convenience of Ordering Goods

If you want to buy organic health products through Eshoprx.com, you can start an ordering process immediately, without registration. This will help save precious time and efforts because usually online store asks to provide too many personal details during registration.

The ordering process is the same as in any other online pharmacy: you need to add the desired items in a virtual shopping cart, proceed to checkout, choose the preferred payment and delivery methods, and pay for the goods. After a while, the courier will deliver your order to your house door.

The pharmacy has divided all their products into categories and provided the detailed information related to a specific product – image, dosage, contraindications, side effects, and interactions so that the customers have an understanding of what exactly they are going to purchase.

You can also search for the desired product by name or by letter, which is very convenient:


Regretfully, I noticed that not all natural products presented on the website are in stock so it may turn out that the necessary item is currently unavailable. Considering this, I give 3 stars for this unit.

Is Eshoprx.com Legit?

The Rating from ScamAdvisor

Scamadviser reports that the website has is a very high trust-rating – 100%. The website is based in the United States but the real location is India.


The domain age is over 14 years but its popularity is unknown. Scamadviser also detected the organization which owns the company – Ram Lal Inder Lal (P) Ltd. I did not find any sign that Eshoprx.com is involved in suspicious or fraudulent activities. The pharmacy receives 4 stars for this unit because its website was last refreshed in 2017, which means it may be no longer active.

Do We Need a Prescription?

Nothing is mentioned about whether they require a valid prescription or not, but they do mention of online professional consultation at no extra cost. I usually give a low score for a non-prescription policy but this is not the case since Eshoprx.com sells over-the-counter natural and organic products, which means that every customer can freely buy them online. I just hope that their online professional consultation thing works. I give 5 stars for this unit.

The Status on LegitScript.com

LegitScript does not have any information on Eshoprx.com in its database so I am not sure where this store complies with the state or federal laws and standards established for pharmaceutical institutions. I give only 3 stars for this unit. If you ever notice this website in the database of LegitScript, please let us know – leave a comment below!

Eshoprx.com Reviews

Reviews on the Native Website

There are several customers who shared their shopping experiences with Eshoprx on the pharmacy’s native website. I found only positive reviews and not a single client was unsatisfied. Alex from HongKong wrote that his friends were full of doubts when he placed an order on this website. However, they admitted that the company was good when he received his products in a very short time and they proved to be effective. He was also happy that he made a huge saving.

Another client also mentioned that Herbal tonic really worked and made him feel young again. He managed to fix all his problems.

Huda Hammad reported that Eshoprx had a great customer support service. She ordered goods and it was great.

Linda was very grateful for the attention the staff member had shown. She only had a good experience with this store and never had any problems. She also mentioned that the process was nice and low.


The thing is that these reviews are not dated and posted on the sellers’ own website and I suspect that they could be filtered or even composed by the pharmacy’s staff to attract customers. I think I need to search for any Eshoprx reviews on independent websites to get a true picture of this company. Since I cannot 100% trust these reviews, I give 3 stars for this unit.

Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Regretfully, I was able to find only one complaint Eshoprx.com. Their former customer reported that when he tried to visit this website, his computer was infused with a virus. He recommended all other consumers to stay away from this pharmacy because it might be involved in dishonest activities like phishing and identity theft.

Positive reviews were not available on the net and this seems strange because the pharmacy has been active for 14 years. Therefore, if you want to buy products from this company, you will need to carry out your own research so as to learn more details about Eshoprx. I give 1 star for this unit.

Eshoprx.com Coupon Codes

There are no coupon codes available for Eshoprx.com and they do not seem to offer at least any options allowing customers to save money. The pharmacy only stated that their prices are already low and beneficial but coupon codes are what every client wants to get. Maybe the company will release some discounts or coupon codes in the future but today I give only 1 star for this unit.

Customer Support

Contact Information

The “Contact us” page is literally empty. I found nothing except an email address info@ehealth-store.com: they indicated neither Eshoprx address nor a phone number. The store only mentions that they ship all their products from India and ScamAdviser confirmed that the website was owned by this country. ScamAdviser also revealed that this store was related to the USA, so I’m skeptical about the actual location of the store.

Since the pharmacy provided an extremely limited contact information, I give 2 stars for this unit.

How Can We Get a Consultation Here?

The only way to contact the customer support service is by email info@ehealth-store.com. Other online pharmacies provide phone numbers, legal and mailing address, feedback form, live chat for online messaging.

Since I was very interested in shipping rates of Eshoprx, I tried to contact their representative by email. I never received a feedback. This means that this company whether has a poorly organized customer service or is not active anymore. Since I was not able to get a consultation with this pharmacy, I give 1 star for this unit.


Eshoprx.com is an online seller of natural and organic health products. Their prices and nice but there are no positive reviews about this store on the web. Although ScamAdviser did not reveal anything suspicious about this store, I have some reasons to avoid it. First of all, I found a complaint that is associated with the fraudulent activity of this online pharmacy and this fact cannot be ignored. Good reviews are only available on the native website of the pharmacy and there is not a single positive comment available on the net. The website has poor technical characteristics and cannot provide safe online payments. I know that most of the websites selling natural medicine end up selling unapproved products. You should be very cautious when you are purchasing items from such websites and seek proof that the medications that you are ordering from the pharmacy are FDA-verified. The negative issues associated with Eshoprx cause to give this company a rating of 2,5 stars.