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ExlPharmacy.com Review: Rough Online Referral Service

Self-Introduction of ExlPharmacy.com


ExlPharmacy.com or Exl Pharmacy is a kind of referral service providing an access to various Canadian pharmacies such as AFFORDABLEDRUGSRX and MYDISCOUNTRXPHARMACY. Unfortunately, the affordable-drugs-rx.com (AffrodableDrugsRX) is not available with the note of the restricted site. This service offers genuine FDA-approved meds. All the quality standards are met. If you are interested in this online referral service you are welcome to find it on Twitter and Facebook. We will grapple with all the aspects of this online pharmacy.

Assortment Diversity

If you command this service you can get access to 21 drug categories inclusively of AHDH (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), anti anxiety, anti depressants, anti flu, antibiotics, asthma allergy, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, gastro health, general health, hair loss, HIV, Men’s ED combo pack, men’s health, pain relief, quit smoking, skin care, sleeping aids, weight loss, women’s health.

The categories’ list is arranged in an alphabetic way. When clicking on some category you will see the list of preparations available looking like:

drug categories

If you want to find the medication but you doubt to what drug category it belongs you are welcome to make use of search by name. Enter the drug name in the searching bar and see the results of searching.


The number of categories are enough for satisfying customers’ needs. Every client will be able to find the medication which will help him overcome this or that disorder. Our mark for this unit is 5 points. The assortment is diverse and it is a fact.

Prices Affordability

Exl Pharmacy is a referral service where there is no mention of prices. This service redirects you to other 3 online pharmacies. These very pharmacies will provide you the price policy for the exact drug. You are welcome to go to the link to the page of the exact online pharmacy with clear prices.

Unfortunately, such a service should also provide the list of medications with the available prices of these exact partners. As a result, our mark for this unit is 2 points. It is better to improve the arrangement of the referral website to provide a fast access to the main component of the shopping online.

Shipping Options

Unfortunately, this service provides no information about possible delivery options. All the data will be given when you choose one of three online pharmacy ExlPharmacy.com works with. In fact, they may offer some aspects of delivery options available on the partners’ website because people may be interested in fact where the delivery is the most affordable or international, for example. The mark for this unit is 1 point.

Payment Options

Regretfully, there are no payment options specified. Customers will get to know this information when choosing this or that online pharmacy. It is inconvenient because the customer may come across with the problem of impossibility to pay for an order. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

desktop and mobile versions

Googe Page Speed ensures the data relating to speed and optimization of ExlPharmacy.com. Unfortunately, the data seems to be unsatisfactory. The site administration hides mobile and desktop versions of page speed. The optimization of a mobile version is low. The optimization of desktop version is good. It means that some technical problems are sold if we speak about the desktop but we cannot say the same relating to a mobile version. According to the special formula, we have calculated the overall rating – 2.2 points. Attention: the problems with website loading is possible.

Mobile Version

mobile version

This website has a mobile version. You are welcome to complete an order by means of the mobile gadget at any time and doing anything. This mobile version is adjusted to various smartphones like Galaxy S5, Pixel 2, Pixel 2X, various models of iPhone and iPads. There is no scrolling on the front page and checkout. The front page obtains the same information as a desktop version. We may recommend the site administration to shorten the front page by means of the text reduction. But in general, this mobile version is a kind of means for completing an order online. Buying meds online is more affordable by means of a smartphone. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is the Connection Secure?

insecure connection

The connection is absolutely insecure. There is a high risk that your personal data and your IP-address may be stolen. People when opening the website, even if it is a referral service should provide a secure connection. Such services belong to the eCommerce websites that’ s why the connection and all the transactions should be protected by SSL-protocol. Exl Pharmacy doesn’t take any efforts to instill hope your data will be safe. As a result, such a negligence demands serious affairs – 1 point.

Antivirus Presence

Regretfully, there is no antivirus. Be attentive: this website may be a place full of viruses and other online threats. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

How to Make an Order?

There is no need for the registration. There is only need to choose one of three online pharmacies as ExlPharmacy.com is a referral service. This is the main inconvenience relating to this website. There are 3 main partners. They are Affordable Drugs Rx, Mydiscountrxpharmacy and Canadarxdrugstore.


The first mentioned online pharmacy website is not working with the note of the restricted website.

So that, there is no ordering procedure as it is. You should choose one of the medications and see in what online pharmacy it is in-stock. We cannot highly estimate this referral service. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Is ExlPharmacy.com Legit and Safe

ScamAdviser.com about the Website Security Rate

This website deserves 21% o security. This online referral service is a low-trust rating. This site may not be safe to use. This website probable location is the United States. The probable company owner location is hidden but there is a suspicion of the Russian Federation involving into the performance. This site has a high-risk country associated with it.

The phone number and email are registered in Moscow. The company owner is Protection of Private Person.

The domain age is 4 years, 168 days. This website is rarely visited according to this checker. There are other 8 domains on the same server registered in the United States of America and Canada.

A Malware report has been detected for this website. LegitScript.com proves this pharmacy as rough. Moreover, it is a fact that eCommerce should make all the information open and available for customers and online checkers. This website uses another politics hiding contact information.


Analyzing all this data, we have come to a conclusion that it is insecure to use such a service because of such ambiguous information. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Prescription Request

The information about the prescription is unclear. We have no information whether the pharmacies this online service work with requiring a prescription. There is only a mention of the availability of prescription drugs. But we do not know at what pharmacy they are available.

Moreover, it is illegal to sell drugs without the prescription if it is intended for sale with it. It is a breaking of customers’ legal rights. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

LegitScript.com about Exl Pharmacy Legitimacy

Unfortunately, this website is illegal. This online service is rough. If you want to be cheated this is the exact address. In general, it is better to find another online service for buying drugs online for this or that disorder treatment. If you are already a customer or wait for the parcel be sure to get to know all the information about this service and its functions. But now, our mark for this illegal service is 1 point.


Reviews about ExlPharmacy.com

Reviews on ExlPharmacy.com

There are no reviews about exlpharmacy.com. No one will find some words about the experience of customers who have already become the customer of this online service. We remember that this service has been existing for 4 years but it is not enough to collect any feedback left by customers. Moreover, there is no feedback form by means of which customers may leave a review online. We have tried to find the foreign resources reviews discussed in the next unit. But right now, our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Third Parties Reviews about ExlPharmacy.com

Unfortunately, there are no reviews left by customers on the foreign resources. People have no desire to write a feedback on TrustPilot or anywhere else. There is no mention about the service we have checked. Finally, we have stated that this website is visited by customers very rare. As a result, there are not enough customers for leaving a feedback anywhere on the website. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Discount Code on ExlPharmacy.com

ExlPharmacy.com has no discounts as it is because this service is a kind of place for other online pharmacies. Maybe, these online pharmacies provide any discount. But, at the moment, there is no opportunity to reduce expenses. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

Unfortunately, there is no contact information. The contact us section contains only a contact form as a means for addressing a customer care department. The absence of contact information is a sign of the business which may break your rights. We should remember that ScamAdviser.com claims this website phone number and email are registered in the Russian Federation. But this information is hidden from customers. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Customer Support Service

We have used a contact form to address customer support service. Unfortunately, we have waited for 48 hours for any response but in vain. We have asked anything about the website location but get no information in response. Such a performance will not help gain much more customers. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

contact form

Conclusion: Rough Online Referral Service

ExlPharmacy.com is a referral service providing an access to drugs: prescription or over-the-counter at any time of day and night. This company cooperates with three online pharmacies one of which is unavailable. The following companies are partners of this referral service: Affordable Drugs Rx, Mydiscountrxpharmacy and Canadarxdrugstore.

The greatest disadvantage is an insecure connection. All the operations and transactions are not protected at all. Moreover, there is no antivirus.

Security rate is low – 21% according to ScamAdviser.com. This online service is rough according to LegitScript.com. There is a mass with a probable website and company owner location: either the United States or the Russian Federation.

There are no reviews at all about this service. There are customers with a desire to share their experience.

Contact information is absent. Customer care department doesn’t perform its function at all.

Finally, we do not recommend this service. There is much more affordable, trustworthy and reliable online service for buying medications online.