Fitness Friday ♥ #EASActive – YES!

I finally received EA Sports Active in the mail on Tuesday YES! Of course then I didnt get to it for the first time until 6:30 last night. I was sick over the weekend, so getting over that, and Im trying to figure out how Im going to fit this 30-day challenge into my schedule. I think I might have to sacrifice some sleeping or blogging time. Havent decided which yet. 😉 I know Im not sacrificing my morning walks, those are definitely nice and I love the fresh air (and the company!).

So Ive started the 30-day challenge although I didnt go through all of the basic exercises last night I skipped about the last four because I was getting tired and I had already done those exercises and just wanted to see what it was all about. I need to weigh myself using Wii Fit today so I can put in an accurate weight for the beginning of the challenge and do a comparison at the end of the month.

Exercises: So far Ive tried the basic exercises which include walking and running, inline skating, resistance band exercises (for the arms), and lunges. Running using EA Sports Active I like SO much better than with Wii Fit! It just seemed a lot easier to follow along with and was more effective. Maybe I just never got the hang of it with Wii Fit, but I like this better. Oh, and the inline skating exercise? After just a few minutes my thighs were burning! So yeah, thats going to be a definite favorite exercise.

One more thing I just discovered that people can work out side by side with EA Sports Active, something you cant do with Wii Fit. SWEET! Yes I WILL be buying another accessory set for my husband. Yes I will, John. *grin*

I will be updating my progress on Twitter!

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! 🙂