Fitness Friday ♥ I’m a Wii Fit Snob

Yes, you read that right. Im a Wii Fit snob. And I freely admit it! When did I come to this conclusion? Well, it was while commenting on a fellow Wii Mommys Fitness Friday post that the revelation came to me. I suddenly realized that I was thinking this way:

Yoga? Without the balance board and my Wii? Are you kidding? Isnt that boring? How can you tell if youre balanced or not? (Wow, that is way too many question marks). Anyway, how will I be able to tell if Im getting better at the exercise without a score at the end? I want to keep seeing that score of 99 at the end of my Warrior Pose I NEED to see it!

Soccer heading. Would I really go out to a wet and muddy field (I live in a rainy state) and bounce balls off my head in real life? Just contemplating that gives me a headache. 😉

Strength exercises. I love the strength workouts, especially the ones that focus on lower body (though heaven knows I need to work on the arm flab, too). I would never NEVER go to a gym and work out in front of other people. I would rather die overweight and unhealthy. Okay, maybe not. But I am not the type to go to a gym, Im telling you. I love that I can stay healthy in the privacy of my own home. No one but me knows how silly I may look and thats the way I like it.

Skiing? Im likely to kill myself. Or break a leg. Nuff said. (I really do want to try skiing someday though dont ask me how I grew up in Alaska and never ended up skiing, I have no idea!)

Hula Hoop. Well, my apartment is WAY too small to use a real hula hoop in. Plus Id probably accidentally hit my daughter with it, knowing me. Shes been known to crawl behind me at just the wrong time and get wacked with a foot, poor thing! lol

The virtual run. Well, theres really no comparison, is there? I mean, do you have an entire island at your disposal that always has gorgeous weather? And cute little puppy dogs to follow (you know how dangerous it is to follow in the wake of a real dog)? Now that Im thinking of islands Im thinking of Lost. It would be cool to run around the virtual Lost island. Dodging the black smoke monster. Hoping Ben doesnt catch up to you. Okay Id better stop now.

So do you agree with me now? Am I a Wii Fit snob? Because I dont know what I would do without mine it is way cool!

Are you a Wii Fit snob, too?

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