– In-Store Pharmacy with No Reviews Self-Introduction is a retail drugstore chain that runs its activity since 1947. The original store was first opened in Coldwater, Mississippi. At present moment has the main office in Memphis, Tennessee, and over 601 discount general stores, including 14 franchised Fred’s stores, mainly across the southeastern map

The company offers more than 12,000 items for everyday needs. Each store of the company has its unique design and atmosphere. The company offers both branded and off-brand low-cost products. The company has two distribution centers – in Memphis, Tennessee, and Dublin, Georgia. also owns one additional retail chain – Getwell Drug & Dollar – a convenient pharmacy destination, with locations across Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi where you can purchase over-the-counter medications and more than 1,700 $1 items.getwell

So summing up all this information, it becomes clear that is not only a pharmacy, but a chain of stores offering different products for life and health, including medications and medical devices.

Products List Diversity

The company doesn’t sell any product online. This website is created to give people idea of what the company is and what it does. On the website, however, you can find information about each category of products presented in stores and what brands are present in the catalog. Note that there is no products list with names of drugs and prices. Only description of the category and list of brands. List of categories can be found in the footer of the main page.products

If you want to find our about medications you will have visit one of the stores of the company, or contact the support group. The website is created not for selling any products but for giving information about the company and its activity. Here you also can find information about health conditions and how to cope with them. The website provides very informative blog with interesting article on various subjects.

As the company specializes not only in pharmaceutical products, the categories gather products related to spheres of life they are used in. So there is not much medication in the stores, but on the website you can find special pages related to health conditions which contain names of brand sold in the pharmacies of the company. That’s why, considering absence of products list with names of drugs, we can give 4 stars.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Test

Test by for page loading speed gave us quite positive results. Both mobile and desktop show high figures in speed of loading. There are some issues than need to be worked at, but the website give advice on how to optimize the work of the website. In general there are no significant flaws but still the result are not the best. Both indicators are lower than they should be, so we recommend to correct all noted issues. For now the company gets only 2.6 stars.desctopmobile

Mobile Version doesn’t have any mobile version for users. When you visit the website via mobile phone or tablet, you see only an adapted for the screen page. The text is impossible to read and links are too close to each other. So we can conclude that administration of the company didn’t pay much attention to this issue and thus loose some part of customers interested in finding a store or in information contained on the

After checking the website for being comfortable to use via mobile devices it turned out that it s not mobile-friendly at all as we suspected. The content is wider than scree – such note was present in the report. So customers won’t be able to visit the website and read its content comfortable via mobile phones or tablets. So considering everything in this point we can give 1 star to the company.

Secure Connection

When visiting a website it is important to check whether it is secure for you and your data. Most reliable websites provide security for its customers to protect them from data theft or any other troubles. To make sure if the company provides secure connection you need to check the address bar. If it has the green lock and says «Secure», then you can be sure that your data it protected and feel free to provide information on the website.not secure

As we can see doesn’t provide secure connection on the website, so when you study different pages on this website you need to very careful. However, the company protects its customers when it comes to providing any personal information on the website, for example, when logging in.https protocol

You can learn more information about level of security on these pages by reading certificate of security, which is at free access to each customer.certificatecertificate

The certificate shows us that the company uses 256-bit data encryption – the highest level of data protection, which means that after you provide information it is safely transferred to the server and there is no opportunity to steal it. But information about certificate owner is hidden, so reliability of this document is questionable. So for this point we can give 3.5 stars, for high enough level of protection, but only on some pages of the website.

Antivirus Protection

The website unfortunately doesn’t provide any antivirus protection for its customers. This means that people should be very cautious when using such websites or avoid them at all. Absence of antivirus can lead to such sad consequences as computer damage or personal data theft, as when visit unprotected websites customers risk to get some malware on their devices.

We strongly recommend to install your own antivirus o your computer to protect yourself from any unexpected troubles and avoid unsecure and doubtful companies that do not bother to protect its clients. So for this point gets 1 stars for not providing protection form malwares on its website.

Is Legit?

Reliability of the Website

According to is a very reliable website. ScamAdviser gives 100% in safety rate, which cannot but inspire trust of customers. Although the website is rarely visited, the domain age overshadows this issue – more than 5 years is a very impressive term.scamadviser

Website’s location is not controversial as with many other online pharmacies, which shows us that the company runs its activity honestly and legally. The address in the report is the same as given on the website as official one. So we can see that the company doesn’t try to hide something from customers and if you want to visit their office you will actually find it there.

So this point brings 5 stars to the pharmacy, as there is everything clear and the results of the test are very positive. Relying on ScamAdviser we can conclude that this company is a very reliable source of medicaments.

Prescription Requirement

According to information on the website, the pharmacy offers both prescription and over-the-counter. So it can be assumed that prescription is mandatory for purchasing rx drugs. Besides when registering you are offered to fill in prescription information to be able to see you prescription history on the website. However we were not able to check whether prescription is really required, as there is no online ordering form as it was said before.

Still the pharmacy chain is quite a reliable and well-known, its activity is legal and reliability is proved. These facts make us trust the pharmacy in the question of selling rx drugs only on prescription. Such companies that follow all the rules and laws of selling medication can be 100% trusted and quality of products there is also high as a rule. So for this point we can surely give 4 stars.

Legitimacy Test rates the pharmacy as unverified. This means that they didn’t have opportunity yet to decide whether meets standards and criteria of LegitScript. So the company theoretically is a reliable place, because it was not listed as rogue, which is already a good result. Though the pharmacy wasn’t approved by LegitScript yet, it can be said that there are some good point in favor of the pharmacy which do not allow it to get poor rating. We will hope that will get positive results after the test and be approved by, but for now 2.5 stars is our esteem.legitimacy Reviews

Reviews on the Website

Unfortunately, there are no customers’ reviews on the website. No special page with comments of people sharing their experience with other customers. However there is a feedback form for customer’s reviews. So it is no clear – where are comments which people send via this form, or people simply don’t send any messages to the company with their opinions and suggestions?

Absence of customers’ feedback is a great disadvantage for the company, which doesn’t allow to estimate its work in full. We can’t tell whether it is reliable or not without reading real customers reviews. So for this point we will give only 1 star.

Reviews on Foreign Websites

As well as with comments on the website, we didn’t manage to find anything in the Internet. No other websites or forums offers reviews about the company. It seems like no one ever bought anything from this company, so no feedback exists in the Internet.

Lack of customers’ reviews on foreign resources also doesn’t speak in favor of the company and also can’t show us the whole picture of the company’s activity. We cannot judge quality of the service and products as there no real people’s opinions. So this point earn only 1 star for the company and we strongly advise to create a page for real customers’ reviews and encourage clients to actively leave feedback about company’s work. Coupon Code always runs some special offers for its products. It concerns not only pharmaceutical products but mainly household items for everyday use. There are no special coupon codes, but you can find all information about sale items and special offers in a special section in the footer of the main page – «Coupons».discounts

All these offers usually allow to save money when buying 2 or more products or just discounts for some items. However there is no general coupon code that will allow to get a fixed discount for all assortment. Also here you won’t get opportunity for discount system which allows to get a bigger discount according the number of purchases you make.

So this point bring only 3 stars, for absence of any coupon code that would offer a discount for all products in the catalog.

Customer Support on

Contact Information

On the website you can find a special page with contact details. There you will see main details to contact the support group if you have any question. Unfortunately, there is no contact form to send a quick request to the support group, so the only way to ask a question is to call to the customer service or write a letter to their official info

As we found out earlier mailing address is correct as it was confirmed by However there is no information about working hours of the support group so it is unclear when they are available. The only way to contact them by e-mail is to use feedback form, but this way can be used only for feedback messages. Absence of contact form or any other way for e-mail communication greatly complicates the process of getting consultation for customers that do not have opportunity to visit a store or call to the support group.

So for this point we can give 3.5 stars, for proving contact information but with absence of some necessary details.

Support Group Service

As there is no contact form or live chat option, the only way contact the support group for us is to try to send a request via feedback form. We are not sure that question about service will be reviewed, since this option is mainly used to leave reviews about service and products.

We decided to ask a simple question about delivery, since there is no information about it on the website. So we fill in the required fields and submit our service

After that we got message that it was successfully sent. So we can only wait for the answer now.response

After waiting for 24 hours we still didn’t get any answer, so it can be concluded that the support group is ineffective when working online. Of course we knew that out request might not be reviewed but if on the page with contact details they say that customers can use this form for contacting the support group, they have to provide answers to all messages they receive. So for this point get 1 star.

To Sum Up…

After considering everything said above it can be said that is quite a reliable source, but you need to be cautions when dealing with it. First of all, it is not an online store, so you cannot buy anything from the website, you can only find a nearest store and buy products there. Consequently, we were not able to estimate prices, assortment and delivery.

Technical indicators are very impressive, which speaks in favor of the company, since all point have very good marks. But question with prescription is still unclear, so it is up to you to find out whether they ask it or not.

A very great flaw is that there are no reviews in the Internet, so you cannot compare others people’s experience, and can’t rely on them. You will have to take risks and hope that the company is reliable and honest. Also customers support is very poor here, so the only chance to get proper consultation is to use their phone support. So considering everything stated in this review we can give 2.6 out of 5 stars in the rating.