Review: Highly Unrecommended and Unpopular Service

What is Free Rx

free rx hotline logo is not an online pharmacy but rather an intermediary between customers and pharmacies. The company links clients with free medications from other sources. Customers need to submit some personal details to this website so as to be connected with other pharmacies that would offer drugs. They claim to be owned by TelaRX LLC, Florida, Fort Lauderdale and have been active since 2010.


The service claims that Free RX Hotline site gives access to a huge number of medications over 2500, both RX and over-the-counter drugs and medical supplies. They say to have drugs for nearly all medical needs from the categories: depression, anxiety, immunosuppressive, sleep disorders, pain relief, erectile dysfunction and others. Since I was not able to check this statement, I give 3 stars for this unit.


This website claims that they are offering their products at the lowest possible prices you could find online. They say they are working with the manufacturers who are offering the best prices for a particular drug online. Therefore Free RX Hotline is “offering the cheapest products”. I checked the prices for some products and they were the same as in other online pharmacies. Even more, this online service had bigger prices for some medications. I give 3 stars for this unit.

Delivery Terms

Regretfully, the website provided no details about available delivery options, term, and fees. Information about the countries where the drugs could be delivered is also unavailable. Obviously, the delivery details will be outlined by a particular pharmacy you are connected with. However, it would be nice to know the delivery options and fees before you submit your personal details to a website. I have to give only 1 star for this unit.

Payment Options

Regretfully, the information about payment terms is not available either. The lack of this important information makes me give only 1 star for this unit.

Technical Сharacteristics of

Website Loading Speed

I decided to check the website’s loading speed since many visitors simply do not have the patience to wait for the download of a page that is too slow. As a rule, the slow page speed leads to an increase in the failure rate. A tool for estimating the speed of loading pages from Google displays a value between 0 and 100 for both computers and mobile devices. I analyzed the website’s loading speed and got the following results:


You see that indicators for speed are unavailable and optimization seems to be not bad. However, it’s obvious that the website needs development. The total score for this unit is 2 stars. Mobile Version

Mobile version is another site created specifically for smartphones. This version should contain lightweight information about the resource. The site template must adapt to completely different screen extensions: computers, tablets, smartphones; content blocks must be able to move to another position in the layout and take the required size depending on the resolution of the device; images must change the size or load a picture with smaller weight depending on the screen; small screens must hide some unimportant blocks; elements of navigation must be processed in such a way that it is convenient to use them on a small screen, where clicking is harder; all videos (if there are any) must be also adapted.

Regretfully, it turned out that website does not have a mobile version:

mobile version

Google tool detected that the text too small to read, clickable words are too close together, and viewport is not set. This means that the website is displayed badly on the screen of a smartphone and probably has some errors. I give 1 star for this unit and recommend the website’s owner to eliminate this drawback.


The website does not use a secure connection, which means that your personal data is at risk and can be viewed by other parties:


You should bear in mind that your login/password and credit card details can be stolen. I give 1 star for this unit since did not provide the necessary security required for customers to make online transactions.


I was disappointed when I found out that the website does not even have an antivirus protection which makes an ordering process even riskier. I give 1 star for this unit.

The Convenience of Using

As you remember, this website serves as a link between the customers and online pharmacies that are selling medications online at discounted prices. The front page advertises that customers may call Free RX Hotline cell phone or fill out an online order form.

order application

I was interested in the second option. The front page offered to provide the following personal details to start an application:

order form

And this is the problem. The website does not have anything but this form to fill out. Submitting this form, you agree that various online pharmacies will contact you using the provided contact details. That’s all they have. I found no About Us page, no Contact Us page, no details on how Free Rx Hotline works. They say that all applications are viewed and evaluated by their managers, and customers can learn more details calling their phone number provided on the site.

I have tried to submit my personal details including my full name, physical address, zip code, email address and phone number. I clicked a “Submit button” and there was an error which did not allow me to move forward. Obviously, this service is not working anymore or there are some technical problems. Anyway, I was not able to place an order. I give 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Is Free Rx Hotline Legit?

Checking the Website’s Safety Using ScamAdvisor

I checked reputation at Scamadvisor. I found that this website is considered safe for use and legit:


The site seems to have been operating for over 8 years. Its probable location is the United States but for some reason the website’s origin is hidden. The website is using a free email. Despite the thing that not all online businesses that are using free email are a scam, there is a risk that the website may be compromised since fraudsters usually use free emails for duping their targets. The service’s popularity is also unknown so I wonder why ScamAdviser gave such a high trust rating. The company gets 4 stars since the company’s popularity and origin are unknown.

Prescription Requirement

As much as I can understand, Free Rx Hotline pharmacies require a valid prescription for OTC drugs which means that you cannot purchase any RX medications without visiting a doctor. The approach seems to be serious but since I am not sure that they require a prescription and can judge only by their brand name, I give 4 stars for this unit.

Checking the Website’s Legitimacy using LegitScript

I found that LegitScript doesn’t have any info on this website in its database, so I can’t say whether Free Rx Hotline complies with online pharmacy verification standards or violates them. If you ever find this website in LegitScript database, please leave a feedback. So far, I give 4 stars for this unit. Reviews

Customer Reviews on the Official Website

I found no testimonial page on this website so I’m not sure whether they have a good reputation or not. To find out what people think about this online matching service, I had to move forward and search for any reviews on independent websites. I give 1 star for this unit.

Free RX Hotline com reviews on Independent Websites

I analyzed reviews from different websites and found out that this website has only negative reviews. Bad reviews undermined my trust in this online service. Here are some Free RX Hotline complaints I was able to detect. All of them state that this company is a scam:

bad reviews

One more user got fake drugs from a pharmacy that she had been referred to by this website. As a result, she lost over $1,600.

In fact, a few clients claimed to get scammed not by Free Rx Hotline directly but other pharmacies because this site is just a link between customers and medical companies. But I think this is the fault of this website because they assure they cooperate with trusted companies only.

All of those testimonials made me be very skeptical about the legitimacy and honesty of this intermediate service. All I found was lots of complaints saying that this website is a scam, and nothing made me think otherwise. I couldn’t find a lot of comments. This could be due to the fact that the service is not popular. 1 star for this unit. Coupon Codes

Free Rx Hotline does not offer any discounts or coupon codes. Usually, most online pharmacies offer coupons and discounts to attract more clients. Other stores are having good deals for a limited time. That’s a pity that a site offering «free medications» doesn’t have any coupons. This fact made me even more skeptical. 1 star for this unit.

Customer Support

Contact information

As stated on the website, this company is located in Florida, Fort Lauderdale. However, I couldn’t find an exact address or a license, something that would prove that FreeRxHotline is really active and registered. In fact, I could find any information about this online company at all. This is something I did like because this website stores the sensitive information about each client buy the client does not have any info about this company. All they list is a phone number but that is just not enough.

free rx hotline phone number

The company gets only 2 stars for this unit.

Getting an Online Consultation

Free Rx Hotline provided only a phone number 1-800-504-1680 for contacting a representative of the company. There is no way to reach this service online. I found no email, no live chat, no contact form. So if you prefer to consult a manager online, you will be disappointed. The lack of Live Chat and other ways to reach the customer care department online makes me give only 1 star for this unit. I would recommend the website’s owner to develop more ways of reaching this matching service.

Conclusion is not a regular online pharmacy. It’s an online service that helps you get discounted medications at other pharmacies. The website collects a customer’s information and then refers this data to various pharmaceutical corporations. According to customer reviews, this service gets customers’ data to sell it to other companies. I can’t, with full confidence, say whether Free Rx Hotline is legit or not. However, the high trust rating given by ScamAdviser allows suggesting that what this company is legit, the website’s reputation is undermined due to a number of negative reviews. All these complaints prove that this online company is not what you may think. They seem to pretend to be assisting its inexperienced clients. Besides, the site is not transparent enough. There is no information about this company, they are not listed anywhere as an online pharmacy and their site is using free email, which is typical of scam websites. I would not recommend you using this site since I failed to complete an ordering process. My conclusion: using this service, you are at risk! My rate is 1,9 stars out of 5 which is a very low rating meaning that you must avoid such a matching service.