Generic Meds Store Com Review – Unreliable Service, but with Positive Customers Reviews Introducing Itself is an online pharmacy selling generic drugs at affordable prices. The pharmacy claims to sell high-quality medications that do not differ from original drugs in effect and composition. There is no information about the company, so we can’t get a full idea of what the pharmacy claims itself to be.

Assortment Variety

The pharmacy has a very wide range of products for different health conditions. All products are divided into 28 categories, but the names of categories, as well as their management, is confusing. First, the categories can be named not only after the disease they are used to treat but also after 1 drug. Second, some of the categories are located in the header menu, other in one tab in this menu. The categories are organized not alphabetically, which For most customers this will seem strange and inconvenient.categoriesassortment In the categories, products can be viewed either in a table or as a list, revealing price, name, manufacturer and dosage of the drug. The customer can choose how to sort items: name, price, position. This can facilitate searching process considerably. Also, you can use search bar if you know the name of the drug you are looking for. Product page contains important information about the drug and its usage. Here you also can choose necessary quantity of pills in a pack.

The pharmacy claims to sell generic drugs, but in the «FAQ» section there is information that product list also contains some branded medications. For example Viagra by Pfizer, Cialis by Lilly ICOS and Levitra by Bayer. Also on the front page, you may find a list of newly arrived drugs and bestsellers.

In general, the catalog is very diverse, as each category contains lots of items, and each of the customers can find something that will satisfy his/her needs. So the fair score for this point, in our opinion, will be 4 stars.

Affordability of Medications

The pharmacy claims that prices offered on the website are low and affordable. Indeed when we look at the catalog we see that most generic medications are offered at a very low price. But these prices are twofold higher than on other websites. Many other pharmacies offer much more attractive prices, so many customers may prefer other services.

For example, we will take prices for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, generic and branded. The pharmacy seems to be mainly oriented on selling these drugs. So generic Viagra is offered at $1.30 for 50 mg, Cialis is available at $1.65 for 20 mg, Levitra – $3.30. These prices a too high for generics, as we all know generic Viagra can be purchased for $0.5 on the Internet. The same thing is with original drugs – they are too expensive here. Viagra costs $10.50, Cialis – $9.50, Levitra – $10.75.viagra pricecialis pricelevitra price We can definitely say that the administration of the pharmacy tries to attract more client by claiming very low prices, but in reality, these prices can be much lower. However if you compare them with prices in regular pharmacies you will see a huge difference, so it is up to you to decide where to buy your medications. We will give 3 stars at this point.

Methods of Delivery

There are only 2 delivery methods available on this website:

  • Courier service;
  • Air Mail Registered or Priority Mail.

Both methods require fees, so despite the amount of your order, you will have to pay for shipping. The fee depends on the way of delivery choose and amount of your order – orders for more than 100 pill require a double charge, so the pharmacy offers Courier delivery to avoid doubling. Terms of delivery are also different: courier will bring your parcel in 4 – 5 days, which air mail – in 8 – 12 days.shipping options

There is no special page for this details so we had to look through the website to find anything about shipping option. «Sales Policy» provides a short description of this terms. The «FAQ» section also provides some information that shipping to US, Canada and some other countries will require bank transfer. But on the front page, you can find a red banner telling that the company doesn’t deliver orders to the USA. We really don’t know what to think.

So, in general, the options are clear, but they are only 2. Also finding information is quite problematic, and there some controversial statements, so for this point, we give 2.5 stars.

Payment Variants

The company accepts only 3 methods of payment:

  • Credit card;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Western Union.

payment optionsThis information is not provided in some special section. To find it you also need to look through the website. We found in in the «FAQ» section. No additional details are given, so as we think there is no difference between these methods and they won’t bring any bonuses to the customer, so you can choose whichever you want.

Besides during checkout procedure, there may such situation, that there will be no available options for you (probably it depends on the country of delivery). This fact is a great drawback for the company. It turns out that not all customer indicated in the list of countries can place orders.

So the number of options is too small, there are no eChecks or Bitcoin methods offered, so we cannot consider this issue to be satisfactory. Although most clients prefer credit card or bank transfers, and these options are provided, which must be counted for advantage. Considering all these facts we can grant 3 stars at this point.

Technical Characteristics of

Google Page Speed

Google page speed test shows us that the company has very poor indicators. Looks like the pharmacy doesn’t care about its technical indicators at all and doesn’t want to do anything about it. Both mobile and desktop figures are lower than acceptable, and there are many moments to be fixed. Lots of work is required for this website otherwise its performance will remain on the same low level. We strongly advise the company to take measure to improve the situation. Our score for this point is 1 star.desktopmobile

Mobile Version

The website doesn’t have well-organized mobile version. The only variant you have is slightly adapted for the phone screen desktop version. The text is impossible to read, though all function remains the same. Technically you can place an order, but this will be difficult and inconvenient. Those people with bad eyesight will not be able to do it at all, as zooming here works badly.

The interface is not changed for the mobile version at all, so tiny icons and unreadable text doesn’t make you want to use this service. Until the company makes improvements in this issue and manages to provide a well-organized functional version for mobile devices, our score is 1.5 stars for this point.

Data Protection

Most customers prefer companies that protect their data from theft and other unauthorized access and usage, that’s why they check the presence of a secure connection, before making orders. Secure connection ensures customers that no other third party will get their data. To make sure that the website you are using is safe, check its URL address – if it starts with https:// then you will know that you are protected. Also, a green lock near the address is an indicator of secure connection on the website.http protocol As we can see, provides no secure connection for its customers. This is very irresponsible in our opinion. You cannot trust this company as you data here are not secured at all, anyone can steal it and use without your consent. For that website that has a secure connection, you may read all details in the certificate of safety which is at free access to each user. But unfortunately, doesn’t have such document.not secure connection

We would not advise you to use services of this website and especially entrust your sensitive data to such company. This will put at risk you and your finances. Better find safe service with high level of protection. Because of the absence of data protection on the website, we give it only 1 star.

Protection from Viruses

There is no antivirus on the website so the customers are at risk of «catching» some malware programs on their devices. It’s a great disadvantage that the company doesn’t care about customers safety and trust rate to this company is considerably lowered by this fact. We advise the customer to install their own antivirus program on their devices if they don’t have it yet.

Some pharmacy provides protection at least at the «Checkout» page, but didn’t take any measure to offer secure and comfortable shopping for its clients. That’s why to give 1 star to the pharmacy at this point, and recommend customers to use another more secure service.

The Simplicity of Placing Orders

The ordering process on the website is quite simple, but still, there are some issues that make the process less attractive. First of all, is the fact that registration is required on the website. Without creating an account you won’t be able to continue placing the order. And though registering procedure takes few minutes and doesn’t require much effort, still it is an additional time taken from you. The procedure itself reminds checkout steps, which consists of providing billing, shipping and payment information and submitting orders. Perhaps these data are automatically saved in their system, for future orders.

Prescription is not required here, so you won’t have to spend time on going to doctor, undergoing laboratory tests, getting a prescription and sending it to them. This will save a lot of time for customers.

The process of ordering in general takes about 5 – 10 minutes. You need to choose necessary items, add them into your cart and proceed to checkout. Then you fill in required data and place the order. Everything is as simple as that. If you want to cancel the order you have 24 hours to do that, after 24 hours your order will be processed and no money will be returned. This information can be found in «Sales Policy» section. Also there you can find out what to do is you have filled in an incorrect address.ordering

In general, the process is quick and easy but still complicated with some steps, that for the most customer are unnecessary. So we think that it will fair to give 4 stars in this point, for a quite well organized process.

Is Legit?

Is the Website Scam?

Report by on the reliability of the website is really frustrating. According to its data the company has 0% in safety rate. rates this company as high risk and doesn’t advise to trust this service. As we can see the company has controversial data on its location – it is claimed to be US based, but can also be in Romania. Besides, there were numerous malware report on this organization, which proves that absence of antivirus and secure connection is dangerous for customers. Besides, all the addresses provided by the company are free ones.scamadviser

However, there is one positive point in this report. The domain age is impressive – more that 6 years. If the website exists for such a long time, then this means that not everything is so bad with it. But the rest of the results are very bad. There can be any trust to the company with such report, and the customer should be very cautions about using such services, as it turns out they are completely unreliable. This point brings 1 point to

Prescription Requirement

Prescription is not required in this pharmacy, as it was said earlier. The pharmacy sells most drugs that are supposed to be Rx, without taking responsibility for who buys them and how they are used. Reliable companies always require Rx written by a licensed doctor. But here you can take any drugs you wish in any quantity. We assume that even age of customers is not checked.

This fact proves that the company is completely irresponsible about its job. They claims to value customers health and have the main priority to improve it, but in reality, they only make money on selling low-cost drugs. That’s why we give 1 star to the pharmacy and recommend them be more serious about how them perform their business. Legitimacy Rate

After the check out for the legitimacy of, we got the following results. The pharmacy is listed as a ROGUE organization by Apparently, the company doesn’t meet requirement necessary for being an approved service. The point is that if such report on is present, that somebody has filed for it. So there are some serious problems with the pharmacy, as we do not advise to entrust you information to them and buy medications from them. Better find a service that has no problems with being legit. So for this point – 1 star.legitimacy Reviews

Testimonials Page on

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide a page with customers feedback on the website. So there is no opportunity to read what other customers think about the service: is it safe, is customer support effective, are the medication of good quality? Most websites encourage their clients to share their opinion as this will attract more clients and improve the reputation of the pharmacy. Of course, this will happen if the service works very good, and most customers remain satisfied.

Here we see no opportunity to even leave a comment, which means that either the service is poor and there are no happy customers and the administration doesn’t need negative comments on the website, or there are no customers at all. In any case, the fact that you can’t see other people’s testimonials lowers you trust to the company even more.

We advise to the company to work out this issue, as feedback from customers is very important for companies reputation and popularity. This point earns only 1 star to, and we hope that in future customers will be able to leave comments and read about other people’s experiences on the website. Forums

Surprisingly, but when we searched for customer’s reviews on other websites, we found many of them. There are 2 forums providing comments about and most of them are positive. has only 2 comments and one of them is in some foreign language, but both give 5 stars to the pharmacy, which means that customers are happy with the work of the service.commentsAnother forum on provides a discussion of numerous customers about the company. There are negative reviews, claiming that the company is scammers and they steal your money not sending the order.comments

But in response to this complaint, many other customers of this pharmacy began to share their good experience of buying from Most people buy only from this pharmacy for years, and have no problems with products or delivery. Besides most people claim that quality of medication is really high.

comments  commentscomments That’s why we have no reason not to give 5 tars for this point, considering that there many positive comments, and even some negative, which proves that they are real, as every company sometimes has problems with service.

Generic-meds-store Coupon Code

There is no coupon codes provides on the website, although the company has some special offers for all customers. First, you can use their summer sale – 50% off for some medications, listed on the special page. Though the page doesn’t look attractive and all prices there are in Euro, still this offer is very offer50% off

Also, you can get a personal discount is you take more than 300 pills, you can contact the support group and get your order for a lower price. Such offer is also very attractive for those customers who often take several months supply of medications.special offer

In the internet we didn’t find any additional offers for discounts on this website, so you may consider these two offers the only way to save some more money. The pharmacy claims to offer very low prices maybe that’s why they do not have any promo code for each customer. Though it would be much better and attracted more customers. For this point, we give 2.5 stars, as not all customers would want to use existing special offers, which means that they remain without any discount at all. Customers Support

Contact details

The website has «Contact Us» page but there you won’t find any mail or e-mail address, phone number or fax. No operating hours of the support group, so customers do not know when to expect an answer from them. The only thing you can find there is the contact form, which you need to fill in and send a request. Again, you don’t know when the answer will come. Besides it looks more like a comment form, so there is a chance that you won’t get proper timely form

Fortunately, there is a live chat option which provides the possibility of getting instant answers to you questions. You can communicate with the support group at a real time and estimate their work. So this point brings only 2 stars to for an absence of important information on the website.

Live Chat with the Support Group

To test the work of the support group we decided to send them a request via live chat. This option allow instantly get answers to any question. As the pharmacy sells brand Viagra, they must have certificates to the drug from manufacturer. Our question will be address to providing us with this chat

The manager answered at the same moment. But what was strange is that our question wasn’t answered, they first asked where we are from, and told us that we don’t ship to our location. But our question was about certificates, what is has to do with our country? We still insisted on the answer, and finally got information. So for instant help, but the irrelevant answer we can give 4 stars in this point.

To Sum Up…

Concluding this review we should say that this pharmacy left a very controversial impression about self. There are many serious problems with security, reliability and with technical issues. But at the same time, the service has many positive reviews which confuses very much.

Still, we can’t advise such service while it has so bad safety indicators, and most services for checking legitimacy rate this company as high risk. Reviews can be written by some fake customers or administration itself, so you of course should trust reviews, but if there is such situation as with this website, do not rely much on them.

We give a quite fair score to the pharmacy – 2.2 out of a 5 star rating. We recommend to all customer to look for another, reliable service for buying medications until this website improves its performance.