Review: Well-Respected Pharmacy with a Wide Selection of Drugs

What is Generic Doctor?

Generic Doctor is an online pharmacy which claims to provide customers with high quality and affordable drugs worldwide. According to the information placed on the site, this pharmacy has been operating since 2010 and now considered one of the most reliable online drugstores having many loyal customers because of its low prices and quality medications. sells generic and branded drugs. The company is proud to have partnerships with companies in the UK, Canada and some in Asia.
They guarantee high standard quality of all their products, since they are sourced from FDA-approved Indian manufacturers.

Assortment of the Store

The pharmacy offers both generic and brand drugs that are sourced from reputable international manufacturers (as stated on the site). Generic Doctor ensures that it supplies only high quality drugs that have been approved by FDA and WHO. However, we should clarify that this FDA is Indian but not the USA one. All medicines are guaranteed to be safe and effective.

There is a rich assortment of drugs available in the online catalog from such categories as Men’s Health, Weight Loss, Inhalers, Women’s Health, Allergy, Skin Care, Men’s Grooming, Herpes, Diabetes, Pain Relief, Hair Loss, Alzheimer, Nausea, Anti-Depressants, Antibiotics, Heart Disease, Cardiovascular, Cholesterol, and much more.  Although the pharmacy sells numerous types of medications, we noticed that the website has more erectile dysfunction drugs than any other medication type. Here you can buy brand and generic potency tablets with such active substances as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Dapoxetine and others. The subdivision on categories allows customers easily orient in this rich assortment.

You can see some of the ED Bestsellers on the main page of the website:

Generic Doctor bestsellers

Generic Doctor claims to be the most trustworthy online source of tablets for men’s health: erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

We also appreciate that the company specifies the manufacturer of every product available in the catalog.

For all these reasons, the pharmacy gets 5 stars for this unit of the review. Price Policy

Generic Doctor guarantees the best prices for all products presented in the online catalog:

Generic Doctor prices

We decided to check the prices for products in Men’s Health category. Since the pharmacy offers both brand and generic drugs, we could see both these options:

The pharmacy offers Brand Viagra by Pfizer 100 mg for $14.75 per pill. If you are interested in a generic version, you can order Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) for $0.94 per tablet. You can also buy brand Cialis 20 mg by Lilly for $19.95 per pill. But Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) is much cheaper – one tablet costs $1.10. Brand Levitra by Bayer costs $12.44 per pill, while Generic Levitra is available for $1.45 per unit.

There is no need to check other Generic Doctor prices – we see that customers can hardly save by ordering drugs in this store. The quality might be excellent, but the prices are high. The drugstore has to offer some relevant bonuses or discounts to attract customers. We will review this point in another unit of out review.

So far, the price policy of this online pharmacy is estimated at 3 stars out of 5.

Delivery Methods and Terms

The pharmacy offers two types of shipment options to deliver orders to its clients: Regular Shipping and EMS shipping:

Generic Doctor shipment options

Products ordered through Regular Shipping are expected to reach in 11 – 19 days and the drugs ordered through EMS shipping are expected to reach in 4 – 7 days. Next day delivery is not offered by the pharmacy. The website did not provided the shipping prices either on the front page nor in the FAQ section. This seems unfair because when a client is deciding to order drugs from anywhere, he should consider the delivery prices too. If they prove to be sky-touching, he would prefer to buy the medication somewhere else. We managed to find the prices only we have screened the entire website and proceeded to checkout: Regular Mail delivery cost $15, and Express Mail delivery costs $25. These prices are too high and may seem unacceptable for some customers. Combining the shipping price with the tablet price, the customers get a very expensive product.

The main page of the website lists an information that all orders exceeding $150 are sent FREE of charge. This way the pharmacy encourages customers to order drugs in bulk:

Generic Doctor deliver

Besides, Generic Doctor doesn’t list clearly which countries can’t use the services of the company: it merely advises the customer to create a personal account and discover this on their own. For creating an account, customers have to provide all their personal information, which may turn out to be pointless if later they discover that the pharmacy doesn’t deliver to their country.

The FAQ section indicated that in case of non-delivery of orders, the customers can get refunds or free reshipment.

Generic Doctor refund

As for the receipt of damaged products, the company is advising customers to take photos of the damaged drug as proof and send it to the online pharmacy for evaluation. This issue remained unclear to us, since returns are not permitted in this website.

We like that the pharmacy has made it possible for customers to track their orders:

Generic Doctor tracking gets 4 stars out of 5 due to high delivery prices on orders under $150. Payment Options

Customers can pay for their orders using Visa and Master Cards (Credit and Debit), EntroPay Virtual Credit Card, eCheck / ACH, Direct Debit, Bank Wire. The pharmacy does not accept PayPal or the Western Union.

Generic Doctor payment options

Clients are encouraged to pay via eCheck and Bit Coin. In this case, they will receive automatically 10% bonus pills and 20% bonus pills, respectively:

Generic Doctor free pills

The variety of payment options at Generic Doctor is estimated at 4 stars only.

Technical Characteristics of Website

Checking Loading Speed

Website loading speed is an important factor which influences the conversion, the dynamics of indexing pages, the influx of users from the search, their loyalty. But how to determine this very speed? The most popular verification tool that webmasters use is Google Page Speed Insights. The indicator of 85 and above means that the pages work well, but in our example, they need to work with the site:

Generic Doctor page speed

Probably, the page loading speed of could be affected by problems on the hosting side, at the page rendering level, the full load time of the website. The online pharmacy gets 1 star for this unit.

Mobile Version

Since the mobile devices have become a popular tool for accessing the Internet, the Web market has changed a lot, and this should be taken into account when creating a website. Just imagine – every third potential customer of the online pharmacy visits the resource from his mobile phone! mobile version is not adapted to the size of a mobile device. The pages look tiny on a small screen, and the user will probably leave in a few minutes. It is difficult to read information from a mobile device, since the website does not reach certain values. Its display was not changed, so the resource will hardly be popular among customers.

The company has to make its website mobile-friendly if it wants to attract more customers. We give 1 star for this unit.

Are Customers’ Data Secured?

Encrypted connection on the website is always a guarantee of safe online transactions. But how to recognize the secure connection on the website? The site identification button (lock) appears in the address bar when you visit a secure website. You can quickly find out whether the connection to the website is encrypted, and in some cases, who owns this website. The Firefox security tool helped us check reliability:

Generic Doctor secure connection

The site identification button was displayed as a green lock, which means that you are connected to the website whose address is displayed in the address bar; the connection was not intercepted. The connection between the browser and the website is encrypted to counteract the audition. Unfortunately, the owner of the website was not indicated. The pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit and requires more careful verification of who owns the site.

Is There Antivirus on the Website?

The website uses no antivirus, which makes online ordering in this online store less secure. All high standard Internet pharmacies use antivirus programs. But visiting, you risks to catch “something unexpected” on your computer. Considering this, the pharmacy receives only 1 star for this unit. Ordering from online pharmacies should be as secure as possible, and this company has to work on it.

Convenience of Ordering from Generic Doctor

Customers have to pass a registration before ordering any products from But is there really a need for registration at this website? First of all, registration is needed to the website’s owner who wants to collect information about the target audience of his resource. But registration is not very necessary for users. Many of them avoid websites with compulsory registration, especially if they intend to use the website only once. Often, people do not understand why registration is necessary and are in a hurry to leave the website. The pharmacy could have offered to continue using the site as a guest. Fortunately, the users do need to fill in too many fields for registration: only name, birth date and shipping / billing address.

Right on the front page, customers can see all drug categories available on the website. Since the site has many medications, it’s much more convenient to search for the desired drug using a Search Bar and alphabetical search:

Generic Doctor search barGeneric Doctor search2

The pharmacy favours orders placed on the website and does not advise users to place orders over the phone. However, as they say, they understand that sometimes phone orders are the only way to orders medications. They promise to try their best to help their customers.

We like that the website provides an instruction for every drug available, so customers can get acquainted with the essential drug information before they place an order.

In general, the ordering process at Generic Doctor site seems easy. To place an order, customers need to take the following steps:

  1. Find the necessary drug using a Search Bar, Search by Name or Drug Categories;
  2. Choose the dosage and amount of pills;
  3. Click “Add to Cart” button;
  4. Proceed to checkout;
  5. Register (fill in the personal details, which are required (such as name, birth date and shipping / billing address);
  6. Select shipment option;
  7. Pay for the order.

We appreciate that users can choose the desired language on the website, however, there is no option for choosing the currency.

Generic Doctor language

Besides, customers will certainly like that the pharmacy indicates the unit price in a table – thus we can see the most beneficial offer by the store. Here we can also see delivery options (free / charged delivery, regular / express delivery). Very convenient:

Generic Doctor table

We consider the ordering process at quite easy. We can’t neglect two drawbacks: compulsory registration and no option for choosing the currency. For this reason, the company gets 3,5 stars for this unit.

Is Legitimate?

Checking Website Rating on

Customers want to know if the online pharmacy they order drugs from is legitimate. This can be easily explained: legit means that the clients will not get scammed. It’s also important to know that the purchase is legal. ScamAdviser is the easiest way to check whether legit or not:

Generic Doctor scamadviserGeneric Doctor scamadviser2
The online service gives GenericDoctor a 41% trust rating, as the website has been threat listed. The location detected for the website was Russian Federation but not Seychelles as was indicated in the on-site information. So, the website may be associated with a potential threat. The domain age was 7 years, which means the company has provided a true year of foundation on the site. Generic Doctor website seems popular and has lots of visitors, but still it is not the safest place to order drugs online, according to the verification service. For this reason, the company gets 3,5 stars for this unit.

Does Generic Doctor Ask for Prescriptions?

Generic Doctor does not require prescriptions for any products presented in the catalog; customers can freely buy any medication here, no matter Rx or not. But the pharmacy assures us that all orders made online are reviewed by their licensed doctors who can issue a prescription for the client free of charge. However, they ask customers to get a proper consultation with their doctor before placing the order to make sure that the drugs are the ones that are really needed.

The pharmacy’s approach to selling medicines can’t be called responsible, since an Rx should be actually required from the customers. Though they promise the do review all orders, we can’t be 100% sure of that. Non-prescription basis can alert customers, as pharmacies that do not ask for RX’s are usually illegal. Considering this, Generic Doctor gets 1 star for this unit.

Checking Website Status on

Legit Script does not seem to be satisfied with the pharmacy’s legitimacy. Unfortunately, Generic Doctor is given a ROGUE status, since it does not comply with Legit Script standards set for Internet pharmacies. The online service also suspects that this company is involved in the fraudulent business. Legit Script advises the users staying away from this store:

Generic Doctor legitscript

The poor Generic Doctor reputation poses its legibility under a question. Considering this, we give them only 1 star for this unit. Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customers can judge whether an online pharmacy is reliable or not by going through the customer reviews. We had a look around the own website of the store and found a separate section devoted to Testimonials. Those were even divided on Customer Comments and Expert Opinion regarding service and products. These testimonials proved to be fairly detailed. We were happy to see a form given for submission of reviews on the site but the users have to login first.

All reviews are purely positive. Most of the customers appreciate the drugs quality, attentive customer support and a rich assortment of generic medicines available. According to one user, the customer support service offered him an additional discount for his order. Other customers praise the opportunity to track their order through a tracking number.

The users also mentioned the good prices and quick delivery. One customers was pleased that the company added the product to the list as soon as he made an inquiry. This indicates that Generic Doctor has an individual approach to every customers and that the company is serious about its business. We also found the comments about the convenience of using the website with its categories and search by name.

Look at the some of reviews presented on the website:

Generic Doctor reviews

We liked what customers said about Generic Doctor services. Customers gave 4 of 5 trust ratings to the store. And this is the reason for us to score the company 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Generic Doctor Reviews on the Internet

Users shouldn’t believe everything they read on the own site of the pharmacy, especially the customer testimonials. There is always a high probability that they are faked or copied from other sources, that is why it’s wise to visit some independent websites.

We were surprised to find an enormous amount of Generic Doctor Reviews on the net. Generic Doctor has received mainly positive comments from very satisfied clients:

Generic Doctor reviews2Generic Doctor reviews3Generic Doctor reviews4 2016 and 2017 reviews are all excellent: th customers praise the perfect product quality, ease of ordering, low prices, quick customer service and fast delivery:

Generic Doctor reviews5

We found only a few Generic Doctor complaints from customers regarding undelivered orders:

Generic Doctor reviews6

With all these positive reviews, it is easy to see that many people became the regular customers of this online pharmacy. Obviously, is truly one of the best sources for online medications on the web.

Thus, Generic Doctor Reviews have helped us validate that the store is mostly providing high-standard services to its clients and they are ready to confirm this fact. There is a small number of negative comments, but they are all “compensated” with happy customers’ feedback. We can fairly give the pharmacy 5 stars for this unit. Coupon Code

We found many coupon codes for on different external coupon websites. These discounts include 8% off for all orders, 12% off for all orders, free EMS shipping and many other options the customers may take advantage of when ordering specific quantity of some drugs.

Generic Doctor couponsGeneric Doctor coupons2Generic Doctor coupons3

Besides, the pharmacy offers some more special offers on its website:

  1. Free Airmail Shipping for all orders exceeding $150;
  2. Free Express Shipping for all orders exceeding $250;
  3. 10% additional Free Pills if you are paying with e-check and 20% additional Free Pills if you are paying with bit coin.

We like that free shipping option and 10% additional pills special offer are listed on the home page of the website and there are many different Genericdoctor coupon codes available on different sites. These are good options. The store does its best to attract more customers. Considering this, Generic Doctor gets 5 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

The website provides the comprehensive contact information: the office address, the postal address, a toll phone number, 2 emails:

Generic Doctor contacts

Besides, they specify the year of business foundation – 2010. It is a good indicator that the company tries to be as transparent as possible. It seems a bit odd that the office address is in Seychelles, and the postal address is in Singapore. For this reason, we give only 4 stars.

Ways to Get a Consultation

Customers can get in touch with Generic Doctor support department through the phone number listed on the website +1-844-338-5668, Contact Form and 2 email addresses. The pharmacy promises to answer all questions within 12 hours maximum (sometimes – already within 3 hours).

The website also has Live Chat option available for instant messages. We tried to start a conversation and find out whether the company can provide the certificate of quality for Sildenafil Citrate. We waited for 5 minutes but the online representative was not connected to the chat. Tired of waiting, we had to close the window. It doesn’t seem that customers can enjoy instant messaging here. We left the offline message but even 12 hours later there was still no response.

Generic Doctor live chat

We were disappointed with the Customer Support Service of The company receives 1 star out of 5 for this unit.


What’s nice about is that the website has a rich assortment of drugs for every health condition – both Indian generics and brand medicines. Free worldwide shipment makes it possible for anyone around the world to order drugs from this company. Scam Adviser’s rating on this website is not perfect, but not too low — a 41% trust rating is relatively high if compared to other online stores that mostly receive 0% ratings. What is the most important – the website has very good reviews from loyal customers and that is a pleasant surprise. We also appreciate that Generic Doctor gives customers good discounts for their orders.

Most information has been listed on the site, but we wish the pharmacy should have been clearer about the countries it delivers to and the shipping prices. In addition, the pharmacy should check its customer service and make it work faster. Besides, the technical characteristics of the site are poor. And the greatest concern is the website’s location. ScamAdviser detected that it may operate from Russian Federation.

As you see, there are some drawbacks that should be fixed, but if you see the whole picture, seems a well-respected online pharmacy which has managed to gain respect over the years. The online pharmacy gets a rating of 3 stars from our side.