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GetroMan.com Review: Poor Assortment but High Legitimacy

Self-Introduction of GetroMan.com


Getro Man is an online pharmacy cooperating in the following states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee , Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin. It is founded by Zachariah Reitano who suffered from ED since 17. The staff includes US pharmacists and medical specialists able to help men from all over the world to cope with any kind of sexual dysfunction. This online company is a kind of startup nowadays gaining popularity day by day. The main aim of this platform is to provide a high-quality assistance for people suffering from ED.

Assortment of GetroMan.com

This online pharmacy specializes in erectile dysfunction treatment only. Men’s health is the only one drug category available there. The most popular medications are:

  • brand Viagra;
  • generic Viagra;
  • generic Cialis;
  • generic Levitra.

erectile dysfunction meds

Only 4 medications are available for sale. Of course, they the pioneers among such kind of medications and confirmed to be the most popular but in fact, sometimes it is not enough for an online pharmacy. It is very important to have a wide assortment even of one drug category to satisfy customers needs. There are a lot other different ED meds able to cope with erectile dysfunction. When looking at this website we cannot understand how it gains such a popularity because the diversity of assortment leaves much to be desired. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Prices Affordability

Getroman.com specializes in erectile dysfunction drugs. The assortment includes 4 medications with the price given:

  • brand Viagra price 25 mg is $34.00 pill;
  • sildenafil 20 mg price is $2.00 per pill;
  • brand Cialis 2.5 mg is $17.00 per pill;
  • brand Levitra 2.5 mg price is $52.00.

ED meds price

So, when you look at these prices you cannot understand why they are so “sky-scraper”. We have analyzed an enormous number of online pharmacies selling various kinds of medications. The highest price for brand Viagra is limited to $25.00 but we see that Getro Man offers $34.00 per pill. This price is overestimated as a result, there is no need to buy.

Generic Viagra or Sildenafil price is reasonable though overestimated a little. But you may pay such a price and hope it is of good-quality. Generic Cialis price is also affordable. Brand Levitra price is incredibly high. Moreover, we do not have an idea about the pills’ quantity in a package. Maybe this price justifies itself by a large number of pills. But unfortunately, we cannot check this information. As a result, our mark for this aspect is 2 points.

Shipping Options

Getroman provides customers an opportunity of free shipping if the prescription sent is appropriate 100-%.  There is no correct information how many days it takes to deliver the parcel. There are no described ways of how they are delivered. All the information is incomplete. Unfortunately, our mark for this unit is 2 points.

free shipping

Payment Options

Unfortunately, there is no detected information about payment options. People cannot find the answer to this question. We believe that it is possible to pay for an order by means of credit cards but not sure. Our mark for the information about the absence of payment options is 1 point.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data

According to Google Page Speed, the mobile and desktop versions obtain the average indicators. But there may appear cases wшер some difficulties with page loading. The optimization of a desktop version leaves much to be desired. Google recommends to carry out special optimizations for getting the better website technical performance. You should follow them to improve the overall mark. In general, our mark for this unit is 3 points.

desktop and mobile version

Mobile Version

There is a mobile version of Getroman.com. All the procedures including an online consultation may be conducted at a smartphone. Everything you need is an access to the Internet. There are no visible drawbacks when may prevent future customers from arranging an order of ED drugs online. The mobile version is readable. But to our mind, the front page of the mobile version may be reduced in content. There is too much inappropriate information given. But in general, it doesn’t spoil the overall perception. Our mark for a mobile version is 5 points.

mobile version

Is the Connection Secure on Getroman.com?

The connection is secure. All the transactions are secured by 128-bit encryption. The security certificate is given and verified by COMODO CA Limited. Unfortunately, the company owner information is hidden but in fact, it is not the obstacle to providing a high-quality security connection. Through it is not the most effective means for providing an absolute security you may be sure your data is encrypted enough to prevent unlegalized access. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

secure connection

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus installed on the website. You may come across with the problem of being infected by viruses and other online threats widespread on the Internet. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

How to Make an Order?

For making an order online people should undergo the registration. We meet some problems with registration because we cannot create getroman login. The second problem is a requirement to visit an online consultation with a specialist from Getroman.com. Such an online consultation is charged – $15.00. When making an online visit you have to explain your problem to the doctor. The symptoms should be described. After that, the information will be assessed by a specialist. After that, your prescription will be written down and you may arrange an order online of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.


The latest ordering procedure is unknown to us because we cannot undergo the telehealth consultation. In general, the ordering procedure is complicated by online consultation. But in fact, it means you will get a professional assistance in your exact case. Our mark for the ordering procedure is 2 points.

Is Getroman.com Safe and Legit?

ScamAdviser.com about Getroman.com Security

ScamAdviser.com gives 96% of security. It is a new website with the absence of the feedback enough to understand whether it is reliable or not. There is no mass with the website location and company owner registration. It is the United States of America. It is very important that the location is defined. The phone number and email are registered as well in the USA.

The domain age is 1 year and 38 days. This online pharmacy has lots of visitors which may be satisfied by such an experience of making orders online. The server is empty. There are no other websites involved in the performance of Getroman.com. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.


Prescription Request

Getroman.com provides and writes down a prescription itself when you have undergone the online consultation. It means that you cannot submit an order without a prescription. All the medications are certified sold with a mandatory prescription. The overall mark for this unit is 5 points.

LegitScript.com about Website Legitimacy

Getroman.com is certified by LegitScript.com. This online pharmacy meets all the requirements. According to this online service, you may be sure that Getroman.com provides the safest service ever. Cases like this are met very rarely. We believe that this online pharmacy may satisfy all customers coming across with erectile dysfunction. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.


Reviews about Getroman.com

Reviews on Getroman.com

There is a separate page with reviews left by Getroman.com customers. The number of reviews is 21. The dates are unknown. People are absolutely satisfied with this online pharmacy performance. It is very strange because there should some people saying this online service is poor. But we see the controversial picture. All customers thank Getroman.com professionals and pharmacists for providing a high-quality service for them. They point out their lives change considerably when they command this service.


Of course, it is very important to understand why people are satisfied with the work of this online pharmacy. But we cannot believe 100-% to these reviews. We even cannot understand how they appear on the website because there is no feedback form. When analyzing all this we come to a conclusion that 3 points are a good mark for such reviews about GetroMan.

External Reviews about GetroMan

Unfortunately, there are no external reviews proving the outstanding service. A year is enough for people to leave reviews. We cannot estimate the level of reliability. There is various news about GetroMan as a startup in ED medications sale but no word of experience left by satisfied or non-satisfied customers. Unfortunately, such a situation provokes us to give 1 point. It is better to cope with this problem.

Discount Code on GetroMan.com

We have found discount coupons on another website, regretfully. But they are valid. There are 6 coupons available but you may choose one of them the most suitable for you. We have chosen the coupon known as firth month free:

first month free

You should click on “See Sale” button. You will the note that sale is activated and there is no need for the coupon code. You should press the button “Shop Now” and the discount will be automatically calculated to your account.

sale activated

As a result, you will get almost $50 for the first month of ordering. It is a very attractive opportunity for people to save money because the drugs in this online pharmacy cost great enough. As a result, we may easily get 5 points to this online pharmacy for such a great opportunity given to new-comers.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Information

GetRoman.com provides only email and phone number for customers to contact them. There is no mail address. The phone number, as given by ScamAdviser.com is registered in the USA – 1-888-798-8686‬. It is one of the opportunities to come in contact with customers support group. But this information will be explained in the next unit. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

contact information

Customer Support Group

We have connected with customer support group by means of a contact form given on the front page. For this, you have to fill in the necessary fields and wait for the answer. You will receive an automatic message with the note that the clear answer will be given within 1 or 2 days. We do not find the information about payment options and ask this question. The answer will come to us within 15 hours. The answer was clear and we have understood that possible means for paying an order are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Our mark for this unit is 3 points. It is better to install life chat with the possibility to get an immediate answer.

contact form

Conclusion: Poor Assortment but High Legitimacy

Getroman.com is an innovative online pharmacy specializing in erectile dysfunction meds. Every man may find a solution to their sexual problems in this online pharmacy. Unfortunately, the assortment is poor and the prices are overestimated. But there is a free shipping. We have known about the payment options by means of customer support group.

The technical data is not poor. The mobile version is great. There is an app by means of which people may undergo the online consultation obligatory in this online pharmacy. Everything you need is to communicate with a doctor from GetroMan who will estimate your symptoms and prescribe an appropriate treatment for you.

The legitimacy is great. ScamAdviser.com gives 96% of security and Legitscript.com gives “certified” status. Such a data helps people to understand the level of legitimacy of online pharmacy. The reviews leave much to be desired. There are reviews left on getroman.com. There are no external reviews left on the Internet.

As a result, the overall rating for Getroman.com is 3 out of 5. We cannot recommend this online service unambiguously. Check all the information twice before making orders online via this service.