Review: Popular Pharmacy with an Expensive Delivery

What is Global Pharmacy Plus?

Global Pharmacy Plus is a Canada based online pharmacy established in 2004 to help clients buy cheap prescription medicines. The company claims to be not an actual pharmacy, but an agent which facilitates orders through its network of international pharmacies. Global Pharmacy Plus assures that customers can get a discount up to 75% on generic products if compared to the brand names. The online store works on a prescription basis only.

According to the information placed on the website, all medications in the pharmacy are approved by the FDA, Germany’s PIC (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention), MCA (Medicines Control Agency), Europe’s EMA (European Medicines Agency), South Africa’s MCC (Medicines Control Council), Australia’s TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), Slovak Republic’s State Institute for the Control of Drugs, Hungary’s NIP (National Institute of Pharmacy), India’s FDA.

Assortment of the Store

The online pharmacy offers both brand names and generic medications. Global Pharmacy Plus features generics as their most popular medications, as their goal is “to provide affordable drugs for customers”. Also, they claim to provide meds from reliable manufacturers of Europe, North America and Asia. The assortment of products available at the pharmacy does not seem too large. They sell drugs only for several health conditions.

There are some bestsellers placed on the main page of the site: Advair Diskus, Flovent Diskus, Nicorette, Coresatin and some others:

Global Pharmacy Plus bestsellers

There are only a few categories of meds of the site, and they are the following: osteoporosis, acne, eczema/psoriasis, men’s health, diabetes, glaucoma, hair loss, smoking cessation, asthma/COPD and allergies, pet medications.

Drugs from category Diabetes is the most comprehensive in assortment. Asthma drugs are also numerous. There is also a good choice of drugs from the category men’s health (19), with such popular brands like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and their generics. So, the pharmacy can be appreciated only by those customers interested in these few drug categories. Considering this, the pharmacy gets 3 stars for this unit of the review. Price Policy

The online pharmacy claims to offer the best prices on their products.

Global Pharmacy Plus Prices

We decided to check if it’s really so. For example, the website sells brand Viagra for a starting price of $12, and generic Viagra (Sildenafil) for a starting price of $2.3. The minimal price for brand Levitra is $11 per pill, for generic Levitra (Vardenafil) – $3.5 per pill. Here you can purchase brand Cialis for $4.7 per unit, generic Cialis (Tadalafil) – for 1.7 $ per unit.

Thus, we can see that the pharmacy offers moderate prices for brand-name products and very high prices for generic meds (other online pharmacies have much more beneficial offers, for example, generic Viagra starting from $0.4 per tablet).

In addition, it took us much time to find the cheapest variant of the drug, as Global Pharmacy Plus does not indicate the price per unit.

For these reasons, the online pharmacy get only 3.5 starts out of 5 for this point.

Delivery Terms

All of the packages are shipped by USPS registered mail to the customers. Tracking option is available. The shipment may take from 10 to 21 days based on the destination. All medications will be shipped for a rate of $12.00 per order, so advises that customers order all the necessary meds at once to save money for shipping. The fastest way to get the medication is to place an order online. Paying by credit card will also ensure the quickest delivery. The company also offers 100% No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee which means that the customers will get their money back if they are dissatisfied with the received products.

money back

Undelivered, damaged, incomplete, or wrong medications will be reshiped free of charge. Thus, the pharmacy gets 3 stars out of 5 due to a very expensive delivery and a long shipping.

Globalpharmacyplus Payment Options

Customers can pay for the products using MasterCard and Personal Checks:

payment options

Some customers will find this website inconvenient, as it does not accept American Express, Discover Card or Visa. Considering this, the variety of payment options at Global Pharmacy Plus is estimated at 3 stars only.

Technical Characteristics of the Site

Loading Speed of the Website

Page loading speed analysis via Google Page Speed has given the frustrating results:

Global Pharmacy Plus Loading Speed

These numbers are unacceptable and indicate that the website is not optimized and is likely to deliver a slow user experience. So, can give Global Pharmacy Plus website only 1 star for this point of the review.

Mobile Version

The online pharmacy offers a mobile version of the website. But this version is also not optimized, contains some errors and cut-off images, the text is not level, the secondary information is not removed from the front page. For this reason, the mobile version of the site is estimated at 3 stars.

Secure Connection

Encrypted connection is always a guarantee of a safe online ordering. Global Pharmacy Plus Canada takes care of the customers’ security and keeps their transaction and personal information safe. The website uses 256-bit encryption, which is verified by Let’s Encrypt. Such security level is considered high, but we found no information about the owner of the certificate. For this reason, the website gets 4 stars for this point of our review.


Is There Antivirus on the Website?

In addition to the encrypted connection, the website uses McAfee SECURE to perform security tests on their systems regularly to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure. This is a great advantage, as all reliable online pharmacies use antivirus programs. Ordering from this pharmacy, you do not run risks to catch anything unpleasant on your computer.


For this reason, the pharmacy gets 5 stars for this unit of our review.

Convenience of Ordering from Global Pharmacy Plus

The website provides a detailed information about how to order medication on the website, where describes the process of ordering step-by-step.

The advantage of the website; customers can use numerous options for searching the medicines:

  1. Enter the name of the drug in the search line and see all variants of the necessary product in different dosages. Here you also find a short instructions to the product, including information about side effects and contraindications;search bar
  2. Choose the medication from the categories on the website;categories
  3. Using alphabetical search for the drug;drug search
  4. Order by phone;phone
  5. Order by Mail, Fax or Email.fax

Customers can easily find the needed medication.

The website requires a registration, where a new user will have to provide a lot of personal information, but this can’t be considered a drawback, as the pharmacy sell serious prescription medications and has to know all the details.

The website has some drawbacks – the customers do not have an opportunity to choose the necessary currency, which may make ordering problematic. Besides, as, we have already mentioned, the website does not indicate the price per unit. Due to this, we estimate convenience of placing orders on this website at 4 stars out of 5.

Is Global Pharmacy Plus Legitimate?

Checking Website Rating on ScamAdvisor

Scam Advisor helped us determine the level of Global Pharmacy Plus reliability through the following analytical data: scamadviser

The website is associated with a potential threat. The trust rating is was 74 % which made the pharmacy reach the safe zone. Also, the website claims to be based in Canada, but it seems to be linked to the Czech Republic. Scamadvisor noted that it is important to check the countries associated with an online pharmacy to assess the risks it might bring along. The reason why the pharmacy has the not-perfect rating was several malware reports for the website and the fact that the domain age was only 4 years instead of the claimed 12 years. Global Pharmacy Plus website seems to be popular and has a lot of customers, but still it is not a safe place to buy medicines online, according to Scamadvisor. The company seems to hide its actual website origin for some reason and lies about the domain age, so it gets only 4 stars for this item.

Prescription Request

Global Pharmacy Plus Canada both prescription and OTC medications. Choosing the drug, you will see which category he belong to:


You can’t purchase a drug without a valid prescription from a doctor. You can submit your prescription via fax, email or upload a scanned copy to the website.  Prescriptions from American doctors are also accepted. If the customer’s prescription is on file at his regular pharmacy, he can either make an appointment with his doctor to get a new prescription or send Global Pharmacy Plus a copy of his pill bottle.

The pharmacy seems to have a responsible approach to selling drugs online. Besides, the company asks customers to be vigilant about pharmacies which do not require prescriptions for their RX products because usually such pharmacies which do not ask for RX’s are illegal.

The online pharmacy gets 5 stars for this item of review due to responsible approach to the sale of serious medicines.

Checking Website Status on LegitScript

Is Global Pharmacy Plus legal according to LegitScript? Unfortunately, the online service is disappointed with this e-store and says that it does not comply with the standards set for online pharmacies. LegitScript also suspected that this pharmacy might be involved in the fraudulent business. The pharmacy has as a «rogue» status, and LegitScript advises the customers staying away from it.

Global Pharmacy Plus LegitScript

So, Global Pharmacy Plus seems to be a bad option for ordering medications online. This poses the website legibility under a big question. So, we give Global Pharmacy Plus only 1* for this item. Reviews

Customer Reviews on the Website

Customer feedback is an important constituent of an online pharmacy, because it is the best way of checking the functioning of a store, as well as the quality of products sold there. Unfortunately, we found not a single review on Global Pharmacy Plus website itself. They do not have a separate feedback section and do not let their customers share experiences for some reason.

However, Global Pharmacy Plus claims that the safety and satisfaction of their customers is the top priority. The company invites the customers to read “honest reviews from current customers” collected by third-party website to assure a positive experience.


We will review these reviews in the next unit. Considering lack of reviews section on the website, but the link to the reliable source where users can read customer feedback, the pharmacy gets 3 stars. Reviews on the Internet

The most reliable customer reviews are those present on some third-party websites.  Global Pharmacy Plus administration refers the customers to – an independent business review forum, where they can find customer reviews. On this website, we found the numerous (more than 500!!!) feedback and customer reviews on the Internet, which are unique and generally positive. The big number of reviews proves that the online pharmacy is popular and most customers are satisfied.

Global Pharmacy Plus rating

Customers gave a high rating to the design of the site, ease of finding medicines, convenient checkout, detailed product information, good prices and prompt shipping and variety of shipping options available.

Here are some of the reviews:

Global Pharmacy Plus reviewGlobal Pharmacy Plus review2

Another customer said that Global Pharmacy Plus was recommended by his doctor which indicates that the company is also popular among health specialists.
But aside from these positive feedback, the was a small percentage of negative and neutral comments for the services of the website, which however confirms that they were written by real customers, not by the administration of the website. Only positive feedback (and so numerous) on one third-party website would definitely alert the customer.

One customer had some problems with registration, but finally managed to place an order.

Global Pharmacy Plus review3

One more customer seems to be disappointed with the customer service:

Global Pharmacy Plus review4

Another client says he had to wait too long for his medication to be delivered, and was without the necessary drug for several days:

Global Pharmacy Plus review5

Read all reviews at

All in all, positive response from the customers at improves Global Pharmacy Plus reputation. The website looks like an reliable and quality pharmacy. Customer feedback are found in 2015 and 2016 which indicates that the online pharmacy is still popular among customers. One customer reviewed the pharmacy just a few days ago, saying he managed to save almost $300 on his prescription medications by ordering from the store.
Many customers promised to buy again from this e-store.

We decided to search for some more comments on other independent websites not recommended by Global Pharmacy Plus. We found only a few reviews: some positive and some negative.

One customer says that he uses Global Pharmacy Plus services for several years and is very satisfied with them. He rates the low prices, high quality of the drugs and customer support. review6

However, one customer claimed that he had unsuccessful experience with this pharmacy and asks to stay away from this scam company: review7

All in all, the overwhelming numerous positive feedback at makes Global Pharmacy Plus Canada a good option for customers looking for cheap medication on the Internet. Though there is a small percentage of negative feedback, we give 5 stars to the pharmacy for this unit.

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupon Code

Global Pharmacy Plus doesn’t offer any discount codes to make its clients happy. Discounts and promo codes are one of the main reasons why customers choose a definite pharmacy, because everyone wants to buy drugs at the lowest prices. In such a situation, this pharmacy will surely fail to attract more customers, as the latter may find a lot of other options to get discounts. From our point of view, Global Pharmacy Plus should take measures to improve this issue as soon as possible for gaining popularity in the online pharmacy world.

However, customers have some options to save buying from Global Pharmacy Plus:

  • The pharmacy offers a good discount of 80% off on popular osteoporosis;special offer
  • The online pharmacy also offers occasional discounts and coupon codes. The company sends them via email to its registered customers.

We give the pharmacy 3 stars, as the customers are still offered some discount options.

Customer Support

Contact Information

The company seems to be transparent, as it has provided the detailed contact information, including the address, a phone number, fax, email).


The pharmacy claims to be functioning since 2004. We give the online pharmacy 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Trying to get a consultation

Customers can contact Global Pharmacy Plus customer service using their toll free phone contact, email, fax, live chat or online contact form, that are available Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm and Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Live Chat was offline as it was 7 pm already, so we decided to send an email to clarify the origin of generic Cialis offered by this pharmacy. A customer center representative answered the very next day at 9 pm, and we were completely satisfied with the answer: customer support

The customer service seems to be organized well. The pharmacy receives 5 stars out of 5 for this point.


So, Global Pharmacy Plus is an agent that helps customers buy the necessary brand and generic drugs from pharmacies all around the world. The company business is regulated by the FDA. They also demand a valid prescription for medications, which is a great advantage.  Unlike most online pharmacies, enjoys a good reputation at ScamAdviser and has more than 500 reviews from real customers on, where most of the customer reviews were positive. We found very few negative reviews associated with the company. Though there are no coupon codes and generic drugs are not cheapest on the Internet, the clients seem to be happy with the prices.

However, there is a possibility that the pharmacy may be based in the Czech Republic but not in Canada. Besides, the company needs to improve the technical characteristics of the website. The thing which may alert the customers is that the website had malware reports and that its domain age proved totally different.

Therefore, Global Pharmacy Plus has a potential to become a better online pharmacy. All in all, taking into account all of the units reviewed, the website deserves 3.5 out of 5 star rating and could be a good place to buy medicines from.