Greater London Pharmacy Review – Unsafe Service with No Reviews

What is

logotypeGreater London pharmacy is an online store selling quality medications at low prices. The pharmacy claims to have the main goal to satisfy all customers needs and care about people’s health. They make most necessary medications affordable for everyone and their highly professional specialist is always ready to provide quality help to each client.

Product List Variety

The company presents quite a wide product list to customers. There are lots of various products for the treatment of different health conditions. All items are divided into 26 categories which contain a large number of drugs at different prices. The categories are organized not alphabetically, but, we believe – according to their popularity. So we can conclude that the main direction of pharmacy activity is the treatment of erectile dysfunction.assortment

As we can see the pharmacy sells generic versions of branded drugs, though there is no information about that. This allows setting such low prices, as generics are much cheaper than original medications. In the «FAQ» section there are lots of answers devoted to generic drugs, explaining what generics are and why they are cheaper.

The drugs inside the category are presented in a table with the lowest price per pill. The product page has various dosages for your choice and a short description of the drug and its use. Also, you may find customers reviews about the drug on this page and leave your own comment.

In general, we can say that variety of the catalog is impressive. Each customer may find a necessary remedy for the treatment of his/her particular health condition. So such variety of choice allows us giving the highest store – 5 stars.

Prices for Medications

The pharmacy claims to set very affordable prices, so that all customers could buy necessary products here. But as we were checking this information, it turned out that the prices are not the lowest possible. On the Internet, you can find more attractive offers if you want. Of course, prices in this pharmacy are very attractive and affordable, but for those who want to save as much money as possible there are other options. But if you compare these prices with those in regular pharmacies, you will see a huge difference and your choice will be directed to Greater London pharmacy.

As the most popular category here is «Erectile Dysfunction» we will compare the most well-known medications for treatment of this disease. So Viagra here costs – $0.89, Cialis – $1.11 (but on the icon of the drug another price is indicated, which is strange because the pharmacy should inform about the lowest possible price for the drug), Levitra – $1.81.viagra pricecialis pricelevitra price

These prices show us that medications are not original, but generic ones. As we know, these medications can cost lower, and that’s why we can give 4 stars for this point.

Delivery Methods

The pharmacy offers only 2 shipping options:

  • Registered airmail;
  • EMS service.

There is a special section on the website with a description of shipping policy. These 2 methods are described in details so that you could choose which one suits you best. None of these options is free, so you will have to pay the delivery fee. The only way to get a free delivery is to order for more than $140 or buy a special offer pack, which provides free delivery for certain amount of drugs.

Registered airmail takes 15 – 30 days and costs almost 2 times less than EMS delivery, which takes only 10 – 15 days. You can also additionally buy insurance for your orders during delivery, which will cost you about $8 more. There is no specific information about the amount of shipping fee, so we assume that the price depends on the size of your package.

A great advantage is the fact that the pharmacy offers international delivery, so if you live in another country, there will be no problem with getting medications here, but it will cost you more.shipping options

Unfortunately, there is no option of courier delivery which will speed the process of delivery up. For those customers who urgently need medication these options won’t do. So we can’t give more than 3 stars for this point.

Payment Options

There is no special section of the website describing methods of payment available on the website, but in the right sidebar under categories list you can see which methods they accept. Besides in the «FAQ» section, there is also information about payment options.payment options

So the pharmacy accepts credit cards:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Diners Club;
  • JCB.

No eChecks or bank transfer is available here. Those clients who do not want to disclose their credit card data will be forced to either do that or look for another service.

Still, credit card is the most popular and convenient way to pay for purchases online, so we can give the pharmacy 3 stars in this point for a variety of credit card types allowed to use for payment.

Technical Characteristics of

Google Page Speed Check Out

Test by gives us not very impressive results. The website has lots of drawbacks that need to be fixed in the nearest time. Mobile version of the website has very low indicators, which means that its performance is on a low level. Desktop version shows a little better results but still require improvements. For now, the only score that we can give to is 1.5 stars. We advise the company to take necessary measures to eliminate most serious problems, considering that already gives some suggestions.desktopmobile for Mobile Phones

The website has a mobile version which is very poorly organized. It is simply adapted for the phone screen, but the text is unreadable, and you can barely see the icons. Zooming works also badly, not enough to see the text on the front page. All functions remain unchanged, and you can place an order via this version, but it will be difficult. The version is inconvenient to use, for people with eyesight problems it will simply impossible. That’s why at this point the pharmacy gets only 2 stars, and we hope that this problem will be fixed in future to provide comfortable use of the website for all customers.

Secure Purchasing

Every customer, first of all, wants to get a high level of protection of sensitive data when it comes to shopping online. There are lots of frauds on the Internet who want to steal your money or use your data for some illegal purposes. And most reliable and responsible website take certain measure to provide secure shopping on their website – they use a secure connection. To make sure that you use services of a secure company, check its URL address – if it starts with https://, not http://, that the shopping here is safe. Also, you may see green lock near the address, telling you that the connection on the website is safe.http protocol

You also can read the details of security on the website in the certificate. This information is at free access and provides all details of security level. Unfortunately, provides no secure connection on its website. Even checkout procedure is not protected, so you can face some serious consequences after entrusting personal data and credit card details to such organization.not secure connection

We would advise you to use another server to make purchases online, as this one may be unsafe and even dangerous to you. And we would strongly recommend the administration of the pharmacy to think about security level on the website. Our score for this point is 1 star.

Antivirus Protection

There is no information on the website that they provide antivirus protection. Not icon or indicator that you are protected from some malware. This is, of course, a great drawback for the pharmacy, as well as the previous point. If they don’t protect their customers, so very soon they will have no one to sell their products to. The absence of protection from malware puts a threat to clients safety and may harm their devices if they don’t have their own antivirus.

We advise the customer to install their own program from viruses to be on the safe side, before visiting such services. Better always choose trusted and safe services and check their reliability very carefully. This point earns only 1 star.

Making Orders on the Website

Most customers are concerned about how simple and quick ordering procedure is on this or that website. When we speak about Greater London pharmacy – everything is very easy.

The website doesn’t require to create an account, which saves a lot of time and efforts. All you need to do is choose a product, put it into the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. On the «Checkout» page you are asked to fill in the shipping address, choose shipping options, and payment details. The whole process will take you maximum 5 – 10 minutes. If everything is correct your order will be dispatched within 2 days.ordering

No prescription is required on the website, which also saves you time. You don’t have to spend you time on visiting doctors, getting a prescription, sending it to the pharmacy.

There is no information about cancelling the order, so probably you will have to call the support group and ask about this issue. But as you provide your credit card details during checkout, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to cancel your orders, or that you will be charged anyway.

This point earns 4.5 stars the for simple and trouble-free process of placing order, and absence of unnecessary requirements to customers.

Is Legit?

Credibility of the Service

Check out by shows us that the pharmacy has low trust rating. It has 0% of safety and few visitors. Besides the website’s origin is questionable, it is claimed to be located in Australia, but can also be UK based. Also, there is a malware report on this pharmacy, which proves that absence of antivirus is a dangerous problem for customers. Besides, the pharmacy was listed as a rogue organization.scamadviser

But there are also positive side in the report. The domain age is more than 3 years which inspires some trust to the company. Unfortunately, there is no address on the website, so we can’t check if it is the same as in the report, though there is no information on the website about company location. For this point, we can give only 2 stars for poor results.

Is Prescription Required?

The pharmacy doesn’t state any information about the prescription requirement. They do not claim to ask prescription for Rx drugs, and during ordering procedure, such requirement never came up. This allow us to conclude that prescription is not necessary here for buying any drug. There is however «Prescription policy» section, that describes some terms but the language is so strange, that you can hardly understand what is written there.

We got the idea that the pharmacy bears no responsibility for customers purchasing any drug, and that you have to make sure that you have a prescription or doctor’s recommendations, as they do not provide detailed instruction for each customer.

All this shows us how irresponsible the company works. They do not care about customers health, though they claim the opposite. The only concerns of the pharmacy is to sell as much as possible, that’s why they simplify the process as much as possible. That’s why for this point we give 1 stars.

Legitimacy Check Out

The report by also gives us frustrating results. The company is listed as rogue organizations on this website. This means that there are some serious problems with legitimacy on this server because somebody filed a report for this organization.legitimacy

We don’t know details of the check out, so we can’t tell why such status is given to the pharmacy and which exactly problems it has, but it is really sad to see such result. We would advise you to chose another service not to risk your safety. This point brings only 1 star to the pharmacy. Reviews

Testimonials Left on the Website

The website doesn’t have a special page for customers testimonials, but on the page of each drug, there are some comments and the form to leave your own comment. This is a great advantage that the pharmacy give an opportunity to leave feedback – this shows us that if you read some comments, they are real, left by other clients just like you.

But we checked several product’s pages it turned out that the comments are the same on each page. They all are about ED meds and it doesn’t matter if the drug is not for this problem. Also there is some problem with organization of comments and comment form, which is not critical but unattractive to look at.comments

These comments are very positive, and in our opinion are written not by real people. Besides it hard to judge about the work of the service because there are to little testimonials. And the absence of negative comments shows that the company is trying to hide them from customers, as there are always some problems with online services, as it is normal.

For this point, we can give only 3 stars to for the presence of some comments and possibility to leave feedback on the website.

Greater London Pharmacy Forums

Search in the Internet didn’t give us any results. There are no forums or discussions about There is only 1 comment from the customer, but it is loo little to estimate the whole situation. This comment is positive, but very short, not explaining why the pharmacy deserves such evaluation. There are no other reviews from people who have bought something from them. It looks like is a fake and some scam organization.comment

Comments from other people allow us giving the real picture to readers about the performance of the service and its reliability. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you if the pharmacy worth trusting, as we don’t’ have any proof for this point. We strongly recommend customers to check everything carefully and do not trust organizations with no customers reviews, as this at least seems suspicious. For this point, gets 2 stars, and in future, it should encourage its clients to leave more feedback to improve the situation.

Greater London Pharmacy Coupon Code

There is no coupon codes or discount offers on the website. The checkout page even doesn’t have any field for coupon codes. Also, there is no system of discounts for regular customers. So there is no way to get a discount for your orders.

However, there are some special offers for all customers. First of all, you can get free delivery if your orders is more that $140. This is especially attractive to those clients who want to get several month supply of medication. Besides some drugs are already expensive enough and a couple of pack will earn you free delivery

Also there are special offers for medications. For some packs or bigger amounts of pills, there is a free delivery offered in addition to the lowered price for the pack. So you don’t even need to get $140 – most of these offers cost less but provide free delivery (regular and express).special offer

Also, there are free pills offered to some medication if you take a large amount. So you get free pills, free delivery, and quality medications at one time. In our opinion, this can be better than just some fixed discount to all pills

In the Internet, we managed to find some coupon codes, which obviously are useless as they can’t be applied on the website. So we can just ignore them, not trying to use and waste your codes

So considering everything we said in this point we can estimate for 2.5 stars for the absence of any promo codes. Customers Support Service

Contact Details on the Website

The website has a special page for contact information so that customers could ask their questions. But this page contains only contact form and in the header, you can find a toll free phone number. There is no address or e-mail, no live chat for instant connection. Also, there is no information about operating hours of the support group, so we guess you can call them at any information

It go without saying that customers need more than 1 way to contact the support group. Some may want to visit the office and others don’t want to call and don’t want to wait for an answer for hours. We believe that 2.5 stars is a fare score for the pharmacy in this point, considering an absence of important information.

Contacting the Support Group

To evaluate work of the support group we decided to send an inquiry via a contact form. As there is no live chat we will have to wait for some time for an answer. The procedure is simple: fill in necessary details, type you message and submit your request. After you get a message on the screen that your inquiry was successfully sent, all you need to do is wait. No confirmation letter comes on your service

After waiting for 24 hours we didn’t get any reply. Sadly, but support group works very slowly and ineffective, most customers would leave and find another service after waiting for so long. Ineffective work of the support service forces us to give only 1 star to the pharmacy for this point.

To Sum Up…

The pharmacy looks reliable and user-friendly from the first sight, but as you begin to check the details and look at the service more carefully, you can see lots of drawback – serious and not. There is no support service, which is a great flaw, and no customers reviews. Especially serious is the fact that there is no secure connection and antivirus protection on the website. This is the main reason why we wouldn’t recommend it to you.

Of course there are some positive side, such as easy ordering process, wide assortment and quite low prices, but still, they can’t overweigh all the disadvantages described above. Besides the website has very poorly arranged mobile version, and interface of the website should be worked out better. And it would inspire more trust if the website contained more information about the company itself, its activity, its values, and not just some abstracts in the bottom of the front page.

For now we give Greater London pharmacy 2.2 out of a 5 star rating. And we advise to improve all the moments we pointed out in this review, but for now, we would not recommend you to use this service.