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Greatpillsnet.com Review: A Pharmacy with Cheap Medicine but No Proof of Legitimacy

What is greatpillsnet.com?

Greatpillsnet.com is an online pharmacy that claims to be a low-price pharmacy, which offers both brand and generic drugs with delivery around the world.

According to the information given on the website, the pharmacy cooperates only with reliable and proven manufacturers and suppliers and offers high quality products. All drugs are tested, certified and FDA approved, which allows buyers to be convinced of the high quality of the products.

The interface of the site is intuitive. The home page does not contain any distracting unnecessary information, advertising, links to other sites. The main page provides a brief description of the pharmacy, product categories, search line and best-sellers.

The site of the online pharmacy greatpillsnet.com seems quite informative, it contains all the necessary information about the products offered, including instructions, tips for use, comments on each product, information about side effects and contraindications.

The FAQ section offers the customer to get acquainted with the most necessary information – what are generics, how are they different from the original drugs and why are they cheaper? For convenience of the buyer, the administration of the site gives comparative tables of medicines that can help make a choice.

Assortment of the Pharmacy

The assortment of the pharmacy is wide enough. Here you can buy medicines from the following categories: Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction, Anti-Depressants, Asthma medication, Skin Care, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Women’s Health, Allergy, Anti Viral, Anti Fungal, Arthritis, Antibiotics, Diabetes, Eye Drop and many others. The pharmacy has especially wide assortment for erectile dysfunction drugs – here you can find the most popular potency drugs (Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), and quite rare ED medication (Zudena (Udenafil), Silagra (Sildenafil Citrate). Most products are generic, which indicates the real availability of the medicines offered by greatpillsnet.com. In addition, the pharmacy offers brand-name drugs, such as brand Cialis (Tadalafil) and brand Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), the price of which is still significantly lower than in other pharmacies. The pharmacy gets 5* for this unit of the review.

Greatpillsnet.com Prices

The prices for products in this pharmacy are significantly lower than those in the city pharmacies and other online pharmacies. Generic Viagra price starts from $0.41 and Generic Cialis – from $1.07. Prices in other pharmacies start from $0.67 and $1.11, respectively. The price for brand Viagra starts from $3.96 here, while other pharmacies offer $6.90 for Viagra. Brand Cialis price is also much cheaper – the pharmacy offers $3.91 per tablet, while other online pharmacies offer $4.03 per tablet. This pharmacy works on the principle “the more – the cheaper” – the more pills you buy, the more you save.

The site offers good discounts (up to 90% OFF) for some products in the online catalog. The buyer also gets pleasant bonuses for each purchase in the form of additional tablets .

Also, the buyer can choose the appropriate dosage and number of tablets that he would like to order. Let’s take a look at generic Viagra (Sildenafil citrate). We can see: the more pills we order, the more we save and the more bonuses we get.

Greatpillsnet.com prices

For example, orering 180 pills of generic Viagra 25 mg, we will save $207 and get a trial set of ED drugs as a bonus. Thus, the pharmacy offers really low prices and good discounts, which indicates that you can always find advantageous special offers and save a lot. So, greatpillsnet.com gets 5* for this point of review.

Delivery of the Goods

Greatpillsnet.com website contains detailed information about the delivery options and cost of delivery, according to which the pharmacy delivers orders to almost all countries of the world. The buyer is given the opportunity to contact the Customer Service to make sure that delivery to his address is possible. The prices for a delivery can differ depending on what method of delivery you choose. The pharmacy offers several delivery options:

  1. Trackable Courier Service ($30 – which delivers the medicine within 5-9 days and allows to track the order via tracking number);
  2. Airmail service ($10 – which delivers the goods within 14-21 days).

In addition, the pharmacy guarantees complete anonymity – the goods will be delivered in an opaque package without any inscriptions on the contents on the envelope. Thus, no one will know what kind of goods the buyer ordered. According to the information indicated in the Delivery Guarantee field, the pharmacy guarantees replacement of the goods or refund of the money in case of delivery delay or damage of the goods.

The pharmacy offers FREE delivery via Free standard airmail service only for orders starting from $200.

So, the advantages of pharmacy – the ability to track delivery, two methods of delivery available. The drawbacks – free delivery not for all orders, no express delivery option (5 days – the minimal time you have to wait). As a result, a customer can get a real benefit (cheap prices and free delivery) when ordering from $200. So, the pharmacy gets only 3* for this item.

Greatpillsnet.com Payment Options

The pharmacy has the following payment methods available:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • AMEX;
  • JCB;
  • Diners Club;
  • Discover;
  • eChecks.

So, the company gets 5* for a variety of payment methods.

Technical Characteristics of the Online Pharmacy

Website Loading Speed

After analyzing the page loading speed using Google Page Speed service, we got the following results:

Greatpillsnet.com Loading Speed

These indicators are quite low and indicate that the website needs further development. So, the pharmacy gets only 1.7 for this point of the review.

Greatpillsnet.com Mobile Version

The pharmacy offers a special, mobile version of the site. The mobile version contains a minimal set of graphics and a separate navigation menu, which is more compact and simple if compared to the full version menu, images are not cut off, the text is lined up on the screen. The website is displayed well on the screen of a mobile phone, does not have any errors. Thus, the mobile version of the site is estimated at 5*.

Secure Connection Availability

Greatpillsnet.com does not use a secure connection, that is, your personal data is not protected. Thus, there is a certain risk when entering the login / password and your credit card information. The security of the website is estimated as 1* for lack of the necessary protection required to make payments online.

Website Antivirus and Security Solutions

In addition to the insecure connection, the website lacks an antivirus, which makes the purchase in this pharmacy even more unprotected. This item is also estimated as 1*.

Convenience of Online Ordering

The buyer can order medication without registration here, which greatly accelerates and simplifies the purchase.

In addition, the site has two options for searching the necessary medicines:

  1. Enter the name of the product in the search box and get a list of what you want to buy. At the same time, you will see not only the goods you are looking for, but also the information about them (links to articles, which are rather interesting).
  2. Choose the product from the categories presented on the site. If you enter the site not knowing exactly what you need, you can choose the necessary section of medicines. We consider that convenience of placing an order on this website can be estimated as 5*.

Greatpillsnet.com Legibility

Checking Website Safety via ScamAdvisor

We decided to check the rating of the pharmacy using ScamAdvisor. The online service rated the website as Low Trust. ScamAdvisor calls into question the reliability of the pharmacy: the site was created not long ago and doesn’t have a reliable reputation so far. In addition, the company claims to be located in Ireland, but most likely it operates from China. This fact makes the website look quite suspicious.

Greatpillsnet.com ScamAdviser

This does not necessarily mean that the buyer will not receive his goods ordering from greatpillsnet.com, but “there is a certain risk”, and you’d better contact the website administration before placing an order. The company gets 2* for this point due to the company’s low rating on ScamAdvisor.

Prescription Request

Greatpillsnet.com offers to buy medicines without a prescription, which, of course, allows you to save time, but it can also lead to the idea that the attitude to the drugs is not as strict as in regular city pharmacies. The administration of the website only advises to consult a doctor before placing an order to make sure that the medicine suits you. Thus, the online pharmacy gets 2* for this item of review due to inadequately responsible approach to the sale of medicines.

Cheking Websity Safety via LegitScript

The online service LegitScript also calls into question the reliability of the site, evaluating it as ROGUE. According to its conclusion, greatpillsnet.com does not comply with Internet pharmacy verification standards. Thus, the buyer can not be sure of the reliability of this company. So, the pharmacy gets 1* for this item of our review.

Greatpillsnet.com LegitScript

Greatpillsnet.com Reviews

Customer Reviews on greatpillsnet.com

The website of the pharmacy contains a lot of reviews, mostly enthusiastic with the average rating of 5, which may indicate that the pharmacy is in demand and popular among customers. Buyers report that this pharmacy has low prices and excellent service. All the reviews left on the pharmacy website are unique. But the presence of only positive feedback suggests that there is a possibility that they can be left not by real buyers, but by the administration of the site.

Greatpillsnet.com reviews

Reviews in the Products category also indicate that all buyers were satisfied with the quality of medicines and service. Let’s take a look at generic Cialis reviews:

Greatpillsnet.com reviews2

We have found no negative feedback about preparations as well.

Thus, we have ONLY positive feedback on the website, but we consider that we can’t assess the reliability of the pharmacy objectively from this point. So, we give 3* for this point of review.

Greatpillsnet.com Reviews on Independent Websites and Medical Forums

As we can’t be sure of a full reliability of these reviews, we decided to search for greatpillsnet.com reviews on other websites and medical forums, but did not find a single response about the purchase of medicines in this pharmacy. Positive feedback on independent websites is an important factor in choosing an online pharmacy and sufficient proof of its reliability, so the pharmacy gets only 1* for this point of the review.

Greatpillsnet.com Coupon Code

Before placing an order, the buyer has the opportunity to get a discount, using the greatpillsnet.com discount code.

Greatpillsnet.com Coupon code

Using the greatpillsnet.com coupon code, the buyer can save an extra 10%. The minimum order value is not determined. Thus, the purchase becomes more profitable. The coupon code is valid until December 31, 2019.

The availability of the Discount Code is a definite advantage, but the problem is that the coupon code is neither located on the main page, nor in other sections of the site, the buyer have to search it on the Internet, on some other websites. Thus, the custmer simply may not be aware of the possibility of obtaining an additional discount. The pharmacy gets 4* for this item.

Greatpillsnet.com Customer Support

Contact information

The website of the pharmacy does not specify any addresses, which may complicate the official appeal of the buyer to the website administration. All that we managed to find are phone numbers: USA (+1 888 524 7141) and UK (+44 808 189 1420). The pharmacy gets only 2* due to lack of addresses but phone numbers availability.

Greatpillsnet.com Online Customer Support

If the buyer have difficulties with choosing the product, he can use Live Customer Support – the pharmacist’s advice online, or call the indicated pharmacy numbers. When you make a final purchase decision, you can create a shopping cart.

We tried to contact a consultant and find out what online payment methods the pharmacy offers. The response from Customer Support came in a couple of seconds.

Greatpillsnet.com Customer Support

The availablility of the Live Chat and quick response of the specialist allows us to give 5* to the pharmacy for this review item. Also, users of the site can contact a specialist using a contact form which works 24 hours a day.


The online pharmacy greatpillsnet.com has several advantages that distinguish it from other pharmacies, namely: low prices, good discounts, a wide assortment and several payment methods, the availability of online support. On the one hand, the company facilitated the order procedure for the buyer not requiring registration, but on the other hand, the pharmacy did not provide full information about itself. Positive reviews on the site are numerous, but their reliability is questioned, as we did not find any reviews about the pharmacy on independent websites. In addition, ScamAdvisor and LegitScript have identified a pharmacy as the Low Trust and Rogue company, which can hide their real contact information. Security of the site is also poor – there is no secure connection, no antivirus. So, greatpillsnet.com does not look as a reliable online pharmacy. We award this pharmacy the rating of 3 out of 5 and pay attention to the fact that buyers take a certain risk by ordering medicines in this pharmacy.