Growing Tree Toys ♥ Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set Review

Little girls love to copy mommy, dont they? Until I had my own little girl, I had no idea how it felt to be mimicked and echoed. Its a good feeling, isnt it? (Most of the time, lol)

I especially love to include my little one in the kitchen. Shes too young to understand that shes not to touch the hot stove or oven, so I have to be extra careful, but she does have her own mini wooden kitchen and she likes to cook there while Im cooking and baking.

I think one of the reasons that play food and play kitchens are so popular is because its a childs way of copying mommy and practicing for the future. I like to encourage that, so Im always on the lookout for quality educational toys for my little one. Kids dont need a ton of toys, but what they do get should be well-made, fun, and versatile.

Thats one reason I like Growing Tree Toys. They have a super selection of quality learning toys for all age groups. You can search for toys by category, read helpful reviews, and find information on the developmental benefits for children for a specific toy. I really have a blast looking through their toys, though it gives me a bad case of the I wants. 😉

My Thoughts: Thanks to Growing Tree Toys, I received a Slice and Bake Cookie Set by Melissa and Doug. I have to tell you how much I LOVE Melissa and Doug toys. Everything Ive purchased and reviewed that was made by them has quickly become a favorite, both of my daughter and myself. Their toys are well-made, versatile, and fun the kinds of toys I dont plan on ever throwing out or giving away. Theyre save them for the grandchildren toys.

My Thoughts: Although the Slice and Bake Cookie set is under the 3 and 4 year old category, my 18-month-old completely loved it. She is a very observant little girl and immediately knew that this was a toy that should never be ignored. Probably because mommy had toys just like it.

This play set contains 30 pieces including cookies that attach to each other (making a cookie dough roll) with velcro and can be put in the cookie tube (just like buying pre-made dough, lol), various decorative frostings that attach to the tops of the cookies, a knife and a spatula, a kitchen mitt (yay for teaching safety around hot things!), and a cookie sheet. The cookies also attach to the cookie sheet. Theres really so much to do, for younger and older kids. Emmas favorite part of it right now is sticking the Velcro pieces together and then slicing them with the knife. Everything is very well-made, as usual, and is bright and attractive. Even I love this set!

Video review:

Conclusion: Love love LOVE! No cons.

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I received a Slice and Bake Cookie Set courtesy of the Growing Tree Toys Blog Sponsorship Program in exchange for an honest review. This review is 100% my own content, my own true experiences with the product, and my own opinion. 🙂

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