Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Wii Game ♥ Review {Giveaway Closed}


Are you or your children Harry Potter fans? I certainly am! Though it wasnt until I read the books that I became a die-hard fan. Now I own all the movies on DVD and the books in hardcover and Im hooked!

What I hadnt tried until now was a Harry Potter Wii game! But that has been remedied, and Im here now to share my thoughts on the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince game for the Wii.

First of all, I want to note that I have never played any of the other Harry Potter games, either on the Wii or any other gaming platform. So this wont be a comparison review. This is a review by a young mom who loves her Wii and the Harry Potter series. My experience with gaming platforms is pretty much limited to Nintendo: The Wii, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and regular Nintendo. Ive played some games with my husband on his Playstation 3, but Im not really in love with that system. Im a Nintendo girl at heart, I guess. 😉

I may as well tell you right now that Im really enjoying the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince game. Its been a week now and I go back to it every day its fun! I now believe that anyone who has a child who wants to get an idea of what it would be like to go to school at Hogwarts and really get an interactive Harry Potter experience should think about buying this game.

The Plot Thickens

This particular game is, obviously, based on the sixth book and movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. You play as Harry Potter and are given quests to complete as you make your way through the game. For example, Harry finds the Half-Blood Princes potion book and, as in the movie, finds himself being taken in by the genius therein. Though the movie play parts of the game that you have to sit through can be a bit tedious, there is some humorous dialogue that made me laugh out loud Hermione and Rons verbal sparring especially.

To add extra interest and fun, there are school clubs that you can join to try to beat your scores in Dueling, Potions, and Quidditch (flying around on your broom trying to catch the Snitch).

Okay, now lets get down to details.

Controls: You need the Wii Remote (Wand) and the Nunchuk for this game. I think the Wii must be the best platform for Harry Potter games because the Wii Remote is already like a magic wand. It makes role-playing that much easier! Figuring out the different controls for activities like dueling, playing Quidditch, and making potions is very simple, which was a relief to me. I hate playing games that take you forever to figure out the controls! And to move Harry around the castle, you use the little directional stick on the top of the Nunchuk thats super easy as well. Oh, and I should mention that you use your arms a lot when dueling and making potions, and this actually made my arms sore! I guess Im a bit out of shape, huh? And how embarrassing is it to have to tell people that my arms are sore from dueling??? 😉

Graphics: I think the graphics are great! Of course. the characters seem a bit like lifeless dolls at times, but it doesnt bother me at all. The castle is very detailed with hundreds of paintings and tapestries that I actually want to stop and look at sometimes. I know, Im a nerd.

Difficulty Level: I think most children over the age of 8 would be able to enjoy this game. The younger kids can give the dueling a go, thats one of the most challenging and exciting mini-missions. Different hand motions are taught for each spell such as Expelliarmus, Stupefy, and Levicorpus. You can choose to practice your dueling and potion-making anytime, too. Potion-making is challenging because youre timed and have to make sure youre adding the right ingredients, the right amount, and you stir and heat the ingredients yourself. If you make a mistake, smoke pours out of the cauldron and you have to wave it away quickly. It probably sounds more complicated than it is I dont think the activities are too difficult for children at all, and different age groups will enjoy different aspects of the game more.

Missions: There is the main mission that follows along with the movie and book, but there are also mini-missions as well. As you explore the castle (usually on your way somewhere with Nearly Headless Nicks directional help), you can collect Hogwarts Crests and unlock bonuses and mini-games, do good deeds for fellow students and get rewards, and earn badges. You also learn new spells as you go.

Two-Player: There is a two-player dueling mode that is unlocked at some point early in the game. I played this with my husband. I beat him. 😉 Im not sure yet whether there are more opportunities for two players to interact together. Ill update this review when I get further into the game.

What I didnt like: There is a LOT of dialogue as they try to fill in the plot so you know where youre at in the story. Not enough to make me want to turn it off, but I have been known to walk away for a moment until its over. Ive seen the movie and read the book, so I know what happens. And theres no way to skip past it.

The only other thing is that youre running around the castle from one place to the other an awful lot. The size of the castle is very life-like, which is cool and tedious at the same time. The cool aspects are the moving staircases, the portrait shortcuts (as long as you know the password), and the mini-quests as you go.


I find this game to be worth buying. I think that fans of Harry Potter will enjoy it and kids will have a blast experiencing life in Harry Potters world! The cons I listed are not near enough to cause me to dislike the game or put me off from buying future Harry Potter releases. I recommend it!

Note: This game is rated E for Everyone and is available for X-Box, Wii, PSP, PS3, PS2, Nintendo DS, and PC/Mac.My review is on the Wii version only.

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