Healpharmacy.com Review – A Pharmacy with Low Prices and Controversial Reputation

Healpharmacy.com Introducing Itself

logotypeHealpharmacy.com is an online pharmacy providing customers with high-quality medications. The company runs its activity for 9 years, as it is stated on the website, and is one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical market on the Internet. The company set its goal to deliver safe, generic medications at low prices. All generic medicines are shipped directly from India. Each of them is produced with the use of the best raw materials at world-class pharmaceutical manufacturers. Each of providers is Indian FDA approved and internationally certified. The company has its own purchase and monitoring divisions to ensure best quality and safety of products sold.

On the website, you can find a special section, devoted to information about scammers and fake reviewers, either claiming to be Healpharmacy.com or write bad reviews about this website to get easy money by fooling customers. The company asks to be attentive and careful when buying medications from such companies, as there is no way to stop this website from fraud. The company has only 1 website and keeps running its activity to provide people with quality healthcare products and improve their health.

Assortment Variety

The company offers quite a diverse list of products. All medications are divided into 27 categories according to a condition they are supposed to treat. All the categories are available on the main page on the left sidebar. Each category contains several different names of drugs with different prices. In total, the company offers 194 medications for various disorders.categories

All medications are generics produced by Indian manufacturers, so their price is considerably lower than that of originals. The company claims to offers only quality checked medication, which undergoes several stages of quality tests and has all necessary documents and certificates. All medications are Indian FDA-approved, so customers can be sure that products sold by Healpharmacy.com will have a necessary effect and are completely safe.assortment

When you open a category, you are presented a table with all medications in it. Each product has a short description, and you can view all information about it by clicking a button «View Product» under the picture. The product’s page contains a table with available dosages and prices. Also here you can read detailed decryption of the drug and instruction for its use. In the bottom of the page, there are customers comments about medications. But it turns out that no matter what page you visit, reviews don’t change. There are no special reviews devoted to the product you are viewing.men's health

As it was said before the company sells generic medications, as it claims on the website. But in the list of medications, you can find brand medication, which is strange. For example, «Men’s Health» category has generic Viagra and brand Viagra, though there are no products in brand Viagra page. Still, such name exists which means that they have to sell original Viagra produced by «Pfizer» and have all certificates proving that it was produced by this company. At the moment there is no opportunity to check if the price and documents prove that the medication is original, but in future, if you choose to buy this product make sure to ask to provide necessary information.brand viagra

Considering everything we analyzed at this point, we can conclude that the catalog of Healpharmacy.com is very well worked through. The medications have the necessary information on the website, to get acquainted with terms of use and side effects, dosages and prices are also clearly and conveniently provided on the pages. That’s why at this point we can give Healpharmacy.com 5 stars.

Affordability of Products

The company claims to offer very attractive and affordable prices for their products. Besides all medications are generics, so price for them should very low in comparison with brand medications. As we can see, in addition to low prices the company offers free samples for some dosages and packs of medications. But it is important to remember that usually this «free pills» are just a trick to make an offer more attractive and that in reality, you pay for all of them. That’s why when you want to find out the cost of 1 pill, you should consider all free pills as a part of the pack. Besides, if you don’t, the price for 1 pill will be even higher, which will resent many customers.

As «Men’s Health» is the first and most popular category on the website, we will review, prices for products in this category. The most popular drugs in it are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, and we will take only generic versions, as branded medications are unavailable at the moment.

The lowest price for Viagra is $0.99, which is quite high for a generic medication. At the average price for generic Viagra on the Internet is about $0.4, so if we compare this price with that on Healpharmacy.com, we can see that the drug is overpriced. Many reliable online pharmacies can offer a better deal, but still, this offer is quite attractive and a most customer will gladly buy Viagra for this price. Cialis here costs $0.98, which is almost the same as Viagra. This price is lower than average on the Internet. This fact cannot by please customers, who will be willing to buy this product at such a low price. Levitra is available at a price of $2.05, this is the average price for generic Levitra on the Internet, so there is no point in looking for another place to buy it. In fact, most pharmacies offer this drug at a higher price than this one.viagra pricecialis pricelevitra price

Remember, that these prices are minimal, taken for the lowest dosage and the highest quantity in the pack. If you choose fewer pills or higher dosage, the price will be higher, so before buying anything, study the catalog and prices carefully. Also consider, that we took into account «free» pills, and the calculated cost of 1 pill with these pills included. If you don’t include them in the cost, the price for 1 pill will be higher than we got.

But in general considering price policy of Healpharmacy.com, it can be said, that their prices are quite low and affordable. Their statement to provide best prices for quality medicines is true – their prices are almost the lowest on the market, and there are few companies that can compete with such prices. That’s why we can give Healpharmacy.com 4.5 stars for this point.

Shipping Options

There is a special page on the website devoted to shipping options available in this company. This page can be found in the footer of the main page. Healpharmacy.com offers several types of shipping which differ in price and terms of delivery. Also, customers in some countries can choose not all variants, so it is important to read shipping conditions before placing an order.shipping info

So, as we can see there are 4 options for delivery:

  • Registered Airmail;
  • EMS;
  • Priority Mail;
  • UK & European Mail.

All medications without exceptions can be sent to only 3 countries:

  • The USA;
  • UK;
  • Australia.

To other European countries, the company sends only generic medications. For successful delivery customers in these countries must choose only UK Mails, otherwise, the parcel may not come. The list of countries for delivery is also limited, so before placing an order, make sure that your location is in the list of delivery countries:

  • Afghanistan;
  • Brazil;
  • China;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Egypt;
  • Finland;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Greece;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Italy;
  • Japan;
  • Liechtenstein;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Malaysia;
  • Netherlands;
  • New Zealand;
  • Norway;
  • Panama;
  • Philippines;
  • Portugal;
  • Russia;
  • Singapore;
  • Slovakia;
  • South Africa;
  • South Korea;
  • Spain;
  • Sweden;
  • Switzerland;
  • Thailand;
  • Turkey;
  • United Arab Emirates.

All orders are sent in discrete packages, so no one will know what is inside. On this page, you can also find information about reshipment and return. The reshipment is only possible if all requirement listed on this page are met. For information about returning orders, you need to contact the support group via e-mail. As the service is almost immediate, cancellation is only possible within 5 hours after the order is placed. After this time the order can’t be canceled, and you need to return the parcel if you don’t need medications. Also here you will find all links to track your order.

From everything stated in this point we can conclude that the company cares about their orders successful delivery, that’s why any possible questions are described on this page. There are several types of delivery, which is a very big advantage for the service, but unfortunately, there is no free delivery for any order, so we can’t give Healpharmacy.com more than 3 stars for this point.

Payment Options

On the bottom of the main page you can see can the company accepts Visa and MasterCard as payment options. This is very inconvenient for many customers, there is completely no choice, so those customers unwilling to disclose data on their credit cards simply have no opportunity to pay for the order.payment options

When placing an order, you are offered also a Bitcoin option. The company should provide this information before the customer is on the «Check out» page. Most people would leave when seeing that there is no choice of payment options.payment options

So as we can understand, Healpharmacy.com offers only 2 options: bitcoin and credit card. Of course, these options are the most popular and convenient, but many customers would prefer other options, and many of them will not place the order because of such a small choice of payment variants. We would advise the company the widen their payment options to attract more customers, but at this point, we can only this the company 2 stars.

Technical Characteristics of Healpharmacy.com

Google Page Speed Test

Test by developers.google.com gives us very sad results. Both desktop and mobile versions have very low indicators, which means that loading of pages of the website takes quite a lot of time. Such indicators are a great flaw for the company, and there are many issues that need to be fixed. The company can use recommendations of developers.google.com to improve the situation in the nearest time, but for now, we can only give 1 star to the company for very bad results of the test.desktopmobile

Mobile Version

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have any mobile version. This means that customers cannot use the website other than from their computers. The website even is not adapted for the screen of mobile devices, so it will be very inconvenient to use the website. The text is too small and impossible to read, so making orders is also impossible for mobile devices.mobile friendly

Test for mobile-friendliness shows us that the website is not mobile-friendly. They are points set by us before: the text is too small, viewport not set, clickable elements too close together. So this point brings the company only 1 star. We advise Healpharmacy.com to work on this issue to improve its rating and convenience for customers.

Secure Connection

To ensure secure shopping to customers most reliable websites provide a secure connection. This protects customers from their sensitive data theft and unauthorized access. So people can safely provide credit card information on the website and be sure that nobody will get access to them. To make sure that the website you are visiting has the secure connection you need to look at the address bar of your browser. Iа it has a green lock then you can be calm about your personal information.https protocol

As we can see, Healpharmacy.com provide secure shopping to its customers. It means that the company cares about its clients and does its best to protect them from frauds on the Internet. You can buy anything you like, give your personal data to the company and know that you are safely protected.certificatecertificate

You can get more details about this connection by viewing the certificate of safety. We can see that the company uses 128-bit encryption, which is not the best level of protection, but still shows that your data is safely transferred to the server. Information about certificate owner is hidden, which makes us down reliability of it. But still, the company provided a secure connection on the whole website, which shows its responsible attitude to the customers.security

You can also find certificates by GeoTrust and SecureGuard, proving that the company meets all the requirement of these companies for security. So at this point, we can grant Healpharmacy.com 3.5 stars.

Antivirus Protection

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find any hint to the presence of antivirus protection on the website. This means that customers are not protected from any malware on this website. If you don’t have your own antivirus, we would advise you to either get one or avoid visiting such websites. Reliable and trusted resources always ensure the best protection on all levels so that customers could feel comfortable when placing orders or just viewing the website. Make sure to protect your device beforehand, otherwise irresponsible attitude to you devise can have sad consequences up to data theft and devise breakage. 1 star for this point is quite a fare esteem for the company.

Ordering Procedure

Placing order takes about 5 – 10 minutes maximum. The procedure is very simple and doesn’t create many troubles. First of all, you need to choose necessary medications from the catalog. After you took what you want, add the product to cart and continue shopping or proceed to check out. On the cart page, you can find a button «Check Out».ordering

After this you need to register on the website – without it, you won’t be able to place an order. Registering takes about 5 minutes. You need to provide your address information for shipping, some of your personal data and your phone number. After creating a password you are immediately transferred to the check out page. There all you need to do is choose the method of shipping and payment, provide payment details and submit the order.ordering

The company doesn’t require any prescription, so there will be no need to send any papers to the pharmacy, though all reliable companies sell prescription drugs only after the customer sends a prescription to it.

If you change your mind and decide that you don’t need medications, you can cancel the orders within 5 hours after it was placed. After 5 hours it will be necessary to agree on returning the order, as it will be already processed.

In general, it can be concluded that the procedure of making orders is quick and simple, but still, there are some steps that take your time and could be avoided. There is no need for registering on the website, it would be simpler to just enter your details and get necessary medications. So this point brings Healpharmacy.com 4 stars, for easy and trouble-free ordering procedure.

Is Healpharmacy.com Legit?

Test for Reliability

Test by ScamAdviser.com shows that the company has a very low trust rating. It has only 25% of safety and there are lots of issues to consider before cooperate with it. The domain age is quite impressive – almost 5 years and this may be the only positive side in this report. The website is Russian Federation based, although the owner is Cyprus. These are high-risk countries which show that reliability of the website is doubtful.scamadviser

Besides all e-mail addresses provided by the website are free ones. There were malware reports which prove that with the absence of antivirus this website is dangerous to use. Also, the company is rated as a rogue. There is no address provided on the website, so we can’t compare the address in the report with that on the «Contact Us» page.

So as you can see the report shows us that the company has very poor reliability level and that you should think twice before dealing with it. We recommend to find another place for shopping or at least make sure that you won’t be fooled. For this point, we give Healpharmacy.com not more than 1 star.

Prescription Requirement

There is no information on the website that prescription is mandatory for making orders. And during ordering, there is no requirement for sending a prescription to the company. So it looks like the company sells its products to any customer who wants to buy them.

This fact is a very great disadvantage for companies reputation. All customers know that reliable companies always ask to prove that you really need the drug and that your doctor wrote a prescription for it. Since nothing of the kind is required here we can conclude that the company doesn’t care about who will buy and use their medications and for this point Healpharmacy.com gets 1 star. And we advise you to think whether it is reasonable to trust such company if they do not run their activity legally, maybe the quality of their products is also doubtful.

Test for Legitimacy

Check out by LegitScript.com also gave us very bad results. The report listed this company as rogue one. There is no information about what criteria are used to define a company as rouge, but the port exists on this website, then somebody filed for it and there were grounds for such report. The company doesn’t meet requirements of LegitScript.com to be rated as legitimate. This fact also doesn’t speak in favor of the company, so we recommend to use another service to prevent yourself from any troubles. For this point – 1 star is our esteem.legitimacy

Healpharmacy.com Reviews

Reviews on the Website

The website has a special page with customers’ testimonials about service and products. There are only 30 comments, and all of them are very positive. However, there is no special form for leaving feedback so it is not clear how customers should leave their comments and how these comments appeared on the website. Besides, there are no negative comments or comments describing some troubles with the service, which is very strange. We all know that in the work of any service sometimes there appear some problems and some customers remain unsatisfied. So it is hard to believe that these testimonials are real, probably they were written by the administration itself.testimonials

Anyway, comments are present on the website, and you may read other people’s opinions and experiences to make sure that the service is safe and reliable. We would recommend to also look at another websites and forums with comments about Healpharmacy.com to make sure that the website is not trying to create a good reputation for themselves by adding positive comments on the website. So, at this point, we give the pharmacy 3 stars.

Comments on Foreign Websites

After searching for reviews about Healpharmacy.com on the Internet, we managed to find only 1, which is negative. The company is called scam and that bank reported some suspicious activity. This is all that can be found in the Net.review

Considering the fact that no positive comments from real people are found on the Internet, it can be concluded that the service is unreliable. The company has very few customers who do not want to share their experience with other people. Perhaps their experience is so bad, that there is nothing good to tell. So at this point, we can only give Healpharmacy.com 1 star for the absence of any proof of their reliability and safety.

Healpharmacy.com Coupon Code

According to information found on the website, the company from time to time provides special offers and discount to customers. Information about discounts is sent via e-mail. For customers willing to get a discount right now there is an opportunity to contact the support group and get a personal coupon code.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there are special offers on the website. Usually, online pharmacies inform customers about some discount on the main page. You can apply coupon codes in the special field during the checkout. Bust as there were no codes or offers we decided to look for them on the Internet.

We found a website with several coupon codes for different discounts, but as it turned out, all of them have expired, although it was indicated that they are active until today. So basically there are no coupon codes for getting a discount. However some customers say that these codes are renewed from time to time, so you need to catch a moment.coupon code

But still, the fact is that there are discount offers in the pharmacy right now, so at this point, we can give Healpharmacy.com not more than 1 star.

Customers Support on Healpharmacy.com

Contact Details

The company created a special section with contact details for customers. But on this page, you will only find their telephone number and information about working hours. No mailing address or fax is indicated there. Link to live chat allows to open a chat and get answers to bothering question in real time. But unfortunately, live chat is not available 24/7. The function works according to support group schedule, so you will have wait for them to answer you.contact info

Also here you can find business contacts and information about the schedule of the company. Besides you can send a message to the support group via the contact form on this page. So in general, information provided on this page is quite enough for contacting the support group, but the absence of some details makes customers doubt their reliability and legitimacy. For this point – 3 stars are out esteem.

Live Chat Option

The company provides live chat option for quick, efficient and convenient support group service. Any customer can ask a question and get an instant answer without waiting for several hours. But as it was mentioned above, the only minus is that the support group doesn’t operate 24 hours a day.

We decided to ask the company about certificates of quality for Viagra drugs, to make sure that the company is telling the truth claiming that they provide best quality products and that these products undergo various tests before going on sale.live chat

As live chat is offline now, we submitted the request and have to wait for the answer.reply

Considering the difference in time, we would have to wait for a very long time, which is unacceptable. The support group should constantly offer its services for customers all over the world, as they provide international delivery. So for the absence of any help from the support group we give Healpharmacy.com only 1 star for this point.

To Sum Up…

In general, we can say that Healpharmacy.com has a very controversial reputation according to all information reviewed above. In some points this company showed very great results, proving to be a reliable, safe, responsible and friendly service. Information on the website shows that the company is the best choice for medications on the Internet. But you shouldn’t rely on this information without researching everything on the website. It is necessary to know all the tricks that may appear while you cooperate with the company.

There are quite a lot of negative points in the work of Healpharmacy.com. Safety results according to various tests on the Internet show that the company can’t be trusted at all. None of the reports is positive, and according to the customers constantly claim that this company is a scam. Also, there are no customers reviews on the Internet, and those on the website do not inspire trust, they seem to be fake, made up by the company itself to deceive customers and look more attractive.

Contact details are also a sigh not to trust the company – a reliable organization always provides all possible details, including official address and several phone numbers for citizens of different countries. Besides according to ScamAdviser.com this company is Russian Federation based, which means that it is a high-risk company, that can be a cam. So considering everything stated above we give Healpharmacy.com 2.1 out of a 5-star rating.