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HealthWarehouse.com Review – Reliable Service with Good Reputation

Introducing HealthWarehouse.com

logotypeHealthWarehouse.com is the only Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice sites (VIPPs) and Vet-VIPPs accredited online pharmacy licensed in all 50 states. This online service provide prescription and OTC medications to all people in America at very affordable prices. All medications are FDA-approved and licensed for sale on the territory of America. The qualified stuff helps people to deal with their health conditions and choose necessary drugs. Besides human medications this drugstore also provides products for pets.

Product List Variety

The company offers a huge number of various FDA-approved medications: generic and brand. There more than 9000 of items in the catalog but there are no search by categories. There is a search bar on the front page which allows you finding necessary medication if you know its name. Also you can use A-Z catalog, where you are presented the whole list of products available on the website.assortment

Inside the list all medications are organized in a list allowing viewing items alphabetically, according to the date of their update or relevance. You also can choose how many items you see on the page: 200, 100, 200. On the main page in the head menu there are some categories which we assume are the most popular: diabetic, OTC, pets.categories

In general the variety of the product list is amazing. It seems that here you can find any medications or supply you need. Also you may choose which on to buy – brand or generic. Each item has a note of which brand medication it is generic and in what category it can be found.

Page of the drug itself contains necessary quantity of the product and prices. Also here you may find detailed information about the drug, instruction for its use, articles bout it in Wikipedia and reviews. On the right you can choose another dosages of the products. The medication always has a note whether it requires prescription or not.

So for this point we definitely can give HealthWarehouse.com 5 stars, as there are not disadvantages about the catalog (maybe only absence of category search). The variety is greater than in most other online pharmacies, so you don’t need to worry that some of medication you look for won’t be found in here.

Prices for Products

The pharmacy claims to offer more affordable prices than in other regular and online pharmacies. The main goal is to provide quality medications at affordable price. But when we compared the prices, we were a little bit shocked. Prices for braded medication for erectile dysfunction are so overprices that it seems unbelievable that someone buys them here.

We know that average price for branded Viagra pill is about $8 – $10, but here it costs $70.41 per pill! And there is no difference is you take different dosage or quantity, the price remains the same. Situation with generic is better – $0.8, but still the price is twice higher than average. Cialis and Levitra do not have generic equivalents so we only can compare prices for branded medications. Price for Levitra here is $50.85 per pill minimal and Cialis – $11.59. With such high prices and no cheaper generic the customers will probable choose another service with more real prices for the same products.viagra pricescialis pricelevitra price

So buying here you won’t be able to save a lot of money, on the contrary, you will spend much more money than in other online pharmacies. We don’t know the reason for such high cost of medications and don’t understand what differs this pharmacy from any other regular pharmacy near you house. That’s why we give 1 stars for so overpriced products.

Delivery Methods

There is a special section describing shipping options. There is all information about shipping conditions applied on this website you need to know: prices and terms. Also there is a section on the «FAQ» page, with shipping rates. If you don’t want to waste your time on reading this information, during ordering procedure you will be given a choice of delivery and cost of each option.

So there are the following methods of delivery:

  • Standard Shipping – $3.00, 2 to 8 Business Days;
  • Signature Confirmation – $3.95 per order, 2 to 8 Business Days;
  • UPS Tracking – $11.95 (no shipping or delivery on Saturdays or Sundays and unavailable for P.O. Boxes), 1 to 5 Business Days;
  • USPS Priority – $10.00 (Includes P.O. Boxes and Weekend Delivery), 1 to 3 Business Days;
  • 2-Day Shipping – $17.95 (no shipping or delivery on Saturdays and Sundays and unavailable for P.O. Boxes), 2 Business Days;
  • Next Day Air Shipping -$29.95 up to 20 pounds and $2.99 for each additional pound (no shipping or delivery on Saturdays and Sundays and unavailable for P.O. Boxes), 1 Business Day.

shipping optionsshippingAlso you may get FREE standard delivery if you subscribe to the newsletter. But the pharmacy doesn’t perform international delivery, which I a great disadvantage for the company. So such a variety of shipping methods impresses greatly, you may choose which ever you can afford and get your medications in few days. Besides shipping rates are not high considering speed of delivery. Very convenient and quick, so we give 4 stars to HealthWarehouse.com for this point.

Payment Methods

Unfortunately, situation with payment options is much more difficult. There is no special section for this information, so it is not clear which methods they accept exactly. The only information you can get is contained in the «FAQ» section. From there we see that the pharmacy accepts:

  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.
  • Check Gateway;
  • Mailed paper checks;
  • Money orders.

paymentThere are very few options that can offered by such a resource. Many customers would prefer no to disclose their credit cards data, so it would be better if there were more options not involving credit cards or bank account information. Though credit card option is the most available to everyone since every person today has a credit card. Still difficulties with finding information about payment and unclear presentation of this information allows us giving only 3.5 stars to the pharmacy in this point.

Technical Characteristics of HealthWarehouse.com

Google Page Speed

Indicators by Google page speed test are very frustrating. The report shows us that there are lots of drawbacks in the work of the website. Many issues should be fixed and measures should be taken to improve the situation in general. The website offers some recommendations for pharmacy administration. Both mobile and desktop versions are very slow and their work is constantly disrupted by logs and errors. That’s why for this point HealthWarehouse.com gets only 1 stars for this point, for not paying attention to this side of the website work.desktopmobile

Mobile Version

The website has the adapted version for mobile devises and tablets. But the website looks much less attractive on the mobile phone screen. The menu is not worked through, in general interface is not user-friendly in our opinion. However the main functions remain fine on the website. The text is readable, pictures are clearly seen. Ordering process remains the same as in regular desktop version. Though the version is very slow, in general it works fine and placing orders is not complicated by any problems. So this point earns HealthWarehouse.com 3 stars with recommendation to improve and update the mobile version for more comfortable use.

Secure Connection

For most customer security is main indicator of the website’s reliability. We all want to be confident that our sensitive data won’t be stolen or used by some frauds. That’s why most proved and trusted websites apply secure connection to protect their customers. To check is the website has this option, look at the address line and make sure that the URL stars with https://. If it does, than you can be calm about safety of data you entrust to the company.https protocol

At HealthWarehouse.com each page that you visit is secured, while many company prefer to protect only «Checkout» pages. So no matter which page you are on, you can be sure that you and you data are safely protected by the secure connection. To get more details about security on the website you can always view the certificate which is at free access to any user. As we can see our website uses only 128-bit protection, which is not the highest level. But we can see information about the owner of the certificate, which is usually hidden at many website.certificatecertificate

So for this point we can surely give the pharmacy quite a high score – 4 stars. If the level of protection would have been higher, than there would be no doubts in giving the highest score. So we hope that in future security on the website will be even stronger than it is now.

Antivirus Protection

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus protection on the website, so you need to be very careful while visiting this resource. If your own device is not protected form viruses than there is a risk of getting a malware on you device. Such situations are fraught with dangerous consequences, such as data theft and brakeage of the device. That’s why we strongly recommend installing your own antivirus program to be protected from malwares and visit any website you like not worrying about your safety. So for this point the pharmacy gets only 1 star for not providing protection from viruses.

Ordering Procedure

ordering Ordering process is complicated on this website. First of all you need to go through registration. Without creating an account you won’t be able to proceed to checkout. Though this procedure is quick and doesn’t require much efforts from you, still this takes some of your time, while many other online pharmacies to not require signing in. After you create your account you provide shipping details and choose method of shipping. This step takes just a few minutes. But then you have to provide medical information about you, send a prescription, which is mandatory for Rx drugs, and even provide information about physician who wrote your prescription. This step may take a while, so there is no chance to order medications in few clicks.ordering

After all this is done you chose payment option and submit your order. The whole procedure takes about 15 – 20 minutes, not counting time for choosing the product. There is no opportunity to check whether they send confirmation letter, as they require payment details first. At payment section you have only 2 options available: credit card and check gateway, though on the website it is said that there are more methods.

Considering all facts reviewed in this point we think that 1 star is a fair score to the pharmacy, as the procedure is complicated with some unnecessary steps, that could be avoided to save customers’ time.

Is HealthWarehouse.com Legit?

Reliability of the Website

Report by ScamAdviser.com on reliability of the website shows very positive results. The website is considered low risk, and location of the company is undoubtful. The website is USA based and the domain age is very impressive – more than 15 years. During this whole time the pharmacy runs its activity and still was not banned or closed. Safety rate is also very high – 70% and the website has lots of visitors.

Though there are some flaws on the website. There was a malware report detected on the website. As it was reviewed earlier, there is no antivirus protection on the website, so «catching» some malware is possible. Also speed of the website is slow, which also was stated earlier.scamadviser

The address of the company on the website and in the report are the same, so there is no doubt that it is real and head office exists and anyone can visit it at working hours. Also this website is rated as popular by Alexa.com server. So in general for this point we can give HealthWarehouse.com 4 stars for great result in reliability.

Prescription Requirement

Prescription is mandatory to purchase medication that require prescription. There is no opportunity to place an order is you don’t provide details of your physician. And of course they won’t send your order to you before they get your prescription.prescriptionprescriber info

The pharmacy sells controlled drugs, among others, and for them there are special requirements. Visit «FAQ» page to learn more information on this subject.

In general the fact that the company requires prescription speaks of its responsible attitude to customers’ health and legal activity. There is no doubt that their service is reliable and any medication sold there is quality and legal. That’s why we give 5 stars to HealthWarehouse.com for this point.

Legitimacy of the Website

The website is listed as UNVERIFIED on LegitScript.com. Such status doesn’t means that the pharmacy is illegal or unreliable. LegitScript.com just can’t determine whether HealthWarehouse.com meets its standards.

Quite possible that there is everything OK with pharmacy legitimacy and in near future it will get APPROVED status. So for now we can give HealthWarehouse.com 4 stars in this point.legitimacy

Certificates of Products Quality

Products sold on the website have undergone necessary quality tests and certifications. The pharmacy has several quality certificates for its products, so you can be sure of the quality of products you by here. These medications are not only FDA-approved, but also got approval of VIPPS and Vet-VIPPS.vipps

While most pharmacies only claim that their products are of high quality, HealthWarehouse.com actually has prove for these words. You can read more details by clicking icons in the bottom of the front page and on official websites of these services. And for this point we give 5 stars to the pharmacy.

HealthWarehouse.com Reviews

Reviews Page on HealthWarehouse.com

The website provides a special page with customer’s testimonials. This is very convenient because you always can read opinion of customers about the service and medications. There are lots of reviews and most of them are very positive. There are some comments about problems with delivery of order status, but they only show us that these comments are left by real people, and not just taken from somewhere. You can leave your own comment about your experience with this pharmacy.comments

As we can see the pharmacy is working really effectively and in most cases leaves customers satisfied and happy, and presence of some unsatisfied comments only proves that the pharmacy works as any other service in the Internet. So for this point we give HealthWarehouse.com 5 stars for possibility to share opinion with other customers and see how the pharmacy really works.

Reviews in the Internet

There are lots of comments from customers in the Internet about this pharmacy. But there are lots of negative as well as positive comments. Trustpilot.com has lots of happy customers reviews, of course there are negative ones, but most of them praise work of the service and promise to order again and again. However other website are not so positive.reviews

www.bbb.org has lots of negative comments, but each complaint is reviewed by the pharmacy worker individually. This website is very useful and convenient for those who want to know how the thing are really going with the pharmacy. Also www.pissedconsumer.com has several negative reviews about the work of the company. These people say that the stuff is rude, the service is poor and recommend not to order from this company in any case.reviewsreviews

As we see there are both good and bad opinions of people, and we know that in work of any organizations there appear problems, serious and not. There can’t be only positive testimonials, this would look unrealistic, so for this point we can give HealthWarehouse.com 3.5 stars, for a great number of reviews on different websites and forums, but presence of a large number of negative comments.

HealthWarehouse.com Coupon Code

Sadly, but we didn’t manage to find any coupon codes or discount offers on the website. there is no special section or banner on the main page. The only offer you can get is some % discount for particular quantity of some drugs, but this can hardly be called a special offer.

Also the company offers free delivery for those customers who will subscribe to their newsletter. This can be counted as some special offer, but still this is not enough to give a high score for this point. Most pharmacies offer free delivery to each customer without any conditions, and considering the fact that the prices here are way too high, we think that delivery must be free.free shipping

In the Internet you may find some website offering coupon codes for different web-stores. But as it turned out none of them are valid. So you can’t get any discount at all. There is even no discount system for returning customers. This is a great disadvantage for the service as coupon codes and discounts would attract more customers which will bring more popularity and profit to the company. For now we will give HealthWarehouse.com 1.5 star for absence of any discount or special offer.coupon code

Customer Service on HealthWarehouse.com

Contact Details

The website provides very comprehensive information about how to come in contact with the support group. This page can be found in the header «Help & Support». Below the standard contact form you can see contact information of the company. Here you will find phone numbers, fax, hours of operating, mail and e-mail addresses. Also information about frequently asked questions and policies of the pharmacy.contact information

All you need to know about how to contact the company in case of any troubles is here, all possible ways to contact them. Also their contact numbers are fixed in the header so you can easily find them without looking on the website. Besides the company offers live chat option, so customers can get instant answers to their questions in real time.

With such complete information you can get qualified consultation at any time you want (during working hours of the support group). This point allows us giving the highest score to the pharmacy – 5 stars, for full and detailed contact information.

Support Group

As it was said the website has an option of life chat. This means that we can ask a question and get answer to it immediately. This is a very convenient option, because not all people have opportunity to call the support group. And waiting for the answer via contact form may take several days.

We decided to ask about quality certificated for braded medication (as we usually do). So, we opened the chat to send our inquiry. But we were not able to do that. There were no agents online, so basically there is no opportunity to have a live conversation with the support group, except for phone call.live chat

That’s why we decided to use the contact form, to ask about quality of Viagra. We filled in all necessary fields and pressed the «Submit» button. But our request still wasn’t sent, probably there some problems on the website, and the contact form isn’t working, so we didn’t manage to contact the support group.contact form

All this situation shows how ineffective the work of the support group is, and that customers are not able to get a consultation other than via telephone. That’s why we give HealthWarehouse.com 1 star in this point.

To Sum Up…

In general this pharmacy makes a very good impression. The assortment is really wide and diverse. Reliability rate is also high so there is no doubts about quality of products and service. There are lots of reviews on the website and in the Internet. Medications sold here are approved by various trusted services. So the pharmacy can be called trusted and we can recommend it to you.

But of course there are some drawbacks as with any other service. Technical indicators are not very good here, and there are lots of negative reviews about the pharmacy in the Internet. Besides prices here are too high for online pharmacy, and there is no international delivery, so only residents of the USA can get medications there. There is no discounts for customers, which is also a frustrating fact for us. So considering all issues reviewed in this article we can give 3.1 out of a 5 star rating to HealthWarehouse.com.