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Maraup.com Review: 2,6 Rating – Unsafety of Buying ED Drugs

maraup.com Self-Presentation

maraup.com poses itself as online pharmacy selling generic ED drugs. This online pharmacy claims they have the cheapest erectile dysfunction drugs delivered internationally. Let’s try to find the answers to all the questions about maraup.com.


Assortment Available on maraup.com

As it was mentioned above this online pharmacy specializes in ED drugs selling. There are 4 drug categories, exactly:

  • Generic addyi – 1 preparation;
  • Generic Levitra – 1 preparation;
  • Generic Viagra – 29 preparations;
  • Genric Cialis – 20 preparations.

List of best-sellers available in this online store:

best-sellers on www.maraup.com/en/

It is the only assortment available on www.maraup.com but there are no other medications applied for erectile dysfunction treatment, for example: Prilligy, Avanafil or Propecia (also applied for ED treatment). Of course, number of medications are not enormous but enough to meet customers’ needs. Our mark is 3,5 – diverse assortment and mark will be improved.

www.maraup.com Prices

Prices on www.maraup.com are low considerably in comparison with other online pharmacies. One generic Viagra pill costs $0,29 at the rate if you order 300 pills. One Cialis pill of generic origin costs $0,32. Such prices are attractive for most men worldwide desiring to improve sexual function. Generic Levitra price per one item is $2,4 – this price is a little bit overestimated. We should remember that this online pharmacy specializes in generic sale only that’s why you do not find any brand medications here. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

price on maraup

Shipping Options on www.maraup.com

Your order is delivered from India or Singapore. This online pharmacy ships your parcel by Registered Airmail or EMS (Express Mail Service) or DHL eCommerce depending on destination and products . Delivery will take the following periods of time depending on shipping option:

  1. Registered Airmail – 12 to 21 days;
  2. EMS (Express Mail Service) – 7 to 12 days.

shipping on maraup.com

It is mandatory to have your signature upon delivery. If you are not accessible in the delivery time, a notification will be dropped to recommend you to contact the post office/DHL to arrange re-delivery. Registered Airmail delivery is free to any destinations but Express Mail Service delivery costs $16-17 depending on delivery country.

Maraup.com points out that they do not ship medications to the following list of countries:

  • Austria;
  • Belgium;
  • Canada;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Estonia;
  • Germany;
  • Hungary;
  • Italy;
  • Lithuania;
  • Norway;
  • Portugal;
  • Slovakia;
  • Sweden;
  • Thailand;
  • Turkey.

This list of countries includes appropriate number of countries from where people may arrange orders. It let’s level down the mark to 3 points.

Payment Options

There are three methods of payment:

  • Credit card;
  • Bitcoin payment;
  • MoneyGram payment.

payment - https://www.maraup.com

They accept Visa, MasterCard. Once your payment is fulfilled, you will get an email to affirm your payment and your order is now processed. If we have no opportunity to process your order or there is a payment problem we will also send you an email. Payment options are diverse on www.maraup.com that’s why this online pharmacy deserves 4 points.

Technical Data

Each website should meet technical requirements to propel site performance to the next level that’s why we are going to examine maraup.com according to the following aspects:

  • page speed loading;
  • mobile version;
  • https-protocol;
  • antivirus presence;
  • convenience of making orders.

Speed Loading according to Google Page Speed

mobile and desktop version

As you can see indicator of mobile version is poor – only 60% out of 100%. It means that there are some problems with loading in mobile version. This online pharmacy needs to improve its performance.

Desktop version seems to have business better – 72%, but not also so high. This indicator is colored in orange and implies “Need Work” status.

In general site administration should boast site performance in general: desktop and mobile versions. For such low indicators, we can give only 1,6 points.

Mobile Version of www.maraup.com

There is a mobile version of www.maraup.com. It is arranged without evident drawbacks – no scrolling, text doesn’t run one on another. Site is adjusted to different smartphone types. Mobile version deserves 5 points.

Security Conncetion

secure connection on https://www.maraup.com/en/

As you can see maraup.com protects customers’ personal data by means of COMODO CA limited. 128-bit key is used to encrypt personal data. It is very important to take all the efforts to assure customers they are protected while ordering. maraup.com tries to do it but not to 100%. They use 128 bit instead of using 256-bit. Such a protection merits 3 points. It is better than nothing.

Antivirus Presence on www.maraup.com

There is no antivirus on www.maraup.com. Only one mark is deserved here – 1.

Convineince of Making Orders via www.maraup.com

It is very convenient to make orders via this online pharmacy because there is no necessity to register, to leave personal information while filling in mandatory fields. You may easily place an order via maraup.com wasting no time in vain. Drugs search is organized according to categories and search bar. It is up to you to decide what is more suitable for you. All the information about shipping and payment options you choose by yourself during check-out stage. Aspect being main for us is presence or absence of registration: registration is absent so our mark is 5.

Is www.maraup.com Legit?

Before ordering via www.maraup.com, it is necessary to realize whether www.maraup.com is legit or not. We are going to examine this aspect using scamadviser.com and legitscript.com services.

www.maraup.com Security according to scamadviser.com

scamadviser about maraup.com

scamadviser.com grants 63% of security but there is suspicion that online pharmacy location is wrong. It is believed United States of America based but really it is likely located in Australia. Simultaneously, scamadviser is prone to believe that there is small chance of risk while making orders via www.maraup.com. This website color is green what gives you feeling of security. Domain age is 2 years 284 days.

Scamadviser claims that owner address is PO BOX A2191, SYDNEY SOUTH but there is no contact information at all described on the website itself. Website speed loading is average (we see it also in unit “Speed Loading according to Google Page Speed”). So many question, but no answers – 3 points is appropriate mark here.

Prescription Request

maraup.com requiers no prescription. They sell all medications over the counter, moreover they sell medications for those application you should have prescription as well over the counter. It seems you are cheated and won’t never be delivered any kind of parcel from maraup.com. When you see such online pharmacies, an idea comes to your mind that you may buy illegal medications there. There are countries where one medication is sold without prescription, but in the other – the situation is controversial – you need prescription. Your parcel may be arrested at the customs. Be attentive making orders in such online pharmacies – 1 point for this unit.

maraup.com Legitimacy according to legitscript.com

legitscript.com about https://www.maraup.com/en/

According to legitscript.com, www.maraup.com is considered to be “Rough”. “Rough” pharmacy means that: “The sale, prescribing or dispensing of prescription or other drugs reasonably appears to intentionally or knowingly violate, facilitate the violation of, or offer to facilitate the violation of applicable laws or regulations, defined as the laws and regulations where the drugs are dispensed from or where they are offered to be shipped to;
Does not adhere to accepted standards of medical and/or pharmacy practice, including standards of safety; and/or Engages in fraudulent or deceptive business practices.” We give 1 point for “Rough” status. www.maraup.com should try to change situation dramatically to improve online pharmacy status.

Reviews about maraup.com

Every website should have reviews to make customers be sure about safety and security of making orders on. Let’s try to find reviews about maraup.com on site itself and foreign recourses.

Reviews on maraup.com

We do not find any reviews about this online pharmacy performance on site itself. We cannot estimate how many satisfied and unsatisfied customers they have. People may hesitate to make orders via maraup.com because of reviews’ absence. It is necessary to provide customers with an opportunity to gauge online pharmacy performance. Reviews on maraup.com are gaged on 1 point only.

Reviews about maraup.com on Foreign Recourses

There are no reviews about maraup.com found on floating around the Internet. We also cannot examine website from this point of view. Absence of reviews becomes a signal of this online pharmacy unpopularity. Only 1 point is given by us for maraup.com reviews absence on foreign recourses.

maraup.com Coupon Code

maraup.com/ contains no coupon codes. We were surfing the Internet to find something to get the discount, bt nothing was found. There is no opportunity to save money. We ask this question using customer support service and will wait for the answer. But before we will get 1 point for this unit.

Customer Support Service on maraup.com

“Contact Us” Info

https://www.maraup.com/ provides customers only with phone number: +66-979472558. There is no mailing or factual address. There is contact form to send questions. It is very odd that customers do not have an opportunity to know online pharmacy address. People may think this online pharmacy is fake. Ourmark for “Contact Us” page is 2 points.

contact information

Customer Support Service on maraup.com

We send an e-mail in customer support service at 9 am.


We will be delivered the answer in 35 minutes. It makes us happy. We find clear-cut answer to our question. This service is arranged well to make people ask questions and find answers to them. 5 points is the highest mark for maraup.com customer support service.


Conclusion: 2,6 Rating – Unsafety of Buying ED Drugs via maraup.com

Our common rating is 2,6. We camoe to a conclusion that we do not recommend people to order generic ED drugs via maraup.com. There are several reasons for this. Firs of all, this online pharmacy doesn’t require prescription list and it makes somebody think about illegality. scamadviser.com doubts about online pharmacy location but site doesn’t provide any contact information except telephone number but its customer support service is working fast. maraup.com doesn’t protect its customers enough using 128-bit encryption key and has no antivirus on the website.

One more disappointing fact is that maraup.com has no reviews on site itself and on foreign recourses. People cannot get to know exactly what is in store for them. They cannot estimate number of satisfied customers and vice versa. This online pharmacy presents no discounts and coupon codes. maraup.com gives no opportunity to save money.

So our conclusion is the following: be attentive while making orders of geenric erectile dysfunction drugs. Prices are attractive but security is open to question.