Review: Absence of Feedback on Foreign Recourses and Not Long Existence

Self-Introduction of

logo is an online pharmacy being present in the pharmaceutical market for 9 years already. They specialize in generic drug sale shipped directly from India and produced by the most famous pharmaceutical plants there. This pharmacy claims to be 100-% legal but we are going to confirm this aspect examining the website legitimacy. This online pharmacy provides an international delivery. Now we are going to describe all the details about Indian Pharma.

Assortment Range offers 36 drug categories. They are organized in an alphabetic way. When the mouse is passed on the category you will see the list of available medications there. It is very conveneiте if you do not want to enter every category.

drug categories

There is one more way to find the required drug. The search bar is available and located above the list of drug categories. You may enter the name of the drug there and see the result of this search.

search bar

One more way is to look at the bestseller block where the most popular drugs are located. They are arranged on the front page with a short description + the price per pill. Remember all the medications are generics produced according to all the mandatory requirements.


When looking at the assortment we may come to a conclusion that it may satisfy the majority of customers. People may find everything beginning from medications against alcoholism ending with women-related drugs. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Are Prices Affordable at

As to speak about prices people believe in their affordability. We are going to grapple with this aspect. We will compare the prices of Viagra and Cialis. They are generics. So, the generic Viagra 25 mg price is $0.79 if you decide to buy 360 pills. But it looks very strange if any man decides to buy such a number of pills. Everything seems not so bright if he prefers buying 10 pills, the price will be $1.79. Such a price is overestimated because generics should cost considerably lower in comparison with a brand one.

generic viagra price

Generic Cialis 10 mg price is $1.29 if the number of pills is 360 as well. Such a price seems to be affordable but the number of pills is incredible. If you decide to buy a lesser amount of pills the price will be greater.

generic cialis price

As a result, the price seems affordable in case if you make a kind of wholesome buyings. But if a man decides to buy 10 pills of Viagra or Cialis he should overpay. Considering all this we may give only 3 points to prices.

Shipping Options offers its customers an international shipping. All the medications are produced and shipped from India.


There are 2 main shipping options:

  • Standard International Airmail;
  • Express International Mail.

The delivery is charged. Look at the screen below for grappling with the prices:

shipping terms

All the timeframes are described there as well. There is an opportunity to track the parcel if delivered by Express International Mail. The shipping rates may vary depending on the shipping option you select, residents of your living, and the number of products you order. To find out the shipping cost, add the products to shopping cart, and proceed to checkout. It is a minus there is no free delivery but the fee is similar to other online pharmacies so that we may get 4 points for shipping options.

Payment Options accepts credit cards for paying for an order. But the types of credit cards are not specified. In the bottom of the website, we have found an icon of Bitcoin. We dare suppose they accept bitcoin as well. Such an unclear information may not help us understand the available terms of payment. Our mark for this unit is 2 points. Clear the information!

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data

destop and mobile version

When analyzing Google page speed data we come to a conclusion that mobile version indicators are higher than average but desktop leaves much to be desired. Speed data is unavailable. It means that administration tries to hide some information from Google. When calculating by means of special formula we have gained 3,2 mark. We believe this mark may be higher if the site administration stops hiding any information.

Mobile Version

mobile version mobile version is user-friendly. People may easily command this service to arrange an order online. It is very convenient especially for people making all purchases by means of a smartphone. The mobile version is adapted to different mobile devices. Our mark for this unit is 5 points because we have found no drawbacks preventing from arranging an order online.

Is the Connection Secure?

secure connection

The connection is secure. All the operations and transactions are protected by 128-bit server. The certificate is verified by COMODO CA Limited. It means that administrations take the efforts to protect customers’ personal data. Of course, there is a hidden information about the company owner but it doesn’t prevent the main goal realization. There are more effective ways to provide the absolute security but it is better than nothing. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

The Presence of an Antivirus


There is an antivirus icon on the website. When clicking on the icon another link opens with the text that all the customers are protected from any kind of online threats. It is advantageous because your devices are protected from viruses spread on the Internet. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

The Convenience of Ordering Procedure

Some products available in this online pharmacy are sold with a valid prescription only. If the law of your country or territory requires you to gain a prescription for a medication you have a desire to buy you will be asked by our customer support to send it after you complete the order.  There is no requirement to register on the website. As a result, people may shorten the time of ordering.

The shopping cart looks in the following way:

shopping cartThe ordering procedure includes several steps:

  • Choose the product you want to purchase by clicking “Buy now” button;
  • Choose the amount of product you wish to buy;
  • Click “Checkout”;
  • Fill in the order information required;
  • Check all the fields, product quantity and press the “Submit transaction” button.

If you comply with all these steps you will get a confirmation email with all the order details. All the procedure has no difference from some other offered by other online stores. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is Legal and Secure? Data

scamadviser gives 72%. The company owner location is the United Kingdom when the website location is the Netherlands. The domain age is 1 year and 4 days. This security service gives the following status to this website: “New Site Without Feedback”. The phone number is registered in German. It means that even 3 countries are involved in the performance of this online pharmacy. There is one more website installed on the same server located in the Chech Republic.

This online pharmacy poses itself as an Indian pharmacy but we do not meet an notice about this country in this description. The main reason for rating lowering is a short-term period of existence. We remember that this online pharmacy claims to be 9 years on the pharmaceutical market. But we see the existence period is considerably lower.

Sine the confusing information is present we may give 3 points for such an explanation of the security terms.

Prescription Request points out they have in-stock either prescription or non-prescription drugs. But when completing an ordering procedure we were not asked to send a prescription. We may assess it as misinformation. As a result, sells medications for a required prescription without it. Our mark for this unit is 1 point. About Legitimacy


Unfortunately, this online pharmacy has a rough status. Such a status implies some illegal business and services offered. Such a reputation may reduce the number of customers preferring this online store of generic medications. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Reviews about

Reviews on

There is a separate page with reviews left about performance. They are not enormous and without data. There is no feedback form. As a result, it is not understandable how they appear on the website. People have no idea of how to leave a review there. We cannot estimate its authenticity. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.


The Foreign Recourses Reviews about

Unfortunately, there are no reviews about on the foreign recourses. We have failed in finding the reviews about this online pharmacy. We cannot believe that a 1-year of existence is not enough for gaining a desire in people to leave a review on some foreign websites. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Discount Code on

There is a cumulative discount. It looks in the following way: you buy for the first time – the discount is 0%. The second purchase gives you 5%. The discount will gradually increase to 8%.


One more attractive option is an opportunity to get free samples of every order. It means that as a bonus to every order you will get free pills. You may get 2 Viagra soft pills or 2 Cialis soft pills. You have an opportunity to try these medications not paying for them.

free sample pills

One more offer is a coupon code on Due to happy easter, people may make use of a coupon code 5off and get a 5-% discount. Hurry up to get any kind of discount and bonus you like. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Page

The contact page contains only phone numbers. There is no mailing address. We remember the mass given by The company location is the United Kingdom, the website origin is the Netherlands. The phone number is registered in Germany.

phone numbers

Such a lack of contact information prevents us from giving a high mark. Only 2 points are deserved by

Customer Support Service

There is the only way to contact customer support – a contact form. You have to fill in the mandatory fields, to undergo capture and send a message. We have done all the requirements to contact a customer support service but we have no response from them. Unfortunately, we may accept that people cannot get any assistance on a higher level. As a result, we may give only 1 point for this aspect. The professional assistance is very important for getting a high-quality and professional service.

contact form

Conclusion: Absence of Feedback on Foreign Recourses and Not Long Existence

In general, is a reliable online pharmacy with a wide range of generic medications. The prices are overestimated a little but if you buy a large number of pills you will save funds. Technical data is on the level. People may arrange an order online by means of a smartphone. The security is provided not in the best way but able to save customers’ personal data.

The legitimacy leaves much to be desired. Only gives an appropriate rating of security – 76% but considers this online pharmacy to be rough. They claim they have both prescription and non-prescription drugs. But in fact, they require no prescription at all. The reviews are not enormous on the website without dates. We cannot estimate their authenticity. There is no sing about on the foreign websites.

The customer support service provides no professional assistance. We try to contact them but fail. No response within 24 hours. After analyzing all this data we have got a 3,1-star rating. In fact, it is higher than average but we have a controversial opinion. If you decide to choose this online pharmacy it is better to find more information about.