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Moms with baby girls who arebaldhair-deprived blessed with less hair than some other babies will completely appreciate this wonderful product! InfantBows are perfect for those like myself who were thrilled when they found out they were having a baby girl and happily imagined teensy tiny pigtails and hair bows in their daughters hair. Then came the happy day of babys birth. And they waited. And waited. And waited. For hair to GROW on their babys sweet little head. They have stiffly endured well-meaning people rubbing it in asking innocently if their baby is a boy or girl when its totally obvious that they are female! I mean, look at that feminine face! And hello! Pink blankets, pink outfit! *sigh*

So anyway, enough with the tirade. 😉 My only other options to dress my daughter up are frilly headbands and hats the problem is that my daughter hates anything on her head with a passion. She immediately rips it off. The wonderful thing about InfantBows is that she doesnt even know theyre on her head! Were both happy and Ive finally outsmarted her (which is no easy feat, mind you).

How Infantbows work:

InfantBows have a unique backing that makes them different than any other bow on the market. The backing is formulated to hold InfantBow Glue and protects the bow from damage as well as increases the holding power. Infantbows can be used over and over and maintain a new appearance.

The InfantBows Glue is a special formula that accomplishes 4 primary objectives:

Safe for babies (All natural & Water soluble)
Easy to apply
Packaged for travel in diaper bags with a tip that drops just the right amount without a mess.
Powerful hold that lasts
Easily removable by simply wiping off with a baby wipe

Our Infantbows Review:

I did some serious testing of this product. I went shopping with my mom it was a girls day out, just me, my daughter, and my mom. Watch out, world! 🙂 I glued that little bow to Emmas head at about 10 a.m., stuck her in her car seat, and off we went. An hour to get to the mall (I know, insane), and she slept all the way. The bow stuck. I was surprised, I must admit. And pleased! Some walking through Target, back to the car to nurse her. Even after the nursing struggle (does she ever stay still?), the bow stuck. Four hours, three stores, and a restaurant stop later, the bow still stuck! And looked extremely cute, I might add. An hours drive home, and getting ready for bed I realized I would have to take that bow off. Even if it was extreeemely cute! Though it was stuck fast, it came right off and Emma never even knew it was there!

And no one mistook her for a boy. 😉

So, pros and cons

Extreeemely cute!
Baby doesnt even notice shes wearing anything.
Easy peasy!
You dont have to worry about losing hair bows (these arent going anywhere).
They dont pull babys hair! What little she has, that is.
You dont have to worry about trying to tie a perfect little bow on your babys head.

You might not like dealing with glue (but its actually easier and faster than messing with other hair bows).

These are so fun. I want to thank Jennifer for being so sweet and sending these to me to test out! Also for sending me some to give away isnt that awesome?

Whats that? A giveaway? Whoever said anything about giving any away? 😀

Okay, okay! But first watch these video reviews for InfantBows (I couldnt decide which one to share so decided to put them both up for you, lol):

Okay, my wonderful readers! Lets have a giveaway!

You can win this lovely set of bows:

How to win:

Go to the Infantbows web site and look around at the bow colors (under Products). Then leave me a comment here telling me which set is your favorite!

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Winner will be drawn using on March 22. Ill email the winner, who will have three days to get back to me with an address. Good luck to you all! 🙂