Review – High Quality at Affordable Prices Introducing Itself is claimed to be among most trusted and long-existing online drug stores which runs its activity since 1996. The company offers the same top quality products that can be obtained in local pharmacies, but at much lower price.

Assortment of Products

The pharmacy only offers non-restricted drugs produced by FDA-approved manufacturers. Usually the company doesn’t involve any third party in deals. All preparations presented on the website are original or generic, but this information is always stated on the website. All generics are produced by reliable and trusted FDA-approved facilities only. Their quality is the same as that of original medicaments, but the price is considerably lower, which attracts a large number of buyers. Wide range of products allows giving quite a high score in the rating on this point, but still in many other pharmacies there is a wider range of products. That’s why gets only 3 stars. It is also worth noting that despite all medications are of high quality and released under the brand name, the packaging may be different depending on the country you buy it from.assortment Prices

In general this pharmacy is claimed to offer prices that consist only 10% of those in local pharmacies. That is a very tempting offer but still this should warn you – the price can’t be too low. Of course, when we speak about generics – the price can differ greatly from the original. For example, at the moment branded Viagra is unavailable on the website so we can’t compare prices, but still product list presents a variety of medications for men’s sexual health including Viagra generics. So, Kamagra and Silagra are available at the price of $1.39 per pill (if you buy 188 pills package – the less pills you take the higher the price per pill) – these are Viagra generics. Also there are Cialis generics and Levitra on sale. Branded Levitra drug will cost you $25.88 per pill and Cialis generics – Tadarise and Tadacip – $1.00 and $1.10 respectively.kamagra pricesilagra price

As you can see prices are very attractive and affordable, but if look though the Internet, you may find more attractive offers for the same products. But still do remember that low-price generics may be of low-quality either. Just contact the support group to get all details about medications and their quality and ask for certificates before buying them. But still such indicators attract customers and that’s why gets 3.5 stars for so affordable prices for products.

Delivery Service offers several shipping options for its customers. Each buyer can choose optimal variant according to time and price of the service. The company offers the following delivery options:

  • Free Standard Airmail Postage (10 – 28 days);
  • Free Registered Airmail Postage (10 – 21 days);
  • Express Mail Service (7 – 10 days);
  • Fedex delivery (5 – 8 days).

More detailed information about terms and time of services can be found on the website of the pharmacy. In the section «Shipping & Returns Policy» you can learn available for your region shipping options and information about refunding in case of returning the order.shipping options

Such choice of delivery services is a great advantage and free shipping option earns high score for the pharmacy in this point, but absence of option of free and fast delivery doesn’t allow to give the highest score, so – 4 stars.

Payment Options at

On the website you are offered various payment options for customer’s convenience depending on the residence country of the customer:


  • Bitcoin (Preferred);
  • eChecks;
  • Deluxe eChecks;
  • Wire Transfer from your bank.

UK & Australia:

  • Bitcoin (Preferred);
  • American Express Cards;
  • Any Money transfer services such as;
  • Wire Transfer from your bank.

The rest:

  • Bitcoin (Preferred);
  • American Express Cards.

If there is no proper payment option for you, you can contact support service to find alternatives. But the main disadvantage in this point is that the pharmacy doesn’t take payments via Visa or Mastercard. That is very inconvenient for many customers, that’s why gets 3,5 stars for this point.

Technical Indicators of

Google Page Speed Test

According to the website shows quite an optimistic results when checking its speed of work. Of course, there are some drawbacks, but they are quite insignificant and easy to fix. Both mobile and desktop results allow to give 2,3 stars for this point.desktopmobile

Inhouse Pharmacy Website Mobile Version

The mobile version of the pharmacy website is quite user-friendly in terms of its functioning. No errors were noted, the test is readable and the menu of medications is arranges well. All pictures are clearly visible and can be enlarged. In general for this point of our review can get 5 stars of the rating.

Secure Connection

When you shop online, of course, you are concerned about your data safety and don’t want any unauthorized access to you data. And when any website asks to provide such private information as credit card number, people always doubts whether it is safe. Nowadays there is a way to protect customers data from stealing. Many of the websites use https:// protocol, which you can clearly see in the upper left corner of the search bar, where the URL of the website is written.https protocol

The green lock is an indicator of secure connection on this website, and near it you can see the name of the security certificate. If read more details about security, you will find out that the website uses 256-bit encryption. That is a very good indicator in terms of your data security. So for security aspects we can grant Inhause Pharmacy 5 stars.certificatecertificate

Antivirus Protection on the Website

Unfortunately the website doesn’t provide any antivirus protection to its customers, so you should cautious when buying stuff or following some links. We only hope that your own computer is securely protected with a proper antivirus program. Absence of Antivirus is a big disadvantage so sadly for this point the pharmacy gets only 1 star.

Ordering Procedure on

The orders can be made by e-mail, online, telephone and fax – such a diversity is a great advantage for the pharmacy. To do this you even don’t have to register on the website, you can just make an order anonymously and safe your time. Although the administration recommends to have an account on the website, this will prevent you from entering your data again when you make an order next time. This won’t take long and the next time it will save you time on ordering procedure since all data will be saved and filled in automatically.

All necessary details may be found in «Contact Us» section plus the website has a very detailed «Answers to your questions» section, where you can find all about placing orders, payment, delivery and other information. Orders placed on website are processed daily and sent within 24 hours after the order is placed. The company warns that there might be delays in delivery which does not depend on the pharmacy work. If your order still has not arrived you may always get a refund or your order will be resent to you.orderingordering

In general ordering procedure on is very simple and easy, it doesn’t take you much time, and will facilitate the process next time, so here Inhouse Pharmacy earns 5 stars.

Is Legit? Reliability

When checking via such program as ScamAdviser is turns out that the results are not so positive as you would like to get. rates this website as an unreliable one, showing only 10% of credibility. This is a very poor result and can’t insure customers of safety of using its services. Though there is also information that finds this website very popular, providing high ranking.scamadviser

Contact information on the website and in report is the same. However company creators claim the website is located in Bahamas, but the analysis shows that the company is more likely to be located in the USA. Such deviation in data influences reliability rate of the company and customers should think carefully before entrusting personal data to such online facility. For such a flaw gets 2 points. Prescription Requirement

Many people on the forums ask if the pharmacy is prescription-free. Indeed it was several years ago, as reviews state, but now it requires prescription but only for those medications that are sold on doctor’s prescription. Probably this is done to ensure that customers do not engage in self-medication and hurt themselves, since the company doesn’t provide any medical advise and recommendations. The administration strongly recommends to get medical advise first. This also speaks in favor of the pharmacy reputation. Many reviews advise to pay attention to prescription requirements on the website. If the pharmacy asks one, this will insure you of its credibility. That’s why gets 5 points in rating on this point.prescription requirement Legitimacy

According to check on, is included in the list of rogue website, that is it cannot be trusted and considered reliable. There is no explanation or detail of violations of the pharmacy, that justify such a estimation, but still the fact is that the pharmacy gets 1 star in legitimacy.legitimacy test Reviews 2016

Reviews on

The website does not have its own testimonials page but provides a link to follow where you can read reviews from their customer. Since recently this link in invalid as it was banned by ICE. This triggers some thoughts about the fact that this reviews are not real and were made up by companies employees. This doesn’t wake much trust to the company, but still in the Internet you can find positive reviews about them (as well as negative), which means that actual people ordered medications from them and remained on the websitereviews on the website

And still for absence of active page with comments on the website the company gets only 1 point. Reddit Reviews

Reviews about in 2016 can be found in a great number on different forums in the internet. The reviews are controversial, as some customers are happy with their orders and some are not. In general the pharmacy is perceived as quite a reliable one, since it sells non-restricted medications.

The website is considered the most reliable one among those that provide customer reviews and forums on any subject. We thoroughly checked feedback left about and found out the following: most customer refer to this online drug store as reliable one, most do not have any problems and prefer this facility to any other in the Internet for many years. Of course, such low prices may make anyone suspicious of products quality, but any doubts disappear after reading such positive reviews of real customers.reddit reviews

Taking into account the fact that comments are true and reflect the real picture of website functioning as well as the fact that in general reviews are positive, the company earns 5 points. Coupon Code

The pharmacy provide a special offer for all customers that use bitcoin payment. They can get 10% discount for their order if they choose this payment option. But you have to have a bitcoin wallet

The banner on the main page has a link in it that leads to the page of wallet registration. The procedure is quite simple and won’t take much time, and also you may learn more about bitcoin there.

This is quite an attractive offer, as any customer may get a discount for already low-priced products. Anyway, not everyone can get a discount, but only those clients that choose to register, that’s why gets 4 stars in this point.

Customers Support on

«Contact Us» on the Website concentrates its activity on online sales, providing also alternative ways to place orders. So on contact page they only provide telephone number to connect with them. Although their physical and postal addresses are indicated on «About Us» page. They have departments in the UK and USA, and special lines for those outside the UK and USA. There are several number, so you can try to call them on other line if one you are trying is engaged. Also the page contains operating hours, for customers to be informed, when the support group can deal with their information

In general the pharmacy website deserves 4.5 points for their communicability, because all contact data are not on the same page.

Support Team Service

Contact form is not very convenient. You are to provide your phone number and e-mail address, i. e. there is no life chat – no fast and real time way to contact the support group.

We sent a request on their e-mail via contact form provided on the website to make sure that their support group is working effectively. Since working hours are not 24 hours a day, you will have to wait for an form

Still we didn’t get any answer even after 24 hours, which means that support group either doesn’t exist at all, or does it job very poorly. So for this point, alas, earns no more than 1 star.

To Sum Up…

Having considered all the above facts it is possible to say that is a reliable online facility but still with some noticeable disadvantages. The products are classified in categories which makes searching process easier and prices are very low, but credibility of the website is doubtful according to Also, there are reviews of customer that never got their orders or refunds, which also speaks not in favor of the pharmacy. And finally, website interface is not attractive at all, it is difficult to orient at first and there is a desire to leave as soon as possible.

Hopefully, the administration will fix these flaws and soon customers will be able to enjoy new user-friendly interface, and the work of the service as a whole will be improved, so that fewer customer remained unsatisfied, but for now according to all reviewed points we give 3.2 out of 5.0 star rating.