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InternationalDrugMart.com Review: A 2,4-Star Rating – Suspicious Online Pharmacy

Self-Introduction of International Drug Mart

InternationalDrugMart.com is a reputable international online store that has been providing drugs online since 2003. IDM specializes in discount prescription drugs that are effective and affordable. They claim they are also of the highest quality. International Drug Mart high-quality discount prescription drugs and OTC drugs are well-known worldwide as this online pharmacy administration. This Internet pharmacy is the best generic drugs source that are delivered internationally.idm-logo

International Drug Mart provides medications only in opaque packages in stated periods of time. But we are going to examine all the questions related to International Drug Mart performance. We plan to know about international drug mart reviews, coupon code, legitimacy and phone numbers.

Assortment of International Drug Mart

As it seems to be, IMD has a wide range of medications. They have an enormous number of categories exactly 26. Each category contains a different number of medications. You may find what you need using the list of categories.


Categories are arranged in an alphabetic way what makes search easy. Near each category, there is a figure-defining a number of preparations available there. There is one more opportunity to find medication required for treatment. This method implies that you should find medication corresponding to alphabet letter.

alphabetic search

They have some medications which are sold over the counter but its amount is not enormous. They claim that they require prescription even to each medication. You may send it to them by means of fax or e-mail. International Drug Mart specializes in generic drugs sale.

We may come to a conclusion that you may find various medications on internationaldrugmart.com sold with a prescription. Our mark for this unit is 4 points because one and the same medication may be referred to some categories simultaneously. It makes a number of medications not relevant to pointed on this online pharmacy.

Prices on IMD

Prices attract people the most when they go to online shopping. IMD cannot boost the lowest prices on generic medications. For example, one pill of Sildenafil Citrate costs $2,5. This price is considerably high if we speak about generic Viagra. You may buy Sildenafil Citrate for this price only in case if you purchase 40 pills of Sildenafil Citrate 25 mg. If you decide to order less amount of medications you should pay more for one pill really.


If we speak about Tadalafil 2,5 mg (brand name – Cialis), the customer will pay $2,7. You will see such a price if you decide to buy 48 pills of Tadalafil 2,5 mg.

tadalafil price

We may see that prices on internationaldrugmart.com generics are overestimated. I think, not all people may afford buying generics online. The lowest price in different online pharmacies is $0,40. So the prices are higher. Our mark for prices on International Drug Mart is 2 points.

Shipping Options

Internationaldrugmart.com offers the following shipping options:

  1. For Orders upto US$ 69 : US$ 12.99
    Tracking number would be available and responsibility of material will be on International Drug Mart;
  2. For Orders From US$ 70 To US$ 109: US$ 09.99
    Tracking number would be available and responsibility of material will be on International Drug Mart;
    Tracking number would be available and responsibility of material will be on International Drug Mart.

InternationalDrugMart.com delivers parcels anywhere in the United States, and to many countries worldwide. This online pharmacy doesn’t ship to Canada, Cuba, Ireland and Germany. If you have a question about a specific country not listed here, please contact IDM support group by email or chat.

We do not find any information about types of shipping that’s why we are going to level down the mark. Our mark for this unit 3 points.

Payment Options

There is only two payment options on International Drug Mart. These are:

  • Visa – Debit/Credit
  • Gift Cards.

These two methods cannot satisfy customers’ needs because not all people are able to pay for their parcels by Visa or gift cards only. We ask this question using Live chat and have the following answer:

customer support service

There is no such information on different ordering stages and even there is no icons on front-page. FAQs provides us with mentioned above two shipping options. It may confuse people and they refuse from ordering via International Drug Mart. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Technical Requirements

Each online service and its websites should meet several technical requirements. Website should load fast, have no problems with mobile version and secure connection. Customers should feel comfortable whicle making orders online. All these aspects will be examined and we will see how attentive International Drug Mart to its potential customers.

Google Page Speed

mobile and desktop versions

Technical data of mobile version is higher in comparison with the desktop version. They calculate 63% out of 100%. This data is poor and colored in reading and it means this version has some problems with user experience. This version should be optimized to meet Google page speed requirements. There are people who arrange orders by means of mobile version and they should feel comfortable in any case.

The desktop version has lower data in comparison with the mobile version. The technical problems seem to be more evident here. They have only 52% out of 100%. It implies that customers may come across with problems relating to page speed loading. There is no possibility to arrange orders when your website is loading too slow.

Our overall mark for this technical unit is 1 point. Try to optimize internationaldrugmart.com performance to satisfy customers’ needs.

Mobile Version of Internationaldrugmart.com

Mobile version seems to be present but it is just udapted desktop version. It is absolutely unreadable and customers cannot complete ordering procedure. There is high risk that they may click on some other preparation and buy something not in demand for them. IMD administration needs to optimize mobile version to provide customers with all possibilities to buy medications online. Our mark for this unit 2 because mobile version is likely to be nominally but in fact it is not.

Is Connection Secure on International Drug Mart?

secure connection on IDM

In general, there is no secure connection on International Drug Mart. You may not be sure you are protected while making orders online via this service. They protect your personal data only during registration and checkout stage. They use Trustwave Holdings, Inc. certificate but do not provide company owner name. This online store utilizes a 128-bit server to encrypt your personal data.

Really speaking, there are more effective methods of secure connection online. There is even higher bit key exactly 256 to prevent unlegalized access to customers’ personal data. So that, we may to a conclusion that IDM may have some problems when hackers may get access to credit card numbers which are poorly encrypted. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Antivirus Presence

There is no any evidence of antivirus on internationaldrugmart.com. You may easily “catch” viruses while surfing this website. They have an icon that this website is secure.

secure website

We do not understand why they claim their website is secure because there is no antivirus. This icon is not clickable and we cannot check its authenticity. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Convenientce of Making Orders Online via IDM

IMD requires registration to arrange an order online. You have to insert personal data except for credit card number. But the second stage includes information about your health state. It takes almost 20 minuted to register on IDM.


We come across with one problem while being present on this online pharmacy. Our login/password was not saved by the administration. The next time we cannot enter it because we forget the password. We send them an e-mail to known it but in vain, none answers us. In any case, we have to undergo registration for the second time. It is so inconvenient.

International Drug Mart has both types of medication prescription and non-prescription that’s why you may find medications to buy which you have to visit a licensed doctor. Our mark for convenience of making orders online is 1 point.

Is International Drug Mart Legit and Safe?

To ask such a question is logical and to find the answer is so important to become sure everything will be in order while making orders online. We are planning to check International Drug Mart legitimacy and safety according to special online services.

ScamAdviser.com Data

scamadviser about IDM

Scamadviser.com, online security service, gives only 32% of security for International Drug Mart. This website stresses out it is located in Cyprus but scamAdviser.com believes it is Canada or the United Kingdom based. It means that there is some suspicion that International Drug Mart hides its real location. This website owner is Eagle Prestige Holdings Ltd and located in the British Virgin Islands. This data is absolutely different from mentioned on the website itself. Domain age is 13 years, 297 days, it gives us the right to think this online pharmacy should be reliable. In fact, everything seems to be opposite.

There is a possibility of negative reviews which destroy International Drug Mart reliability. ScamAdviser.com suspects internationaldrugmart.com to be unsafe and customers should be very attentive to order via this service. They should, first of all, surf for reviews on foreign websites to envision the real picture of this online pharmacy performance.

Our overall mark for this unit is 3 points.

Prescription Request

IMD requires a prescription for medications given only by a certified and licensed doctor. They do not accept prescription written out in local pharmacies. But they have a number of medications which are sold over-the-counter. Here we have some problems because there is no separate list of over-the-counter medications. You need to choose one option in the header and write preparation name to find it.


Of course, IMD claims they require prescription but in reality we won’t be asked to send prescription to them. If you announce “Prescription Mandatory” than you’d better follow your own statements. So we may get 1 point.

LegitScript.com Data


LegitScript.com gives for internationaldrugmart.com the “Rough” status. There is a suspicion that this online pharmacy makes some illegal affairs. Status “Rough” means that this online pharmacy may violate customers’ rights for confidentiality and security. They may disclose your personal data when you think you are protected.

This online service database is collected when people add some online pharmacy in it that’s why we may trust in its estimation. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Internationaldrugmart.com Reviews

This online service should have almost idial reviews on Internationaldrugmart.com to make us sure this online pharmacy deserves to meet customers’ needs. We try to find reviews on International Drug Mart and reviews on foreign recourses.

Reviews on Internationaldrugmart.com

All the reviews on Internationaldrugmart.com are distinguished according to the following categories:


It helps people understand immediately what people are going to describe in their reviews about International Drug Mart. All the reviews are positive and people are so satisfied that it seems to be unreal.

reviews about IDM

There is a form to leave a review after ordering via Internationaldrugmart.com.

send us a comment

These reviews make us think before ordering because there are so many questions related to Internationaldrugmart.com performance. Our mark for this unit is 4 because there is some shadow of unreality.

Reviews about International Drug Mart Reviews on Foreign Recourses

We surf the Interner and find reviews about International Drug Mart on Foreign Recourses exactly on TrustPilot. TrustPilot is a reliable online service where people may leave reviews about different facilities including International Drug Mart. Reviews are distinguished almost 50/50 – positive/negative. We are going to provide with an opportunity to read more reviews about internationaldrugmart.com. You will understand that reviews left on the website itself seem to be unreal.


We may get 3 points for reviews about internationaldrugmart.com on TrustPilot because there is a high risk to be deceived. Be attentive while making orders via International Drug Mart.

Internationaldrugmart.com Coupon Code

There is internationaldrugmart.com coupon code in form of savings reward program. With IDM’s savings reward program, you’ll rejoice nonstop earnings of 4%* on your savings at InternationalDrugMart.com, that’s a $200 credit every time you achieve your savings limit. To say that you’ll constantly get 4% earnings means that you get rewarded for your accumulated savings and not on your spending.


You will see on this table how much you may save while buying medications from IDM.

There is also a possibility to take a 10-% discount to buy medications online. You should fill in your name, your e-mail, phone number and select a country and you will get a personal international drug mart promo code.

coupon code

After we fill in this data, we get an Internationaldrugmart.com promotional code:

discount coupon code

So we may surely grant for International Drug Mart discount code 5 points. They give customers an opportunity to save money as much as possible.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

International Drug Mart provides customers with phone numbers, with address and contact form. Available phone numbers are:

phone numbers

There is mail address which offers customers with company location:


But we remember that ScamAdviser.com hesitates about website and company owner location. It is likely Canada or even the United Kingdom based. They have also contact form and live chat. We can get 3 points for contact us section on International Drug Mart.

Customer Support Service

There is a live chat on International Drug Mart. We ask the question whether they need to send the prescription to them but we do not get the exact answer.

support service

We get the answer immediately but we are not satisfied with it. We cannot understand exactly at what stage they require us to send prescription. We only realize that this support group may help you arrange an order. We ask them whether we need to send a prescription to them but understand nothing, really. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Conclusion: A 2,4-Star Rating – Suspicious Online Pharmacy

InternationalDrugMart.com has a 2,4-star rating which defines this online pharmacy as suspicious. We come across with overestimated prices, in this way, for one generic Viagra pill you have to pay  $2,5. There is some confusion with payment options because IDM claims they have two payment options: Visa and MasterCard but we ask support group and it turns out the number of payment options is greater. Transactions and connections are secure only on checkout stage and there is no antivirus. It means you may “catch” viruses while surfing this website.

ScamAdviser.com gives only 32% of security to International Drug Mart and considers this online pharmacy suspicious. There is a mess with contact information. IDM announces its address based in Cyprus but in fact, it is located in Canada.

LegitScript.com gives “Rough” status to InternationalDrugMart.com which implies they probably carry out some illegal business. Customers should pay more attention to the fact that you may not even receive your order.

International Drug Mart has reviewed both on the website itself and on foreign recourses. International Drug Mart reviews are predominantly positive and seem to be fake but TrustPilot gives us an opportunity to read realistic reviews about internationaldrugmart.com containing negative points of view as well. We have some problems with prescription request understanding because we do not find any evidence when we need to provide them with a prescription. We ask this question in support group by means of live chat but find no relevant answer.

As you can see there are so many bothering issues but there are also advantages of International Drug Mart exactly discount coupon code. You may get 10% off for any purchase just filling in the information name and e-mail. The discount code is sent to you after processing your request. The assortment is also great on IDM but not arranged well. It seems to become a problem to find over-the-counter drugs. But in general, everything is well-organized.

It is up to customers’ to decide whether this online pharmacy deserves to make orders via InternationalDrugMart.com. Read this review and decide whether it is suitable for you or not.