Review: Not the Best Place to Buy Your Meds

What is is an online pharmacy, which claims to have been operating for 9 years and be one of the top pharmacies on the Internet. They state their goal: to deliver safe, generic drugs at a good price! According to the information placed on the website, all their generics are FDA approved, internationally certified, shipped directly from India and produced with the best raw materials by world-class pharmaceutical manufacturers. Moreover, they claim that all their drugs comply with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India and meet high standards. guarantee that everything they do is 100% legal. Their main concern is customers’ satisfaction! Assortment

We can find both brand and generic drugs in the catalog. We appreciate that all drugs are divided into categories, such as Diabetes, Respiratory Tract, Asthma, Diuretics, Women’s Health, Birth Control, Antiallergic, Antibiotics, Antidepressants, Alcoholism, Erectile Dysfunction, Anti-inflammatories, Arthritis, Analgesics. So here you can buy almost everything you need.

The store specializes on tablets for erectile dysfunction. That’s why the assortment of this drug category is the widest. Here we can see the most popular brand-name drugs such as Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), Avana (Avanafil), Levitra (Vardenafil). In addition, they offer many generics for this condition: Generic Viagra Super Force, Generic Viagra Soft, Generic Viagra Professional, Super Avana, Generic Levitra Oral Jelly, Generic Cialis Super Force and so on.

The websites lists the bestsellers of the pharmacy, which helps customers understand what ED drugs are in a special demand: bestsellers

Drugs from other health categories are also very numerous. You can hardly find such a variety of choices in other online pharmacies. We suppose every customer can select a suitable medication for himself. For this reason, receives 5 stars out of 5 for this unit. Prices

The store guarantees to set attractive and “bargain” prices for every drug.

We decided to find out whether the pharmacy’s prices are really like that:

  • Starting price for Brand Viagra is $9.45 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) is $0.85 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Brand Levitra is $13.74 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) is $1.84 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Brand Cialis is $5.28 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) is $1.31 per tablet.

We see that the prices offered by are average but not lowest on the internet. Customers who are striving to get the lowest possible prices will have to search for other places to buy their medications from.

The prices will look much more attractive if you order a particular drug in bulk. Since the store has the principle: “The more drugs you order – the less you pay”. You can see the example in the table below: cialis

As you see, you can save $178 if you order Brand Cialis 60 pills instead of 8 pills – a sufficient amount. However, we are not sure that many customers would order generic medications in bulk, especially if they do it for the first time.

Considering average prices for all products, we give 4 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review.

Shipping policy

According to the information placed on the website, ship orders to almost all countries of the world for the exception of some countries in Asia. All medications are sent out from India. The order will be sent in a discrete envelope, and the customer will not have to sign for it in case it is sent by Standard Mail. The pharmacy states that order processing takes about 1-2 days.

Currently, the pharmacy offers two shipping methods:

  1. Courier Service with tracking option available ($29.95, 5-9 days);
  2. Standard International Airmail with NO tracking option available ($9.95, 10-21 days). mentions that the specified time of delivery is true for most cases, but cannot be guaranteed. Customers should also pay attention that if they order brand-name pills, it is not possible to ship them via International Unregistered Mail, only via Trackable Courier Service only.

The pharmacy promises to reship the product free of charge in the case the package is damaged or something is missing.

Unfortunately, the pharmacy offers NO FREE delivery at all, even for order in bulk.

We like the Order Tracking option, though it’s rather expensive. Some customers would prefer to pay more but control the entire delivery process.

So, we have two shipping methods available, average delivery fees and terms, but no free delivery. Considering this, we give 3 stars out of 5 for this unit. Payment Options

According to the information in the FAQ section, accepts payment by credit cards only, such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB and some more: payment options

Considering the fact that many pharmacies offer much more payment options, the store receives only 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Page Loading Speed

Modern users recognize the fast Internet only. No one is interested in “heavy” websites, the pages of which are downloaded for half a minute. Especially if it’s a regular online pharmacy, which has a lot of competitors. It is quite obvious that a person will remain on the site if all its pages are loaded quickly. Page speed is a critically important factor that determines the usability of the website. We checked loading speed via Google Page Speed, and here the results: page speed

We see that the speed of a mobile version is poor and may result in a slow user experience. It has serious drawbacks and needs fixing, though the indicators are higher than average. The desktop version speed is in a better state, but still requires much work. We conclude that has some problems in functioning, so we give them 1,6 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Mobile Version has no mobile version of the website, which is a great disadvantage, as many people use smartphones to buy products online, including medication. When you visit the website from a mobile device, the text is tiny and almost unreadable. Interface elements are not enlarged, word count is not reduced, the main page contains too much unimportant information. So, the mobile site does not not satisfy all the mobile users’ needs. We suggest you can have troubles with selecting and ordering drugs from the website when you are visiting it from a mobile device. For this unit, the website gets 1 star out of 5.

Customers’ Data Protection guarantees that all transactions on their checkout page are 100% safe. They claim that only the last 4 digits of customers’ credit card are reflected in their database, and even support operators do not have access to customers’ credit card information. We checked this statement: it turned out that they use a 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts all customers’ information on the checkout page. This security level is considered decent, but not the highest one. The upper left corner of our browser shows a green lock which means that this website is a safe place for online shopping. The owner of the security certificate is GeoTrust Inc. Unfortunately, there is no information about the owner of the website. secure connection

The website gets 3 stars for this unit, considering all facts mentioned above.

Checking Antivirus on the Website

Unfortunately, uses no antivirus on its website. This means that the customers can easily infect their computer with viruses or other online threats. Though the pharmacy has a good encryption, lack of antivirus makes it a risky website to order medication from. The webstore should fix this drawback and make online ordering safer. We can give only 1 star for this unit, because the protection from viruses is an important factor in website optimization.

Convenience of ordering from

How convenient and easy is ordering from We decided to analyze this point.

First of all, we want to mention that customers do not need to log in to place an order at this online pharmacy. This may be considered an advantage, as many online stores ask for too much “paper work” to be done.

What we like is that all drugs are divided into categories with accordance to the health condition they treat: drug categories

As the pharmacy has a rich assortment of medicines, we can use a search bar on the front page to find the necessary item at an instant: search line

Besides, user can search for the drugs by letter: search by letter

It’s very easy to place an order at the website. All you need is to do the following steps:

  1. Choose the drug you want to purchase by clicking “Buy now” button
  2. Choose the dosage and number of pills
  3. Click “Checkout”
  4. Fill in the information required
  5. Check all the fields, press on “Submit transaction” button
  6. See the notification on the screen and get the order confirmation message.

We also like that provides some drug information for customers who have not made their chose yet. You can see the difference between three most popular ED drugs in the table presented in the FAQ section. The table specifies the dosage, the onset of action, how to take the drug, compatibility with fatty foods and alcohol, the time of effect: table

With the help of this information, the user can choose the product which suits him in every way.

We also appreciate that customers can choose the necessary language and currency – many online pharmacies do not have these options, which may confuse some customers: language and currency

Many customer will appreciate the Tracking Option available. Using it, you can control the entire delivery process and stay fully informed about the status of the delivery (however, the option is charged): tracking order

We conclude that placing orders is very quick and easy. The pharmacy has done everything to accelerate the ordering process. For this, gets 5 stars out of 5. Legitimacy

Website Rating at ScamAdviser

ScamAdviser is an easy way to check the website’s legitimacy and reputation on the net. See the screen shot of ScamAdviser’s analysis below: scamadviser2
ScamAdviser seems to be disappointed with this website. The online service gives a 0% trust rating, which is an alarming signal. This website says to have been operating for 9 years, but according to ScamAdviser the domain was registered only 3 years ago. is rarely visited, which means it’s not popular among customers. The website was last refreshed in September 2016, which might indicate it’s not active any longer. The greatest confusion is the website location. is Sweden based, but is likely to operate from Israel. ScamAdviser insists that the customers be careful with this online pharmacy, as the site has some risk. For all these reasons, we give 1 star for this unit.

Should We Have a Prescription to Order from

According to the information placed on the website, some products require a valid prescription. If the law of the customer’s country requires him to obtain prescription for a particular product, he will be asked by the customer support representative to send it after he completes the order. Customers can fax a prescription or send a scan copy to email. Such approach is not very professional, as many drugs presented in the catalog are very serous and should be prescribed in any case. Besides, the customers have to take additional efforts to find out whether asks for a prescription or not. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking using LegitScript

LegitScript gave a “Rogue” status, since the online pharmacy does not meet some online pharmacy verification standards: legitscript

There is no detailed explanation below. We can’t give them a score higher than 1 for this unit, since the pharmacy has a very bad reputation at Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customer reviews is one of the forms of social approval. In this case, both the quantity and the quality of the responses are important. When you, for example, buy a ED drug, you want to see reviews on it, to understand how many people have already used it. This information helps you dispel doubts that overwhelm you. Responses from clients have an incredible power of persuasion. According to one study, 88% of consumers rely on online reviews in the same way as on personal recommendations, and 72% of respondents admitted that positive feedback on the web makes them trust the company.

The website has a special section called “Our Customers’ Feedback” with numerous comments. However, we can’t 100% rely on them, as they appear on the website only after the administration’s approval. Of course, all of them are purely positive and even heart-touching. Besides, they indicate no date and could be easily fabricated by the owner of the website.

In the most comments, customers praise excellent services, fast delivery, appreciable cooperation, low prices, drug quality and impressive results. Some of them promise to become regular buyers and ask their friends to do the same: reviews

Some of the comments were devoted to Cialis. Probably, this is the most popular ED medication in the store. The feedback was purely positive again: reviews2
We can give 3 stars for this unit, as we do not trust these reviews. There is no evidence that these comments were written but real customers, and we suppose the website’s administration would not publish negative testimonials. Reviews on Third-Party Websites

We decided to go further and look for some testimonials on independent sources, such as medical forums. Such comments would allow us to accurately assess services. Unfortunately, we did not find a single customer review on the internet. This looks suspicious, as has been operating for 9 years already (at least, it’s what they say). Lack of customers’ reviews on outside websites is a kind of warning – this means the online pharmacy is not popular among customers. We have to score the pharmacy 1 star out of 5 for this unit. Coupon Codes offers no discount codes or coupons available either on the website itself or on the net.

However, they offer some bonuses and options for the customer to save:

  1. Customers can get a discount, the size of which depends on the number of the orders they have already placed. Customers need to register to check it out: 1st order – 0% discount, 2nd order – 5% discount, 3rd order – 6% discount, 4th order – 7% discount, 5th order – 8% discount; discount
  2. Buying 60 or more pills of generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and generic Propecia, customers get a free bonus: 4 Viagra Soft pills or 2 Cialis Soft pills. However, we do not know how many customers would find this special offer attractive: very few people buy ED drugs in free tablets

The presence of these discounts allows us to give 3 stars out of 5 for this unit. Customer Support Service

Contact information

On the website, we found the following contact information: 3 free phone numbers: phone numbers

We can give only 2 stars for this unit, as the pharmacy should be more. The store provided too little contact information with no actual address and no email. How can we trust such a pharmacy?

Trying to Get a Consultation

The pharmacy does not provide a medical consultation, but can assist with any question related to the services provides. If you have questions, you can contact the customer support team by calling toll free phone numbers or using a Contact Form, which is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In addition, customers can get help by using a Live Chat. We decided to use the last option to find out whether we an get a discount if we order ED drugs in bulk. The feedback was received in a minute: does not offer discount for bulk orders: live chat

Though we were upset with the answer, we like the speedy reply of the customer support service. We can honestly give this pharmacy 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.


The main reason why we are skeptical about is because of its suspicious legitimacy. According to both Scam Adviser and LegitScript, the store simply didn’t meet the requirements for a safe and approved Internet pharmacy. Additionally, the pharmacy never mentioned its location, and Scam Adviser wasn’t 100% sure when tried to track it down. We consider it is very discomforting not knowing the basic contact information of the store. Online reviews on independent websites were also not available, which makes it even harder to ignore the reputation and the status given by these security analyzers websites. Considering this, we don’t believe that is a reliable pharmacy which is worthy of your time. We advise you to search for a much safer place to get your medications from. Doing this, you won’t risk losing your money!

To conclude, we do appreciate the average prices, a rich assortment, discounts for regular customers and Live Chat availability. So the drugstore seems to have some advantages as well. We, therefore, give a 2,6 trust rating.