Review: Absence of External Feedback and Poor Legitimacy

Self-Introduction of IsraelPharm


IsraelPharm is an online pharmacy located in Israel, Bet Shemesh. This online pharmacy is a distributor of the brand and generic medications. This store is approved and accreditated by Israel Ministry of Health. IsraelPharm serves locally for 15 years already. The drugs provided are sold with a prescription. The delivery is carried out to America with the presence of a prescription list from a legal physician. IsraelPharm claims to be a legal online pharmacy but this review will show whether it is so or not.

ministry of health

Assortment of IsraelPharm

It is a fact that this online pharmacy sells the brand and generic medication with a prescription required. The overall number of categories is 48. Each category contains the number of medications available. Everything you need is to find the mandatory drug category and medication inside it. The drug categories are organized in an alphabetic way.

drug categories

The list of best and top sellers is given on the front page. The medication is showed with the price, rating, dosage and quantity of pills. The medications are from different drug categories.

best sellers

The complete list of best sellers is defined at the bottom of the front page. People may follow the link given and arrange an order online.

In general, we cannot estimate the overall quantity of items offered. But the arrangement of drug categories and the drugs inside are on the level. 48 categories help people achieve the goal of finding the best medication for the proper treatment. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Price Affordability

IsraelPharm may offer you the brand as well as generic drugs. For comparing the prices we will examine generic and brand Viagra. Brand Viagra 50 mg price per pill is $6.25 if the total pills quantity is 8. If you decide to buy a generic version of the same dosage and quantity you have to pay $6.87.

brand and generic viagra price

It is very strange the price for generic is higher. The majority of online pharmacies offers generic Viagra at a lower price for making shopping online more affordable. For better understanding, brand Viagra price, sometimes, is 3-4 times higher in comparison with generic.

If to speak about Cialis there is only a brand version. Cialis 5 mg (28 pills) will cost $6.87. This price is equal to generic Viagra price. In general, the price for brands looks attractive and people may easily buy it for erectile dysfunction treatment.

cialis brand price

Such a confusion may make people regret whether this pharmacy is a reliable one. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Shipping Options

There is only one offered shipping option – EMS. By means of EMS, your parcel will be processed and shipped within 48 hours. The timeframe of delivery is from 7-10 business days. There are no free delivery options. The fee is common for both and equal to $20.00. One more peculiarity of IsraelPharm is if your order is backordered you will be informed within 24 hours only.

In general, the delivery options are not diverse. There is no free delivery. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Payment Options

There are two main payment options accepted:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard.

payment options

All the billing transactions are processed by PFS Israel or Coupzz based in New Jersey. There is no need to calculate the price in some other currency because all the prices are indicated in US dollars.

Credit cards as payment are the most popular way to pay for an order. But its quantity may be diverse. The overall mark deserved by is 2 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data

mobile and desktop versions

Google page speed data looks not attractive. Speed data in both mobile and desktop versions is hidden (unavailable). The optimization indicators are medium and low. Such indicators confirm the insufficient level of technical performance. After analyzing and calculating we prove that IsraelPharm deserves only 1,3 points. gives the recommendations to improve the website performance. You may take advantage of them right now and achieve the better results.

Mobile Version

Unfortunately, there is no mobile version of It is the greatest omission because too many people prefer using mobile devices for arranging orders online. This online pharmacy should optimize the desktop version to make shopping more attractive and comfortable. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

mobile version

Is the Connection at IsraelPharm Secure?

The connection at is secure. The company owner is known and defined in the address bar:

secure connectionAll the transactions and connections are secured by COMODO CA Limited. The company owner is I.L.S INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS LTD. The data is protected by 256-bit encryption server. It means that there is no chance for hackers to gain access to customers’ personal data. In general, online pharmacy provides no access, disclose or trade customers’ personal data. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus on the website. It means that people may catch viruses and other online threats. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

How to Make an Order?

There is a mandatory registration before arranging an order online. The future customer should undergo the following steps:

  • personal information;
  • medical history;
  • primary physician information;
  • contact information.

When you have undergone the registration you should pass three main steps:

how to make an order

When you have completed all three steps you will see the result of your ordering. The necessity to register may slow down the ordering that’s why our mark is 3 points.

Is IsraelPharm Safe and Legit? Data

The overall rating for is 49%. This site has been threat listed. The owner company located in Israel when the website origin is Canada. It means that there is some confusion in website origin and location. There are some other 7 websites installed on the same server. The phone number is registered in Israel but email – the USA.


In this online pharmacy performance, it is involved countries listed as threat. The domain age is 10 years 356 days. The popularity of the website is rarely visited. It means that during the period of existence there are too many customers in this pharmacy online.

In general, we cannot say this website is of high-trust that’s why our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Prescription Request

This online pharmacy requires a prescription. There are no non-prescription medications in stock. It is necessary to refill the prescription for completing an order. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact IsraelPharm by means of the phone number or email. Our mark for the prescription request is 5 points. Data

Is IsraelPharm legit? We are going to find the answer thanks to Unfortunately, IsraelPharm doesn’t meet any of requirements. The status of this pharmacy is rough. It implies that the majority of requirements are broken. There may appear some illegal business. When you have a plan to go shopping online it is better to choose the legal service ever. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.


Reviews about

Reviews on

There is a separate page with reviews left about performance. The reviews are dated from 2009-2016. The next two years there was no sign from customers about this online pharmacy. The reviews are written by people living in different countries.


There is an email detected above for writing reviews: It means that there is some kind of moderation because the email is examined by website administration. In fact, there is a page with testimonials, there is the main way to leave them on the website that’s why we may level down the mark only for the aspect there are no fresh reviews. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

External Reviews about

Unfortunately, for 10 years of existence, there is no word about on the Internet. People have no desire to leave even negative reviews. In fact, such websites do not contribute to better reputation development among future customers. Our mark for this unit is 1 point. Discount Code

There is no discount code as it is but there is a possibility to save 5-% if you pay for an order by means direct transfer. It is not understandable how customers may pay by means of direct transfer if the accepted payment options are Visa and MasterCard only. But if there is a possibility to save money it is the greatest advantage. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

promo code

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Section

Contact data section provides the access to the necessary information helpful to come in contact with customer support group. There is a mailing address in Bet Shemesh, Israel. The toll-free phone number and fax are:

phone numbers

There is no confusion between and this online pharmacy website data. Our mark for the unit is 4 points.

Customer Support Service

There is an email by means of which people may contact the customer support group. We have commanded this service asking whether there is a possibility to get a discount code but in fact, we have responded nothing. Within 24 hours we have received no answer from support group. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

customer support

Conclusion: Absence of External Feedback and Poor Legitimacy is an online distributor of brand and generic medications from Israel. For ordering online a client should have a valid prescription. The drugs are delivered to various countries by EMS service. The fee is $20.00. The assortment is diverse and people may able to find whatever they need. The technical data leaves much to be desired except secure connection. All the data is protected by 256-bit encryption. The company owner is given in the address bar.

The legitimacy has not satisfactory indicators. Only the prescription request is confirmed. As a result, gives only 49-%. status is rough. There are a lot of things for improvement.

The reviews are present on the website but there is no external feedback. It means that we have failed in finding external reviews about for 10 years of existence. There may appear some problems with online pharmacy trustability.

The overall rating is 2.6 out of 5. The rating is not high but there are many things for performance improvement.