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Kwikmed.com Review: A Licensed Pharmacy with Sky-High Prices

What is KwikMed?


KwikMed claims to be a reliable online pharmacy based in Utah, which is associated with selling ED drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis along with contraceptives. The website has been licensed by Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing in 2012 and approved by BBB. KwikMed sells only brand-name FDA approved medications. According to the information placed on the site, the online pharmacy has been operating since 2001 and has managed to serve more than 250000 customers successfully. KwikMed promises to offer the best drugs that you can ever find in any of the online pharmacies, and also promises affordable prices for them. All their drugs are manufactured in the USA. The pharmacy operates on the local market only and do not ship internationally. Besides, they are very proud to offer a unique opportunity – expert medical advice online. They say all their physicians are licensed and very professional when it comes to suggesting drugs for erectile dysfunction and other conditions.

They are also very happy to have been featured in the following journals and publications:

KwikMed journals

KwikMed Assortment

Kwikmed.com offers 10 brand-name medications for conditions which include erectile dysfunction, smoking cessation, hair loss, contraceptives. They assure the customers that they purchase all these medications from U.S. trusted manufacturers and large distributors. They are proud to sell brand medicines, since there are no legal generics for these medications, as they say.

KwikMed.com is not a place to find rare variants of medications, you have probably heard of all medications that they offer:

KwikMed drugs

According to KwikMed, they offer only those drugs that can be safely prescribed without personal medical consultation. The drugs listed below represent the most popular ED drugs on the market, due to their effectiveness and reputation.

  • The list of ED medications is the most numerous and includes: Viagra, Cialis; Cialis for Daily Use, Levitra, Stendra, Staxyn, ED Trial Packs.
  • The drugs from the categories smoking cessation, hair loss, contraceptives include: Chantix, Propecia, Ella.

We can’t say that KwikMed has a wide range of medications. Only 10 medications is a too small amount for an online pharmacy. For this reason, they get only 2 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Kwikmed.com Pricing Policy

The online pharmacy claims that they do everything to fix the lowest possible price for every item. They promise the customer will save a lot on ED drugs by ordering them from KwikMed:

best savings

We decided to check whether KwikMed prices are really attractive:

  1. Price for KwikMed Viagra starts from $34.85 per unit;
  2. Price for KwikMed Levitra starts from $60,5 per unit;
  3. Price for KwikMed Cialis starts from $14.6 per unit.

We see that the medicines available at KwikMed are extremely expensive! We can hardly benefit when ordering from this pharmacy. This can’t be considered a pharmacy for every customer – only for those who do not care about prices. Considering this, we give them 1 star out of 5 for this unit of our review.

KwikMed Shipping Policy

KwikMed ships to the USA only. Once the drugs have left the pharmacy, they cannot be returned.

KwikMed shipping options are numerous. FEDEX is the most popular shipment method:


  • FedEx Next Day — the order is delivered the next business day;
  • FedEx Priority – the order is delivered in 2 business days;
  • FedEx Express Saver – the order is delivered in three business days;
  • USPS Express Mail – the order is delivered in 1-2 business days;
  • USPS Priority Mail – the order is delivered in 3-5 business days.

They mention that all orders placed by 1:00 pm, Monday – Friday will be shipped that same day. Nothing was said about their cost.

Though the pharmacy has the abundance of payment options available, it has some drawbacks: only local shipment, lack of information about delivery cost. For these reasons, Kwikmed.com gets 3 stars for this unit.

KwikMed Payment Options

KwikMed accepts payments only by credit cards including Visa and MasterCard, so customers should make sure they can pay with these options before ordering from the pharmacy.

KwikMed payment options

Considering the fact that many online pharmacies offer much more payment options, KwikMed receives 2 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of Kwikmed.com

Page Loading Speed

We checked the website loading speed via Google Page Speed and here are the results:

KwikMed page speed

According to the tool, poor performance optimizations may result in a slow user experience. Kwikmed.com has lot of drawbacks and needs to be fixed. The mobile version is in a sad state, desktop – above average, but still needs optimizations. Considering the fact that the site has a lot of problems in functioning requires and much work to be done, kwikmed.com gets 1 star out of 5 for this point.

Checking KwikMed Mobile Version

KwikMed has made its website mobile-friendly. The text is readable. We found no errors in the mobile version functioning and it looks good, so users can easily buy medicines from any place that has access to the Internet. Ordering process is the same. However there is one thing we don like – the products are placed at the bottom of the page, so the customers should scroll down a lot of secondary information before they reach the necessary drug. That’s why we consider that KwikMed deserves 4 stars out of 5 for this point. Obviously, users will not have any difficulties when visiting the e-store from their mobile devices, however there are some things which could have been done better.

Customers’ Personal Data Protection

KwikMed claims to provide secure online ordering to all customers. And really – the upper left corner of the browser has a green lock which means that it is a safe place for online shopping. We checked the security certificate. It turned out that kwikmed.com uses 256-bit encryption for data protection, which is a high security level, verified by GeoTrust Inc., so we can rely on this protection.

website security

The presence of the Expanded Verification Certificate would guarantee the highest score for this unit. Since there is none on the site, we give 4 stars to the pharmacy.

Checking Antivirus

Kwikmed.com uses no antivirus on its website, which means the website’s users can catch viruses, adware and other online threats when visiting its pages. So, KwikMed can’t be considered 100% safe place to order medication from. The online pharmacy should definitely do something and fix this drawback in order to make online ordering as safe as possible. We give only 1 star due to poor organization of customers’ safety.

Convenience of ordering from KwikMed

We decided to check the website’s convenience, as this may be a decisive factor when choosing an online pharmacy.

At kwikmed.com, customers can log in or continue as a guest. This may speed up and facilate the ordering procedure.

The pharmacy claims that their ordering process is very easy and clear to everyone. In the majority of states, all the customer needs is to:

  1. Select the item he wishes to purchase;
  2. Log in or register;
  3. Answer computer generated questions needed for online medical assessment;
  4. Checkout and pay.

KwikMed ordering

Also, some states of the USA are offered a unique option – eVisits – a video call between a patient and a physician and patient before the physician can approve a prescription.

They promise to offer online consultations throughout the U.S. soon, but now it is only available in Missouri, Oklahoma Alabama and Virginia.

During the online consultation, the customers will have to answer some questions regarding their medical history and current health conditions. The licensed physician will review these answers and write out a prescription. When the consultation is completed, the customers can checkout and pay.

KwikMed seems to have a responsible approach to selling medicines online. Such online consultations are a rarity and very appreciated. Thee-store gets 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Is KwikMed legitimate?

Website Rating at ScamAdviser

The good way to find out whether KwikMed is trustable or not is to check its rating at ScamAdviser. Here are are results:


ScamAdviser was completely disappointed with the way the website was functioning. The online service has given KwikMed 0% trust rating and informed us that it has been associated with some other high-risk websites. Domain age if 1,5 years instead of 16. Perhaps, the pharmacy had to change its done – it’s not a good indicator anyway. ScamAdviser also detected numerous malware reports linked with this website. The location of the website remained unclear: it seemed to be based in the United States but could somehow relate to Canada. However, the site has lots of visitors and seems popular. The conclusion of the online checker: the customers should be extra vigilant and do some research before placing an order at KwikMed. This does not necessarily mean that KwikMed is fake, but we can give nothing but 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Prescription Request

The majority of products offered in KwikMed catalog require a prescription, which is, as we have already stated, based on the results of online consultation with a licensed physician. He reviews your medical history, may contact you for further details and issue a prescription based on the information you provide. The customer does not have to pay for such online medical consultation. Once the physician approved a prescription, it is sent to the pharmacy. Such method of getting prescriptions may seem convenient to some customers, however we can’t neglect one sufficient drawback: the customer has to pay additional $120 if he chooses to have his prescription filled at another pharmacy. Now we understand why KwikMed prices are extremely high: the cost for a medical consultation is included into the final price of the medicine. Such basis can be inappropriate for many customers. Due to this, we give KwikMed only 3 stars for this unit.

Checking KwikMed using LegitScript

LegitScript database didn’t include KwikMed website. The reason may be the website’s newness.

KwikMed LegitScript

So, we can evaluate the legitimacy of the online pharmacy basing on the results of Legit Script. The website gets at 3 points for this item.

Kwikmed.com Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customer reviews is an integral part of an online pharmacy. All users would like to learn what other clients say about the pharmacy – this might be even a decisive factor when choosing a e-store. This is important also because users’ reviews is the only true way of ensuring the authenticity of the pharmacy. The website does not have its own section where customers could share their experience with KwikMed. For this reason, we can’t say for sure whether the pharmacy is a good choice or not, again. But this company does not seem to care about what their customers think about it. Lack of on-site customers’ makes us give the pharmacy 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

KwikMed Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Since we did not find any KwikMed Reviews on the website itself, we decided to search more any comments on the Internet. We found out that the company received a large number of positive and negative reviews from its customers.

Some customers claimed that the products they received were not as high-quality as they expected. The majority of KwikMed complaints were about Cialis: the medicine was 100% fake, as one user said. Some customers also said that the pharmacy had sky-rocketing prices and only stupid people would spend such amount on ED drugs:

KwikMed reviewKwikMed review2KwikMed review3

On the other hand, we found many positive reviews of customers who said that the pharmacy had an excellent service, high-quality generic products, professional physicians and prompt delivery. There were many regular customers who shared their positive experiences with KwikMed. However, none of the customers didn’t mention “good prices”:

KwikMed review4KwikMed review5KwikMed review6

We also found KwikMed reddit reviews: one user said this was the only one real legitimate pharmacy. He admitted they offered high prices, but compensated for them with a fast delivery and quality medicines:

KwikMed reddit

And what deserves a special attention is the fact that KwikMed company is in the list of reliable pharmacies included to Wikipedia. This sufficiently improves the reputation of the online pharmacy:

KwikMed wiki

So, there are mixed reviews about the pharmacy. Positive ones prove that everything can be here as you expect, however several kwikmed.com scam reports indicate that customers should be careful when buying any product from KwikMed. For this reason, the online pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit.

Kwikmed.com Coupon Codes

Coupon codes, bonuses and discounts are what every customer wants to get. The presence of these options easily increases the popularity and status of any online pharmacy. We found also a beneficial KwikMed coupon 2016 and KwikMed Cialis coupon but unfortunately they have already been expired.

Kwikmed.com is currently offering three coupon codes. One of these promo codes allows a buyer to get 10 % OFF any order:

KwikMed Coupon Code

Also, customers who wish to quit smoking, can use KwikMed coupon code QUIT to get a 15% OFF on Chantix. The last coupon code FALLFROLIC allows to get a 5% discount for every order:

KwikMed Coupon Code2

Customers are also encouraged to regularly check for other coupon codes and discounts. The presence of these coupon codes is a considerable advantage, and the company gets 5 stars for this unit.

KwikMed Customer Support Service

Contact information

The pharmacy shares information on all aspects. Right on the main page, customers can find biographical information on all the executives of the company:

KwikMed directors

Besides, the pharmacy has a detailed information about customer service hours, response times, several emails (customer support, affiliate support
complaint department, report an adverse drug reaction), toll free customer support phone number and address, which can be praised for.

Thus, the pharmacy provides customers with all information they want to know to make an informed purchase. Considering transparency of the company, KwikMed receives 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Trying to Get a Consultation at Kwikmed.com

An important point is that the company provides consultation services, that can help to help you choose the product for your needs.

Kwikmed.com provides a toll-free number for for contacting the customer support center. Another options for the customers is to send an email or use a contact form. In addition, the pharmacy has a Live Chat on the website available from 5 am to 8 pm on Monday – Thursday, from 5 am to 6 pm on Friday, from 8 am to 2 pm on Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday.

KwikMed Live Chat

Regretfully, Live Chat was offline when we visited the site, though they promised it would be active at this time.

We decided to reach KwikMed representative using a contact form and ask about their shipping options. They auto-reply promised to answer our question in the nearest time, but failed to do so. We waited for 3 hours (during the active hours of the customer support center) but never received the reply. We give kwikmed.com only 1 star out of 5 for delayed customer support.


Kwikmed.com can’t be considered a trusted high standard pharmacy. Despite being a licensed online pharmacy, the pharmacy still received mixed reviews from its customers – positive and negative. ScamAdviser gave it the lowest rating and called a highly unsafe online pharmacy. We found no details about the shipping cost. The prices are extremely high here and cannot be afforded by many customers, who would prefer not to waste so much money on ED drugs but look for a cheaper pharmacy for ordering generics. However, coupon codes and discounts can compensate for extreme prices a bit. Video calls seems a good opportunity at the fist glance, but it turned out that they are very costly. We think, the pharmacy deserves the rating of 2,7 out of 5.

KwikMed could be a good option only for those customers who don’t care about prices and don’t mind taking extra time for detailed medical consultation.