Review: Low Prices but Poor Feedback

What is Maple Leaf Meds?

 MapleLeafMeds logo is an online pharmacy from Canada which claims to offer affordable medicine to each and every individual and assures that customers can save up to 70% on their prescriptions since the company has no hidden fees. According to the information presented on the website, the online pharmacy strives to provide meds at discount prices, so they focus on customers who currently have no prescription coverage or who have inadequate prescription coverage. They work with licensed Canadian physicians to reviews prescriptions and approve them.

Maple Leaf Meds is a licensed store which has a certified seal from The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). They claim to have the quickest available shipping method.

What Can You Buy in This Store?

Their main assortment includes brand and generic prescription drugs, Pet medication, and refiling of orders. The pharmacy claims to have more than 500 medications in its assortment, but we could not assess the full list of medicines, as they do not list all medications on the website and claim to carry a much broader assortment of prescription medications than those listed here. If customers don’t see the medicine they are looking for they can call the office at our toll-free number 1-800-998-4016. We find this procedure not very convenient, as many customers would just prefer to find another website with a full selection of drugs available. Besides, there is also NO categories subdivision.

We could see a few products on the front page which are probably considered best-sellers: Actos 30mg, Claritin 10mg, Lipitor 20mg, Propecia 1mg, Nexium 40mg and others:

All in all, we found about 200 medications listed on the website. We tried to search for products related to men’s sexual health such as Viagra (Sildenafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), Stendra (Avanafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and we managed to find all of them in the catalog:

MapleLeafMeds ED drugs

Considering this, we can suggest that the online pharmacy really offers a wide range of medications for erectile dysfunction treatment. No doubt, the website requires to fix some drawbacks related to the medicine categories and a full assortment. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit of our review. Prices

The company positions itself as a pharmacy of low prices and claims to fix the lowest prices for all meds so that even those without so much money could still access quality drugs at affordable prices. They claim customers can save up to 70% on their prescriptions if they order from Maple Leaf Meds:

low price guaranteed

The online pharmacy claims to offer prescriptions at a discounted price because their prices are regulated by the Government including all patented prescription medications. They also guarantee they have no hidden fees:

no hidden fees

The company has a lot of generic drugs, which are much cheaper that brand ones, so here customers are supposed to find can find really beneficial offers, We decided to check it out and compare the prices for some pills used for erectile dysfunction treatment (both brand and generic): Viagra, Sildenafil, Cialis, Tadalafil, Levitra, Vardenafil. We found the following prices in Maple Leaf Meds:

  • Price for Brand Viagra starts from $6,7 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $3.8 per tablet);
  • Price for Generic Viagra starts from $0.81 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $0.36 per tablet);
  • Price for Brand Cialis 10mg starts from $3.4 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $4.18 per tablet);
  • Price for Generic Cialis starts from $0.5 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $0.76 per tablet).
  • Price for Brand Levitra starts from $6.1 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $4.34 per tablet);
  • Price for Generic Levitra starts from $0.83 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $1.2 per tablet).

We consider the website has one more drawback: they indicate neither prices per tablet nor the cheapest variant of the drug, so it took pretty much time for us to orient in the prices offered at this pharmacy.

However, we can see that Maple Leaf Meds prices are really cheap, though not the cheapest in the Internet for some drugs. We found no special offers or discounts of the website, perhaps, due to the fact that the medications are already cheap. So, we estimate pricing policy of this online pharmacy at 4 stars out of 5.

Delivery Options and Terms

The company ships medication to three countries only: Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico. Maple Leaf Meds claims that all their medications are shipped from trusted and licensed pharmacies from Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom, India and Mauritius. Delivery period may vary, depending on the destination, but usually, an order has an average delivery time of 2-4 weeks. Customers check on the status of their order once they log into their Maple Leaf Meds account.

We found no information regarding delivery cost and options on the website. Only after choosing the product we could see that the pharmacy offers NO free delivery. The delivery cost in the US via USPS makes $9.95. The cost of shipping will be provided separately on Maple Leaf Meds’ invoice (s).

delivery fee

So, the final cost of the product proves to be not so cheap, as delivery cost adds extra $10 to the price of the medicine. We consider this a drawback, since some other online pharmacies offer free delivery worldwide, so customers can find much more interesting offers.

The pharmacy asks to call immediately at 1-800-998-4016 if the medicine was damaged during shipping. But it’s not clear to us what they can do in this case, as the pharmacy offers NO money refund. They are unable to return or refund medications once they have been shipped from their office.

So, we found the sufficient drawbacks of the pharmacy in terms of delivery: no free delivery options available, no information about delivery methods, quite long delivery period, no express delivery. The online pharmacy receives only 1 star out of 5 for this unit of our review. Payment Options

Neither front page, no secondary pages contain information about payment options available. Obviously, you can learn them only after you submit the order – when Customer Care Specialists contact you to confirm payment methods within 24 hours. In our opinion, the e-store should place such information on the front page for customers’ convenience. It would unpleasant to find out that they offer no payment method you prefer to use after passing a registration and placing an order. Considering this, the pharmacy gets only 1 star for this unit of our review.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Checking Website Load Time via Google Page Speed

We checked page loading speed of Maple Leaf Meds website via Google Page Speed online service and got the following data: Google Page

These indicators are considered low and the website needs to consider fixing: optimize images, minify CSS, minify JavaScript and some other things.

We consider this a great disadvantage of this online pharmacy. The website is loading too slowly. Web customers can have trouble with Maple Leaf Meds website performance and they won’t return to the site to buy again and many of them can tell a friend if they had a bad experience shopping online. For this reason, we give the pharmacy only 1.7 for this point of our review. Mobile Version

Customers can buy from the website using its mobile version. But this version is far from ideal and needs development. It’s just a smaller version of the original website size. The text on a smartphone is almost unreadable. Interface elements are not enlarged, word count isn’t reduced, secondary information is not transferred from the main page.

So, we suggest visitors can find this website site inconvenient and have difficulties when placing an order when they’re visiting it from their mobile phones. For this reason, the website gets 2 stars.

Encrypted Connection on the Website

Encrypted connection on the website is a guarantee of safe online ordering. uses 256-bit SSL encryption to provide the security of online shopping. They also use the latest TLS 1.2 technology, secured by a true GeoTrust SSL Certificate using RSA-2048 encryption. This encryption guarantees customers a good level of protection when they place an order online:


That is, information you send or get through the website is private, but we give only 4 stars for this unit of our review, as we the pharmacy does not have the Expanded Verification Certificate which guarantees the maximum protection level. Online shoppers require more advanced encryption when making payment online.

Checking Website Antivirus

Maple Leaf Meds pays a special attention to customer safety, even has a separate unit on the website containing information about it. McAfee is used to block attacks and prevent disruptions on our website. GeoTrust secures Maple Leaf Meds online transactions. The website also uses Norton antivirus protection (information in the left corner of the main page), which maximizes the security of their digital transactions. Norton is considered the TOP antivirus protection. Thus, the customers can feel safe when visiting this website without fearing of catch viruses or worms.


This indicates that Maple Leaf Meds hold a strict protection policy, meets the safety standards and takes care of its customers – and that is a relevant advantage. Considering this, we give 5 stars for this unit of our review.

Convenience of Placing Orders at

Customers search for prescriptions on the website using Drug Search Bar. If you search for brand medicines via this tool, you see its generic as well. We find this option very convenient. That is, if we search for Viagra, we can see both products at once: brand Viagra and generic Viagra (Sildenafil), as well as their instructions:


All in all, customers can 4 ordering options available: Drug Search Bar, Phone, Fax, Email:

MapleLeafMeds ordering

The pharmacy welcomes calls on any questions, including assistance in creating an account for a new client. Ordering by fax or email, patients need to download prescription and complete order forms offered on the website.

As we have already mentioned, the pharmacy lists not all medications on the website, and that is the first drawback in terms of convenience of placing orders here. If customers don’t find the drug they are looking for that are asked to call the pharmacy office at our toll-free number.

Customers need to pass registration to place an order and fill in a lot of information.


The website administration explains this as follows: detailed information about the customer will help them understand his medical background and conditions to ensure his safety. Maple Leaf Meds pharmacists use the provided information to assess potential drug interactions. They also offer that their Customer Care Specialists contact the patient’s physician for further information for clarification. This indicates a responsible approach of the pharmacy towards its patients.

To complete the order, customers need to email, mail or fax a copy of their prescription(s) with a photocopy of one piece of i.d. confirming their date of birth. For every order, they require a verbal confirmation. After you place an order, they promise to contact you shortly to verbally confirm your order and discuss the payment options. Even if they do not hear from the customers, they promise to contact him within 3 business days. Such an approach to selling medicines online can be really considered professional, though takes much time. But buying serious prescription drugs you need to be sure the pharmacy takes responsibility for their clients. has some drawbacks we can’t neglect:

  • No full list of the medications;
  • no drug categories;
  • no price per tablet;
  • takes much time to process an order.

We can’t consider registration as a drawback here, as the pharmacy sells serious prescription medicines and has to ask patients to provide many details. All in all, we consider that convenience of placing orders on this website can be valued at 3.5 stars out of 5.

Is Maple Leaf Meds Legitimate?

Checking Reputation via ScamAdvisor

We checked the rating of the website using The online service showed that the website has been threat listed, however gives a medium trust rating to the pharmacy.


The online service helped us determine that the pharmacy seems to operate most probably from Canada, but the owner of the website is using a service to hide its identity. Besides, according to the tool, there may be other countries involved and customers should review this information carefully to place an order here. There are not many visitors coming to the website, so the company does not seem to be popular. Domain age is 15 years, which is a relevant period for an online pharmacy and a good indicator – the store has not been not banned during this period.  The reason why the website of the pharmacy was threat listed may be because it is an unapproved online store – this spoils a bit reputation, though does not mean the site is a scam.

The fact the company hides its real location for some reason may alert the e-shoppers. For this reason, the online company gets 3.5 stars for this point of our review.

Prescription or Non-Prescription Drugs?

On, a major part of medications require a prescription to order:


Here you can’t buy medicine without a valid prescription from a physician who is licensed to practice in Canada or the United States. Customers have to submit a valid prescription written by a doctor via fax, mail or telephone from their doctor. Once received, your order will be processed within 2 hours after which they call you for a verbal confirmation.  Customers can also place online prescription refill orders toll-free at 1-800-998-4016. Prescription requirement confirms that the responsibility is as strict there as in usual city pharmacies. The online pharmacy gets 5 stars for this item of review due to a strict attitude to selling medicines.

Checking Reputation via LegitScript

LegitScript has confirmed Maple Leaf Meds UNAPPROVED status, as it does not meet LegitScrips Internet Pharmacy verification standards. We found no explanation below regarding this status given to the website. This does not mean as well that the website is rogue, but that there is a chance that the site has a risk. We consider, users should confirm the business address of the website owner before placing orders or sharing information. LegitScript

For this reason, we can give the website only 3 stars for this item of the review. Certification & Trust

Maple Leaf Meds proved to be a member of CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) and IPABC (International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia, which means the company is professional, meets the highest standards of practice, delivers quality and affordable medications all around the world.  The website lists these badges for Valid Verification Information:


It’s a good indicator that the pharmacy meets the standards of pharmacy accreditation organizations. For this reason, we give Maple Leaf Meds 5 stars. Reviews

Customer Reviews on the Pharmacy Website

To ensure the company legibility, we searched for reviews on the site itself. Unfortunately, there is no field where customers can share their experience, so they won’t be able to leave a review even if they wish. The only “customer reviews” we could find were located on the front page of the site and were written by the website administration. reviews

No doubt, such reviews looks like advertisement, not like real customer reviews, besides they would not place any negative reviews here. So we can’t assess the pharmacy legitimacy through these reviews. We would strongly recommend the Internet pharmacy create a separate section for customers reviews & suggestions. This point of the review is given 2 stars. Reviews on Outside Websites

When we checked the outside website and forums for reviews on, we found both positive and negative reviews about the pharmacy. In, we came across Maple Leaf Meds complaints. One customer claimed that the pharmacy changed the drug from brand to generic and charged triple the original price plus shipping without the customer’s consent. The site is considered to be a real scam and buyers asked to stay away from it: review2

However, we found some positive reviews about the company at Customers were very happy with the services: no extra hidden fees, low prices for prescriptions. Some even call Maple Leaf Meds the best online pharmacy, though there were some troubles with payment options – they do not accept Visa and MasterCard: review3

Read all reviews here:

We found very few customer reviews about the pharmacy, so we can’t say for sure whether it’s legible or not. No doubt, every online store has a definite number of failures. We consider, everything can turn out as you expect here, but there is also a risk. For this reason, we can give Maple Leaf Meds only 3 stars out of 5 for controversial customer reviews.

Maple Leaf Meds Coupon Code

We found no coupon codes or discounts available. The website explains that the prices are already low: customers can save up to 70% off the city pharmacy prices by ordering drugs from Maple Leaf Meds but this is not enough to convince customers to become regular buyers. However, the pharmacy offers one saving option if you recommend a friend to buy from this website you will have the privilege of free shipping on your next orders. You only need to enter the name and email address of your friend.

refer a friend

We give 2 stars for this unit, as the pharmacy offers at least one special offer.

Maple Leaf Meds Customer Support

Contact information

The online pharmacy provided the comprehensive contact information and plenty of different ways to get and stay in touch (including full address, several toll free phone numbers, fax number, contact form), which suggests the transparency of the company. The website indicates its location as Surrey, BC, Canada. Maple Leaf Meds gets 5 stars for the detailed information provided. contact info

Online Consultation Availability

Unfortunately, the website has no Live Chat for instant messages. However, they mention that the customer can get in touch with the pharmacy representative easily via phone numbers and email indicated on the site. Their customer service is available from Monday to Friday, 6 am – 8 pm and Saturday, 7 am – 5 pm and Sunday, 7 am – 5 pm. Users can also email the store on promises 24hr answering customer service, if you won’t be able to reach them by telephone:

MapleLeafMeds phone

We decided to check if this is true and tried to contact the pharmacy representative using email – we asked to specify the manufacturer of generic Cialis they sell.

contact form

Unfortunately, we didn’t received any answer, which damaged Maple Leaf Meds reputation. Considering this, the company receives 1 star out of 5 for poor customer service.

What is the Conclusion? has provided a decent security level for the customer convenience and seems quite safe. The prices are actually very affordable, while most Canadian online stores are not able to offer prices low enough for customers. The ED drugs are priced well, both brand meds and generic versions. However, the good pricing and an encrypted connection are not enough to recommend this website to customers. Maple Leaf Meds received the mixed response from the customers, and online services ScamAdvisor and LegitScript suggest the buyers to read the information presented on the website carefully and understand their policies before placing an order. The e-store has some more sufficient disadvantages we can’t neglect: no free delivery, no money refund, no express delivery, no full list of meds, no payment options indicated, poor customer service, no coupon codes available. For these reasons, we estimate Maple Leaf Meds at 3,0 stars out of 5, since the company needs to improve some things to ensure its reliability and customers’ convenience.