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Meds-andhealth.net Review – Low Trust Company with Poor Customer Service (Now Closed)

Meds-andhealth.net About Itself

logotypeMeds-andhealth.net is a pharmacy specializing in selling generic medications for erectile dysfunction treatment. The pharmacy claims to provide only high-quality FDA and WHO-approved products that have necessary certificates. The main idea of the pharmacy is to make people’s life easier, that why they sell low-cost quality medications all over the world. The pharmacy provides most professional care about customers and claims to be the best in this issue in the Internet.

Diversity of the Assortment

Assortment on the website is not very wide. There are 66 items total in the products list. All products sold in this pharmacy are intended to treat erectile dysfunction. 60 of them are included into «Erectile dysfunction» category and the rest 6 – «Men’s ED packs».categories

On the main page you can see A-Z search for your convenience, but not all letters are available – there are simply no medications that can be included in this category. Also you can use the search bar if you know exactly what you are looking for.assortment

But actually there is no need to look though all the letter here. All items are listed on the main page on the left, and medications in the «erectile dysfunction» category are also presented on the main page. There is no list with categories, you may only find them on the site map.

Pages of products contain various dosages of the drugs and prices to them. Here you can choose necessary dosage and add it to your cart. Also you may read description of the drug and instruction for its use on the same page. At the bottom you can see other products related to this one that are bought together with the one you have chosen. In general the page is organized very conveniently.

Considering the fact that the pharmacy only specializes in erectile dysfunction treatment, the variety of products is quite impressive as well as informative contents on the pages. We can give the pharmacy 4 stars for this point.

Prices Comparison

Prices on the website are really very low. The pharmacy claims to allow saving up to 90% on your medications. And when we started to compare prices, it turned out the most probably this pharmacy offers the lowest possible prices in the Internet. But when we talk about branded medications, prices seem to be too low. We know that branded medications are always expensive, but here it simply seems unrealistic, that cost of medications is 2-3 times lower than in other online pharmacies. You start to think that quality of these medications can be poor or these medications are not original as it is claimed.

So, in particular, we compared the most popular medications in the category: Viagra, Levitra, Cialis. Both generics and originals. Branded Viagra 50 mg (the lowest available dosage) here costs $1.83 per pill minimal, Cialis 20 mg is available at $2.70, Levitra 20 mg – $1.69. As you can see these are suspiciously too low, so before buying make sure that these are really original branded medications.Viagra priceCialis priceLevitra price

Prices for generics on the contrary seem very attractive, since most pharmacies offer a little bit higher price. In addition to already low prices you can save more money if you choose special offers, which provides discount for a particular amount of drugs in the pack. The best offers are highlighted with pink color. So, generic Viagra 25 mg costs $0.36, Cialis 5 mg – $1.08, Levitra 10 mg – $0.93. These prices are really impressive and leave no doubts that they are the most affordable.

So, considering the fact that cost of medication here is very low, we can give Meds-andhealth.net a high score, but we have to lower it because of too low prices for branded medications which just can’t be so. That’s why – 4 stars in this point.

Methods of Shipping

There are only 2 methods of delivery available on the website:

  • Unregistered airmail;
  • EMS.

shipping optionsThe first method is cheaper – $10, but the order can’t be tracked and it will take longer to come – 14 – 21 days (up to 30 days). The second method is 3 times more expensive – $30, but you will be able to track your orders throughout its delivery and it will brought to you within 5 – 9 days. Also you may get FREE delivery if your order exceeds $200.shipping options

All this information you may find in the «FAQ» section and in the Shipping Policy, which is strangely put into privacy Policy. From both these pages you will get a clear idea of how the shipping is performed and what shipping rates are. Unfortunately, there is no special section for shipping options description.

Absence of free shipping to all customers is of course a great disadvantage for the company, as well as absence of courier delivery during 1 – 2 days. $200 is quite a large amount and most people do not have an opportunity to spend at one so much money. That’s why we give Meds-andhealth.net 3 stars for this point.

Payment Options

On the main page you can see that the pharmacy accepts several methods of payment:

  • Credit card;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Wire transfer;
  • SEPA.

payment optionsIn the «FAQ» section you also may find information about payment methods and it says there that the company accepts only Visa, MasterCard and eChecks. This may confuse any customer, because until you get to the checkout, you don’t know exactly which payment options are available.

When you are at the «Checkout» page you can see, that each method of payment, except credit card, has a discount. The biggest discount is offered for bitcoin and SEPA. By choosing them you save almost $14 (as if delivery is free and no charges for money transfer). Though credit card is the most convenient and preferable methods, most customers will chose the one with the biggest discount. Besides it will be safer not to disclose your credit card data to the website.

Also the customers have possibility to pay in different currencies. As the pharmacy delivers internationally it is very important to make transactions in currencies of people in different countries. Besides you may change the language of the whole website for convenient shopping here.currency

So in general there is a variety of payment methods, and most of them allow to save money. Though information about them is controversial on the website we can give 4.5 stars to the pharmacy in this point, advising them to review «FAQ» page and correct the mistake.

Technical Issues of Meds-andhealth.net

Check Out by Google Page Speed

Test by developers.google.com gave up poor results. The company obviously pays no attention to the technical side of the question. Report results are very low, which doesn’t speak in favor of the pharmacy. Low indicator show that the website is working very slow, and many logs and errors may appear in the process. Both mobile and desktop need improvements. A lot of work needs to be done and suggestions on the website must be realized to achieve better performance on the pharmacy. So for this point Meds-andhealth.net deserves not more than 1 star for so poor results.desktopmobile

Version for Mobile Devices

Basically the website hardly has a mobile version, more like an adapted version for mobile phone screen. There is no way to read the text or see pictures of medications. No buttons are seen, and the zoom is not helping enough. So it is just a smaller version of the website. Of course you won’t be able to look through the product list, choose something and buy it without maximum effort to see anything. Forget about reading articles on this website, it is not worth trying. That’s why are forced to give only 1 star to Meds-andhealth.net in this point. We hope that in future the company will work out mobile version for more comfortable shopping.

Secure Connection

All customers want to have comfortable and safe shopping in the Internet without worrying about data protection. Nobody wants their money or data to be stolen or used for some illegal activity. That’s why always check the website for secure connection before entrusting you sensitive data to it. For this just look at the address line – if it has the green lock and says «Safe» near the address than the server is safe to use. Most reliable organizations use https:// protocol to provide protection of the customers from data theft.https protocol

As we can see, Meds-andhealth.net doesn’t provide protection on its website, you are not safe while being on this website. When you log in and provide information about yourself, it may be stolen by some third party. Though it says on the website that none of your data is stored on the website and all information is sent to special database, don’t rely on this information too much. To be on the safe side do not give your data to such websites.

At least checkout procedure us secured. When you press «Checkout» button you are directed to the secure server, from where your payment will be performed. This a little bit inspires trust, but not enough to rely on this company. You also may read details of the secure connection on this page. Just open the certificate of safety, which is available to any customer.certificatecertificate

We can see that the server uses 128-bit protection. This is the minimal level of protection that can be provided. Besides information about owner of the certificate is hidden. So considering all these facts we can give Meds-andhealth.net 2 stars for this issue.

Antivirus Program

On the website at the bottom you can find icons of «GeoTrust» and «Hacker Free Site» but there is no opportunity to click on them and see the certificates. This means that they are fake and no protection by these services in provided on the website. Also there is no indicator that the website uses any antivirus program.secure

At the «Checkout» page you can also see icons of «McAfee» antivirus, «GeoTrust» and «Security Metrics». Out of all these three services only antivirus actually confirms that the certificate exists and the protection is provided. Other 2 services say that there is no valid certificates for this server.antivirusSo in general antivirus is present only at the «Checkout» page and other services that the company claims to certify the pharmacy are fake. The company give false information to customers to make them think that transactions here are safe. Do not become victims of such companies. For this point – 2 stars for misinforming clients.

Placing Orders

Everything is quite easy with ordering process on this website. There is no need to sign in which is a great advantage. You don’t have to waste your time on this unnecessary step. All you need to do is to choose a product, add it to your cart and in the cart choose method of delivery. Then you can proceed to checkout.

At the «Checkout» page you choose payment method, provide shipping address, insert coupon code if you have it and submit your order. Everything is very simple and quick. No prescription is required on this website. In the «FAQ» section there is a point explaining that in this pharmacy you don’t have to show a prescription to by medications. This also allows saving time on visiting doctor, sending prescription.ordering

In general the whole procedure will take you maximum 5 – 10 minutes. If you decided to cancel your order, you can do that by calling to the support group during first 24 hours after placing it. All the terms of the «Cancellation Policy» can be found in «Privacy Policy», as well as terms of refunding and returning.

So for this point Meds-andhealth.net earns 5 stars for simple and quick placing orders. The procedure won’t take much time and you even don’t need to read instruction, though it can be found in the «FAQ» section.

Is Meds-andhealth.net Legit?

Service Reliability

Results of the check out by ScamAdviser.com are not inspiring at all. The website is rated as low trust with safety rating only 26%. Popularity of the website is unknown and the domain age is too small – 1 year. Of course age of the domain can point at the fact that the business is young and in future it will gain more reputation and trust, but still it should be treated with caution, at least for now. According to the report this server contain a number of suspicious websites. Also life expectancy of the website is too low – 364 days. Website location is controversial – it is claimed to be in US, but most likely to be UK based. And the telephone number of the owner is registered in Germany. So these fact confuse us very much.scamadviser

The address in the report cannot be compared to the real one, as the website doesn’t provide mail address in contact information. So basically we don’t see any good points in this report and can make a conclusion that the website cannot be trusted at all. So we give it 1.5 stars and recommend you to find another service with more positive results in reliability.

Prescription Requirement

In the «FAQ» section there is information that the pharmacy doesn’t require prescription from customers, but they recommend to consult a doctor before buying any medication. As we know medications for erectile dysfunction treatment must be sold on prescription so we make the conclusion that the company first of all leads illegal activity, as according to the law prescription drugs cannot be sold in the Internet without prescription.

Besides this shows us that the company is irresponsible about customers health and safety. Anyone can order anything he/she wants and the administration doesn’t care about the consequences of such thing. Self-medications can be dangerous, especially id customers do not know how to use the drugs. So for this point we give Meds-andhealth.net 1 stars for irresponsible attitude to other people’s health.

Legitimacy Test

LegitScript.com attributes Meds-andhealth.net to the list of rogue organizations. This is the result of legitimacy check out. The pharmacy doesn’t meet LegitScript.com requirements for being approved. Probably the organization leads some illegal activity or there are very serious problems with safety on the website, because it doesn’t have any protection as we learnt earlier. Such results can’t have positive influence on our opinion about the pharmacy, and we wonder who can ever place orders in such an unreliable place. For this point the pharmacy can only get 1 star, as we again recommend you to choose another website.legitimacy

Meds-andhealth.net Reviews

Reviews Page on the Website

There is a page with customers testimonials on the website. there are not many comments, but all of them are positive. This makes us suspect the pharmacy in that they wrote these comments themselves. There must be some complaints on delivery, for example, or payment delay. But there are only happy customers, thanking the pharmacy for their service.comments

On this page you may also leave your own comment and share you experience with other customers, but we are not sure that it will be published if it is negative. Still it is always good to read other customers opinions about the service and this may help to decide whether or not to use it. But I still recommend to look for some other forums and websites with comments about Meds-andhealth.net. There you will probably find true reviews of real people and will be able to draw a real picture of the pharmacy work. So for this point we give the pharmacy 4 stars, for not realistic too positive comments.

Other Websites about Meds-andhealth.net

We managed to find only 1 website with comments about Meds-andhealth.net. Reviews are quite positive, with no claims that the company is scam and no complaints about products quality. But this is too small amount of comments to see the real situation. 1 website with 4 – 5 comments cannot reveal the true picture of the company activity. Besides this website looks strange and unreliable.reviews

So we will consider these testimonials true but still cannot estimate the situation objectively. Basing on the information we got we can give the pharmacy 4 stars. We cannot give the highest score because of absence of more comments on other reliable and proved services, and we recommend you to look for other people opinions, especially negative, as they will show you what problems you may face using this pharmacy services.

Meds-andhealth.net Coupon Code

There are no special coupon codes on the website, that will provide fixed discount for any order. Although there is a special field on the «Checkout» page for coupon code, you won’t be able to use it as there is none valid. However there is a huge banner on the main page with special offer for all clients – you may get 10 Viagra 100 mg pills and 10 Cialis 20 mg pills at a price of only $50.04. This is a very attractive offer and will allow you to save a great deal of money if you constantly order these pills.special offer

Besides the pharmacy offers free delivery to all orders over $200. So id you get several months supply you can get your order delivered with no charges. This is not a special offer or discount but still a pleasant bonus to your order.free shipping

Also to each order you will get 4 free Viagra pills, as says the banner on the main page. In fact you can get 2 Viagra 100 mg pills, or 2 Cialis 20 mg pills, or 2 Levitra 20 mg pills. You can change your bonus to whichever you like in the cart. 4 pills of the same drugs are available for orders more than $106.86, and if your order exceeds $206.86, you will get 6 of any of these pills. So this is a very attractive bonus that encourages to buy more.free pills

In the Internet we also found 1 coupon code offering 5% discount to any order, but it turned out to be invalid, so we cannot count it as a plus for the pharmacy in this point. So in general for all special offers on the website but absence of any valid coupon codes we give Meds-andhealth.net 3 stars for this point.

Customers Support on Meds-andhealth.net

Contact Details

On the website you will find a special section «Contact Us». But there you will only find a contact form. No mail or e-mail addresses, no fax or phone numbers, no operating hours. Although you can see that telephone numbers of the support group are given in the right sidebar under the button on live chat. Of course opportunity to have a live conversation with the support group by phone or in the chat is a great advantage for the company, but still information is not full here.contact informationcontact information

It will inspire more trust if there were addresses of offices, hours of working and other information presented on the same page and attractively managed there. So for this point we will give Meds-andhealth.net 2.5 stars and advise to reorganized their contact details for more convenience.

Live Chat Option

As there is live chat option we will use it to ask a question about products quality and origin and get an instant answer. All you need to do is type your name and a request. In a few second manager answers you question.liva chat

Unfortunately we got no satisfying answer. The manager couldn’t tell us if they have any documents for brand Viagra proving its origin. At first she said that they sell generics, so the drugs are sent from India, but then it turned out that they also have brand medications, that are produced in Europe. But they couldn’t prove origin of their medications. So we are frustrated with ineffective work of the support group as we didn’t get necessary information. That’s why for this point we give the pharmacy only 4 stars for unsatisfying answer to our request.

To Sum Up…

Summing up everything analyzed in this review we can say that the pharmacy is not a reliable service, so we wouldn’t recommend you using it. At least check everything twice and make sure it is safe for you before you make order. Don’t be fooled by low prices, because you may get in trouble and loose much more.

Legitimacy of this company is very poor. All services say that the pharmacy is scam and very low trust. Protection is absent on the website, so be careful just visiting the service. You may get some malware or become a victim of hackers. The support group work is also unsatisfactory, you will probably not get answer to your questions, or will get some general phrases not explaining what you need.

Of course there are some good sides in the activity of this company, like diverse products list, easy ordering process, no prescription requirement for those people who do not want to go to doctor, but these facts do not overshadow bad reputation of Meds-andhealth.net. That’s why in this review the pharmacy gets 2.7 out of a 5 star rating.