Review: A Legitimate Website with a Small Chance of Risk

What is Meds Engage?

logo is an international pharmacy intermediary providing customers access to different effective generic and brand drugs at low prices. The service guarantees the top quality customer support service. The website deals with both prescription and over the counter drugs under the supervision of licensed pharmacists. This is a relatively a new company but they claim to the leading online company providing cheap, safe and effective drugs. The actual location of is not mentioned on the website, however, according to verification websites, this company is either from Canada or Anguilla. The service listed 10 reasons why you should buy drugs online through this website: day and night customer support service, top quality drugs at low prices, cooperation with accredited drugstores, the availability of both RX and over the counter products, speedy delivery, convenient payment options, the opportunity to save money, easy ordering and refill processing, only FDA-approved medications.


The assortment of Meds Engage includes over 1000 prescription drugs. The company assures customers that all products are FDA approved and sourced from trusted pharmaceutical companies and legitimate manufacturers. Indeed, the store has almost every kind of the drugs. Below you can see the drug categories available on the website:

antidepressants, antivirals, hiv, ace inhibitors, allergies & sinus, alzheimers, anti-fungal, anti-hypertensives, anti-ulcer, gastrointestinal, antibiotics, blood pressure / heart, anxiety, arthritis, asthma care, anti-parkinsons, cancer care, cholesterol care, diabetes, men’s health, mental health, osteoporosis, prostate, skin care / acne, stop smoking, thyroid care, weight reduction, oral contraceptive, diuretics, immunosuppressant, cns stimulants, anti-inflammatory, anti-malaria, multivitamin, minerals, contraceptive, antipsychotic, laxatives, antivertigo, anticoagulants, steroid, anticonvulsants, nootropic / brain optimizers, antihelmintic, nebulizer, orthopedic products, probiotic, antidiarrheal, silcone & foot care products, special production items, women’s health, pain relief / analgesics, baby care, hair care, eye care, contact lenses, antileprotics. They also offer drugs for pets.

The front page of the website lists the best-selling drugs of Meds Engage:


I found out that the company sells 12 brand ED medications and each of them has a cheaper generic version – the total number or ED treatment options is 24. I think it’s a good selection – every customer will be able to find what he needs. 22 of these drugs are RX and only two be ordered without a prescription:

  • Cialis – Tadalafil;
  • Viagra – Sildenafil Citrate (RX);
  • Avodart – Dutasteride (RX);
  • Dostinex – Cabergoline (RX);
  • Flomax – Tamsulosin (RX);
  • Propecia – Finasteride (RX);
  • Proscar – Finasteride (RX);
  • JalynDutasteride – Tamsulosin (RX);
  • Uroxatral – Alfuzosin (RX);
  • Viagra (Suhagra) – Sildenafil Citrate (RX);
  • Elmiron – Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium (over-the-counter);
  • Priligy – Dapoxetine (RX)

Since the store has a good selection of drugs for almost any medical condition, I give 5 stars for this unit.


Meds Engage mentions that prices of drugs are subject to change at any time. Customers will be confirmed at the precise price before making an order. The store guarantees that all their prices are affordable and reasonable. We have analyzed the prices of the top 10 most popular medications on this website:

Drug Dosage Number of pills Total Price Price Per Unit
Generic Celebrex 200 mg 30 $15.04 $0.50
Generic Cialis 20 mg 88 $64.31 $0.73
Generic Crestor 20 mg 60 $26.24 $0.44
Generic Cymbalta 30 mg 30 $9.99 $0.33
Brand Januvia 100 mg 30 $51.73 $1.72
Generic Nexium 40 mg 30 $11.70 $0.39
Generic Propecia 5 mg 30 $19.59 $0.65
Generic Prozac 10 mg 30 $5.11 $0.17
Generic Viagra 100 mg 44 $20.94 $0.48
Generic Zetia 10 mg 30 $11.46 $0.38

This means that the service is offering drugs at very low prices. These prices are one of the best you can find on the net.

Bear in mind that you can get such beneficial process only when ordering pills in bulk. It’s much more profitable to buy 88 tablets of a particular drug instead of 8.
Meds Engage gets 5 stars out of 5. for this unit.

Shipping Methods and Delivery Time

The company offers a free shipping on all orders exceeding $200 to all countries except Canada. They do not ship to Canada at all. Regretfully, currently, they do not have an overnight delivery but promise to inform customers as soon as they have one. All medications available at are dispensed by an accredited Indian pharmacy.

Customers can choose between 2 shipping options:

  • 3-4 weeks (Standard Shipping) which costs $12.00;
  • 10-12 business days (Expedited Shipping) which costs $20.00

You should also know that shipping fee may vary between $12.00 and $49.95 for some particular countries like Brazil, Peru, UAE, Israel, Netherlands etc. Express shipment is available to these countries via DHL.

In general, by law, any RX and non-prescription meds cannot be returned to the pharmacy once it has been sent. So it’s it is vital to consult a doctor concerning your drugs before ordering them online. But the store will resend the medications or offer a full refund if the order returns to the pharmacy due to any problem at the customs of a shipping country (USA Only). In this case, reshipment will be free of charge.

I like that clients can choose between 2 shipment options and get a free delivery. I would give the highest score if the pharmacy offered a free shipping on all orders. But currently, I give only 4 stars for this unit.

Payment Options

The pharmacy accepts Visa, Mastercard, E-check, Wire transfer, ACH (only US customers). They encourage customers to pay via Wire transfer – in this case, they get a 10% discount. Customers can pay for orders online or by fax. Considering this, the store gets 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Website’s Loading Speed

Website’s loading speed is one of the top parameters that is taken into account. Fast loading speed produces a good impression and makes customers return for more products. I analyzed the speed of via Google tool and the results were unsatisfactory:


Both the mobile and desktop versions are missing speed indicators and require some performance optimizations. The store gets only 1,5 stars for this unit.

Checking the Mobile Version

About 40% of the traffic on the Internet is accounted for by mobile operating systems. And this indicator continues to increase. That is why all online sellers should adapt their sites for mobile traffic.

Google also agreed that this website is mobile-friendly:


The mobile version of seems much more convenient to use: there is no need for horizontal scrolling, all the functionality works correctly.

Navigation of the site is adapted to the touchscreen, which is also much more convenient. Besides, the mobile version loads faster.

I also noticed that it has a good design and navigation. These are also important components. The site should be correctly displayed on the most popular mobile devices. The content is optimized. These are the key to a successful mobile site! I give 5 stars for this unit.


According to the information provided on the website, is tested regularly for security weaknesses. They claim that all customers’ sensitive data is 100& encrypted. I checked the level of security and found out that the security of online transactions is verified by GlobalSign nv-sa:


The website is secured with a 128 bit SSL that guarantees that sensitive data won’t be stolen by the third party. Such an encryption is considered medium but I would prefer to use the site with the highest security level. So far, I give this pharmacy 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.


Visiting, you can easily get infected with dangerous viruses and other threats since the site does not have an antivirus. This makes ordering drugs through this website risky. I give 1 star for this unit and recommend the website’s owner to take some actions to provide customers with the maximum level of security.

The Convenience of Ordering via

Before placing orders at, you need to create a personal account, With it, you will be able to complete the ordering process faster next time. Besides, here you can store different shipping addresses and track all your orders. If customers have an account already, they need to log in. So the registration will be useful only If you are going to become a regular customer. If you want to order drugs just once, this procedure may seem tiresome and unnecessary.


The store offers 3 options for placing an order:

  1. Online: Thi is the quickest way to make an order. For this, you need to find the necessary drugs using one of the search tools and add them to the online shopping cart. After that, you need to complete the checkout process and that’s all! The whole ordering process only takes 2-3 minutes;
  2. Fax, Mail, Email: For this, you need to download and fill out the order form and send them to the pharmacy via fax, mail, or email;
  3. Phone: To place an order over the phone, you need to call 1-800-986-4714

The website gives detailed instructions on how to place an order online. For this. You need to follow 5 easy steps:

  • Step 1 – Personal Contact Information. This information is necessary to create a personal account. The pharmacy guarantees that all personal details remain confidential and will not be shared with any third parties;
  • Step 2 – Order Details. Here you need to select the desired medication, dosage, and quantity. Also, you need to indicate whether you have already used this drug before;
  • Step 3 – Payment Information. You may choose between MasterCard, E-check, ACH, Personal Check, or bank transfer;
  • Step 4 – Medical Information. These details are required to process an order for Rx drugs. Users ordering OTC medications skip this step;
  • Step 5 – Customer Agreement and Submitting Order. Here clients need to check the order and sign the Agreement. After that, they may submit their order form and all required documents by phone, fax, or email.

I also noticed that the website provided 4 different tools for searching the desired medication, which is very convenient:


The last thing I liked about is that this website offers an online “Pharmacist Consultation” – a service which allows customers consult a professional online pharmacist regarding any questions they may have.

In general, the ordering process in easy and very convenient. If customers ordering OTC drugs could have skipped the registration, I would have given this store the highest score but since it’s impossible, I give 4 stars for this unit.

Is Legit?

Website’s Rating by ScamAdvisor

To get more details about this online company, I decided to check its reputation and background via Scamadvisor. The verification service gave Meds Engage a 71% trust-rating indicating that there is a small chance of risk while performing transactions.


Scam Adviser detected that the website enjoys customers’ popularity and is constantly refreshed. The domain age is 2,5 years. According to the analysis, the website is either Canada or Anguilla based and may be somehow related to the USA.

The pharmacy receives 3,5 stars for this unit since this site is relatively new, there is a confusion with its location, and no proof of the drug quality exists yet.

Do We Need a Prescription?

Meds Engage requires a prescription completed by a licensed doctor. The pharmacy can even obtain an Rx directly from a treating doctor of a customer. The website has many RX drugs, and they also have several OTC products that are available without a prescription.

otc and rx

The store is allowed to sell a 90 day supply of drugs at one time. Clients may also their doctors to recommend 3 refills as this will save much money since ordering drugs in bulk is cheaper. The online pharmacy will keep your prescription on file and the next time the refill can be processed quicker. A licensed pharmacist will fill out a Drug Interaction Review to make sure that the RX drug can be taken with other RX and OTC medications. Customers can also request their current local drugstores to fax or email their prescriptions in order to buy drugs via Meds Engage. The store also mentions that every prescription is valid during 1 year from the date of issue but in some cases – during 2 years. The online service seems to have a very responsible approach to selling RX medications so if I give 5 stars for this unit.

Checking Website’s Status using LegitScript

LegitScript defined Meds Engage as an unapproved Internet pharmacy – and this is not the worst status a pharmacy can get:


Obviously, the store does not meet all verification standards of Internet pharmacies. I did find a further explanation of this status. For this reason, I give this website 3 stars for this unit.


I was happy to see that Meds Engage is verified by PharmacyChecker for licensure and the highest standards of pharmaceutical activity This also means that the store is regularly monitored for a full compliance with online pharmacy standards.


The pharmacy gets 5 stars for this unit. Reviews

Reviews on the Pharmacy’s Website

The store claims that they welcome any feedback from their customers as this will allow them to improve their services, products, and policies.

As expected, the website posted some reviews from previous 2016 and 2017 customers on its website, trying to prove that Meds Engage has a good reputation and can be trusted. Clients who left testimonials wrote that they are satisfied with the services and drugs of this online company. Only one customer was upset because he did not find the required medication. Others say that all drugs are high quality and always delivered in time. Read some of the reviews posted on the website:

on site reviews

However, as these testimonials are posted on the official website of Meds Engage, I cannot trust them they may be composed by a seller to earn the customers’ trust. Besides, I did not find a feedback form where you can leave your review about the store. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 3 stars for this unit.

Meds Engage Reviews on Third-Party Websites

I wanted to learn the genuine details about this pharmacy and what reviews it has on independent websites.

I found some Meds Engage reviews on the net that seemed to be genuine. The latest comment was posted on January 2018. Customers mentioned a timely delivery, compliance with standards, useful discounts, good prices, helpful staff. Look at some examples below:


One more customer wrote that she had ordered a diabetic medication for her mother via and received the order in the specified time. Prices were really low. Now she is 100% sure that this pharmacy is legitimate and she will return there for more medications.

However, I found also negative reviews dated 2017. One customer canceled his order due to card processing problems. Another user, named Ken Parters, says that Meds Engage is a complete waste of time since after weeks they do not answer his messages and do not send his order. This is the worst experience in his life.

bad reviewpoor review

In many aspects, this pharmacy seems to be legitimate, while at the same time, it seems to be fraud or something like that. Mixed reviews about show that this pharmacy does not always meet the expectations of customers. Since this store is rather new, it was not able to establish its reputation so far. So, it is very difficult to determine the real reputation and performance of this website.

I give 3 stars for this unit. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes and discounts are something that customers look for. That is why many online pharmacies and attractive discount offers for clients to improve their reputation.

Fortunately, Meds Engage refers to those pharmacies. The front page of the website advertises a current coupon code ME05. Using it, you may get a 5% discount on all orders regardless of the total order amount.


Besides, the pharmacy offers two more options to save money:

  1. Free shipping on all orders exceeding $200;
  2. Paying via Wire Transfer, customers get a 10% discount on orders.

I think these are good deals. I give the store 5 stars for this unit.

Customer Support

Contact information

The contact information of Meds Engage was confusing: the company provided no legal address, the customer support said they were located in India but ScamAdviser revealed the location is either the USA or Angullia.

However, they provided all other contact details I expected to find:

Toll- free phone number: 1-800-986-4714
Toll-free fax: 1-800-986-4751

Mailing address (Canada):
Meds Engage Inc.
1918 boul.saint-regis
Dorval QC H9P 1H6, Canada

Mailing address (UK):
TVB Group International, C/O 8 Mount Pleasant Douglas Isle of Man IM12PM British Isles

They even have a map indicating the location of the company (Canada):


Since the real address of Meds Engage remained unclear, I give 4 stars for this unit.

How Can We Get a Consultation Here?

The customers can contact the customer support using a live chat option, contact number 1-800-986-4714, or mail at For any other questions related to orders, payment, ordering, customers may mail at The pharmacy ensures that they answer every inquiry within 24 hours. I tried to reach the manager through a live chat. Fortunately, the online representative was online and quickly responded to my question. The issue that interested me was Meds Engage real location. The live agent responded that the pharmacy was located in India. He also clarified that they ship worldwide except Canada and some countries in Europe.

live chat

Since the customer support service was speedy and helpful, the pharmacy deserves 5 stars for this unit.

Conclusion seems to be a decent online service providing RX and OTC, branded and generic drugs to customers around the globe. I was a little confused about its real location. The website belongs to Canada but Scamadviser indicated it’s owned by Anguilla. The store has some customer reviews on third party websites that are mixed – this means that Meds Engage does not always provide a good service, but the reports of verification websites show that this company is legitimate but it lacks reputation since the website is relatively new. I conclude that Meds Engage is a good source for ordering drugs online which is yet to prove its reliability. I give them 3,8 stars out of 5.