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Medstore-Online.co Review: The Store Might Be Out of Bussines

What is Medstore-Online?


Medstore-Online.co is not an actual online pharmacy. It’s an online service on behalf of several pharmacies which offers cheap generic alternatives to its clients all over the world since 2009. The mission of the company is to provide medications that can help save you up to 80% off drug costs.

Medstore-Online guarantees that it cooperates only with licensed pharmacies and distributors who sell FDA-approved products. The store is happy to provide prescription service, thus making it easier to buy RX products. According to the information placed on the website, the company meets the strict international quality standards and promises to deliver a genuine, quality product on time. They claim that all their medications are manufactured in the first-class facilities.

Online Pharmacy’s Assortment

Unlike the other online pharmacies, Medstore-Online only offers 16 categories of medications with only a few items in each. They sell only drugs from Indian manufacturers: antibiotics, painkillers, drugs for depression, sleep disorders, diabetes, weight loss products, men’s health products and some more.

Medstore-Online drugs

Since we are looking mainly for erectile dysfunction drugs, we noticed that impotence products at Medstore-Online were limited to Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) and Generic Cialis (Tadaga and Tadalafil). The store gives too little choice to its customers.

Medstore-Online ED drugs

All other categories are also very poor. It will be almost impossible for a customer to find the medication he is interested in. Other online pharmacies offer much more medications, including those for ED. We suppose customers will just leave the store and search for a better assortment elsewhere on the net. The company receives 2 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Medstore-Online Prices

The store promises to always search for opportunities to make their prices lower by launching different discounts since their goal is to satisfy as many customers as possible. We decided to check the prices for two ED drugs available in the online catalog: Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis:

  • Starting price for Generic Viagra is $1,8 per pill;
  • Starting price for Generic Cialis is $1,9 per pill.

We see that the prices offered by Medstore-Online are not very attractive. Customers can find much better prices for Tadalafil and Sildenafil products in other online companies.

In fact, the prices look much better if you order a particular generic drug in bulk. That means you have to buy more items in order to save more. You can see how it works for Generic Tadalafil:

Medstore-Online Tadalafil

We are not sure how many customers would benefit from this offer, especially first-time buyers, who would better prefer to order a trial ED pack to check the drug quality and effects.

We give Medstore-Online.co 2 stars out of 5 since the pharmacy offers too high prices for potency products.

Medstore Online Shipping Policy

Today, Medstore-Online.co only ships medications to clients located in France, Denmark, the United States, Belgium, Australia, Spain, he UK, Italy, Ireland. The company does not ship African or Asian countries and all other locations besides the ones mentioned in this list.

The pharmacy uses only one shipping method for all orders: Registered International Airmail. They mention that the delivery time depends on the postal service of the customer. It takes several days to approve the order by the doctor and ship it to the customer. The average shipping time is 14-28 business days.

Medstore Online pharmacy promises to provide customers with a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the product received.

We were really upset when we learned the shipping rate of the pharmacy. Customers will have to pay additional $30 for every order. As a result, the final price becomes very high!

Medstore-Online delivery

Regretfully, the pharmacy offers NO free delivery, even for bulk orders. However, we like that they have a Order Tracking option.

We can’t score Medstore-Online.co higher than 2 stars for this unit, since they have only one shipping methods available, expensive delivery, no express shipping option.

Payment Options

According to the information placed on the website, Medstore-online.co accepts Visa, Mastercard, BitCoin and E-check method. The pharmacy encourages clients to pay using BitCoins and E-checks– in this case, they will get 15% discount:

Medstore-Online payment

Considering the fact that many online stores accept much more payment options, Medstore-Online gets only 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Medstore-Online.co Loading Speed

Modern users prefer speedy websites only. Nobody wants to use a “heavy” website which is downloaded for too long. We checked Medstore-Online website loading speed using Google Page Speed:

Medstore-Online loading speed

We see very poor indicators for both mobile and desktop version. There is a high possibility that users will leave the website and find another one with better page loading indicators.

We conclude that Medstore-Online.co has serious technical problems that may affect the website’s usability. For this reason, we give them 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Medstore-Online.co Mobile Version

Medstore-Online website does not have a mobile version. When users go to the website, they see a regular version of the site which size is only adapted to mobile devices. This does not help much since the information is almost unreadable. The pages look tiny and do not allow to find the necessary product quickly. Obviously, users will have difficulties with placing orders at Medstore-Online.co. For this reason, the company gets 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Customers’ Data Protection

Medstore Online uses a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts all customers’ personal information. The security is verified by GeoTrust:

Medstore-Online secure connection

A 256 bit SSL security is considered decent, but, regretfully, the upper left corner of our browser did not indicate the owner of the website. Medstore-Online.co gets 4 stars for this unit, considering all facts above.

Checking Antivirus

Unfortunately, the website does not have any antivirus. This means that the users’ computers can easily get infected with viruses or other threats. Though Medstore-Online.co has a decent encryption, the lack of antivirus protection makes it a risky website for ordering your meds. The company has to fix this drawback and make the website a safer place. We score 1 star for this unit because antivirus is an important factor.

The Convenience of Ordering from Medstore-Online Website

How convenient and easy is ordering from Medstore-Online?

First of all, customers need to REGISTER to make an order through this website. This turned out to be too tiresome since they required too many personal information to be filled in: Date of Birth, Gender, Height, Weight, Username, Medication History and some more:

Medstore-Online registration

The website has not so many products in its catalog, but all of them are classified according to the health condition they are designed for. Besides, Medstore-Online provides a search bar on the main page to find the desired product in an instant. Also, customers can search for drugs by alphabet:

Medstore-Online search

In general, placing an order is standard at Medstore-Online.co. Users need to follow the steps:

  1. Find the drug they want to purchase, select the dosage and the number of pills;
  2. Add the product to the shopping cart;
  3. Proceed to “Checkout”;
  4. Fill in the information required;
  5. Click “Submit transaction” button.

Regretfully, customers can’t choose the language or the currency, so some customers can be confused. However, customers who order from Medstore-Online will appreciate the Tracking Order option available. With it, they can see the delivery status any time.

Placing orders here could have been much more convenient and speedy. We see no necessity in registration, especially if the user is not going to return to this store. The pharmacy has to do something to speed up the ordering process. For this reason and some more above, the online pharmacy gets 3 stars for this unit.

Is Medstore Online Legit?

Website’s Rating on ScamAdviser.com

Before placing orders online, users have to make sure the store is legitimate and can be 100% trusted. ScamAdviser is the easiest way to check Medstore-Online.co legitimacy and history. Look at the screenshot of the analysis below:

Medstore-Online scamadviserMedstore-Online scamadviser2

Medstore-online.co managed to get a safety rating of just 31% out of 100, just little to get it off the dangerous zone. According to the analysis, the website has lots of visitors and is constantly refreshed. Though the company promised to have been in business since 2009, ScamAdviser detected that the website is rather young and is only 2 years (probably because it has changed its domain several times). Regretfully, Medstore-online.co belongs to the list of Rogue online pharmacies and had malware reports. However, the website is among the most popular websites on the web in the Alexa ranking. ScamAdviser was skeptical about the website origin, as it uses a service to hide its identity, but suggested it was Germany based.

ScamAdviser advises reviewing this information carefully and decide if they still want to order from Medstore-Online. For all these reasons, we give the online pharmacy 2,5 stars for this unit.

Should We Send a Prescription to Medstore-Online?

Products sold on this website are accessible to buyers even without prescriptions. Although Medstore-Online advertises free prescription service, it did not talk about this the topic much. Non-prescription services have to alert the customer since the pharmacy sells serious medications that should be prescribed by a licensed doctor (drugs for diabetes, cancer, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders). Many rogue online pharmacies require no prescriptions and this point does not improve their reputation. We suppose the company does not have a responsible approach to the pharmaceutical business, and score 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Medstore-Online.co using Legit Script

Legit Script awarded Medstore-Online.co a “Rogue” status since the Internet pharmacy did not meet online pharmacy standards:

Medstore-Online legit script

There is no detailed description below, but we suggest the status can be explained by Medstore-Online non-prescription policy. Besides, the company could violate the laws regulating pharmaceutical online business. We can’t give the company more than 1 star for this unit since it does not meet applicable drug safety standards.

Medstore-Online.co Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customer comments are the best way to check the pharmacy’s reputation. In this case, both positive and negative reviews are important. When people buy some drugs, they want to see comment on them and learn how many users have already bought it from this pharmacy. This information helps customers to get rid of ant doubts.

We were glad to find a special section devoted to customers’ feedback which contained a lot of customer comments started from 2012. The most of the reviews are positive, We like that all testimonials are dated, so we can judge what services the pharmacy provided in this or that year.

In the most comments, users praise Medstore-Online.co first-class services, prompt delivery, professional customer support service, beneficial prices, and drug quality. Some of them have become regular buyers. See some of the reviews dated 2015 on the screenshot below:

Medstore-Online review

The below Medstore-Online.co reviews were already recent, which means that the pharmacy is still successfully selling products to this day:

Medstore-Online review2

A few customers who paid for drugs using e-check had some problems with their orders. It took too much time for the orders to be processed. A good thing is that the pharmacy’s representative replied to all of these comments, asking the customers to wait a bit as e-check payment processing required more time:

Medstore-Online review3

In general, customers were mostly satisfied with Medstore-Online.co. They claim that the support service is very quick as they receive calls as soon as they place an order to confirm if everything was ok for the customer. We give 5 stars for this unit since we believe that these comments were written by real customers.

Medstore-Online.co Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Since we can’t 100% rely on customer on-site reviews, we decided to search for some comment about Medstore-Online services on independent websites and medical forums. Unfortunately, we found only 2 comments which were complaints. Two customers were disappointed with the delivery of the goods. In the first case, the customer had been waiting for a refund 2 months and still did not get it. Another user claims that Medstore Online pharmacy posted the goods to a wrong address – as a result, there were neither reshipment nor money refund:

Medstore-Online review4Medstore-Online review5

These negative comments could undermine trust among customers. Besides, we expected to find much more reviews, as the company has been operating since 2009 (as they say). We have to score 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Medstore-Online.co Coupon Codes

Most customers look for the discounted prices before placing orders online.  There were no Medstore Online promo codes advertised either on the website or outside websites. The online pharmacy should consider introducing some coupons for their customers as these can greatly help with the sales.

However, there are some options for saving money. There are a few discounted medications on the website – “special prices”. The main page advertises Soma for only $1,6 per pill:

Medstore-Online special offer

Besides, customers can get an attractive 15% discount on all orders if they pay with e-check or bitcoins:

Medstore-Online payment

The presence of these discounts and special offers allow us to give 2 stars out of 5 for this unit, as very few customers will find these saving options useful.

Customer Support Service

Medstore-Online Contact Information

The website contains no legal address, no mailing address, no email of Medstore Online. This seems suspicious. Any online pharmacy must have a legal address on the website where users can apply. Hiding this data is a sign that the company hides information about itself. However, the online pharmacy 7 phone numbers on the website for different countries:

Medstore-Online phone numbers

This contact information is just not enough to be fully informed about the seller. We can give Medstore-Online only 2 stars for this unit, as the contacts should be more informative.

Trying to Get a Consultation

Medstore-Online.co guarantees that they are always trying to improve customer support as much as possible. They promise that customers can get in contact with them very easily 24 hours a day. They call its customer support service “professional, courteous and discreet”.

The only ways to reach Medstore-Online representative are to call, use a contact form or chat online.

Medstore-Online phonesMedstore-Online chat

We decided to use a Live Char to find out the manufacturer of generic Cialis they offer. However, the chat seemed to be offline, as it simply did not let us in. Thus, we were not allowed to connect with a live customer service manager.

Since we failed with a Live Chat, we decided to try luck and get an answer to the same question using a Contact Form:

Medstore-Online contact form

Obviously, customers can’t expect a prompt response to their queries, as we waited for several hours and did not get any reply. Poor customer support service makes us score 1 star for this unit.


What we actually like about Medstore-online.co is that the store has received an impressive number of positive reviews. But since these comments are all posted on their own website, we can’t 100% rely on them. We do not say that they are fake but the company needs more proof of its credibility, as it doesn’t even have any outside customer reviews. The drugs are expensive and buyers can hardly save by ordering drugs from Medstore-online. Some online stores can offer significantly lower prices. The pharmacy has a very poor assortment and only 2 erectile dysfunction drugs in the catalog. Customers who are interested in a wide selection of drugs will not find this pharmacy useful. In addition, it was confusing to see that Medstore Online pharmacy stated no legal address. It is hard to trust a pharmacy that doesn’t want its location to be known. ScamAdviser and Legit Script are also skeptical about the pharmacy and this does not benefit the store. We can’t neglect that the website’s copyright ended in 2016, and the Live Chat support was not active. All these facts suggest that Medstore-Online business might have been closed down. Though the pharmacy had 2017 positive reviews, the fact that they were found on the shop’s website makes them less trustworthy. Overall, having taken into account all of the above, we would rate Medstore-online.co 2 out of 5 stars.