Review: Might be Unsafe to Use

What is MedStoreLand?

MedStoreLand claims to be a pharmaceutical shopping portal selling generic drugs which are assured of quality and efficiency while being inexpensive too. They guarantee an excellent customer support working around the clock. According to the information placed on the website, all MedStoreLand drugs are checked and FDA approved. There is no information when was founded and also no indication where this store is located.

The Assortment of the Pharmacy

There are not many drugs available at It is not the pharmacy to go for brand drugs. Instead, the store offers generic medications. All products are divided into categories and there are only a few of them: Smart Drugs, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Eye/Skin Care, Men’s Health, Antibiotics, Asthma, Cancer Meds, Diabetes, Hair Loss, Thyroid. The category Men’s Health has the widest selection of drugs: 16 generic drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment, including Generic Viagra, Generic Levitra, Avanafil, Sildenafil Citrate, Caverta, Kamagra, Super P Force, Tadalis, Tadalafil and some more. Other categories include only 2-3 products – a too small selection.

The company guarantees that all these products are high quality and certified. However, there is no information on the website about where sources its products from, so we can’t be 100% sure whether the drugs are really safe to use despite its claims.

Customers are offered to get acquainted with the bestsellers of the pharmacy. Some of them can be seen on the screenshot below:

MedStoreLand bestsellers

Basing on the fact the pharmacy has an average selection of generic ED drugs but only a few drugs from other categories available on the website, we have to give only 2 stars for this unit.

MedStoreLand Price Policy claims that their products are inexpensive. We checked the prices for ED drugs offered on the website:

  • Starting price for Generic Viagra is $0.69 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Generic Cialis is $1.56 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Generic Levitra is $1.40 per tablet.

These prices can’t be considered lowest possible on the net, but acceptable if compared to other online pharmacies. Buyers who want to find the lowest possible price online will have to look for some other pharmacies to buy products from.

The store offers to save more by ordering medications in bulk. Looking at the screenshot below, you will see that it’s much more beneficial to buy 512 tablets of a particular drug instead of 96 – customers can save up to $1000 in this case. A big sum.

MedStoreLand prices

However, we are not sure how many clients would like to use such offer – usually, people do not buy so many pills at once, especially from an online pharmacy which they have never used before. Considering all points mentioned above, the pharmacy’s pricing policy is estimated at 4 stars out of 5.

Shipping Methods and Delivery Time

MedStoreLand provides two types of shipping options to its customers.

  1. Post Registered Mail – takes 18-20 business days;
  2. EMS Express Shipment (Trackable) – takes 10-12 business days.

MedStoreLand mentions that they ship all parcels on business days only. As soon as the shipment is dispatched, customers are notified via email which also includes a tracking code. Nothing was said about delivery fees. Only after we proceed to checkout, we found out that Post Registered Mail costs $22, and EMS Express Shipment – $25. We consider these rates are extremely high. Many online pharmacies offer free delivery on all orders or at least the delivery rate not exceeding $10. We found in the FAQ section is that only orders exceeding $250 will be sent via express shipment free of charge:

MedStoreLand free shipping

We also found out that Medstoreland reships or refunds for all orders which were damaged, undelivered or incomplete.

We like that the customer can choose between several shipment options, use a tracking number to control the delivery process, but we are not satisfied with the delivery rates! For this reason, we can’t give a score higher than 3 stars for this unit of our review.

MedStoreLand Payment Options

According to the information placed on the website, MedStoreLand accepts payments made via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, E-Check.

MedStoreLand payment options

Obviously, these are not the only options available in the store. The front page of the website advertises more payment options which have appeared recently. The first option is Cash On Delivery (COD):

MedStoreLand COD

Cash On Delivery is a unique opportunity to pay for the medicines on the receipt of the parcel. This option can be appreciated by many customers, but not all of them: COD is available for US citizens only, and will cost you additional $25. This payment method will be probably chosen by many customers, though expensive. But COD is always a 100% guarantee of delivery.

MedStoreLand COD cost

Customers are also encouraged to pay for their order using Bitcoins. Using this option, they get 15 % additional discount on drugs:

MedStoreLand Bitcoins

Though the front page of the website indicates that customers can pay by credit cards, the checkout offers only 2 payment options available: Cash On Delivery and BitCoin:

MedStoreLand payment methods2

The issue with credit cards remained unclear to us. Obviously, they do not accept credit cards and place wrong information on the front page. We suggest some customers are likely to have troubles with placing orders at MedStoreLand. Considering this, the company gets 2 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

MedStoreLand Loading Speed

Page loading speed of the website load is one of the quality parameters that is taken into account. That is why the loading speed should be closely monitored. Fast loading speed positively affects the behavior of the user, make him return, increasing the loyalty of the target audience. We analyzed MedStoreLand page loading speed via Google Page Speed and the results were frustrating:

MedStoreLand page speed

Both the mobile and desktop version of the website is missing some performance optimizations that may cause a slow user experience. Who wants to buy from the store which is loading too slowly? The pharmacy gets 1 star for this unit.

Checking the Mobile Version

A mobile version of the website is vital for companies operating in the service sector. 87% of the world’s population uses mobile phones. About 1.5 billion people use their phones to access the Internet. This year, the number of online purchases from mobile devices has surpassed the number of online purchases from a PC. This indicates that companies need to modify their websites. Most websites are incorrectly displayed on the screens of mobile and tablet devices, which negatively affects the business of this organization. Probably, the user will close the page of a website which is loading too slowly or uncomfortable displayed on his phone, and open the website of another online company who cared of his mobile audience.

The main page has the most important information, a search bar, the customers get an easy access to drugs, the secondary information is placed to other pages, the icons are enlarged, the text is readable. However, the mobile version of the website contains some errors: some parts of the text and tables go beyond the mobile screen, so users can’t read the complete information presented on the website. So it will be problematic to place an order at MedStoreLand when using mobile devices. For this reason, the pharmacy’s mobile version is estimated at 2 stars.

Is There Secure Connection? guarantees that its customer’s information is safe and secure. According to the information placed on the website, the company has adopted a new advanced security system in order to protect the customer’s data. We checked the availability of secure connection on the website and got the following results:

MedStoreLand website is secured with a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer that guarantees that users’ data won’t be stolen by the third person: the customers’ information such as email address, phone number, mailing address, credit card details. A 128-bit Secure Socket Layer is considered an average security level, but not the best one. The security of transactions is verified by GlobalSign nv-sa:

MedStoreLand secure connection

In addition, the website uses a 3D-Secure/Verified-by-VISA compliant payment processor in order to make the security level even more impeccable and advanced. But there is no information about the owner of the website – the Expanded Verification Certificate would have guaranteed the best security of transactions. Considering all facts mentioned above, we give 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Antivirus

Visiting, customers can easily catch viruses to their computer, as the website uses no antivirus, which makes online shopping in this pharmacy risky. We can give only 1 star for this unit, as the online pharmacy should protect its customers in all respects.

The Convenience of Ordering from

What we did not like about the pharmacy is that its website does not have an FAQ section, so customers have difficulties with learning the essential information about MedStoreLand.

Before placing an order at MedStoreLand, users need to register or log in (if they are repeat customers), which makes the whole ordering procedure too long.

MedStoreLand registration

Though the website offers not so many drugs, all of them are divided into categories, and we appreciate that.

Ordering items from MedStoreLand, you can also search for the medication using a Search Bar:

MedStoreLand search bar

Except for the necessary registration, the pharmacy has made the ordering process very quick – customers can place an order with the help of Quick Purchase option, which offers to select the health condition, the name of the drug, the dosage and the quantity:

MedStoreLand quick purchase

When choosing the drug, you can see all the necessary information in one place: the name, brand / generic, dosage, delivery time, expiry date, price, delivery method and available bonuses. This is very convenient:

MedStoreLand Viagra

We also appreciate that the pharmacy indicates the price per unit, which can save time when looking for the cheapest variant of the drug. Also, the customers see the amount they save when ordering tablets in bulk:

MedStoreLand ordering in bulk

In general, the ordering process is convenient and quick at But the website has serious drawbacks. Considering this, the store gets only 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Is MedStoreLand Legit?

Website Rating at ScamAdviser

ScamAdviser is a website that gives customers the opportunity to quickly check a website they are considering ordering something from. With the help of this online service, users can see whether a website is trustworthy or not before they use their credit card. Is Medstoreland scam? We checked its reputation to see how reliable this store is:

MedStoreLand ScamAdviser

Scam Adviser’s conclusion was surprising, as MedStoreLand was given an 83% trust rating. According to the analysis, the website operates from Singapore (and still has no domain info) and somehow relates to the USA. Nothing was said about the website’s popularity.

Scam Adviser suggests the pharmacy “looks safe” for purchases. The pharmacy receives 4 stars for this unit, as we found mainly positive information regarding MedStoreLand legitimacy on ScamAdviser.

Do We Need a Prescription? does not ask its customers for prescriptions; buyers can easily order medications from the website any time without sending an Rx. This looks suspicious, as the store sells not vitamins or at least anti-virals, but serious drugs which should be prescribed by a doctor (such as antibiotics, cancer drugs, asthma). Uncontrolled use of such drugs can have undesirable effects and even pose a threat to the patient’s life. The pharmacy takes no responsibility for its clients and gets only 1 star for this reason.

Checking Website Status using LegitScript

According to LegitScript, is a ROGUE pharmacy – and this is the worst status an online pharmacy can get:

MedStoreLand LegitScript

Obviously, the website does not meet verification standards of online drugstores. We did find a detailed explanation of this frustrating status below. For this reason, we give Medstoreland only 1 star for this unit. Reviews

Customer Reviews on MedStoreLand Website

The majority of users read customer reviews about a particular product before the purchase. Customers’ positive reviews have a good effect on the probability of buying. However, researchers assure that if there are only positive reviews on the website, the buyer often doubts their genuinity and the probability of buying is reduced. Customers’ reviews make users trust an online pharmacy.

Unfortunately, does not have its own testimonial section. So we can’t be sure whether the pharmacy is reliable or not. The administration of the website does not seem to care about its customers’ opinion. For all these reasons, the pharmacy gets only 1 star for this unit. Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Since we found no testimonials at, we decided to look for any comments and reviews on outside websites and medical forums. We found no Medstoreland reddit reviews, however, came across 3 comments about the services of the company on and Two of them were positive and one user was dissatisfied with the online pharmacy.

The reviewer from gave MedStoreLand a 4-star rating on last February 2016. The customer was satisfied with Modafinil he ordered from the pharmacy (he took the drug under medical advice) but mentioned that the delivery took longer than expected. Still, he received his order, and the quality was good:

MedStoreLand review

Another reviewer – Molly Hardy – was brief in her statement. The woman just wrote that MedStoreLand was the best pharmacy:

MedStoreLand review 2

Thus ends the positive feedback from the customers. The third user’s comment undermined the credibility of the company. The man was completely upset with MedStoreLand customer service. He never received his products and his order status on the website was never updated:

MedStoreLand review3

We consider 3 reviews is just not enough to assess the pharmacy’s services. However, based on them, we may suggest some people ordered drugs from this pharmacy. However, the negative comment indicates that users have a definite risk when ordering from MedStoreLand. So, we give the store only 2 stars for this unit. Coupon Codes

No matter how hard we tried to find coupon codes, we did not find any. And there is no definite discount system. But that is what buyers want to get. However, the pharmacy has some cost-mitigating offers for those who want to save a bit of cost:

  • The products’ cost reduces as the quantities increase;
  • Customers can enjoy Free shipping for orders more than $250;
  • Paying with Bitcoins, the customers get a 15% discount on orders.MedStoreLand discount

A few customers who prefer to order drugs in bulk and pay with Bitcoins will probably find this offers beneficial, while the majority will not be able to save in cost when ordering from MedStoreLand. Customers can find a much better discount on other websites. For this reason, the company receives 2 stars for this unit.

Customer Support

MedStoreLand Contact information

No matter how hard we tried to find the actual address of MedStoreLand anywhere on the website, we could not do this. The information we found was confusing: the company provides an email address and a toll-free number which numbers are hidden:

MedStoreLand contact information

We didn’t quite get this point. ScamAdviser suggested that the company was operating from Hong Kong, but there is no proof of this statement. The pharmacy does not intend to be transparent for some reason, and this undermines its credibility again. Customers want to make an informed purchase, and it’s definitely risky to orders products from the pharmacy which location is hidden. MedStoreLand gets only 1 star due to the poor contact information provided.

How Can We Get a Consultation Here?

Live chat is not available for Medstoreland, but according to the information placed on the site, its customer support can be reached via e-mail or contact form.

MedStoreLand contact form

So customers who have any questions should be ready to wait for an answer. We decided to check the response time to the users’ inquiries and used Contact Form to find out who is the manufacturer of Generic Levitra sold by Medstoreland. We waited for a few hours but did not receive a feedback, though they promise 24-hour customer support. Tired of waiting, customers will probably go to another website with a faster customer support service. We give the store 1 star out of 5 for poorly organized customer support.


MedStoreLand is just one of the regular pharmacies which offers generic medications as a substitute to brand-name ones. The store offers average prices and a clear return policy. Besides, ScamAdviser seems satisfied with the website’s functioning and give the website a high trust rating. But it’s hard to recommend this pharmacy to other users. The pharmacy lacks some of the more common drugs that customers expect to see in an online catalog. Customers will not probably return to this store unless they want to buy something very specific. There is a lot of information missing from MedStoreLand website, such as contact information and the FAQ section. Although the website had two positive customer reviews from in and, we can’t 100% rely on them – the last client’s review was from 2016, and the website’s service might not be the same in 2017. We need to see more testimonials to trust the pharmacy fully. Considering all the above, we can only rate MedStoreLand 2 stars out of 5, and recommend users ordering at their own risk.