Review: A Risky Website Selling Sleep Medications For Bitcoins

What is

Modafinilxl is an online pharmacy which has been operating since 2010. Judging by the domain name, the store specializes in the sale of Modafinil- a medication used to treat chronic sleepiness and others sleep disorders. The pharmacy claims to offer a high standard quality, a prompt delivery, and low prices. The store sells medications to US customers only. The store is regulated by the Indian FDA, which guarantees that all offered drugs are safe and approved. The company claims that is a “first-class online pharmacy”. No doubt, this website somehow related to which sell ED medications since it has the same design, purchasing terms, and conditions.

Assortment of the Store

The company only sells Modafinil medication and some generic versions of this drug. Asides from that, we found no other drug categories on the website. So if you need drugs for any other health condition (like erectile dysfunction, depression or common cold), this store is not a good option for you. The whole assortment of the website consists of generic Modalert, Modafinil, Modvigil, Armodafinil, Artvigil, Waklert, Provigil, Nuvigil, Modaheal in different dosages. All these drugs are manufactured in India and are considered effective analogs of the expensive branded Provigil.

The main page of the website lists the 3 bestsellers of the online pharmacy:

Modafinilxl bestsellers

So, this online pharmacy will be appreciated only by those customers who have sleep problems and are interested in the purchase of a generic version of Provigil. And, to be honest, I see no need for creating a special website selling a few generics for sleep disturbances. I have to five only 2 stars for this unit.

Price Policy

The pharmacy guarantees that using this website you can save hundreds of dollars on Modafinil medication. The best-selling options are Modalert 200 mg – $2.9 per pill, Artvigil 150 mg – $2.9 per pill, and Waklert 150 mg – $2.9 per pill. These prices are acceptable, but most online pharmacies offer these products at the same price. However, this store has no minimum order amount, so you can buy only 10 pills if you want to.

Modafinilxl pills

Currently, offers free bonus pills for every order, so regardless of the order amount, you can get additional pills from this store.These free pills can really make the total price lower: for example, you pay for Waklert 150 mg x 10 tablets and get additional free Armodafinil samples 10 tablets and Modafinil samples 10 tablets. It looks like a very beneficial offer!


For this unit, the pharmacy gets 4 stars out of 5.

Delivery Terms only ships within the United States. The store does not offer international shipping and does not say that it will be available in the future. I think that the website’s owner knows that there may be people from overseas who would be happy to buy cheap medications for sleep disorders. Many other online pharmacies ship internationally. This pharmacy could at least ship drugs to others counties of North America or something like that.

The online pharmacy offers shipping 2 options for customers: regular shipping which takes 10-18 days, doesn’t have a tracking number and costs $29 (it becomes free if your order amount exceeds $80) or express shipping which takes 7 – 10 days, has a tracking option and costs $39 (it becomes free if your order amount exceeds $150).

free shipping

I think these fees for shipping WITHIN THE SAME COUNTRY are too expensive! You can find lots of other online pharmacies that will be ready to deliver your order for free regardless of the order amount. also guarantees fast shipping – the product will be shipped within 2 hours if you place if right now. The store estimated that the express delivery date for my potential order is Saturday 30 Dec. Actually, it does not seem a speedy express delivery. However, it’s nice to know that exact delivery date even before you placed an order.


The store will offer a refunds if your order fails to arrive within 21 days after shipping or if the product was damaged during transportation. Customers can also require reshipment min this case.


So, we appreciate that the customer is offered two shipping options but can’t give a high score for this unit, since the delivery fees are too expensive. I think this store will be suitable only for those customers who want to order many pills at once – in this case, they get a free delivery. gets 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Payment Options

The store accepts payments via VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, and Bitcoins. Obviously, the pharmacy prefers payments via Bitcoins since awards a 35% discount for every customer who pays for medications with Bitcoins. The website even has a special very informative page devoted to Bitcoin advantages.


So, you prefer paying in this cryptocurrency, this website could be a good option for you. We appreciate that the store offers several payment methods. It’s nice to know you have a choice. Considering this, the online pharmacy receives 5 stars for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Loading Speed of

Page loading speed is a very weighty aspect. This indicator is critical not only for search engines but also for users. If the website’s page is loaded for a long time, the user simply closes it and probably does not return to it again. In the reverse situation, you can gain the confidence of users.

To check loading speed, we used a Google page load speed tool estimation tool. The service displays a value between 0 and 100 for both desktop and mobile versions. It immediately points to the drawbacks of the website and gives recommendations for speed optimization.

loading speed

As you see, Google displayed poor page loading speed for desktop and mobile versions. The indicator on the mobile version is significantly lower – it is in the red zone. The desktop version also required optimization. So, the store has much work to do. For these reasons, receives only 1 star for this unit.

Mobile Version

Every successful website selling goods and services should have a good mobile version. It is a separate project which has its own design but the same functionality. website seems accessible and convenient to use for users of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The mobile version correctly conveys the basic ideas of the online pharmacy in a just one column. The content is reduced, the main page does not contain any secondary unimportant information, you see only important aspects. I think this mobile version can resolve all issues of Modafinilxl company.

Google search console also says that this website is mobile-friendly:

mobile version

Such a mobile version attracts more potential buyers and makes their experience with Modafinilxl better. We noticed no horizontal scrolling, no errors. I even like this mobile version more than the original one: it gives a quick access to the product catalog, bonuses, policies and other details. We give 5 stars out of 5 for this unit!

Checking Secure Connection guarantees that it protects all customers’ personal details and never shares this information with any other organizations. The website claims to use a 256 bit SSL encryption. However, when we checked it, it turned out that uses only a 128 bit SSL encryption! We see a green lock in the left corner of our browser which means that the personal information is somehow protected but this encryption is not the best one for online transactions. W also found out that the secure connection is verified by COMODO CA Limited.


I appreciate that the website uses at least a 256 bit SSL encryption, but I would have loved to use a website with the highest security standards. I want to be sure there is no risk that my credit card details will not be stolen. needs to work on it. So far, it’s only 3 stars out of 5.

Is There Antivirus on the Website?

To protect customers’ personal data, the website also uses Norton antivirus, which regularly performs security tests to ensure that all transactions at are secure. I really like that they use Norton since all large online pharmacies use such antivirus programs.


Norton guarantees that the seller’s identity, reputation, financial stability have been verified. Norton also monitors the website’s performance on every transaction. I think ordering medications from this store you can hardly catch viruses or any unpleasant programs on your computer. For this reason, gets 5 stars for this unit.

Convenience of Ordering from

The website seems user-friendly, informative, easy and modern. I didn’t have any difficulties in discovering what I needed. As soon as you enter the website, you can start the ordering procedure immediately.

The website provides a very detailed information about all drugs, terms, and discounts. When you scroll the main page up to the end, you will know all the basic information about this company. Besides, the website contains A LOT OF articles about Modafinil and its generics that are also very useful.

All the available drugs are listed on the front page: you do not even need to use a search bar since the selection is not rich. You just have to click on the necessary item:


Here you can also read how to order drugs, what are they intended for, why you should pay with bitcoins, and so on.

I also like that the website offers customers to sort the drugs from each category by different aspects: by price, by popularity, by newness, by alphabet, by the stock quantity and so on:


So, you can order drugs hasslefree, even the elderly can easily navigate the website. The only drawback I noticed is that the website does not indicate the price per pill. For this reason, we give 4 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Is Legitimate?

Checking Website Rating on ScamAdvisor

The results from Scamadviser were frustrating: the service claims that may not be safe to use, which makes it hard to trust:

scam adviser seems to have a potential threat. The trust rating is 0%, it just couldn’t be worse. Probably, it’s due to the fact that this website is operated by the Russian Federation, not the USA. The domain age is only 1 year. We see that the website is rarely visited. Scam Adviser also revealed some alerting aspects: has been listed as a ROGUE website, it’s using a free contact email address, has malware reports and involves risky

Being on this analysis, we can’t say that this is a secure place to order medicines from. We have to give only 1 star to this unit.

Do we need a prescription?

This website offers to buy sleep medications without providing the prescriptions, which of course makes the ordering procedure a hassle-free one. Although provides a detailed information for all its drugs, you still need to get a doctor’s consultation to determine the best dosage of the product and learn drug interactions.


So, you can freely buy Modafinilxl or another sleep medication without a prescription, and I can hardly trust this pharmacy because all these medicines required prescriptions in regular pharmacies. The non-prescription basis is a feature of rogue online pharmacies. The company receives 1 star for this unit.

Checking Website Status on LegitScript

Just like Scam Adviser, Legit Script gave a poor rating for According to this rating, the company is a “rogue” online pharmacy which does not meet online pharmacy verification standards. Legit Script also suspected that this store has a fraudulent activity. Legit Script advises all users staying away from this company.

rogue pharmacy

So, I conclude that failed the check for legitimacy. From this point, the store seems to be a bad option for buying drugs online. I give this seller only 1 star for this unit. Reviews Reviews on the Website

The website has 6 customer reviews in its domain. According to the pharmacy, they are using an independent service Yotpo which helps them collect new reviews and ratings on a daily basis. All of them are dated 2017 and purely positive. Customers appreciated the pharmacy’s drug quality, bonuses and discounts, low prices, quick customer support, and so on.

Here are some examples of the reviews posted on reviews

In addition, the website contains hundreds of reviews on each medication it sells. Of course, all of these comments are also positive. However, we have a good reason to think they are also fake. I have no idea how all these testimonials appeared on the website: there is no separate section for customer feedback. Obviously, they were selected and posted here by the website’s owner. Take a look at some user stories about Modalert 200mg:

Modafinilxl reviews

I suspect that these reviews could have been specially composed by the seller to give a false sense of excellent services to the customers.

The store failed to prove that these customer reviews are genuine, so it receives only 2 stars for this unit.

To get a better understanding of what customers think about, I will search for comments on independent websites and forums. See the results in the next unit. Reviews on other websites

Regretfully, I found no Reviews on external websites, but I hope to find at least one or two comments posted by real customers. So the only reviews about this online pharmacy are those posted on its own website. This leads me to think that this store is not popular or not active. Or may it’s due to the fact that is a new website. I do not know the exact reason but have to give 1 star out of 5 for this unit. Coupon Code

The website of Modafinilxl is loaded with numerous offers to save money while ordering drugs. Their offers include a 25% off promotion for all customers paying with Bitcoins:


If you don’t use Bitcoins, you can still get a discount from this company, such as a free shipping of all orders exceeding $80, and the store also offers free bonus pills for every order regardless of its amount.


In addition, the pharmacy offers a $20 discount for first-time buyers and a $25 discount for return customers. Also, the pharmacy offers to get $20 off next time using a coupon code: «USD20». The store encourages customers to write a review about and get $30 off the next purchase!


Using the coupon code “UDS25”, you can save $25 off your next order exceeding $100.

special offer

Another opportunity to save money is to order any 100 pills for sleep disorders for only $129.

I think the store offers a wide selection of discounts, and every customer has an opportunity to save extra money when ordering drugs from Modafinilxl company. 5 stars is a reasonable score for this unit.

Customer Support

Contact Information

Customers who would like to get in touch with the representative of probably will be disappointed. The pharmacy does not provide its phone numbers, physical address, mailing address, fax or email address. Obviously, the pharmacy has something to hide. Is it somehow connected to the details Scam Adviser discovered about this store? I give1 star for this unit and urge the seller to specify its contact details. Is it supposed that the customers will not have any questions?

Getting a consultation

The store provides online customer support only. Unfortunately, I could not check the customer service of properly because I found no LiveChat. This is too bad for a website selling drugs online. Instead, they provided an inquiry box which resembles a LiveChat option, where you type in your question.


However, you do not receive a live time reply, and they do not specify the response time. So you just have to wait an indefinite time. It’s too bad that they do not have a phone number where you could get an immediate help. One offline messaging tool is just not enough for a customer! It’s a very limited way to reach the managers.

The fact that it is too difficult to reach customer support and talk to the manager properly makes me score only 1 star for this unit.

Conclusion is a store which can hardly gain customers’ trust. It offers a too limited number of medications and ships only within the USA. This website is obviously related to which sell ED drugs and looks exactly the same way. Why not combine these websites and sell different drugs in one place? On the one hand, the store has reasonable prices and looks great. But I am not sure of the legitimacy of this pharmacy since selling sleep medications without a prescription is illegal. I’m not surprised with poor ratings from Legit Script and Scam Adviser. Another problem is that does not have any reliable customer reviews and those available internal reviews on the website look suspicious. Not only the location of the pharmacy remained unknown – they offer no proper ways to contact them. For me, the score for is only 2,6 out of 5. However, if I find any reliable reviews for this website, I’ll be happy to increase my score for this pharmacy.